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Good Girls | Kim Taehyung


A good girl in school and a bad girl in the streets. Lee Y/N has always been the goody-two-shoes well, at least at school she is behaved. Outside of school, she wreaks havoc. From spray painting governmental buildings and robbing a few mansions, there is trouble everywhere she goes. When the school's heartthrob found out her secret, he promised to keep it hidden, with a condition of course! Be his fake girlfriend for 2 months. It's just that easy, right? Will he change the good- or let's say bad girl's ways? Or will she stay the same forever?

Romance / Action
Age Rating:

good girls: introduction

"Good Girls never drink or smoke

Good Girls don't party all night

Good Girls always do their assignments

Good Girls always follow the rules

Good Girls never curse

And Good Girls fall in love

But I'm a bad bitch. Bad Bitches never fall in love"

Lee Y/N was always popular at school for being an innocent and good girl, always following the rules and being respectful. Who would've thought the goody-two-shoes in school was a rule breaker outside? From breaking into houses and stealing wallets, she was an expert.

A good girl facade but a bad bitch at heart. Lee Y/N might be the best example of a two-faced bitch. Might.


Please note that there may be content that may appear as inappropriate to some viewers. Read at your own risk :)

Also! Taehyung and Jimin are 18 here while the rest of the members have their normal age. Meaning, Jungkook is older than Tae and Jimin in this story. The three of you are in your last year of high school.

Enjoy ;)

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