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The letter


After a year of being homeschooled due to being bullied sophomore year. You (Aaliyah Dues) are ready to go back and face everyone at your high school. And instead of being laughed at by everyone, you walk in and nobody knows who you are. In fact it seems like nobody ever will when one small lie changes everything. But for what? A boy? The boy of your dreams! To dodge humiliation you introduce yourself as Precious to your crush Jabez. He’s not the only boy after you. Seems like there are more but how will that turn out?

Romance / Drama
Jabez’s wifey
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Chapter 1: What’s your name?

Chapter 1: what’s your name?

It’s been a whole year after being constantly bullied my whole sophomore year of high school. The majority of the reason was because of my appearance. I was known as Aliphant which is basically Aliyah(me) and elephant combined. My parents knew how much of a bad effect it had on me and that’s why they had me do online school but since I’ve had my whole junior year away from everyone at my stupid high school, I’ve had time to work hard and become a new me, a sexier hotter me(s/1 you)This year I was going to go back and prove to everyone that I could change, that I DID change!! Mostly because my parents think I should at least try to go back. I just think they’re sick of me and want some alone time🙄😂

M: Aliyah are you done getting ready??

U: Yesss(s/2 fit) *runs downstairs*

M: finally and are you gonna eat something?

U: nah I’ll get breakfast at school

M: alright let’s go then


As mom drives me to school I can’t help but think of what everyone will say when they see me. Will they notice my change. Will they even remember me. Do they remember Aliphant. Oh god I can’t even imagine what Devyn will have to say. |Devyn is my ex bsf. Me and her used to be so close but ever since high school started we got really distant and sophomore year she ended up being an opp😕she’s the one who made up that stupid name for me...she ruined my life and now I’m going to show her wassuh, hehehe|


M: Okay here we are

U: *looks outside the car window*

M: baby, your going to be just fine

U: I know

M: then what’s up?

U: just nervous I guess

M: you got this and if you need me to come get you just call me

U: *hugs mom* thanks momma

M: your welcome baby. Now get out I need to go to work😅

U: *rolls eyes and opens door* see youuu *closes door*

M: byeeeeee *drives off*


I look around and surprisingly nobody recognizes me?? Tf?? As I walk into the school everyone looks at me. I can feel the guys looking at my ass. This was a weird feeling but it felt good. I felt proud of myself. I could tell every girl I walked past was jealous of me and some looked as if they wanted to be friends. I walked to the main office and picked up my schedule. My first class was Chemistry. I walked to the classroom and ofc everyone was already there🤦🏽‍♀️


Tch: And your Ms. Dues I’m guessing?

M: yes

Tch: please take a seat next to Jabez over there *points to the back*

M: *walks to the back and sits next to him*


JABEZ?!? FUCKING JABEZ!!?!?? He’s my freaking crush and has been ever since sophomore year. He was new and it kinda sucked that he came at that time when I was “Aliphant” but damn he blessed my eyes. Although now that I think about it I never once heard him talk shit about me but maybe it’s because he didn’t even know I existed. It’s probably because I tried to avoid him seeing me. Lol I would always stalk him from like 15 feet away and I’d always make sure I had a book just Incase he looked in my direction so I could cover my face💀

Hmm I get the feeling he’s looking at me, is he?


(Jabez’s thoughts⬇️)

Dues? Sounds familiar. She’s sitting right next to me. Damn I’m a lucky mf😋 This class finna be fun ash. All I can do is just look at her. Hopefully she doesn’t notice and if she does please don’t call me out. But I wonder what her first name is? I should ask, nah someone like her would tell me to stfu. But it’s worth a shot... fuck it.


*the bell rings*

Tch: alright have a good day

M: *gets up and starts walking to the door*

J: wait *grabs her hand*

M: uhhh, yes?

J: What’s your name?


Wait he did see me once sophomore year. Yeah it was during lunch when Devyn “accidentally” dumbed her leftovers on me. Omg so embarrassing!!! He probably knows who I am. Wait no he doesn’t and he won’t. Holy shit please don’t let this backfire


M: uhhhmm it’s...

—you hear a classmate say “precious”—

M: precious! It’s precious

J: wow that’s beautiful

M: thanks *blushes*

J: we should hangout sometime

M: I’d like that

J: aight see you around *walks out of class*

M: yeah.. see you.. around

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