My Other Half 2: Healing Hearts

† Eighteen †

"Yui wait!!" I cried, running towards my best friend. I know well that she's crying right now. After hearing my brothers' confession especially Aya-nii, I'm sure it broke him really big.

I managed to catch up, probably because of the vampric abilities I got after understanding how 'Link' works that I was able to outrun her. "Please stop!!" I begged as I hugged, preventing her to get away.

It was a hard struggle for a while, seeing a vampire and a human with abilities of a vampire fought each other. Finally calming down the storm, Yui spoke to break the heavy atmosphere. "Why?? Why does it have to be you??"

"I-I'm sorry I didn't mean to..."

"You're my best friend, Yumi-chan... Ever since, all the man I loved always loved you more than me... I know that unlike me, you had a painful past which is why all I wanted is for you to be happy..." she sobbed "But why do you even have to take Ayato away?? He was the man I first truly loved and knowing that half of his heart belongs to you... I... I don't know what to do!!"

I hugged Yui harder, sobbing the way she do. It wasn't the first time something like this happened. To be honest, the same thing happened with Leo. I was in love with him and Yui too.

At first, I was the bridge for the two of them to be together until we didn't realize that our heart fell for each other, Leo and I. Yui and I had a fight forcing me to decide to just let h go.

But Yui... She treasured our friendship more and decided to let him go first before I could even decide. She was finally able to completely move on until now.

It hurts so much. Seeing her cry like this, I don't know what to. Knowing I was the reason for it. Especially when the man is my brother and they're already engaged.

"I've always been the reason of your heartache and yet, you always put me first rather than yourself..." I hicupped, weep finally subsided "This time... Please let me return all the favor that you've done for me"

"No, Yumi-chan..." Yui shook her head "You're nice, caring and easy to love... You always give and never ask for return... Ayato deserves you more than I am"

"I'm sorry, Yui... But I can't do that" I said "I can't let you take the pain again... Aren't we bestfriends..??"

Yui looked at me but somehow, her eyes doubted me. She bowed her head not saying anything. I know that our friendship have already been tainted and it was just us who tries to build it up even in reality, it can't be repaired anymore...


3rd Person POV...


The rest of the brothers were there, hidding yet listening to the conversation. All were silent, some were frustrated while most were having a hard time to keep it in. Knowing that it was their fault for letting themselves fall.

"I'm sorry!! It was all my fault!!" Azusa cried, kneeling infront of his brothers who teleported back to the mansion. "I shouldn't have been so stupid and letting my feelings get the best of me..."

"You've done nothing wrong, Azusa" Christa said, soothing her back "Sooner or later, it will come out eventually... So don't punish yourself, okay?? All of you will always be my children and I will always be here for you..."

Azusa couldn't take it anymore and embraced her tightly as if she was the last thing on earth. Also seeing him, the brothers all couldn't take it anymore and finally, they all cried.

Christa reached her arm at them, gesturing like an affectionate mother. Soon, they all comforted each other. Crying their hearts out with the true family they've found.

Afraid of hurting yet afraid of being hurt, afraid of breaking yet afraid of breaking the bond they had with each other. For the first time in their lives, they didn't know what to do.

They're all too confused and too heart broken to stand up. Christa, hadn't been too heart broken before to be able to take it in until now.

She grew fond to this family and seeing their smiles made her feel happy inside, knowing that she was the reason behind some of it. But seeing them all break in front of her right now also breaks her heart.

And for a mother, knowing how powerless she is in most painful and troubled times situations of her child were the most painful experience they could ever have...

The sound of strong gush of wind hit the cold fair skin of a maiden with ocean blue hair with deep raven highlights on the tips as she run and jump on various tree branches towards a mansion far from the Sakamaki household.

The alluring scent of metalic filled the air as she uses her full vampire speed to run away with a critical stab wound on her stomach..




"So how was it??" suddenly, the girl instantly raised her weapon, knowing she was found out. She was actually sent to watch over the teens by certain 'people'.

A turned vampire of blonde hair and blood red eyes emerged from the shadows and glared at her. "How was your little charade, Ms. SPY..??"

The words run like poison in his tounge as his glowed red like the woman in front of her. Not long enough, they engaged in fiery battle that soon ends up with a draw.

Both were really good and was able to successfully land a critical hit to each other as ragged breaths filled the air. "Good as always, Satran" the female hissed.

"Same goes to you, Lucifena" Satran said with venom dripping in every word. However, what she didn't expect was that the current vampire king, Karlheinz arrived behind her.

He stabbed her with his long sharp nails before throwing her like a mere doll. Lucifena coughed up blood. She couldn't believe she failed to notice. But when she look up, both their eyes met for quite some time and she knew she's screwed.

Satran just observed, doing nothing but watch them. He knew that the man is speaking to telepathically and decided not to interfere for who knows what will happen if you got caught in the king's trap.

"I would love to stay and chat but unfortunately..." Lucifena said, breaking the tension "I have a job to do"

And with that shaddow engulfed her and was gone like a very stealthy assassin. "Let's go" Karlheinz said who seems unpredictable as ever and Satran following not far behind.




"I'll get her next time..."




End of Flashback...


"Had fun??" a vampire royalty wearing an eyepatch with a youthful decieving look smirked as he eats his dinner together with his older brother.

He knows that she had gotten herself in trouble big time, using her wound as evidence. Lucifena shrugged before bowing and kneeling on one leg down before the two.

"The current vampire king, Karlheinz told me" she said, earning the purebloods full attention "Let the games begin"

The older one with a silver white hair and golden slitted eyes smirked while the younger grinned as their eyes glew in the middle of the night under the bright full moon saying in unison...




"Then so be it..."




End of 3rd Person's POV...

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