My Other Half 2: Healing Hearts

† Nine †

"Ha.. Ha.. Ha.." I can't remember how many minutes passed since I took of running around the school grounds to find my three older brothers. "Yumi-chan, where are you going?" I heard Azu-nii called behind me after I whizzed running passed him.

I totally ignored everything that's happening around me as I focused on my search. Suddenly, I collided to a hard surface causing me to fall down on the floor. I looked up and saw Kou-nii standing tall before me with his signature smile.

"Why the rush there, missy~?" he sang, making me forget the pain from the collision earlier. "Do you know where Yuma-nii is?!" I exclamed worried evident in my eyes. He was taken aback for a while before he asked me what's going on.

Azu-nii came up behind me as he too listened to the cause of my worry...




"What is really going on, Suba-nii?" I asked my older twin about those things that I've seen earlier, images projecting infront of me with just a single touch. Much to my anticipation, it was all because that I actually have an ability called "Link" where I can share and use my twin's abilities whenever I needed to.

Though I'm still a beginner in using it, at least I know that I can share in using his "Tactile Telepathy". It's a type of vampric ability where he can see through someone else's memories and feelings by touching them. Beside that, Suba-nii also have enhanced strength and instinct than a normal vampire have which why it explains my stong instincts.

"I think it's better that you stay here" Laito-nii sighed and said "It's a conflict between those three and with you interfering with them is NOT a good idea"

The rest of us looked confused for knowing nothing. I understand that he's just trying to protect me but I also don't want anything bad to happen to those three. The memories that I've seen were already enough proof to tell me that any minute will bring forth something that isn't good.

"I don't care, Laito-nii" I stood up, staring right back at him "They're my brothers too and seeing them hurt is the least thing I've wanted"

We stayed staring at each other for second or two before I suddenly ran. I heard him called on to me and the moment he grabbed my arm, I realized that I unconsciously activated Suba-nii's tactile telepathy in me...


"WHY DO YOU ALWAYS MAKE MOM DISAPPOINTED?!" A young version of Reiji screamed at a familiar young vampire of blonde hair, no older than him by a year. "You're too loud, Reiji..." the child scoffed, turning his back to the dairk-haired child which the young lad knew that the blonde will just go back to his human friend.

The dark-haired vampire chiled gritted his teeth. "YOU'RE THE ELDEST! THE HEIR TO THE THRONE FOR HADES' SAKE!" he screamed. Suddenly, a blonde haired woman of nobility appeared right behind him. Both children looked up to her bright blue eyes that immitates the hue of the eldest child's.

She, looking stern as ever slapped the younger child instead of scolding the eldest of the two. "How dare you raised your voice to your older brother, Reiji" she said "You're such a disappointment" And with that, she motioned for Shu to follow her which the child did, leaving the other behind.

"It's all your fault, Shu... For being a disgrace to this family and for befriending a human" Reiji clenched his fist as he watched their retreating backs "I'll make you pay for everything..."


The scene changes to the same burning village. Inside a same familiar burning house of a child of dark blonde hair, with a huge pile of burnt wood fallen atop of him and blood trickling down from his forehead, he looked up to a child of same blonde hair and deep blue eyes staring maliciously at him.

"Pathetic human" he said as his eyes glowed crimson was the last thing Edgar saw before he fell unconscious leaving the words "Why..?" to the child he once called as his friend. The blonde child used his vampric ability and produced blue glowing threads to raised the other up like a mere puppet. "Die-"

He was suddenly cut of when he was thrown telepathically to the wall by another blonde glaring child that looks similar like him. "Let him go, Reiji!!" Shu hollered in which the other just smirked. They fought each other in the sake of saving and killing the human child until a huge debris fall upon them.

Unable to react on time, they both closed their eyes and waited anticipatingly to the kiss of death but found nothing. When they both openned their eyes, they found themselves infront of the Vampire King, Karlheinz, with the second mistress, Beatrix. Behind them were the King's Top Knights for their rescue.

"Mind telling me what you two were doing?" he asked with eyes reflecting death behind closed doors. Both child quiver in fear until Shu noticed a familiar child lying unconsciously beside him. "Edgar!" he run up to the child's aid and picked him up. He inspects other injuries worriedly before he looked up to his father again "We need to get him to the hospital!"

Beatrix suddenly hollered in rage "So this is what it's all about?! You both disappoint me greatly - !" she was suddenly cut off by Karheinz. He looked at Shu and as amber met with blue, he decided to kill the child for Edgar bearing knowledge about the existence of vampires might one day bring great danger to their race.

"Please don't kill him!" Shu begged in his knees to his father as he wept "I promise I'll do anything! Just don't kill my best friend!"

Karlheinz sighed and said "Fine.. But on one condition" Shu immediately nods inorder to save his human friend and glad that his father will give him what he wished for. But, the looks in his eyes says 'However' making the child regret befriending someone from another race.

"All of his memories containing our very excistence will be eradicated and he will be sent far away where he will no longer see you nor any of us to prevent the trigger of him remembering everything"

Shu's eyes widened "You mean he'll never remember me nor will I ever see him again?" he asked and Karlheinz nods. The child dropped his head as if his world had broken down to pieces. Soon, he nods out any other choice giving the man an understanding to command his people the next move.

"Get Laito..."


I suddenly gasped in shock when I was suddenly pushed roughly by Laito-nii. He panted and I saw panic in his eyes. "W-what..?" Suba-nii gasped "So you knew it all along?!" he hollered at Laito-nii for not saying anything. It seemed like that everything that I've seen has been also seen by him because of 'Link'.

"Why didn't you said anything, Mr. Pervert?!" Aya-nii and Kana-nii hollered at him too with Ruki-nii, probably for Yuma-nii, joining as well. Laito-nii was being ganged up by them and with his limit. He suddenly walked out, or rather disappeared.


End of Flashback...


"This is bad.." Azu-nii said and Kou-nii agreed with him. Suddenly, I tensed as if feeling a slight pang in my chest as if something really seems not right. I looked at my two brothers with me and it looks like I'm right. Their faces were painted with worry. "We need to get you to your brothers"

"And Yuma.." Kou-nii continued for Azu-nii. They held me tightly and before I knew it, we teleported to a different location...

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