My Other Half 2: Healing Hearts

† Two †

"Here you go, Yumi-chan" mom Christa handed me an envolope. I openned it quickly and scanned the papers from inside it. I smiled as I read the perfectly typewritten letters saying 'Yumiko Sakamaki' under the late registration of my certificate of life birth.

"Thanks mom!" I jumped, hugging her and she hugged me back. I couldn't help but squeal at the reality of me, a real Sakamaki. I mean, could this day get any better?! I'm finally an offical part of the family!

I sat back on my chair at the dinning room since we're actually having another one of our monthly dinner party. But this time, it's special because Shu-nii and Reiji-nii decided to cook for us. It was really nice to know that they've finally get along.

The door openned and revealed my four other brothers, the triplets - you know who they all are - my twin and Yui. Suba-nii kissed him on the cheek before he sat to his chair accross from mine. Mom Christa is on the center chair before us twins on each end.

My triplets also walked to her and also pecked her on the cheek each. I know this sounds too out of character for them but.. "I'll be having a concerto next week at the theater.. Can you guys come?" Kana-nii asked.

"Sure!" Laito-nii, Aya-nii and I said in unison while Suba-nii just smiled and gave him a nod. He looked at mom and said "How about you, mom? Can you come?"

"Sure" mom Christa smiled very sweetly. Yes it's true what you all think. After that incident at the dungeon, she decided to be the light of our house. What I mean is, she took the role of becoming the mother of all us seven.

Everyone approved of her descision. She's understanding, loving and a sweet caring mother we always wanted to have. Shu-nii and Reiji-nii came smilling in the room with a push-tray containing our food with them.

Of course it's not just food, it's our own favorite food. Too bad since Suba-nii doesn't have any favorite food. But, he dicided to have the same as mine. How sweet of him right?

"How's the election going, Reiji-nii?" I asked my butler-like brother. The school is actually holding an election for the new set of Student Council Officers every semester and those top five students of the whole campus will electees.

Reiji-nii seems to be in a mix of smiling and frowning. He just groaned and said "I don't know..."

"Excuse me! Excuse me!" I pushed myself from the crowd of students who were looking at the bulletin board. It was today where the chosen electees will be posted for us to chose from.

Finally being able to pass them, my blood suddenly ran cold and I paled. "I don't know..." I suddenly remembered Reiji-nii's words last night. It wasn't because he's not sure, but the names of those students who scored the highest average - whether transferees or not - were all here together.

1. Reiji Sakamaki and Ruki Mukami

2. Lucifena Demony McStarley

3. Yumiko Sakamaki

4. Jasper Auden

5. Senshi Izuo

Now I know what his frown-like smile means. He's glad that all my hard work had paid off and I was able to become part of the top five students in the school. But, he's also mad since his long time rival is trying to take his position that he kept for years away from him.

There were people who I know cheering, hugging and congratulating me. Others were even shocked, knowing I'm a Sakamaki. However, my mind is still blank from the shock of the results.

"He's actually as good as Reiji-nii..?" I whispered "This isn't good.."

I ran out of the crowd, trying to find by butler-like brother. I know he's going to be violently frustrated right now, but I don't care. He needs someone with him right now. Someone to tell him that it's alright.

A hand suddenly grabbed my arm, stopping me from my tracks. I looked up and saw the same timid guy, most likely a Mukami, yesterday. "Is something wrong?" I asked him and he just bit his lip and played with the hem of his shirt after he released me.

"D-don't run.. you m-might fall" he stuttered then looked away. I smiled and said "Thank you.. - "

"Azusa" he answered his name before I would even try to ask him "Azusa Mukami" I admit this is the first time I've met a timid guy. It's cute - or rather he's cute. I took my notepad and pen from my bag and scribbled something on a white piece of paper.

I teared the paper and handed it to him with my phone number written on it. "If you need someone to talk to.. you can always call me" I smiled "I'll always listen"

He nods and a smile graced from his lips. "U-umm.." he stuttered, quite blushing "C-can I ask you out f-f-f-f-f - "

"Meet me at 'The Swirls' near the shoping district after class" I smiled, already knowing what he meant "I'll be waiting, Azusa-san!"

I ran, waving at him towards thr library where I know Reiji-nii often spends his time. It was like a heaven for him. Well, not likely but he seems to love reading books so it must be the most potential place to look for.

However, it was not Reiji-nii that I've seen there. It was my idol, Kou-san together with the ace - Yuma-san was it? - while reading a book. I might accept the image if it's Ruki-san that's in here. But these two? There must be really something wrong.

What I mean is, Kou-san is not that fond of reading. I know that since I'm kind of a fan of him. Even his brother looks so out of character. Both his looks and mannerisms were those like a thug.

Yuma-san is read 'Fault in our stars' by John Green, a novel that made me fell in-love and cry at once, while Kou-san is reading 'Breaking Dawn' by Stephenie Meyer. How ironic right? A vampire reading a vampric novel and a baddass reading a tragic novel?

"Oh! Yumiko-chan~" Kou-san cheered, snapping me out of my thoughts "What are you doing here?"

I looked around while walking towards him. "I was looking for my brother, Reiji-nii.. Have you seen him?" I asked and he shook his head so I tried again "He's the one who.. umm, you know? .. threatened you guys?"

He just shook his head again, with a straight face. I must say I do saw him telling the truth. But, he's there's something more to that. "Ok.. I'll try looking for him around" I said, starting to walk away "Thanks though"

I was suddenly yanked back, making me yelp in surprise. But when I looked up to see the culprit, I saw a different look of Kou-san. He's face dark while smirking. But in those terrifying looks he gave me, I saw a pair of mismatched blue and red eye.

"You saw that, didn't you..?" he said in a tone that made shivers down my spine "And I can't even read you at all.. Your INTERESTING"

I tried to break free from him but Yuma-san appeared before me, smirking like Kou-san and said "You can't escape from us.. Princess" both of them openned their mouths, revealing their fangs. I closed my eyes, waiting to get bitten...




The sound of knocking broke the frightening moment. We all turned our heads to the doorway, only to find an girl leaning her back on the door while her hand is on a back knocking position. She has ocean-blue hair, tied up in a bun and bangs framing her face. Her face is straight and her red eyes held no emotion.

"You're being summoned by Shu, Yumiko" she said before leaving. The two let me go, smirking and Kou-san combed his hair with his fingers. "I really hate that woman" he grunted while Yuma-san said "You're lucky she came.."

I stared at their face for a while and said "I don't really mind what you guys did" earning shocked faced from them "I know it really scares me but.. I forgive you guys.. So you don't need to hide whatever you all are hidding.."

With that, I left and the room and ran after the ocean-haired girl, leaving two smirking vampires...

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