My Other Half 2: Healing Hearts

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I blinked when I suddenly woke up from my gaze. "Yumiko, wake up" Suba-nii said after snapping his fingers infront of me. I didn't know I've been staring at nothing for a while and my head throbbed from all the thinking. I was actually took him with me to go shopping some clothes for an IMPORTANT family dinner.

I don't understand what Reiji-nii meant about this event being extra special and being the new Student Council President this whole week isn't helping either. I mean, the role itself is really hard. Besides, I was never used to those kind of things and the incidents about my brothers and Yui, especially Kana-nii together with the Mukami brothers.

"Stay away from my little sister if you care for your pathetic little life" - Laito-nii

"Ayato told me to stay away from them too.. He said it's too dangerous to be with them" - Yui

"Be careful around that man" - Reiji-nii

I shook my head, remembering every threatening things from them. I looked at Suba-nii wo looked worried from me and I asked him "What do you guys mean about them being dangerous?" he averted his gaze, realizing what I mean abot THEM. I tried to persuade him too talk again. But, the Mukami brothers' words gave me clues.

"We won't... For now" - Ruki-san

"I can't even read you at all.. Your INTERESTING" - Kou-san

"You can't run away from us... Princess" - Yuma-san

"Suba-nii.." I frowned and he looked at me with confusion "Does this have something to do about my blood again?" his eyes widenned and he looked a bit in panic. I tried making him talk but he seems to not even budge and decided to walk away so I tried to think of a good sneak attack. Suddenly, I remembered what Azusa-san told me.

"I'm glad I met you... Little sis"

This suddenly sparked something and I asked "Are they my brothers?" this seems to caught his attention as he stopped dead in his tracks. He didn't turn around to face me but he uttered the words "If you really wanted to know... Ask that man"

I looked over my brothers together with Yui, observing their uneasiness as we all wait for the main attraction - or rather guess - to arrive. We were at an expensive italian restaurant and the deep black starry night made the place more elegant than it already is. It Reiji-nii who actually made the whole reservation of this place so we're the only ones here making it more special.

I was wearing a deep purple satin halfter dress with a matching purple satin pouch and deep purple stilletos. I also wore deep purple diamond earings and bracelets. Though my hair got finally longer for the past months after it was cut and was now in mid-length, I let it tie in a neat bun with bangs framing my face.

Yui on the other hand, wore a beige strapless chiffon dress with matching silver pouch and heels, which were personally bought by Aya-nii for her. It does make me sense something is really going on with these two.

Though I actually see see this coming before, I just shrugged it off. After all, Aya-nii's the nicest, caring and her most potential lover even though that brother of mine doesn't want to admit it. "He's just a tsudere" I giggled, making everyone curious.

"Yumi-chan, is there something wrong?" Yui asked curiously. I shook my head and smiled reassuringly "No.. Nothing's wrong" she didn't looked convinced but she just shrugged it off. The door openned, revealing mom Christa with her usual elegant self. She smiled uncharmingly at us, quite different than her usual smile and said "He's here"

Suddenly, a man with long white hair entered the room. Though it was the first time I've seen him, I can feel him to be the most fearsome vampire I've ever seen. His golden eyes bore into my crimson ones and he smiled charmingly at me. My eyes widenned and I slowly stood up as flashback of the time when I explored mansion months back flashed through me.

I was taking a look around of the mansion while doddling on my notepad each site I came across. An abandonned room caught my attention and I walked throught it. It revealed to be filled with canvasses where I found three wedding portraits of each mistresses of the family together with a man whom I realized to be my father.

But now, that same man on every portrait is standing before me. I smiled and run, tackling him to a hug "Dad!" I cheered..

Dinner went by my brothers being awfully quiet. Though I can see the awkwardness, it didn't affect me even one bit. I mean, I finally met my father. He's cool, charming and totally handsome. Not just that, he is actually Karlheinz under his human name and appearance of Tougo Sakamaki. The most influential and successful politician in Japan.

He's also the current vampire king of the demon world. No wonder the Mukamis usually calls me 'Princess' because to tell the truth, I'm actually one. How nice is that? I mean, it's not to brag but I didn't know I'm actually from a royal family.

"I'm proud of you, Yumiko" he smiled charmingly "For being the new Student Council President and one of the top five students of Ryoutei Academy, I admit you really did a good job and exceeded my expectations"

I blushed at the comment and grinned like an idiot. I really loved and missed my father a lot so you can't bame me if I'm like this. Besides, I finally met my real biological father. That's why I wanted to at least make our reunion really special. It was really nice that he cancelled all of his appointments for the day just so he could meet his one and only daughter.

"Thanks dad" I smiled at him, happy to finally have a complete family even though I can sense everyone's uneasiness in the situation. Well, what can you expect? they all grew up with a father who is rarely to be there by their side. They're just unsure of what to say or how to response.

Dad Karl placed his hand atop mine. "I have someone I want you to meet" he said and Aya-nii suddenly stood up and banged the table. He was about to scream when Laito-nii suddely muted him by placing his hand on his mouth and Kana-nii locked him by the waist, forcing him to sit down.

I also saw Suba-nii's irked expression to protests when Reiji-nii put his hand on his shoulder, warning him to calm down while mom Christa and Shu-nii narrowed their eyes in a glare-like manner. Yui, looking concerned as ever, tried to say something but was cut off when suddenly, the door openned revealing four familiar men of around our ages.

The blonde one cheered "Sorry we're late!"

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