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鈽解湡饾摙饾枎饾枔饾枔饾枈饾枟鈾熲樉 | TaeJin


Jin is an angel from Heaven, while Taehyung is a demon from Hell Both should be sworn enemies and yet they meet, letting the unpredictable happen They were never meant to be, it's not right for Good and Evil to mix But they couldn't help but fall under the circumstances What was made to be a fun game of truth or dare becomes a complicated endless love story... They shouldn't even be together, and they should never be found What happens when all the rules from Heaven and Hell are broken? How can they pay for their sins and redeem themselves? Where they ever FATED to be? Or just doomed from the very start?

Drama / Romance
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鈥淲hen there is light there is shadow鈥

Taehyung felt bored seeing how the humans were still the same pitiful souls, ever greedy and ambitious to the point of creating wars and destroying empires for their own sake

Always falling into temptation, they were so easily manipulated into the darkness

Demons like him roamed the Earth making pacts that the humans took out of greed

It was his job after all, to corrupt the weak and innocent ones that sooner or later would follow him to Hell

And so, the years passed like they were nothing, and for Demons it was like leaves in the wind

Until time finally stopped for Taehyung, when he crossed the path of one of his arch nemesis....

It was raining as he got up to Earth and collect another soul

When he saw him, all dressed in nothing but white...

The light of the thunder illuminating him into the dark night, his big wings reflecting the light like a spectrum of light blue and pink at the tips... with his dark hair and surprisingly plump lips...

Both lost in each other鈥檚 gaze, while the rain fell on them

鈥淲hat are you doing here Angel?鈥 he said in a rude tone keeping his distance, while the other emanated a pure aura, 鈥淚 should ask you the same thing Demon"

His voice was sweet and smooth like candy, passing through those red velvet lips made for sin

Angels and Demons were sworn enemies, and if both arrived at the same time it would cause an impact on the balance between good and evil, so it was requested by higher orders that both would have to fight for death to earn the soul they were supposed to collect or save

Thing is there were also Angels who would monitor every move and slaughter down the evil forces upon sight, those Angels were known as Powers

And if this Angel was one of them, Taehyung was definitely done for, although the other didn鈥檛 appear to wear the armor or weaponry one would often use, it sure made him suspicious

He had been lucky in his years as a Demon to not cross paths with any Angel

Not that he was any sort of wimp, but he liked to keep his head attached to his body, and life was overall fun either in Hell or Earth, he simple enjoyed existing and wasn鈥檛 ready for it to end

As if he needed to explain his reasons, 鈥淕et on your Wings and get lost, I have a matter to attend, so can鈥檛 waste my time on you and I need my powers intact tonight鈥 he said to the winged man who eyed him still so ever curious

鈥淲hat? Something on my damn face?鈥 he snapped as the other simply smiled and shook his head, the drops of rain glistening in his damp hair 鈥淵ou do know we鈥檝e arrived at the same time?鈥

Taehyung wanted to curse his bad luck, but then again, he was a Demon, no luck for them if such

鈥淔uck off Spirit, I was here first鈥 he snarled as the other furrowed his brow 鈥淚 think we both know the truth, Incubus" he said in a calm but condemn tone

He pondered his odds at that very moment, 鈥淟ook I don鈥檛 intend to fight you Angel, now if you excuse me, I have a soul to collect鈥 he said starting to walk away only to be stopped

鈥淭he rules say so鈥 the Angel deadpanned as the Demon smirked 鈥淩ules are meant to be broken鈥

鈥淚 can鈥檛 let you walk away鈥 the other insisted as he sighed 鈥淔ine, then how about we do it my way?鈥 he tried to get around it, since the Angel didn鈥檛 seem to have a weapon in sight

鈥淵our way?鈥 he asked now curious 鈥淵eah, since we are in the Human Realm, maybe we should keep fairness and try one of their luck games鈥 he continued while the other eyed him intrigued

鈥淲hat do you propose Demon?鈥 he curled his lip at the other鈥檚 tone 鈥淩ock, Paper, Scissors鈥

The Angel stared at him in silence with a confused expression 鈥淲hat鈥檚 that?鈥 he murmured

鈥淚t鈥檚 a game that humans play鈥 Taehyung said with a small grin 鈥渢hey play it all the time, in order to see who wins or looses in a confrontation or whenever they want to decide on something鈥

鈥淪how me how it鈥檚 played then鈥 the Angel demanded of him, almost with a childlike mentality

Taehyung smirked mischievously... Oh, this was going to be fun...

鈥淚 lost?!鈥 outraged by the sort of events 鈥淗ow could I lose to an Angel, no less鈥 he eyed the winged creature who was finding him funny by this point 鈥渙k, best 3 out of 5鈥 he pointed his index finger at the man and waited in position to resume the game

鈥淎nd if I win?鈥 the Angel said with a small smile as the Demon rolled his eyes, putting his hands in his pockets 鈥淲hatever, I lost loads of time already鈥 turning around

鈥淗ey we still have to find a balance in the order!鈥 he exclaimed following the Demon through the streets, his wings now hiding beneath his thick white vest

鈥淲hatever Spirit, follow me if you want, just don鈥檛 get in my way鈥 he glared at him 鈥渢hat鈥檚 the only balance you need鈥

鈥淚 have a name you know鈥 the Angel said with a small pout as he stared at him furrowing his eyebrow at how at ease, he was acting around him 鈥淲ell no kidding Sherlock, so do I鈥

鈥淢y name isn鈥檛 Sherlock鈥 he giggled a bit as Taehyung stopped in his tracks at the mere sound 鈥渋ts Kim Seokjin" he said with a small smile waiting for something, but the Demon just scoffed and went on his way only for him to follow 鈥淲hat about yours?鈥 he asked genuinely interested

鈥淎ish don鈥檛 you have some soul to watch over or something, aren鈥檛 you one of those annoying Guardian Angels?鈥 he stared at the other 鈥渙r maybe you鈥檙e a fucking Cherubim for all I know...鈥

He pouted at him 鈥淚 am none of those actually鈥 he said in a calm tone 鈥渁nd for your information Cherubim鈥檚 tend to have a childlike appearance鈥 as Taehyung rolled his eyes

鈥淓xplains why they wear diapers鈥 he continued on walking feeling the Angel close behind as he peaked from his shoulder 鈥淣ame鈥檚 Kim Taehyung" he said licking his lip as he stopped in front of a familiar place 鈥淟ust Demon of the 2nd Circle of Hell and you?鈥 he smirked

鈥淚 belong to the Virtuous Hierarchy of Heaven鈥 he mumbled as the Demon advanced to the door not even bothering to knock on it and simply opening it

鈥淎re you just going to leave me here?鈥 the Angel stated while he turned around amused

鈥淥h, dear Seokjin, never heard of the term, Patience is a Virtue?鈥 he winked 鈥渁nd I have none of it鈥

He waved at him while entering the mansion leaving the winged man behind...

Taehyung found himself a stalker even without trying, because wherever he went, there the Angel would be, that it was becoming a sort of habit by now

An annoying presence he could only tolerate if the damned thing stayed with his mouth shut

But this one thought he had a damn sense of humor or something, because he blabbered nonstop, that even his laughter was getting imprinted on Taehyung鈥檚 hearing...

鈥淗ey Angel, don鈥檛 you have nothing more to do than following me around?鈥 he asked clearly annoyed, because of the holy creature before him he was late for one of his appointments

鈥淟ike I dunno, someone to help with your saving grace鈥 Taehyung commented rolling his eyes as the Angel just smiled at him 鈥淲ho say鈥檚 I鈥檓 not doing that right now?鈥 he said mysteriously

The Demon just huffed into air and went to the house of his client, feeling the presence of the Angel behind him, 鈥淵ou going to keep on following me then, fine, but don鈥檛 utter a word and stay out of sight鈥 he growled lowly as a warning

Making contracts could be fun or boring, it would mostly depend on the person who would summon his services

Today it had been a young man in his early 20鈥瞫 to seal a pact with the devil, tomorrow would probably be a desperate woman seeking revenge on her cheating husband, for he granted every wish and sealed it well, but the promise to come back for them 10 years later would remain

He crashed his lips into the boy, feeling his warm thin lips against his own before he added his tongue into the mix making the other gasp as he departed licking his upper lip

鈥淲hat were you doing to the poor boy in there?鈥 he asked in a small voice, as they both walked past the streets so the Demon could find a suitable alley to return to his Realm 鈥淚t鈥檚 how I seal my deals鈥 he simply answered as he got nothing more to hide from the ever so curious Angel

鈥淏y hurting his lips?鈥 he furrowed his brow as Taehyung erupted in laughter having to wipe a tear or two, seeing how the Angel was turning into a shade of pink, 鈥淚 wasn鈥檛 hurting him鈥

鈥淭hen why was he complaining?鈥 the Angel tilted his head to the side 鈥淵ou mean moaning鈥

鈥淭hat, he was making weird sounds鈥 Taehyung eyed the innocent creature, feeling his heart beat increase as he licked his lip, the urge to corrupt him run hard on his own veins 鈥淚 only kissed him鈥

鈥淲hat鈥檚 a Kiss?鈥 he heard the other question as he smirked approaching the Angel, making his back hit the wall of the alley they had entered 鈥淵ou really don鈥檛 want to know that, Angel"

鈥淚 have a name you know鈥 the Angel huffed as the Demon pressed both his hands onto the wall ceasing him 鈥淲hat now, feeling so important that you want me to call you by your own name?鈥 the Demon teased 鈥Jin" he whispered in a husky voice near the Angel鈥檚 ear, making him tremble

The Angel smiled innocently at him, 鈥渟o now is how you tell me what a Kiss is?鈥

Taehyung鈥檚 eyes roamed to the other鈥檚 pink and plump lips, smirking at his damn curiosity

鈥淏etter yet, I can show you鈥 he said in his deep dark voice as the other eyed him intrigued, before pulling him close, with one hand around his thin waist and the other cupping his neck as they both crashed their lips like a train wreck ready to happen

Taehyung took the lead, but the Angel was soon to follow, such a quick learner

As their lips moved in synch and their tongues danced along each other, the Lust Demon pulled the Angel鈥檚 hair and carved his nails onto his waist making the other moan loudly into the kiss as he smiled victoriously while they departed, seeing how wrecked the holy being seemed with only a mere kiss of his, with his rose cheeks and swollen lips, and his glistening dreamy eyes...

What a sight of the Angel, he could feel the need to claim him there and now...

鈥淪ee now that鈥檚 a proper Kiss鈥 Taehyung said licking his lips seductively as the other blushed

The Demon eyed the dark sky above them 鈥淟ooks like it鈥檚 going to rain again, guess it鈥檚 my cue to get the Hell out of here鈥 he attempted at a lame joke making the other laugh out loud as he disappeared into the shadows...

鈥淔aster, Tae ahh~~~ faster!鈥

Jimin moaned with his face into the silk sheets of the bed, as Taehyung pounded on him mercilessly, hitting his prostate every single time

鈥淚鈥檓 g-going to cum!!鈥 he warned, his pretty little cock squirted the hot white liquid into Taehyungs hand as he milked him good while riding him wild until his own release, cuming hard inside of the blonde little Demon鈥檚 plush ass, seeing how his abused pink hole leaked

They both laid onto the sheets panting after their wild session, as Taehyung grabbed his cigars and put one in his mouth, with the lighter on his hands, drawling after a breath

鈥淵ou ok in there, you little slut?鈥 he provoked the smaller one who glared back at him

鈥淔uck off, you beast鈥 he smirked at the other鈥檚 antics 鈥淵ou almost broke me in half... again鈥

鈥淣ot my fault that I have a big cock鈥 the other huffed annoyed, getting up and gathering his clothes from the floor

鈥淕oing off so soon, Jiminie?鈥 he asked as the other turned his back at him, the sight of his plump ass right in front of him

鈥淗ave a job to do, Tae鈥 he enjoyed the cigar while it lasted 鈥淪o do I鈥 the smoke dense in the air

鈥淕oing back to Earth huh?鈥 Jimin asked as he was engulfed by his own shirt 鈥淒on鈥檛 I always?鈥

鈥淲e all do, but what better place to seal pacts am I right?鈥 he smirked 鈥淏esides give me rain and sun any day, instead of this gusty wind all the time鈥 he complained 鈥淭he weather here sucks鈥

Taehyung approached him and slapped his ass 鈥淒on鈥檛 we all?鈥 he teased the other who pouted somehow reminding him of a certain annoying Angel...

鈥淪omething on my face?鈥 Jimin asked furrowing his brow as Taehyung shook his head, and went in for a kiss, biting the other鈥檚 lip as he moaned and melted in his touch

鈥淎nyway, thanks for the fuck鈥 the smaller said as if it was a business transaction between them and in a way, it was... while they left the bedroom and went to their own affairs

He turned to the same alley only to feel a hand covering his mouth and being pulled into a warm embrace, to the dark shadows

鈥淲hat the...鈥 he tried to mumble 鈥淪hhh, quiet before they hear you鈥 he heard Jin鈥檚 voice

And there it was, the life source of an Angel of Powers nearby

They stayed close their eyes glued to each other, as their heartbeats were loud until it was safe

鈥淲hat? Want me to thank you for saving my ass now?鈥 annoyed as he felt the other staring intensely at him

The Angel shook his head slowly 鈥淚 want you to take responsibility鈥 Taehyung tilted his head

鈥淔or what?鈥 he scoffed at the Spirit 鈥淔or Kissing me鈥 Jin said while he rolled his eyes

鈥淎nd now what? You regretting it, now?鈥 he smirked 鈥淲as that your first kiss, Jin?鈥 the other nodded adverting his eyes to the floor in shame

鈥淲hat do you want from me, Angel?鈥 he growled in a provocative manner

鈥淚 want you to teach me鈥 the other complied now staring at him 鈥淚 want to learn more鈥

Both staring at each other 鈥淵ou don鈥檛 know what you are asking of me鈥

鈥淭hen make me understand鈥 the other whispered into the night

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