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Tongue Technology


"I know you're up." Said a very deep voice. It's a voice that can make any person in the world even the devil himself (or herself) feel scared. Giving up on my awesome acting I turned to look at the person in who is no other then Mr. Pale Skin. I love his voice. It is so capturing and sensual that I just wanted to hear more. So I know I know, it might sound stupid but I'm going to have to get on his nerves I mean just a little bit. I don't want to make him hate me because hello! This man is gorgeous but I just want to hear his voice. I'll do anything to hear his voice. "Like suck on that D" Said my inner voice. "Not the time." I replied "Thanks for telling me Captain Obvious. I didn't know I was up until you said so." Please don't hate me I thought. "You keep using that tone with me and I might just punish you. If you could help me I'll think about letting you off the hook. But if you keep up with that little Act of yours it will be worse." Damn this man is hot has hell dominant side. "Which I would definitely be submissive for him." "I said this is not the time" "Fine I'll stop. You know I'm not lying I bet he has a big 10-12 inch thick cock that when you suck on it his moans and groans are like music to anyone's ears "Not The Time This Is Serious" "What do I have to do." I asked him. "Become my WIFE"

Erotica / Romance
ChimChim Chin
Age Rating:

Men in Black

As I was walking home from work there was a flash of light that scattered across the sky followed by a loud roar. Feeling water droplets on me I decided to take a short-cut home. That short-cut being a alley. I really didn't want to take it but I also don't want to get sick.

Heading into the alley I was about half way until I heard yelling and saw dark figures. Hiding behind a dumpster I peered out to a man on his knees in the middle of the circle that the men in black created. I couldn't hear what they were saying because they were no longer yelling but what I did head was a gun going off.

I yelled as I did because my loud ass can never be quiet. The man fell to the floor as the men in black turned to me. Time to go I thought.


Was all I heard, well that and feet thudding against the pavement. Getting out of the alley I was right where I started, in the front of the alley. Which actually came in handy because there was a convenience store not too far from here. What a girl loves food there's nothing wrong with that

Getting in I rushed to the back. Hearing the bell chime not to long from when I come in I new it was them. Looking through the self's I was all of them wandering around the store. As they did so the rest of the people that were in the store left, leaving me with the cashier who immediately went to the back.

"Come out eolin-i and I won punish you." Said one of them. He was dark brown eyes almost black. His skin was pale as pale as sugar and had soft pink lips, his bottom lip was a few shades darked then the top.

As they got closer to me I did what I seen to de doing a lot of today.

I ran.

Running for the door I also did what happens when I run.

I tripped. Slamming onto the hard floor .

Of course I would fall in this situation, I'm pretty sure I'm the only one that would.

As I was mentally scowling myself, forgetting that I was supposed to be running, I felt a pinch in my neck, which let me tell you hurt like a grinch. Before I could see the person who decided to hurt me, which was to bad because I really wanted to hurt and yell at the person, my whole body was telling me to sleep. And that's what I did.

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