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Pretty Boy


Welcome to Sugar On Top Your #1 source for finding your Sugar Daddy! Would you like to sign up today for only $14.99/month? Yes | No Park Jimin is a struggling college student that just lost his job, leaving him to focus solely on his other profession that keeps food on the table. Jeon Jungkook, at only 20 has more money than he knows what to do with, thus leading him to become a Sugar Daddy, wanting someone to spoil. Each looking for something to fill their void. Each with a secret of their own to hide.

Romance / Erotica
J ♡
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O n e

"Fuck you..."

"Come on Chim, it's not like you have any other options!"

"Of course I have other options! There are plenty of other things I can do other than THAT..."

Taehyung shoots glares towards Jimin, the blonde standing his ground, something he was used to when it came to his best friends ideas.

And it wasn't necessarily that Jimin didn't want to take Taehyungs advice...

Except that's exactly how it was.

Jimin, despite his natural charm and angelic looks, wasn't one to socialize, causing him to only have a few friends.... enough that he could count on one hand.

Where as most pinned him out to be a fuckboy, his style not helping the cause...

When all reality, he'd rather stay to himself, not necessarily out of being introverted... which the blonde was far from, but the fact that trust wasn't something he looked to fondly on.

His motto...

Never get too close.

Ever since Jimin was admitted into college, everything seemed to fall beneath his feet faster than he could blink.

And maybe a part of him was left behind, maybe that was one of the reasons why he couldn't seem to venture out...

And maybe it was because he was disowned by his own family, all because he liked boys.

But Jimin couldn't help but blame himself, especially since he knew from the beginning his father was homophobic.

He just had that one glimmer of hope that his life would become a cliche and his parents would accept him.

And if it wasn't for Taehyung and Jin, the two boys that had seemingly stood by his side since the beginning, he would be living out on the streets somewhere.

And slowly he began to heal...

His trust for people, his motivation to wake up, his determination to become his best self...

But today knocked all of that back down again, Jimin slowly sliding back into the darkness he just seemed to escape from.

The only way he was paying for college was the five hour shift at the grocery store that he worked every day, the pay not great but it helped in the long run...

But apparently, it didn't matter to the manager whether or not you had school before your shift and was late a few times...

And yet, the sudden termination didn't crush his spirits as much as the fact that his side job was about to become his full time one, and the thoughts of putting himself through the long nights ahead made his stomach roll in discomfort.

"Come on Chim.. ChimChim... Jiminie-hyung!!!" Taehyung pleaded, his famous puppy eyes on full display as his long fingers pulled on the blondes shirt.

Jimin was forced to share his downfall with his two best friends, seeing as he stopped going to work and snuck out more often in the middle of the night.

But the part that he refused to share, but was revealed anyways was the stack of debt that sat on his desk, letters from the university growing by the second.

And for two whole days, the three boys have been figuring out how to fix the situation, but most of the ideas where Taehyung's, which was rejected every time.

"Come on Chim, it's really not that weird, I mean I've even thought about joining before... though the one time I did try, I got matched with creepy old guys..." Jin added his input, Taehyung now wearing a face of disappointment while Jimin's was pure rejection.

Disregarding the looks, Jin got out his laptop, typing in the familiar website as he turned the screen towards Jimin.

"NO!" Jimin yelled immediately, "There is no was in hell, that I am stooping low enough to get a sugar daddy..."

The blonde had hoped that after the fifth time of telling the two boys that this idea was completely out, they would find something else...

But neither one has been able to shut up about the offer they had come up with.

But after a few laughs, and wanting to be serious... it had finally hit him that this wasn't a joke, and the website in front of him was real...

And their advice for him to sign up was real, as well.

Sugar On Top.

The site that claimed to be the "number one website for Babies and Sugar Daddy's" across the world.

Until today, the term "Sugar Daddy" was something that Jimin only thought about when reading manga's or watching his daily drama's.

Of older men, lonely in life, wanting the company of beautiful women, buying them luxury as a way to keep them around...

A definition that made him want to gag.

And yet his friends were convinced that there was a different side to it all.

"What's the harm?" Jin asked again, hand rubbing soothing circles on the blondes back.

Jin knew it was almost impossible for Jimin to tell him "no" and yet again used that to his advantage as he pushed the laptop closer to the Blonde.

But Jimin resisted and pushed himself away, nervously laughing as he grabbed his keys, hands on the door knob.

"Well... this has been fun, but class awaits and I can't get another tardy..." and with that he ran out the door, not even waiting to hear the response from the two boys.

Jimin had finally let out a breath that he had been holding, his hand over his heart as he made his way to his car.

◈ ◈ ◈

"Hey Jimin!" A voice called out, the blonde turned, placing both feet on the stairs to his building, knowing his clumsy tendencies would betray him if he wasn't careful.

A boy with red hair and a smile that resembled the sun ran up to the blonde and brought him into a hug, towering over his short stature.

"Hey Hobi.... whose this?" Jimin asked, an unfamiliar face standing next to his friend as they all continued to walk.

"Oh... this is Yoongi, my new roommate.." Jimin couldn't tell if Hoseok's tone was laced in sarcasm or if he was indeed happy about his new roommate.

Jimin smiled and greeted him, pushing past the heavy door, his mind still pondering on the conversation between Taehyung and Jin.

The one thought replaying....

'Would it be so bad if I got a Sugar Daddy?'

But Jimin shook his head, trying to rid his mind of the unwanted thoughts, turning his attention back to the two others beside him.

And then his phone rang.

The university's number coming across the screen, as only one word entered the blondes mind... riding him of all others thoughts...


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