My Other Half 2: Healing Hearts

† Twenty One †

"Looks like someone has a BIG BIG BIG problem here"


I jumped and suddenly turned, only to be met with an amused blonde before me and a white haired leaning on the wall with his arms crossed. The hint of amusements in their golden slitted eyes sends fear to radiate throughout my body. Unlike those tragic times with Satran-nii or with uncle Richter, this seems much more menacing for not just for my dear life but with of my brothers as well. I scrambled trying to get away but my knees gave in as the familiar burning feeling once again took over. "Urrghh" I grunted in pain much to the blonde's amusement.

"Need help??" he asked making me guard up and decline the offer by shaking my head. Much to my dismay, he smirked and as he neared me, I instinctively pushed myself backwards making myself smaller as possible. Unfortunately, the wall prevents me from doing so...


To the Sakamaki and Mukami brothers in third person's POV...


All ten boys run throughout the forest with inhuman speed while tracking down Yumiko's scent. "Guys!!" Ayato called out to his brothers when he found the corpse of the odd-looking mutant with it's body trapped in ice as well as the surrounding. Yuma looked at Ruki and asked sensing whom powers was used at the said scene "Did you do this??"

"No, I didn't know this..." Ruki shook his head but somehow having the same bad feeling he felt earlier. "I don't think this is Ruki-nii's doing" Kanato said, kneeling down and inspecting the pile of snow on the ground. He looked at his triplets, Laito and Ayato. The two understands what he meant.

"Does this mean...??" Laito started and Kanato nodded in response. "It's Yumiko who did it" Ayato for the rest of them. Azusa shook his head, confused while the others also seemed to be in the same state as him. All they know is that the 'Link' only works on those vampire who were born, sharing the same egg but this time, it's different. How did Yumiko able to use Ruki's powers even though they weren't born as twins and the fact that the he was once a human but still worked on them is beyond their understanding.

Suddenly, Subaru gasped when a projectile of images through someone else's eyes flashed through him for the second time that night...


"Need help??" the same blonde from last time asked making the person whom Subaru realized was his sister, guard up and decline the offer by shaking her head. Much to the vampire's dismay, he smirked and as he neared her, She instinctively pushed herself backwards making herself smaller as possible. Unfortunately, the wall prevents me from doing so.

"S-stay away!!" Yumiko exclaimed pushing the man away from her, earning another amused sadistic smile from the vampire. "You have guts, I see..." the man said and held her wrist, twisting it painfully. Tears welled up in the corner of her eyes as she begged for the man to let her go but her pleads only went through deaf ears. Suddenly, the same burning feeling came back to her again.




Subaru gasped when he too felt the same pain she felt. He fell on his knees as if in a daze, still not being released from the spell. "Urrgh..." Subaru clutched his heart in the same manner as Yumiko while looking still on looking through her eyes and also feeling the same burning sensation on her wrist in his. "So this is what she've been feeling all this time??" Subaru thought as the others helped him up.

"Are you okay??" Shu asked worried for the youngest male in the house. Subaru was about to nod but suddenly grunted in pain as he also felt that same burning feeling in Yumiko's chest again as he watched through her eyes...


Yumiko groaned, clutching her chest in pain. The blonde smirked at her pathetic weak self and carried her bridal style with his brother on his tow to the same room they were in earlier. He lie her down on the couch before he put his finger on Yumiko's chin and forced her to look at him. "Do you know why you were so much in pain right now??" he asked the girl shook her head as her breathing labored.

"It's because the spell used to revive you wasn't complete... and to complete that..." he brushed her hair and exposed her neck "You need to turned into a vampire by one of the founders.."

And with that, he plunge his fangs on her smooth delicate untainted neck...


"YUMIKO!!" Subaru screamed thus releasing himself from the sight sharing link. The others asked what happened to her but unfortunately, his anger consumed his as he punched the ground making a dent much bigger that his fist. "DAMNIT!!"


End of third person's POV...


I whimpered as spark of pain filled through me. Now I know how Yui feels like whenever she was bitten by Aya-nii. I felt weak and useless as my vision clouded due to bloodloss. Suddenly, I saw mom Sephire, aunt Beatrix and mom Christa smiled at me as well as Yui and my brothers, especially Suba-nii, flashed through me.

"I shouldn't be weak.. I don't want to leave them behind!!" I tried to remember Reiji-nii's teachings on how to use 'Link' in case of emergency and focused my everything on using Suba-nii's inhuman strength. In a flash, I pushed the man hard and successfully sent him flying to the other side of the room. I breathed heavily as I put a hand on my profusely bleeding bite mark wincing in the process. It seems like he really bit hard.

"I admit.. You're really strong for a human" he smirked before he lunged at me. I quickly dodge and did my best to fight him despite feeling light-headed. Though I really hate violence, right now I'm in a life-and-death situation. I raised my fist used Link and focused all Suba-nii's strength in it before delivering him a fatal blow. The floor crumbled to pieces and made a huge dent much bigger than my fist.

"Interesting... You're quite good for a human" he said while I made a stoic face. "It was all tanks to Yuma-nii for teaching me basic self-defense that I was able to keep up" I said as I breathed heavily. He smirked and before I know it, I fell down painfully on the ground hard. A line of blood fell down from my mouth to my chin as I looked up at him in pain, confused of the sudden change of events.

He stood proudly, looking down on me with his eyes glowing. That is then I realized that he's using his vampric powers, gravity manipulation, since I felt like I was being pulled down on the ground. "Too bad you're not good enough" he smirked making my eye wide...

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