My Other Half 2: Healing Hearts

† Twenty Four †

I gasped when I was suddenly thrown like a rag doll and land painfully on the ground. My head throbbed and when I look up, I was met with a glaring silverette. "From now on, you will stay on the dungeon... Slave" Carla hissed as the word slave came out like poison in his tongue.

However, I didn't felt even the slightest bit of fear from what he said. Instead, it felt warm. I know I sounded like a masochist but I think here is something more, hidden deep inside his soul. "I don't don't think that's necessary for you to say" I said earning a surprised look from him as I kept on saying what is on my mind "I think... you're not really a bad person Carla-san..."


Carla's POV...


I closed the door behind me, silenced and lost in thought as I leaned back on the cold framework of the large wooden door. This is the first time I was taken aback and have lost in an argument...


"I think... you're not really a bad person Carla-san..." she said casually as if my threats were nothing to her "You loved your family and the people of your kingdom that you're willing to become corrupted just for the good of others --"

"Shut up, woman!" I hollered, rejecting everything she's saying "I don't want to hear anything from you!!"

I know it wasn't like me to become this violent with my tongue. I've always been calm and assertive most of the time when it comes to dealing matters like this. But, how is it that she could make me sincere in my words??

"But you have to listen... You can't always run away from pain and loneliness by being alone"

"It's easy for you to say halfling..." I said, confused of my own words "You don't know what is pain --"

"Of course I do" she said, one again, taking me aback. I was speechless as she smiled, reaching out a hand for me. "Let me show you, Carla-san..." I was suspicious at first but later gave up and took hold of her hand. However, what I didn't expected is that she actually showed me her painful memories to me. Memories that someone would rather forget. But she... She brave enough to rather choose to live with it.

I felt sick of all that I've seen and I didn't know why but I felt tears fell down from my eyes. If I thought my pain was worst, her is much worst than mine and she's not afraid to show it to a stranger like me. "How... How could you live all this?!" I said, furious of the people who have hurt her, broken her and treated her like a mere toy that once you're bored of playing with it, you can just throw it away. Just who is she?? Why can she make me feel this way --?!

"Without pain, there would be no suffering, without suffering we would never learn from our mistakes... You know that right??" she said, smiling sincerely to me"To make it right, pain and suffering is the key to all windows and without it, there is no way of life"


This was the first I met someone who is not afraid of fear and I must say that she's different from any person and demon I've met. "That's why you chose to become who you are now... A person who bowed down to taking revenge" I remembered her say as the words from her mouth hunts me. I already know that she might be using her yet to-be-awakened powers that she inherited from her blood line but still...

I can't seem to think that her words were sincere and not just utter lies... That I chose change because I was always afraid... Afraid that I always wisely took solitude to avoid pain...


Mertz's POV...


"Ayato... Are you -- ?"

"Leave me alone" the red head said, cutting the blonde heterochromatic eyed teen off. They all have mournful faces towards the lost of one of their brothers. Ha! I never knew they all became this weak because of just one single girl. Oh how fun it is... Too bad that fuckin' boy died. I licked my lips, reminiscing about the way of how I always make him cry and beg like before and --

"What are you doing here, Mertz??" I jumped, not realizing that Lord Carla had been standing beside me. The skeptical looks in his eyes made me think worst. But now's not the time. I must make up an excuse to avoid his calculating eyes and see through my plan. "One of the kids died, my lord" I said bowing slightly and I felt like laughing manically but held myself.

I saw his eyes widened a bit and he walked fast past me to take a look atf the grieving sons of Karlheinz. I don't know if its just me or did I saw sympathy in his powerful golden eyes?? No... I must be something else --

"Take the dead child to my room" he said before he left, leaving me confused. I tsked but complied anyway. I still have plans under my sleeve...


Shu's POV...


"Leave me alone" Ayato said, his red locks hiding his face as he hold on to Laito's dead body in his arms. Kanato didn't utter even a single word after the dead of Laito. He was dead silent, hiding his face on his teddy for us to not see. I know it pains me as much as any of us to see one of our brothers to die and we can do nothing about it. But, their bond is different that any of us grew up with. I can never blame them.

Even Subaru tried to heal Laito using what mother Christa taught her to but it was all in vain. Neither of us can ever bring him back-- "wait a second??" I thought for a moment and suddenly recalled Laito writing something on the floor using his blood before he died. If I remember correctly, among us, Laito is the only one who have trained directly under Karlheinz and Richter.

I felt goosebumps on my skins as the memories of those wicked days where I always heard him cry and utter bloodcurdling screams of agony then later come out with more wounds and bruises which was the reason he had the strongest mind among us. Could it be that they also taught him ancient magi? And that his dying message is for us to decipher the code to get out of this prison? That is for me to find out...

"Kanato" I said, making him move away from the spot where Laito wrote his message. It seems like Edgar and Reiji understood what I was thinking and made Ayato move from his position. However, I met with nothing. His message have been erased. The two became mad, scolding the two of the remaining triplets but they didn't say anything. Kou was about to interrupt until that man who killed Laito earlier came.

Subaru and Yuma shouted profanities at him but suddenly stopped when all of us was suddenly pushed telekinetically to the other side of the prison cell away from Laito. The same glowing ancient red scriptures rounded our wrists behind our back and bind them, making us more powerless which seems kind of ironic---

My blood suddenly boiled and I lost all my cool when I saw this man kicked Laito's head and muttering aloud "Filthy child" at my brother the moment he came near him. "YOU BASTARD!!" I screamed, matching the rage of my brothers who wanted to just rip him apart and leave him to die as the raven eats his rotting flesh. However, he just smirked at us, completely stunning me before leaving with Laito.

"Is he...?"

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