My Other Half 2: Healing Hearts

† Twenty Five †

Mertz's POV...


"Lord Carla" I said, bowing slightly as I roughly drop the brat on the ground. The founder glared at me, making my breath hitched. If glares could kill, I would be dead by now. "I-I apologize..." I said and quickly took the Karlheinz's brat and place lay him gently on the couch. Damn it! if only he would just let me have a little say to just even tear this child's arm off for my own pleasure I wou--

Our attention snapped to the side when the door suddenly burst open by a powerful kick from a pissed off Lord Shin. "Is something bothering you?" Lord Carla asked his brother. The blonde just shrugged, saying that he wanted break. He stopped strutting his way inside the room when he saw Laito's dead body on the couch.

"I-is he--?" he asked, surprised by the knowledge but was suddenly cut off when the door burst open again, earning our attention. However, this time, it was not a founder who came in but a familiar silverette with pink highlights came in. "Lord Shin, wai--" she called out to the male when her attention went to the dead man on the couch.

It was funny if you see her face! She looked like heaven and earth fell down upon her as tears welled in the corner of her eyes. "L-Laito-nii..." she said as her voice broke, coming towards her brother who is nothing but an empty shell. Finally, she knelt down crying and into the lifeless arms of Laito. She burried her face on his chest. Lord Shin turned his head on the side, not wanting to look at the entertaining show infront of us.

"Shin, Mertz" Lord Carla said "Leave the two of us alone"


Shin's POV...


It's been three hours or so since I've been pacing back and forth around my room. I dont know why but I can't take that girl's face and that dead brat off of my mind. "Leave the two of us alone" the moment I heard Nii-san utter those words, I suddenly obliged and left the room. But one thing's been bothering me. I've let that brat die and hurt that girl...


"Shin-san" that slave girl said "I've brought you drinks"

However, I felt a little bit naughty and want to get back at her. If only Nii-san didn't interrupt, I'll show her who's she's dealing with. But I hate to admit she's pretty good for an amateur. She's not that good in fighting but she's thinking. With more proper training, she can be as good as Nii-san--wait, what?! No!! How dare she?!

"Hey you!" I hollered, seatting like a badass on the couch. I lifted my hand and motion her come back to me. She did as was told. "What did you call me?" I asked with menace on my tone. She flinched which I find so amusing. Looks like my sadistic side is getting on to me. However, she called me with the normal honorifics of -san, making me grit my teeth as I slapped her on the cheek. She flew to the other side of the room and hitting the figurine displays.

A thin line of blood fell down from her mouth to her chin as I command gravity to pull her down flat on the ground hard with a loud thud. My eye glew as I pulled her hair, forcing her to look at me. "The next time you didn't addressed me 'Lord', I will rip your throat out!" I threatened her with every rage I had. I always liked this set up. Showing them not to mess up with me...


I suddenly snapped back to reality as the scene kept on playing in my mind. I face palmed myself, willing the memories away the moment I saw her crimson glowing orbs when she looked up at me.


"Mom, look! I killed a young deer when I was out hunting!" I called out to mom, and show her the head of the animal I killed like a trophy. However, she ignored me. Just like always. All she look at is none other than my brother. "What's that, Shin?" my smile suddenly came back to my face when dad came. I showed him the deer's head and unlike mom, he always compliment me and show me that he loves me.

For years, I grew up more or less in my big brother's shadow. I don't envy him but rather, I admire him. He's always the first in everything, stronger, faster, smarter, and loved and admired by our people. I don't know why dad always mistreated him. He was a really good brother to me and I always dreamed to become like him.

During our teenage years, Nii-san had become detached to us. Always lost in his own thoughts alone and he doesn't pay enough attention to me, his younger brother, anymore. Am I not worthy enough for his acknowledgment? Maybe it's because of that. Maybe because my training with the guards isn't enough and in order to become stronger, I need to fight for real just like him.

The memories were still fresh from my mind when I ran away from home goes to the land of Vibora. I attacked them alone and killed most of their kind. However, my actions were much punishable by law not just because I committed a crime but it can also end our alliance with the other country. The Vibora king seeks audience with our father, Giesbach, the current demon king that time. I seek help with Nii-san and upon learning what have happened, he insists to speak with the snake king first.

I know he wants to do his best to prevent another diplomatic crisis as we are on the verge of a war with the Vampire bloodline but I can't believed my eyes when Nii-san bowed his head, stepping on his high pride as a First Blood in front of a sub-race. He begged him for forgiveness in my stead. I can't take the humiliation, seeing my brother, my idol bowed liked this. I want nothing more than to die.

However, the Vibora king is still not happy and wishes for a sacrifice. I gritted my teeth and want to take his head off. But, Nii-san chose to save me and the kingdom. He forced me on my knees poked out my left eye with his sword. I felt betrayed. Why didn't he let me die instead of bowing and sacrificing for a lower race? Why?


I sighed and slightly bang my the back of my head on the wall I'm leaning. I thought I already willed those memories away? Why are they coming back again? Ah, it must be that slave. I chuckled humorlessly when I remembered how I got lost in her eyes only to see back time. She tried to call back and reason with me that time when I successfully freed myself from her gaze and left because I couldn't contain myself any longer.

Nii-san told me not to kill this girl and walking out is the best option. However, she was as stubborn as a human because she IS one and the blood she received from that bastard, Karlheinz, gave her the tactile telepathy. According to Nii-san, it was a gift only a rare pureblood vampire possess. If I remember correctly, the strength of their gift lies on their eyes. So it was true that the stronger the vampire is, the stronger they can manipulate even the highest bloodlines with just a single look.

Seems like I must be careful of that human. Wait a minute... There is a flaw in this! How can she possess tactile telepathy when she's a human? That is something I have to find out...


End of POV...

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