My Other Half 2: Healing Hearts

† Twenty Six †

Kou's POV...


"OOF!!" I felt like I almost break a bone when I was suddenly sent to the wall flying together with everyone. Next thing I knew, I was Goddamn tied by those magic binding spells. Suddenly, my blood boiled when I saw that son of a bitch kicked Laito's head. He just disrespected a dead person! Damn him to hell!! I WILL kill him!!

However, the only thing we can do is scream cursed words at him and that's it. We can do nothing. That is until I remembered the odd behavior of Kanato. He's not psychopathic or being violent like the usual creepy child he was but rather, he's silent. Just utter silent unlike the usual him. Even when Laito's got hit by that bastard, he's doesn't even care.

I used my right eyes, the magic red eye that was given to me by Karlheinz, to see what seems to be amiss. However, what I saw is what I didn't expected. "So it seems like you find out already~~" Kanato said in his sly version of voice that sends shiver down my spine "Nice work, detective~!"

"Y-you!!" I point an accused finger, making the others confused. Kanato looked up at me to show his once purple orbs now turns into emerald green. Now I understand. I finally remembered the possession magic that Karlheinz taught us before. Once you used that magic, your soul will be able to possess anything you want for 2 hours and your original body will enter a state-like death.

So this means that this kid with us is not Kanato but the previously dying Laito! Like how dare this pervert make fun of me?! I mourned for his lost that I almost cried for his death!

"Aww~ You guys really DO love me!!" thank God, if there was any, that my brothers agreed with me and started beating up the pervert, well except me, Azusa and Shu-nii. I'll have to carry Kanato to his feet later. Sorry for the Kanato.

After the painful beating has ended (good thing he's still alive after that), he explained his plan to us. "So that means..." Reiji-nii said, shocked that even us were speechless. It seems like Yumi-chan is really special. Much special than I ever imagined. Suddenly, I felt my power came rushing back to me again. I quickly turned around and saw the red glowing ancient scriptures were now gone.

"Looks like my plan worked~~" Laito said and we all smiled, grinned and smirked. Ruki-nii told me to contact Yui as soon as possible, inform her to meet us at the old well with Satran and tell her that we all escape this place together before Yuma-nii and Subaru kicked the metal bars down. We run with vampire speed towards the scent of Yumi-chan.

However, I suddenly felt a very strong aura filled with malice and killing intent that took the breath out of me. It seemed like others felt it too and I gulped before pushing the door open. But what surprised me is that a man which appears to be a high ranking pure blood is screaming in pain and agony while clutching his head as if his skull was being cracked open.

Laito's body was lying on the couch and Yumi-chan sat on the ground motionless. Her bright glowing red eyes are filled with much hatred as she could muster as she glared at the agonizing man before her. Good thing Subaru took the initiative to calm her down since none of us dared to. Realizing the once beautiful sweet innocent happy little sister has now turned into a violent vampire...


Yumiko's POV...


I didn't know how long I have been crying since I went inside the room after following Shin-san to reason with him. But what I didn't expect is that Laito-nii died and I didn't know about it. How he suffered, how he endured the pain, how he might called for me and I wasn't there on his side. I failed him. I failed my own brother.

I looked up when strong cold hands touched my shoulder. Carla-san looked down at me and in his eyes, I saw a mixture of anger, hatred, disgust, loneliness, amusement and... Compassion..? That I didn't know. He's good at hiding feelings and he quickly averted his eyes just in time for me to not see what is truly in his heart. An ability that I didn't know I possess.

"If you're down mourning for your brother's death" he started, breaking the silence between us "You can get out now so I can start turning his body into ashes--"

"NO!!" I hollered with tears streaming down my face, effectively cutting him off "I WON'T LET YOU HARM MY BROTHER--!!"




"How dare you raise your voice at me!!" this time, it was me who got cut off by a hard slap across my cheek. The force was too strong that I fell down. However, this time, my tears stopped and I glared at him with much hatred I can. Everything went silent and time seemed to stop. I know I'm losing sight of myself as my mind was a blank.

I only snapped back to reality when strong cold familiar arms wrapped around me, pulling out of my unexplained rage. "YUMI-CHAN!!" I gasped and slowly looked up at pair of blood red eyes that deeply matches mine. "Stop it... Please"

Slowly, I calmed down and leaned on Suba-nii's arms as I take on my surroundings. Reiji-nii used his strings to tie down Carla-san who is now unconscious while a weak Kana-nii was carried by Kou-nii with his arms over his shoulder. Shu-nii assigning tasks while Aya-nii carried Laito-nii on his back. My eyes widened when he smiled and raised his hand to wave at me. He flinched with pain and Yuma-nii smacked him on the head, scolding him for moving.

"Laito-nii... you're alive!" I smiled, seeing he's alright. He nodded and was about to say something when Ruki-nii hollered. "Save the reunion later and get your asses in the portal now!!" he gestured to a black with dark purple portal, slightly sucking in air, made by Azu-nii. All of us nodded and one by one, we jumped through the portal lastly leaving me and Suba-nii behind.

"Get in first" he said as he held my hand. I quickly followed and was about to go in when I suddenly, I gurgled up blood. I stopped and looked down only to see my clothes starts to taint into the familiar color of blood. There were no sign of obvious source of injuries or anything but I felt intense pain at some unknown point from the wound and slowly turn only to see Suba-nii got impaled by a bored Shin-san.

"Don't think you can get away, sla--" he said before his eyes widened at the sight of me. I looked back to Suba-nii, to him and vice versa and saw Suba-nii's eyes glowed. He used his last remaining strength and cast a spell in a matter of minutes, closing the portal before his strength as well as mine finally starts to leave.

"So it seems like my life is tied with my brother. That if he dies, I also die..." was the last thing on my mind before everything fades to black.


End of POVs...

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