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NUMB || Harry Styles Fanfic


She is numb. After all the sacrifices, heart breaks and beatings, she can't take it anymore. She wants to be free. She wants to run away, far away where no one can find her. But who is she to think she can do what she wants? She doesn't make choices. He " NEVER " lets her. This is a story about a girl Kiara Mathew who fell for a boy she found the most handsome and attractive in her eyes named Harry Styles but we can't trust our eyes all the time, Right? To know more about her and her life, lets go on a journey of HER and HIM . Will she ever be free? Or will they ever get back together like they used to be? Well we need to find that out . DISCLAIMER :- I do not hate Harry styles, I love him my self. I am a big of him and 1D. This is just a fanfiction, so do NOT take all the rude things about him seriously. I love you all. Please do not send hate. Also I am myself against the violence and do not by any chance promote violence. No one should deal anything with violence. ©muskaansehdev All Rights Reserved .

Drama / Romance
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Chapter: 1

Hello Loves !!

This story contains: Strong language, Explicit content, Violence, Mature content. So please read on your own choice.



Kiara's POV......

I lay still on the living room floor. I couldn't move. Everything hurts from my head to toe. My back hurts even more, laying on the cold floor didn't help as well. He has beaten me again tonight. Why you ask, ha! I don't even know myself. He just changed, one day he home and that day he had hit me for the first time and now it is like a regular thing for me. I don't know why god hate me that much. The first time I saw harry it was like my childhood dream had come true. He was handsome, attractive, sweet and kind to me. He took me on a lot of dates and we did have so much fun. He always told me how much he loved me that he will protect me from any harmful thing that comes in my way but now I think that he is that only harmful thing that is in my way.

It all started as...........



I was walking down the street towards my boyfriend Harry's house. It was just a normal day. He came after a week from his mom's house and I missed him dearly. I wanted to surprise him by getting him breakfast. It was 9:00 am, I stopped at his doorstep and pulled out the spare key that he has given me a month ago. I opened the door and hoped that he was asleep. I went into the kitchen, pulled out the tray from the cabinet. I put his breakfast on a tray and a glass of apple juice. I went upstairs and opened the door to his room slowly. I saw him, my sleeping angel with his face towards the window. I went up to his bed side table, put the tray on it and started to wake him up .

"Harry, babe wake up" I put my hand on his shoulder and stirred him. He moved a little and opened his eyes slowly because of the sunlight burning straight into his eyes. "What are you doing here right now?" He asked me and caught me off guard. I thought, doesn't he want me to come? I mean he loves me right so he should be happy to see me. "Why? Aren't you happy to see me? I also got some breakfast for you, just wanted to surprise you" I sat back a little from him so he could sit up straight. He leaned on to the headboard of the bed and looked at me with his sleepy eyes. "Never mind" He mumbled but I heard him and though he must be tired so I didn't question. I looked at him with adoration and leaned in to get a kiss but instead he pushed me away. "Can't you stay away a little, you are so clingy" He got up from the bed and went straight into the bathroom. I was shocked at his words. Tears were ready to pour out of my eyes but I controlled myself.

'Why is he acting like this? He's never been so rude to me like that!' I thought.

After 15 to 20 mins he came out of the bathroom and went straight downstairs. He never even took a time to look at me. I went after him, downstairs I saw him in the kitchen making his tea. "Harry I already brought you breakfast, Why don't you eat that? I asked and stood beside him. "Because I don't want to" He simply stated. "Babe please tell me what happened? Did I do something wrong?" I begged him to tell me what is wrong but he just shrugged. After looking at him for good 10 minutes he finally looked at me."Look kiara, I am just not in a good mood okay. I think you should leave right know, I will call you later. "He said it so simply but for me it's not normal at all. My own boyfriend can't tell me what is going on and telling me to get out of his house but without saying anything, I took my purse and went out of the house. Tears came out of my eyes like there is no tomorrow. I went to my house and cried and cried.

{ At 8:30 pm }

My phone started ringing, I was sitting on my bed and just thinking about today 's events. I looked at the caller ID and it was harry's. I answered hoping he would be alright now. "Hey darling, I am sorry for today. I wasn't myself and was angry about something and took it out on you. Forgive me love?" He didn't even took time to let me say hi and already apologized. "Hey, it is fine, I could tell you were not in a good mood but again you scared the hell out of me. I already forgave you just please don't do that again. "I couldn't help myself and gave in. "I won't darling" He said .

"I was thinking about some things and I want to ask you about it. Can you come at my house now? Or I could pick you up" He asked. "Yeah sure I was thinking of taking a walk so I will just come by myself, see you in a bit" I told him and stood up from the bed to find some clothes. "Okay princess, love you" He said and hung up.

[ At his house }

He saw me and went up to me. We hugged and he pecked my lips and said sorry about earlier. I smiled at him and we both went into living room and sat on the couch. "You want something to drink?" He asked me and I shook my head no. He sat beside me. "So what do you wanna talk about?" I asked him curious to know what it was about. "I wanted to ask you .... uhh... if you want to move in with me?" He said it and I was shocked. I never thought he would want me to move in with him but he asked it finally. Without replying I jumped into his arms and kissed him deeply. We made out for a little while and everything felt great.

And that day I ruined my life .


{After some days }

I was sitting down on the couch waiting for harry to come home.It was nearly midnight and he went out about at 8:00 pm. I was worried sick. I called him at least 50 times and he didn't answer once. Suddenly I heard the door opening and I went to see who it was.

It was harry, drunk and wasted. I was furious with him. "Where were you mister? I was worried about you here and you got drunk, look at you wasted and all" I was so angry. What was he even thinking? "Shuttt upp ..... you bitch, it is MY life and I know what to DO and what to not. YOU don't tell me." He pointed a finger at me and came towards me. I walked back but I felt a wall behind me and I got scared. He cornered me and looked into my eyes, he seemed to be looking right into my soul. He wasn't my Harry, he was someone else. I looked down and prayed to god. "LOOK AT ME" His tone became harsh. As I looked up I felt stinging sensation through my cheek. He slapped me, he freaking slapped me. It was so hard to stand, my knees were becoming weak and I sat on the ground. He looked at me again but never bothered to apologize. He went upstairs and I sat there crying my eyes out.

'I made a huge mistake of moving in with him' I thought .....but again I still love him with my all my heart.

{ Flashback over}


Okay loves! This is it for chapter 1.

And I hope you all like this story. Do give your feedbacks.

And also tell me:

1. Do you like this Harry or not ?

2. What do you think about kiara's personality ?

Also go check out my other books .

Thank you.

Love ya all !!

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