My Other Half 2: Healing Hearts

† Three †

"Hey! Wait for me!" I kept calling on to the same ocean-haired girl. When I walked out of the library, she was leaning on her back with her arms crossed. But the moment I came out, she suddenly started walking away.

I figure she's waiting for me so I followed her but she kept on a fast pace that I can't up. Suddenly, she turned and gave me a glare. "Are deaf? Or are you just numb?" she said monotonously "Haven't I told you that you are being summoned by that brother of yours?"

I was taken aback by her statement but I just nod. "I-I just don't know where he is" I stiffened and sighed in relief when she sighed. "You're in the same class as him on your next class" she said and suddenly, she was gone the moment I blink.

"I guess she's also a vampire, huh..?"

Time passed and classes are already over. I tried to talk to Shu-nii about the girl who met me at the hallway, knowing he might know her. But unfortunately, he doesn't even know her. Even the fact that he didn't asked her to fetch me back at the library surprises me.

"Yumiko" I familiar bored voice snapped me out of my thought. I looked up to see my lazy brother, Shu-nii. "Let's go.." he walked out the door and I followed him.

Just before I go inside the limousine, I suddenly remembered my promise with Azusa-san. I told Reiji-nii that I have somewhere that I needed to go and he told me to come back before curfew. I nodded and bid them goodbye.

Just as the limo left, my phone vibrated from the insides of my pocket. I took it and openned it with practiced fingers and read the message from an unknown contact..

From: Unknown
Subject: Where are you?

I'm already here at the meeting place, 20 minutes ago.. Where are you now? Are you alright?

I typed a quick message of "I'll be there in 3 minutes" before I dashed towards the place..

"I-I.. k-know her.." Azusa said timidly as he played with his ice cream. I looked up at him, but hr avoided his gaze. "H-her name is L-Lucifena.. S-she's the top 2 of t-the overall top 5 students.."

I nodded and didn't dare asked any questions about her since I realized I'll be meeting her again once I become a student council member. "By the way.." I said "Is there something you want to tell me? It seems like you don't know a proper approach"

I smiled at him and he openned his mouth to say something but he can't blurt out. "H-how's.. umm.. Kanato?" he bowed his head and I can't help but shook my head. He's too much of a timid and I know there are a lot of unspoken things had built up in his heart.

Whether guilt, hate, love or loneliness; it seems like he bottle up those feelings for years and he can't let them out. I smiled because he reminds me of myself so much. So there's only one thing to do..

And that is to teach him how to get out of his shell..

"Why don't you enjoy yourself?" I placed my payment on the table before I took his arm and drag him out of the store. "Let's go!" he seem confused but he complied.

I took him to the same arcade store I took Suba-nii once and we went inside. We played a lot of game stations. Whether it's shooting game, basketball, adventure, luck game etc. It was really fun and I can see he's enjoying being all out as a genuine smile grace his lips.

The last game we had is the dance battle game. But unexpectedly as it may, I saw a different side of Azusa-san and he won against me with excellent scores three times in a row.

"Had fun?" I smiled at him as we took our time walking down the road towards the mansion. He insisted on accompanying me home since it's already late. The road would be dangerous so we ended up in our current situation.

He smiled and nooded his head "Never had it for awhile" it was quite surprising that he didn't stutter for the first time and I'm really glad for that. It seems like he's slowly openning up.

The same genuine smile still printed in his face suddenly faltered and he bowed his head. I tried to ask him what's wrong but he shook his head, trying to hide things but totally failing in the process. It seems like time will heal itself so I just let it be for a while.

"Next time, if something's bothering you, you can always tell me" I patted his shoulder, signaling we're close to the main gate and he can go now. No one knows what my brothers are cappable of, especially to a Mukami. "Remember, I'm always here to listen"

He smiled and suddenly hugged me unexpectedly. "Thanks" he said before slowly letting me go "I'm glad I met you.."

"..Little sis"

And with that, he's suddenly gone and the cold air of the night rushed through the wind. The silence made said the unaudible sound from my mind saying "What does he mean by little sis?"

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