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Prom Date?


Jaden Hossler meets a girl at Macca's and decides to go to prom with her.

Romance / Other
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Chapter 1

“Look, okay, if you find a date, I’ll pay for your tickets. If not you give me the money and I’ll buy it. You need to move on,” Skye explained.

“Where am I gonna find a date though? I am not going with any of those hooligans at the high school,” I stated.

“Maybe you’ll meet someone. Just try okay,” she pleaded.

“Fine, I gotta go, I love you,” I conceded.

“I love you too,” she hung up.

Skye has been my best friend since 8th grade. Things were a little rocky when I left school, but we always stayed strong. She made a lot of new friends, but at the end of the day, we always talked until it was time to go to bed. Right now she is with Nick. I never liked him in the beginning, but after we established that they were just friends and he wasn’t gonna hurt her, I gave in. We are all cool now.

Prom is just around the corner and Skye is begging me to go. I asked her to just buy my ticket, but now she wants me to find a date. She’s gonna go with Nick as friends. If I find a date, they will each buy an extra ticket and take us. I have no idea where I’m going to find a date. The school and I have a mutual loathing. Oh well. I have a doctor’s appointment in Dublin today and I need to get going. It’s a fair drive from the middle of nowhere, Eastman.

I put on a black camisole and some ripped black skinny jeans. I paired that with dark grey Evos and grabbed my Skittles Racer jacket. Yes, I know Kyle Busch drives that car, but I don’t care. Skittles are awesome. I grabbed my mini backpack purse thing and walked out of my room. I already had everything I needed in my bag.

“Mum, I’m going now,” I announced.

“Okay drive safe and be home by dinner unless you eat there. If you do let me know. Curfew is 11 like always,” she explained.

“Okay, love you,” I said walking out the door.

“Love you,” she hollered.

I walked over to my car and got in. I immediately turned the air to 70 because when my mum drives it, she moves my thermostat. I like it at 70. Not too cold, not too hot. It’s late February. Although it’ll be warm soon, it is still fairly chilly outside.

I put my stuff in the passenger’s seat and started the car. I love my car. After years of arguing, my mum finally allowed me to get a Mustang. I have a 2009 deep blue one. It’s my dream car. Finally, I pulled out of the driveway and was on my way.


“Hey ay ay, hey ay ay, hey ay,” I screamed.

One of my favourite songs, She Looks So Perfect, is playing as I pull into the parking lot. I pull into a parking space close to the front and finish the song. I don’t want it to be stuck in my head all day. When it ended, I grabbed my things and walked into the building. I messed up my wrist, and this is the closest office that handles that sort of thing.


I’m hungry. The appointment took longer than expected. I’m gonna go to Maccas for lunch. Drive-thrus are for suckers. I’m going in.

Once inside, I go to one of the order screen things. I don’t trust people to get my order right. As I start to order, I notice someone looking at me. I turn around and see that it is none other than Jaden Hossler. He has been my Tik Tok crush for like ever. After Debating for a minute, I waved him over. He raised an eyebrow but walked over anyways.

“Um do you need something,” he asked shyly.

“Yes actually. First I’d like to say that I love your content. Second, I’d like to ask a couple of questions,” I explained.

“Wait, you watch my TikToks? I’ve been watching yours forever,” he exclaimed.

“I’ve watched yours longer. And I’ve stated many times that I am head over boots for you. How can you watch my TikToks and not know that? Which leads to my second question actually, but first, why are you in Dublin Georgia,” I raised my eyebrow.

“Um, it’s a pit stop. We are on our way to a meet and greet,” he explained.

“Oh. Second question, will you go to prom with me,” I cringed.

“Wait, what? Prom? I’m 20,” he scrunched his eyebrows up.

“K, and I’m 18. Anyone else wanna state their ages? You don’t have to say yes. I’m just in a predicament. And I refuse to go to prom with Noah. I’ve also had a crush on you for like 4 years. Just try to make a decision,” I explained looking down.

“Um, sure. I’ll go. Do I have to pay,” he asked.

“Wait, really? Um no, my friend is paying for all of it. I live a little ways from here. We made a deal that if I found a date, she would pay for our tickets. I’m sure Nick will pay for his and hers. Um, the prom is in April, so I’ll let you know when we need to prepare. Speaking of which, can I get your number,” I asked as an afterthought.

“Sure um give me your phone and I’ll give you mine,” he said chuckling. I handed him my phone because it was already unlocked.

I went in and put my number “Maccas girl” and handed it back. He gave me mine and replaced his phone in his pocket.

“We can honestly just Google a picture for the contact picture, but I want to send proof to Skye,” I laughed. He laughed and nodded.

We took a selfie laughing and I sent it to Skye.

“Yeah, I think my friends are leaving now so Imma go. Call me around 10 tonight, okay,” he asked.

“Ight, later homie,” I hugged him and then he left. Time for food. I felt my phone vibrate and I looked down.





Skye: IDK

Beth: 🤣🤣

Skye: 😂

Beth: I’ll call you in a few minutes

Skye: ohkay

I finished ordering my food and went out to the car. Once inside, I hooked my phone up to the car Bluetooth and called Skye.

“BEYETH,” She screams.

“OW,” I cried. I turned the volume down a bit.

“Oops,” she laughs.

“Yeah, so I found a date,” I laughed.

“There is no way you convinced Jaden Hossler to go to prom with you,” she half yelled.

“Yes way, I’ll prove it later. I’m gonna call tonight. I’ll add you to the call. But for now, I have 5 hours to kill. Wanna go shopping,” I asked.

“Are you gonna drive all the way back to get me and then drive back to Dublin,” she asked.

“Yep, I have a lot of time to kill. Be ready,” I hung up.


“GET IN BETCH” I yelled.

“I’m coming,” she laughed.

She was wearing a band t-shirt, ripped blue skinny jeans over fishnet stockings, one black converse and one white converse, and she had a yellow hoodie. She also had a pair of John Lennon sunglasses.

“Nice,” I said in accord with her outfit.

“Thanks,” she said, putting her mini backpack purse thing on the floor. I had put all my stuff in the backseat.

“Let’s go,” I announced.


When we reached the mall, I quickly found a parking space close to the front. We got out and went to the doors. While walking, I went ahead and told my mother that I would be eating out with Skye.

“Where do you want to go first,” I asked.

“TJ MAXX,” she replied. Of course.

We went into the store and we went directly to the clothes. She wanted to look at rompers and I wanted to look at overalls and stuff.


We walked out of the store with a bag each. She got a yellow romper with sunflowers on it, a pair of sunglasses, and a cute jacket. I got a green plaid overall thing, a black long sleeve top, and a pair of black boots. I wanted an outfit. Next, we went into Bath&Bodyworks. I wanted some new lotions and Skye needed some more candles. I usually don’t wear perfume because the lotions are strong enough on their own.

We split ways to look at our own preferred items. I typically like more warm scents so I picked up a Vanilla Sugar scented one. I liked it so I got it. I also looked at a Cinnamon one.

After picking out a couple more, I made my way over to the hand sanitizers. I always like to pick out some because they have deals. This time it’s pick 5 for 7$. I decided to get 2 of the guy ones and 3 warm scents.

Once done I paid and went to wait for Skye. She’s talking to a guy. Oh great, another guy to come in and ruin our friendship for a week before leaving her for me to fix.

“Let’s go, Skye, we don’t have all day, ” I yelled across the store.

“You can go without me. I’m not done looking yet,” she yelled back.

“Yeah not done looking at that random guy you just met,” I said a little too loud.

I walked out of the store and went over to the shoe store. I needed to pick out some shoes for prom.


Finally walking out, I had bought two pairs. One for the prom itself and one for the afterparty. I didn’t see Skye anywhere so I headed to a dress shop by myself. I walked back to the prom dress area first. Immediately one caught my eye. It was a two-piece with a lace halter top and a long white skirt with black design across the bottom. After trying it on, I decided not to look at anything else and just get it.

Next, I went to look at party dresses. The one I liked most resembled the prom dress. It was also a two-piece with a lace black top, but it had more sleeve than the other one. This skirt was mid-thigh length and was black with a rose pattern.

Satisfied with my choices, I paid and left. I went back to B&B to check for Skye and found her bent over smelling a candle all the way at the back of the table.

“You dork, ” I snorted.

“Ah,” she jumped.

She hit me on the shoulder for scaring her.

“I already bought everything except the accessories, so I was gonna go eat,” I explained.

“Shoot, what time is it,” she asked.

“7:37,” I replied.

“Oh wow. I’ll have to come back then. Let’s go eat,” she said walking up to pay for her stuff.

When she was done, we walked to the food court and decided to get Subway. After getting our food, we went back out to the car. We got in the back seat and folded down the front seats to make tables. We proceeded to eat half of our footlongs and save the rest for later.

We got back in the front seats and I started the drive back to her house.


I got out and hugged her goodbye, but got back in quickly because it was cold. It was now about 9:30 so I started on the way home. I planned to stay in the car for the call and then go in and go to bed.

I waited until precisely ten to call.

Ring, ring ring

Ring ring ring

Ring rin-hello?

“Hi,” I said shyly.

“I have to be honest, I’m not sure who this is,” he laughed.

“Oh, um, we met at Maccas today. We are going to prom together, ringing any bells,” I asked nervously.

“OOH! Sorry, I didn’t know what Maccas meant,” he continued laughing.

“Oh, haha, it means McDonald’s. It’s what Australians call it,” I explained.

“Yeah. So how’s it goin,” he asked.

“Oh, um, my friend doesn’t really believe me. Can I add her to the call,” I asked.

“Sure,” he replied.

I went in and called Skye.

Ring ring ring

“Hello,” she answered.

I merged the calls.

“Hey,” I replied.

“So is this supposed to be you proving to me that you actually met Jaden Hossler,” she asked.

“Um, yeah actually, Jaden please say Hi,” I told him.

“Well since you said please, Hi Skye,” he greeted her.

“Okay is this a joke? Is he really there? Beth, don’t mess with me,” she warned.

“Yes, it’s him. I’m not kidding. He agreed to go with me, I swear,” I swore.

“Yeah, I still need the information on that,” Jaden inputted.

“Oh, right! Skye, could you fill that in? I don’t know much about it either,” I explained.

“Ohkay, so, it will be on April 10th. You need to be there by 7:00. I’d suggest staying here beforehand. We are going to a party afterwards. Beth knows where the school is of course. We’ll probably end up going together anyway, so it doesn’t matter. We are going with our friend Nick, so he and I will split the cost of the tickets. You just need to get a suit and all that. We are probably gonna ride in my car because while Beth does have multiple seats, she has a 2 door car. It would be a bit uncomfortable, especially with all of our stuff. I have a jeep so we should all fit well. Any questions,” she finished.

“Um, Can I stay at your house for a couple of days before? I’d like to get to know you a bit and hang out beforehand,” he explained.

“Me?? Uh, yeah. I’ll work it out with my mum. How many days are you talking,” I asked.

“3 maybe. I can get a hotel if it’s a problem,” he trailed off.

“No, I’ll figure it out. I have a barn that I converted into a hangout. You can stay there. It has a heater and an air conditioner, and it has really comfy chairs and stuff. I have this giant love sac thing that I love to sleep on,” I explained.

“That’s cool. Alright well, I have to go to bed, I’ll text you. Goodnight Mac,” he nicknames me.

“Night, Pretty Boy,” I hung up.

“Ohkay, I’ll talk to you tomorrow, Goodnight,” I said to Skye.

“Goodnight, I’ll call you in the morning. We’ll talk more about this then,” she hinted.

“Ohkay,” I laughed.

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