My Other Half 2: Healing Hearts

† Eight †

The sounds of gasping for breath as four pairs of feet ran throught the dark forest under the illuminating light of the bright full moon in the endless starless sky. "Over there!" a man of about in his late 40's shouted as his other four companions fired bullets against four running children.

"Don't look back! Keep on running!" A dark-haired child which appears to be a younger version of Ruki Mukami yelled at his other three companion escapees. The blonde child, which appears to be a younger version as well of Kou Mukami looked up the sky.

He smiled in glee for finally being able to see the blue sky again. However, he didn't realized that he's slowing down and a single gun fire echoed throughout the distance. He looked down on his torso and noticed the crimson liquid slowly spread out and painted his shirt red. That's when he realized he was shot.

An dark blonde haired child came running back to his aid. "Kou!" he and his other two companions tried to help the gurgling child on his feet. However, another gun fired and shot the younger version of YumaMukami by the shoulder. He screamed at Ruki andAzusa to run away which forced the other two children to comply.

By leaving the image of him and a dying Kou in the middle, the orphanage officials had finally caught up and stood before the two. Guns point at them and with each single fire, shooting their legs and giving them the inability to run away as screams of agony filled the air.

"Kou! Yuma!" Azusa screamed as he was dragged by Ruki...


I woke up finding Ruki-nii staring at me. I realized I was still in his room and the fact that I'm resting on his bed beside him made me feel more embarrassed than I already am. Blush crept up on my face as I remembered how his soft lips kissed mine gently and found our hands intertwinned.

"You look really cute when you're embarrassed" he chuckled, making my face look like a tomato "But I never thought you're such a Peeping Tom"

"P-peeping Tom?" I wondered what he meant but was suddenly cut off when he told me that I can read memories of another person with just one touch. This made me realize that what I saw were actually his memories. As we both sat up, I felt awkward for the first time.

I feel his eyes on me as if I'm being watched even if I don't stare into his eyes. Suddenly, he placed his hand on my face, making me jump. He slowly made me face him and as our eyes met, I felt stunned by those dark orbs of his.

The world stop moving as he leaned in closer and our lips inches apart --




We both jumped and away fron each other when the door suddenly burst open, revealing a hyper Kou with Azusa in his tow. "What are you two doing?" he asked, noticing a faint blush tinting Ruki-nii's cheeks that he tried hidding from our view.

Kou-nii smirked and began to teased him which made sigh in relief. "What are doing here, Yumi-chan?" Azusa asked me and I smiled at him. He seemed to get what I meant since he's closer to me than the other three Mukamis and he nodded, giving a small smile at Ruki-nii who was being teased by Kou-nii.

Suddenly, I gasped as realization hits me. No wonder why Yuma-nii is missing. It's because I forgot about him...


Yuma's POV...



"You're the ace of the other team Aya-nii fought at the inter-high, right?!"

"I know! Why don't we all go to Kana-nii's concerto tomorrow?! It would be fun!"

"I don't really mind what you guys did"

"AAAAAAARRGGHH!!" I screamed out of frustrations as I pulled on my hair. I don't know why I can't stop thinking about her. It first happened after I met back at the inter-high. But when I finally got over it, she came running back again! Damn I don't know why I'm attracted to her --






It's not like I'm ATTRACTED - note the sarcasm - to her, it's just that I found her INTERESTING. That's all! I just find it rare why the Sakamakis are all over-protective of her! Besides, she looked so thin, groggy, haggard and gaga even when I first saw her that time. She's not sexy at all I tell ya!

But thank God - if there was any - she's all better now. She's just like the same girl on the magazines Kou always brag about again. Even her bright smiles like the sun, her now long white hair cascading down her shoulders, her beautiful blood red eyes and those sweet cherry kissable lips --




Damn it! What's gotten into me?! This never happened before!! Why am I having these thoughts with her?! Like what is she?! Some damn virus?!


"Are you alright, Yuma-nii?"


"AAAAAAAAAAAARRGGHH!!" I drowned down in defeat. I don't know what to do anymore and the fact that I looked like an idiot to her when I just got attacked by nausea just by seeing those books earlier isn't helping either. "Damn! Why does she have to be very sweet and innocent but deadly studious -- ?!"



I instantly turned around and found the same girl I've been having trouble with right behind me. She smiled at me and I feel embarrassed, turning away just so she won't see my uneasiness. I tensed and suddenly had heavy breathing when her scent of jasmine came through my nose.

"W-what are you doing here?" I asked awkwardly. She smiled, liked always and said "I just want to see if you're all better now.. I'm sorry I forgot about you earlier"

She bowed her head in shame and bit her lip. I don't know why but why do I feel hot around her. "Yuma-nii" she said, making me jump and literally cutting my train of thoughts. She looked in awe at my own personalized vegetable farm here at the back of the mansion. "I didn't know you like vegetable gardening"


"I didn't know you like vegetable gardening"


My eyes widdenned as intense pain suddenly made me feel like my head being cracked open...


End of Yuma's POV...


"Yuma-nii, what's wrong?!" I paniced when he suddenly hold on his head as if protecting it from any farther damage as he screamed in agony. I ran to him in concern and as held my hand to him, vission suddenly flowed into me...

"I didn't know you like vegetable gardening" a blonde child of beautiful blue eyes who appears to be a younger version of Shu Sakamaki said in awe at a vegetable garden beside a single house from a far village away from his home.

The same child of dark blonde hair who appears to be Yuma Mukami grined proudly at his work. "Well, it's because it's nature and nature is food!" he cheered, making Shu laughed. He followed suit and they both run in a game of Tag.


The scene changes where the village they both called home are now drowned under the flaming heat of fire. "Edgar! Let's go!" Shu screamed as he tried to drag his best friend away from the fire but the other refused. "I can't, Shu! I need to help my mom!" and with that, he let go of his hand and charged towards the hungry flames engulfing his home.

"Edgar!" was all Yuma last heard before the fire had finally block his entrance way. He called on his mother but met with none. Suddenly, crackling sounds of burning wood fell on him. He groaned, being trapped underneath as blood trailed down his face from the wounds he received from the impact.

He looked and a silhoutte of a familiar child, no older than him by 2 smiled so malevolently that can make even the bravest man cower in fear...


I gasped, not realizing I let go of him. He fell on the ground, gasping for air. "W-what was that?" he said turning my attention back him. I shook my head saying I don't know which irked him. He bolt up and shook me, demanding to know the truth.

"Why don't you tell me?! Why did he called me Edgar?!" he hollered "Who am I exactly?!"

"I-I don't really know, Yuma-nii" I stuttered in fright making him tsked...

I felt tears stung from the corner of my eyes as my wrist felt like it's going to break by Yuma-nii's iron grip. "Yuma, stop it! Can't you see you're hurting her?!" Ruki-nii hollered, scolding him but was ignored as I was dragged towards the end of the corridor to a room.

"Shut up!" Yuma-nii had been fuming since that incident at his vegetable garden. I don t know why he's angry, demanding the truth about his memories but I think he seemed not to remember them. Even Shu-nii. Ruki-nii sighed in defeat and was gone like your usual vampire.

When we went inside the room, we saw Yui, Shu-nii and my triplet brothers laughing together. They looked so happy and I was glad they seemed to all get along. But that happiness was short lived when our entrance caught their attention.

"Yumi-chan!" Kana-nii exclaimed when he caught me the moment Yuma-nii threw me to them. Yui and the other Sakamaki brothers ran to my side, asking me in full of concern if I was alright. My eyes surely looked like I was about to cry which made them angry.

Yui turned glaring him which seems too out of character for her. Her eyes glowed like the rest of my brothers as they too glared at him. "Don't you know it's rude to hurt a lady?!" Yui hollered but was ignored as Yuma-nii focused on glaring at Shu-nii who kept silet the whole time.


This made Laito-nii's glowing eyes dimmed. He's the most open minded among my brothers and he can always reàd the situation well. "..Memories? What does he mean Shu?" he wondered looking at Shu for answer and back to Yuma-nii and again.

Yuma-nii on the other hand suddenly glared at him and pointed his finger at me. "Ask HER!" he hollered which provoked Aya-nii. He took Yuma-nii by the colar of his shirt as he glared at him. "Don't you dare point your filthy finger at my little sister or I'll kill you!"

Suddenly, a familiar stern voice stopped all the commotion. "Ayato" we all turned towards the voice finding Reiji-nii, Suba-nii and Ruki-nii standing by the doorway. Suba-nii and and Ruki-nii ran to me and asked me too if I was okay. They both sighed in relief.

"I belive you, me ànd Shu needed to talk" Reiji-nii said. But before the three of them leave, he mentioned Suba-nii's name and my twin nodded his head in understanding...

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