My Other Half 2: Healing Hearts

† Twenty Two †

He stood proudly, looking down on me with his eyes glowing. That is then I realized that he's using his vampric powers, gravity manipulation, since I felt like I was being pulled down on the ground. "Too bad you're not good enough" he smirked making my eye wide.

But before he could do anything, his brother whom he called nii-san earlier interrupted us. "Shin.. enough" he said making the blonde, I called as Shin, tsked and finally released me. He told me that I was lucky that his brother was here to stop him or else, he would make me see hell before leaving us and calling me idiot.

I tried to stand up, feeling light-headed as my vision swam. My knees gave and I almost fell on the ground but the Shin's brother is already at my side and helped me up. "Are you alright??" he asked me I nodded, telling him I just feel dizzy. He nodded and teleported us to much better study room since the last room is wreck before putting me down on a couch and treating my wounds.

"I apologize for my brother's rude behavior" he said and I smiled at him reassuringly saying that I didn't mind anything that he did at all. It was a miracle that I can still quite handle myself even after losing so much blood. Must be my vampric blood within me. "What's your name??" I asked him and he only looked at me in the eye. He sighed afterwards and told me that his name was Carla Tsukinami and his brother is Shin Tsukinami.

After he was done, he stood up and began to leave, not answering my question of why they abducted me. "Carla-san, wait!!" I quickly stood up and exclaimed. However, I almost fell down due to the fact that Shin-san just took a lot from me. Carla-san saw and by instinct, he caught me. But as matters came to worst, Suba-nii's tactile telepathy reacted to me again and his past flashed through me...


"As expected!! You're really great as always, nii-san!!" the younger version of Shin smiled admiringly to his brother Carla who just won a combat battle held by their father, the curent demon king Giesbach, that time. Carla looked up to Shin from the book he's reading and smiled when the blonde asked him to teach him sometimes. But before he could tell his brother "yes", their father came in and back handed him, sending him to the other side of the room.

"How dare you took in those tribe in my castle?! You fool!!" he hollered, beating up the young Carla Tsukinami. Shin tried to make his father stop from beating up and successful in doing so. "You're lucky that Shin is here to save you" their father hissed and left. Shin came to his brother's aid and asked if his alright in which the silverette ruffled his hair and smiled reassuringly, coghing up blood in the process.


The scene changes in about years later where he grew up strong, smart and loved and admired by everyone. He was always the first in everything. A prodigal talent. However, this wasn't enough. No matter how much she was loved and admired by her mother and brother, he always feel lonely because of his father's corrupted ways of ruling the kingdom. He was a cruel mad king of the demon world and Carla doesn't want that.

Because of that, he was always alone and lost in his thoughts and worries in trying to balance the kingdom from preventing their father in doing more harm to their race than good. One day, he finally decided to stand and if deemed necessary, he needs to be cruel to achieve anything and finally overthrow their father due to the fact that Giesbach tried to kill him before because he showed a brilliant magic making the king envious of him.


I gasped when I was suddenly thrown like a rag doll and land painfully on the ground. My head throbbed and when I look up, I was met with a glaring silverette. "From now on, you will stay on the dungeon... Slave" Carla hissed as the word slave came out like poison his tongue...


To the Sakamaki and Mukami brothers in Third Person's POV...


"What happed, Subaru??" Azusa asked, making Subaru try to contain himself from losing to violence as he shook in rage. "It's Yumiko... She's..." Subaru took a deep breath as splash of anger rushed through him "...she's bitten by that vampire!!" he hollered before punching a nearby tree and destroying it while Shu tried to calm him down.

They were all in rage and cursing that they will kill anyone who harmed their little sister. However, a deep voice voice whom Subaru know all too well said "Looks like the brothers are finally here to the rescue" he chuckled making Subaru's blood boil. He told his brothers about how the man in front of them is the one who caused harm to their sister and charged at him with pure killing intent.

However, they were reckless in their fights due to losing to their violence side but was still able to overpower the swarms of turned vampires who came out of nowhere and attack them. Shin laughed as he too, fight and easily overpowered the brothers because of the bloodline and fighting experience difference. "I never knew that the founders were really this exceptionally strong" A man in a dark hooded cloak chuckled in his deep raspy voice as he emerged from the trees.

Shin looked at him with a bored face while the brothers were on the ground pulled by gravity. Yuma and Subaru kept shouting profanities at him but Shin didn't mind since he only saw them as weak individuals who can't even lift a finger at them. "Where have you been, Mertz??" Shin asked with a poker face "Nii-san is looking for you"

"My apologies, Lord Shin" the man said "I just ran into a bit trouble and---"

"Whatever" Shin said, waving him off in which the man understood. He went to the vampire brothers and cast a spell to bound vampires and prevent them from using any magic before the remaining turned vampire minions of his drag the males away. However, a certain fedora loving teen saw through him the moment they looked each other in the eyes.

"Y-you.." Laito eyes widened as he starts to hyperventilate "You're still alive?! I thought you're dead!!"


"But I wasn't... Laito-kun" he chuckled darkly before he suddenly stabbed him with a silver dagger in the stomach.


"LAITO!!!!" both the Sakamaki and Mukami brothers screamed as the said man fell on the ground.

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