My Other Half 2: Healing Hearts

† Seven †

"Are you alright, Yuma-nii?" I asked him worriedly as I noticed he looked really pale and purpl-green. Thank God he was still able to answer me with "My head hurts" while he seems like he's going to puke so I put his arm over my shoulder and helped him to his room. Maybe I'll leave my books and come retrieve them later.

You see, after the incident back at the concerto, I noticed the Mukamis - or rather my other brothers - to be awfully quiet towards the whole ride. Dad Karl actually said "Seemslikemysonsaremorecheerfulthan usual" so he decided that all of us to stay at his mansion. What I mean is, the whole family to be in his mansion.

Now I began to wonder how many mansion our father have. Well, it's no surprise to me if he's really rich since he's the vampire king so these fortune makes sense. But unfortunately, all my brothers did decline and because of that, he asked me to persuade all of them starting with the Mukamis.

When we arrived on his room, I laid him on his bed. His room is full of sports magazines and posters of Seirin, Rakuzan, Touo, Kaijo, Shutoku and Yosen. It seems like he have the same taste as Aya-nii since they both love basketball especially the so-called 'Generation of Miracles'

I went out fast to get a basin and with water and a towel but failed to find where the bathroom since it was my first time here. I remembered that I got lost in this mansion earlier and it was only thanks to Yuma-nii's direction that I was able to get to his room.

I sighed exasperated and started walking towards the direction where I came from earlier and pushed one random door open. However, I found a very neat room with a topless Ruki-nii inside which I realized to be his room. His hair is dripping wet and a towel hanged over his shoulder.

His back was facing me and what I found is two very huge permanently imprinted scar on his back. I suddenly gasped which caused him to turn around and face me. "Oh.. what are you doing here, Yumiko?" he asked "I didn't felt you --"

"What happened?" I asked him, worry evident in my eyes "Who did this to you?" unfortunately, he averted his gaze and proceeded to dry his hair with his towel. "It's none of your business" he said coldly, probably trying hard not to snap at me for prying in.

I shook my head and went closer to him and took his hand. I put my hand atop of his and said in a near whiper "Please tell me.." but still loud enough for him to hear with my eyes filled with anticipation as it bore into his. However, he suddenly pulled me by the waist and leaned closer.

"If you really wanted to know so badly" he smirked as he whispered in my ear, sending shivers down my spine "Why don't you satisfy me first?"

I was taken aback by what he said. But, I saw hidden saddness in those dark rounded orbs of his. As if he's been keeping it all along. Locked with a chain and thrown away the key. He's just like my Sakamaki brothers.. born with a terrible past that they've been running away from.

My eyes softened and I reached out hand out, placing it on his face. But unfortunately, my vission darkenned as images flashed through me...


"Please, stop! I beg you!" a young lady cried as she was whipped and tortured like any other slaves. She kept on begging to the people who sees her nothing but entertainment. Though battered and bruised, she crawled towards the audience and held on the leg of a child who looked like an aristocrat.

But that child isn't any other child that anyone knows. He is the younger version of Ruki Mukami.

The young lady looked up to him with pleading eyes and whispered the words "Help.." however, the child just stared at him. It took a while before he laughed maniacally and started kicking the young woman on the face. "Die! You pathetic little creature!" he cackled as the other audiences laughed amused of what he did...


The scene changes to a huge mansion where the child kept running through the hallways. "Father! Where are you!" he cried "It's mom! She's missing!" he ran through a door and met with a blinding light. But as the light dimmed, a beautiful but horrifying landscape greeted him.

Because in the middle, an old oak tree stood and a middle age man appeared hanging with a rope tied around his neck. The sight was too much to bear for as the child in shock landed on his knees on the ground, the household servants all walked out through the door behind him, carrying different expensive items of luxury on their hand.

"That's what you, cruel and cold-hearted aristocrats get for looking down on us!"


was startled when I was suddenly pushed roughly, colliding against the wall. I looked up and saw Ruki-nii with mixed expressions of fear and rage. "W-what was that?" he gasped in a near whisper before he glared at me "WHAT DID YOU DO?!"

My body shook, not just because of fear for seeing him like that for the first time but because even I didn't know what happened either. "I-I don't --" I stuttered and he closed his eyes and tried hard not to snap at me. "Get out" he suddenly blurted, cutting me off.

"B-but --"

"I SAID GET OUT!" he screamed, making me jumped. He glared at me as his eyes glowed and his fangs showing, looking like a totally pissed of vampire. Unfortunately, I was too persistent to know about those things that I saw "R-Ruki-nii I --"

I was suddenly thrown far away and landed ungracefully on a soft surface which I identified as his bed. I felt the bed shift and looked up to find myself trapped underneath a man hovering above me. I realized that the man on top of me is no ther than Ruki-nii.

He smirked and his glaring eyes glowed as if like I'm his prey. I don't know why but I saw through his action as a lie and by instinct, I hugged him. "It's fine, Ruki-nii.. I promise I'll always be here for you so you don't have to keep it in anymore" I sobbed "I promise I'll never leave you --"

"You don't understand" he sighed before he pushed me away from him. He sat on the side of the bed with his back facing me. He told me how he was once a proud aristocrat but then everything changes because of his father's inability to handle money properly and her mom left with another man.

He also told me how he became a slave at that hell-hole called 'Orphanage' and became an entertainer for those cruel aristocrats whom he was once too. So as his punishment, he received those scars on his back as a token of remembrance of his past life and it disgusts him.

I shook my head and hugged him from behind. "They're not a bit least disgusting to me" I said "They look like angel's wings that will always support you and will never fail you.. because to me, you are and will always be an angel in my heart no matter who you are"

I felt him smirk and said "They're not angel's wing, princess.. They're immitation of a devils wings, much suited for a demon like me"

"You're not a demon that you think you are because of everything that happened" I smiled sincerely and he turned to me as dark orbs met crimson "because as time pass by, things and people eventually change but it doesn't mean that you forget the past or try to cover it up.. Rather, it means that you moved on and treasured the memories"

"You're wrong princess.. I never moved on nor did I treasured those memories"

"But you never forgot about them didn't you?" he seemed to be taken aback by my words which encouraged me to continue. "That's why you chose to become a vampire because those memories made who you are now" I said "You took my father's offer because you have a reason to live and that is to take vengeance.."

"I know I've been prying into your life a lot right now but I just want to tell you that revenge will only do you no good.. I've learned that the hard way and that's why I learned to let go and move on" I smiled "And when I say move on, it means that you've got to let go of the past"

I took his hand in mine and I place my other on top of it. "Don't be afraid to let go because it doesn't mean that you've already given up but rather it means that you've already accepted the fact that some things weren't meant to be" I sighed "Instead, you were meant to become my kind and loving brother.. So don't call yourself a demon because you aren't"

He looked intently at me as he whispered the words "I'm only alive right now if it wasn't for your father.. I owe him my life.. So if you would insists on caling me an angel, then I would rather you be the angel.."

He reached out a hand amd carressed my face. "Now I realized why the Sakamaki brothers love you so much" he smiled sincerely for the first time "Because just like them.. You are the angel that gave light to this dark world of ours"

"Thank you.. Yumiko" I don't know why he said that, but I was mesmerized by how he called my name. The world seems to stop as he slowly leaned closer.. and before I know it, our lips met...

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