My Other Half 2: Healing Hearts

† Four †

"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! DON'T YOU KNOW WE'VE BEEN WORRIED SICK FOR YOU?!" Kana-nii's screamed echoed throughout the whole room. We were all together in the main hall, sitting on each of our own victorian themed couches. I sat there in the middle with my brothers around, scolding me.

Though the Shu-nii and Laito-nii were terribly quiet, I could see their blank expressions. Totally refusing my observation skills to interpret what they were thinking. "WE EVEN CALLED AND TEXTED YOU BUT NOT ONCE DID YOU EVEN ANSWERED!" Suba-nii hollered, making my eyes went wide.

I quickly took my cellphone from my bag. With practiced fingers to open through the main screen, I was met with a notification of..

Shu-nii : 30 messages and 42 missed calls

Reiji-nii : 54 messages and 60 missed calls

Aya-nii : 22 messages and 88 missed calls

Laito-nii : 82 messages and 73 missed calls

Kana-nii : 259 messages and 294 missed calls

Suba-nii : 98 messages and 109 missed calls

My hand shook as I read all of the notifications. I didn't realized I've been passed curfew for 3 hours already. Not to mention I really took and enjoyed my time too much with Azusa-san that I lost tract of time. I bowed my head in shame as I heard Reiji-nii snapped, asking where I've been all this time.

"I-I've been at the arcade store togeher with my friend" I said in a near whisper. Some of my brothers scoffed while the other scolded me more, signaling they still heard me even with that volume. I felt hot tears stung from the corner of my eyes and even my body began to tremble.

Finally, I couldn't hold it anymore and the tears I've been holding fell down like rivers from my eyes. "I'm sorry" I cried "I'm sorry for comming home past curfew.. I'm sorry.." I tried to steady and wipe tears away but they won't even stop. I kept on hiccuping and my trembling isn't helping either.

I heard them sighed before they dismissed me. "Go to your room" they all grunt in unison.

My crying have already stopped but I still hiccuped. I've never felt so guilty like this in my whole life. I mean, they've been too kind to me and they gave me freedom. They even loved me so much and gave me everything I want. But what have I done? I broke a simple promise that means a thousand to them.

I don't blame them for being like that towards me, but I can't forget how it really hurts. I was really such an idiot..




Knocking sounds suddenly filled the whole room, drowning the miserable state of my well-being. "Come in!" I called and the door openned, revealing my purple-haired brother. He was wearing a spectacle which I didn't noticed earlier. It was rather new for him and really looked cute.

"Are you alright, Yumi-chan?" he asked, sitting down on the side of my bed. I sat up and hugged a random plushie beside me. "No.." I nearly whispered "I'm sorry I was such an idiot.. I - "

"You don't need to apologize" he suddenly blurted out, making my eyes went wide "I'm not here to scold you anymore.. Sorry for shouting at you"

I bowed my head, feeling my own eyes starts to water again. "It's fine.." I said "It was my fault anyway" Kana-nii put his arm over my shoulder and pulled me closer with my head leaning on him.

He carressed my hair in a soothing manner while singing his favorite song, Scarborough Fair. It made me calm down and the pain in my chest have finally go away. "Feel better?" he asked after finishing the song and I nooded "Just don't do that again, alright?"

He smiled, rather cute for someone with spectacles and bags under their eyes. "Kana-nii.." I wondered "Why are you wearing spectacles? Do you have astigmatism?"

He shook his head chuckling and said "No, I don't have any astigmatism.. I'm just studying hard" the statement made my eyes widdened in shock. He doesn't like studying before and prefers playing instead. So what happened that made him turn out like this.

I put my hand on his forehead, trying to feel the heat if he have a fever but found none. "Are you sick, Kana-nii?" I asked even though I found nothing and he giggled, taking my hand off of him and carressing it with both hands. "I'm not sick.. it's just that I wanted to be a better man for you" he said.

His beautiful purple eyes bore into my crimson ones as he leans, closing our distance. My eyes widdened when I realized his lips pressed on mine. It was soft and tender, like a very sweet candy.

It was so addicting that it makes my heart beats faster. He smiled the moment he releases me and before I knew it, he was already gone. I touched my lips as that final moment kept flashing through my mind. Heat crept up on my face and I didn't realized I'm blushing madly..

The crowd of students cheered as they all clapped. All five of us top students were on the stage as the emcee announced our positions for the student council. I looked at Reiji-nii on my side. Though he kept a poker face, I could still see he's in distressed. Nervous even for the election results.

PRO : Jasper Auden

Treasurer : Lucifena DemonyMcStarley

Auditor : Senshi Izuo

After announcing the first three, I saw Reiji-nii become even more distressed while Ruki-san just merely smiled in a near smirk at him. I realized he must have known the results already. It maybe he won and Reiji-nii didn't get the postion. I held my brothers hand to comfort him and he smiled.

Secretary : Reiji Sakamaki

My eyes widenned at his position. I snapped my head to the emcee thrn to Ruki Mukami as my brother closed his eyes and he bowed his head in defeat. It means he won against him and - "None of us won, Princess" he suddenly cut my train if thoughts when the emcee announced the last remaining positions.

Vice - President : RukiMukami

President : YumikoSakamaki

"It's because YOU won" he smiled like a gentleman but I can see it as a lie "I'm kind of disappointed for losing, but I still gained something interesting.." and with that, he left the stage together with the others. Reiji-nii dragged over to leave through the other stairs down the stage.

Reiji-nii turned to me and congratulated me for winning the position rather than Ruki-san. A thin smile graced his lips and he hugged me gently. I returned the hug back but frowned in cofusion when he whispered the words to me..

"Be careful around that man.."

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