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Bride of Hades


Every person on earth gets assigned a guardian angel, a figure that will protect them and shield them from evil, an embodiment of all things light and perfect.... But things were about to change, especially since the god of the underworld had pissed his father off one too many times, thus leading to the decision of banishing the god to earth...... Forcing Hades to become a guardian angel. Kim Taehyung, the embodiment of perfection, still had that certain dark gleam in his eye, the boy, formally known as Hades was preparing himself to be some bratty and pure kid's guardian angel.... What he wasn't expecting was for himself to turn human, and for his person to be the opposite of pure. Park Jimin, a name that made all the girls swoon and the boys to be jealous. He was the captain of the football team and slept with anything that moved and had a skirt, the boy being the definition of straight. But he's about to reconsider all of his life choices, especially since the angel that's supposed to watching over him.... Is literally the god of sin.

Romance / Erotica
J ♡
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P r o l o g u e

Darkness filled the void as silence surrounded the depths of the mountain that was surrounded by the warmth of fire.

Screeches of vultures and the purr of lions were fading into the background as the moon showed in all its glory.

You would almost believe that no one inhabited this god forsaken place, and you would almost hope that no one did considering the chaos that filled the valleys.

But the truth of the matter, was that it was anything but silent, at least when you lived six hundred feet under the mountain, a scream sounded like a whisper...


"You don't think your father will catch us right?" A girl giggled as her lips pressed hungry kisses to the sweet tasting neck of the handsome man, her laugh growing as the boy to the left of the figure was shaking from a fast growing climax, the three now going on their second hour of fun.

The man in the middle wasn't just any other man having fun. No.

He was clad in his silky red garments as black hair hung deep into his crimson eyes, pointed canines present with each growl.

This wasn't any man....

He was better known as,


The victims on either side of the god jumped away, their faces showing true fear as the father of the underworld stood right before them, fire encasing his body as rage filled beneath him.

"Hello father." The god answered cooly, eyes looking up to stare into the matching red pair.

Hades laughed as his father stayed silent, trying to regulate his wrath before he yet again blew up another mountain.

"If this isn't important then I'll ask if you can leave, our fun was just beginning..." the sly tone spilled out as long fingers with pampered black colored nails wiped the slick off of the boys thigh, the god letting his tongue lap up the sweet nectar.

"LEAVE NOW!" The voice bellowed as the two naked bodies slipped from the gods grasp and fled the room, the stinch of sex still prominent in the air.

"You fool!"

"Now father, is that any way to speak to your only son?"

"Have you forgotten who you are, you insolent child...." the man moved closer, close enough for his son to feel the fire burning off of his skin...

"Have you forgotten that whatever you do affects the entirety of the underworld, you may be Hades, reigning god over hell, but don't you forget boy. I AM HELL. I am sin. I am everything you aren't."

The robed figure shot up and brought his son to face him, forcing their eyes to meet as each bore crimson in their irises.

"You think your funny huh? Destroying the kingdom I've built and wrecking the name before you even step foot on the throne?" The boy's father shouted, Hades trying his best not to laugh, though knowing him he wouldn't care about the punishment anyways, there's nothing more you can do to punish the god of sin.

But he was wrong.

His father grew a slight smirk, walking away from the oblivious god as he called out into the room...

"Azazel" the father called, black smoke appearing as a man, similar in looks to Hades strode forward, eyes never once leaving the half naked god.

"You called..."

Hades gulped in nervousness as the demon circled around the man and came closer to the god, lips dragging along the sides of his neck.

"You know your highness, those weaklings you gather to fulfill your desires are nothing compared to the upmost pleasure I could give you..." the demon whispered, fingers lowering down his torso.

"Azazel! You have a job to do..."

The demon looked up in disgust as he pulled a paper out of thin air, rolling his eyes as he walked back towards the man, reluctantly handing him the contract.

"In hind sight of the god of the underworlds unexplainable behavior, I have no choice but to punish him for his wrong doings...." the demon continued, "thus the council has decided it would do the child good to spend some time with those lesser than him, to remind him of the power he indeed controls..."

"What the fuck does that mean?!" Hades shouts, walking closer before a bag falls in front of him, making him stop in his tracks.

"Hades, god of the underworld, you have been sentenced to become a guardian angel to a human until we see fit to bring you back...."

Hades let out a breathy laugh, knowing this all has to be some kind of sick joke.

"So you think you're funny huh?" His father asked, bringing his son closer...

"Well let's see how funny it is to guard a human..."

"But dad... I'm a demon, I'm pretty sure that's completely going against the force of nature..."

The man seemed to think some more, freeing his hand of his son as the boy dropped, crying out as he rubbed his head.

"You're right..." the boy smiled.

"Azazel!" The demon entered yet again.

"Inform the others that my son cannot guard a human because of his making..." the boy nodded, the god growing proud, "instead I'll let him become human, unfortunately he'll still have to possess his powers but, maybe the world needs a little more chaos...."

"Fuck!" The boy screamed as he threw a devil sized tantrum in front of his father, hoping to Hell that this was all some kind of sick joke.

"I can't be human dad, my coronation..." the man interrupted his son.

"...your coronation is being postponed."

"Do you seriously think that this is fair? I'm a god for hells sake, people shake in fear when they hear my name and.. and.. dad I don't want to be human..." the boy starting to wine, his actions becoming normal anytime he didn't get what he wanted.

"SILENCE!" The ground shook.

The man stalked towards his son, pushing out sentences in the process...

"You will go to earth. You will become human. You will watch over your human. And you sure as hell will grow a fucking pair and start acting like a damn god instead of a whiny bitch..." Hades shook, and not from fear.

"Nice dad... soooo scary, you seriously... dad?" the boy spoke sarcastically before his smile dropped as a dark shadow loomed over him.

The mans eyes had gone red as his robe flew back, the intimidating face on full display as he moved so close to his son their noses were barely touching.

"Do it. Defy me." He growled, the boy gulping as he closed his eyes, his father pulling away as he grabbed a black liquid from thin air.

"Drink this.." he commanded.

"What is it?"

"It was meant to give to you for your coronation, it enhances your powers and increases your darkness." The boy nodded as he took the liquid from his father, downing the shot as he waited for some kind of wind or magical transformation to appear, but the only change he felt was the rumble in his stomach to remind him that he needs to eat.


"Sign here..." Hades' father commanded, his son gracefully signing the contract as the paper disappeared and a gold bursted in front of his eyes.

Papers and cards with the boys picture on them appeared on the table, as well as several suitcases and a pair of keys.

The boy grabbed the rectangular piece of plastic, not exactly used to seeing himself human, only getting to see this side once before, the boy thinking he looked extremely mundane when he wasn't in his god form.

"Kim Taehyung?" The boy asked, looking up to his father.

The man nodded as he gathered everything together, "your human name."

The boy nodded as he took a deep breath.

He had decided to live with the fact that he was an idiot and did this to himself, but that doesn't mean that he's going to be the perfect guardian to his human.

He smirked to himself as the images of raising hell and creating chaos ran through his mind, wondering if the world was ready for a god.

The god of sin.

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