My Other Half 2: Healing Hearts

† Aftermath †

Yui's POV...


"Where are they?" Christa-sama asked, her breath short. It wasn't been long since we started fighting turned vampire minions of whoever kidnapped Yu-chan. Even Satra-san pushed himself to fight in order to help us in saving her earlier. We were in the middle of the forest by the old well that Kou-san contacted me via telepathy about and will meet here with all of them.

Suddenly, I jumped at a loud whooshing sound and the image before us twists into a spiral until a black with dark purple portal appeared. The brothers emerged one by one and my heart finally felt at ease when I saw the man I fell in love with is alright. "Chichinashi!!" I heard Ayato-san called me and by instinct, we run and hugged each other as if both of us were the last thing on earth. I pouted, making him chuckled "I'm still mad at you though"

"Then let me at least start over again... Yui" he gently lifted up my chin, forcing me to look at him. His eyes bore into mine and time seemed to slow down. It feels like an eternity as I felt his soft lips press into mine. Now I finally understand that no matter what, this man will forever be the only man in my heart second to dad.

"Where are the twins??" Satran-san asked, cutting the scene and pulling all of us out of our romance. We all whipped our heads to the portal, only to find it had been closed. Reiji-san scolded mad at Azusa but he said it had been closed from the other side which seems to be confusing. However...




I gasped in shock when Ayato-san suddenly pulled me out of the way, just in time when a gunshot almost hit me. "Oh my God!! Are you alright?!" I packed, watching him grit his teeth in pain as he clutched his wound on his arm. The others were worried too as they came to his side. Christa-sama put her bloody hands on top of Ayato-san's wound to heal him. She must have finished healing Laito-san.

"COME OUT AND FIGHT LIKE A MAN YOU FUCKIN' COWARD PIECE OF SHIT!!" Yuma-san screamed out of the distance, challenging whoever hurt Ayato-san. However, my eyes widened as the man who have been all too familiar to me, emerged from the trees. He wore the usual priest's attire and he wore the same face that I had always remember. The difference is that it was now cold and emotionless Like he seems to be disgusted at our my presence.

"Nice to see you again, Yui... or should I rather say... VAMPIRE..." he hissed as his lips slowly morphed into a fine smirk. A smirk that I never knew he had and the wrath that lace in his voice when he called me a vampire. Seji Komori, my father, has now despised me for what I've become. For what we all are.

"Vampire hunter" Shu-san said, the words rolled like poison in his tongue. Seeming like this fight has has not yet ended and no one wants to go down. I just hope that Yu-chan is alright and nothing bad might happen to her. May God please protect her and Subaru-san away from harm. Even though I had a bad feeling about this and the premonition I saw earlier may not just be...

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