My Other Half 2: Healing Hearts

† Six †

"You look beautiful tonight, princess" Ruki-san - or rather Ruki-nii - complimented me, breaking the heavy atmosphere. Though it was supposed to make the situation lighter, it irked Suba-nii and he suddenly exchanged seats with me.

I ended up between Laito-nii and Suba-nii so that I would be away from Ruki-nii. To tell the truth, the people that dad Karl want me to meet were actually my new additional brothers. The Mukamis. I suddenly remembered Suba-nii's words.

"If you really want to know... Ask that man"

So 'The Man' that he menrioned is actually our father and the reason why Azusa called me little sis was actually because they're also my brothers. Now I'm starting to get curious why I have MANY brothers and why they hated them a lot.

Do they actually hated our father for doting on the Mukamis a lot rather than us? That I didn't know. But I'm quite sure for that fact because they seemed to be a lot more closer to each other than us Sakamakis. My brothers just learnt how to be like that if it wasn't for me.

"Yumiko, are you alright~?" Laito-nii asked worriedly, breaking me out of my thoughts "Is there something bothering you? You seem to gaze a lot more than usual~"

I shook my head and smiled at him reassuiringly "I'm fine, Laito-nii"


Yuma's POV...


I don't know why 'that man' suddenly called us to that restaurant last night about three days ago. But what we didn't expect is that the whole Sakamaki family is there. I felt awkward but what we didn't expect is that he suddenly introduced us to his newfound daughter that we are also his sons.

Sure we were adopted by him but to be introduced as those 'guys' siblings especially to that girl confused us. Even Ruki who always knows everything what that man has in mind also know nothing of this.

We were at the main hall of the mansion, talking about suddenly discarding that man's 'Adam and Eve' plan which was totally confusing. Ruki explained the new plan in hand in which 'Get the daughter away from the Sakamaki brothers' plan like a total nerd --

"I can see what you're thinking, Yuma~" Kou suddenly said, making me jump. Damn I really hate it whenever he uses that magic eye of his agains me combined with those creepy telephatic abilities he gained after becoming a vampire.

"Shuddap!" I hollered, turning away from him but the sly bastard wouldn't budge and just kept on teasing me. It irked me and I crashed the coffee table with one single strike to threaten him. Good thing it worked though and he put his hands up in defense while Azusa calmed me down by rubbing my back like usual or else, Kou would probably be dead by now.

Ruki surprisingly didn't scold me for what I did. Probably he had the same thing in my mind in his and instead, he joined Azusa by calming me down. I grumbled, messing my hair before excusing myself.

"God! WhydoIalwayshaveasoftspotagainstthosebastards!" I thought as I walked down a random hallway when suddenly, someone bumped onto me. I looked down at 'it' and realized it was the youngest Sakami, Yumiko Sakamai, and the only girl in the family.




"I know!" she suddenly cheered to get our attention while clapping her hand "Why don't we all go to Kana-nii's concerto tomorrow?! It would be fun!"

I noticed the Sakamaki brothers all smiled instantly and agreed to her plan. But suddenly, it faltered probably realizing that us Mukamis will be going too. "And why is that..?" Ruki asked, noting he didn't want to go as much the other three of us do too.

"Well.. it's because we're one whole family so I wanted it to be special" she said "What I mean is.. you know? Family get-together --"

"NO!" all four of us suddenly hollered which all made the Sakamakis glare at us. Even that Yui Komori did which seems out of character for her according to her profile. My brothers rolled their eyes but when I was about to do to, my side vision caught the sight of her which caught my attention.

She bowed her head and smiled like it was fine but I know better. She was on the brink of tears as her brothers tried to cheer her up. Even though I may be a baddass cold-hearted gangster, making a girl cry is actually my weakness. I suddenly stood and banged the table, making the others jump in surprise.

"I think going to that concerto is a good idea! Right, Ka.. A-errrr.. D-dad?" I faked cheered with a fake smile while on the inside I want to puke for calling him that. This suddenly made my brothers bursts out laughing especially that bastard, Kou, who teased me and make me feel embarrassed.

"GO FUCKING DIE!" I tried killing him by strangling him but failed because Azusa calmed me down by rubbing my back while Ruki face-palmed and Kou, instead to be scared, just laughed his head off while rolling on the floor which fumed me even more.


End of Flashback...


Well in the end, we still all went the trouble for attending that concerto. Unlike the other audience, she's the most in awe for him and cheered louder than any other people. She also gave him a flower, hugging and awarded him with a peck on the cheek. I guess she's a really loving --

Wait.. What?! Why am I thinking like that?! I'm not jealous okay?!

"Is something wrong, Yuma-nii?" she asked me worriedly. I noticed she fell on the floor when she bumped me earlier. I just shrugged by rubbing my temple to get my mind off of all that happened and helped her up together with her... THINGS?!

An image of a volcano suddenly exploded behind my background as I read the cover of her things - or rather large thick books - which says Physics, Chemistry, Advanced Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry and Calculus.

"Are you alright, Yuma-nii? You looked pale?" she asked and I felt like vomitting and very nauseatic...

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