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What if ronaldo was a manager


Ronaldo as a manager

Asad Chaudhry
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After retirement ronaldo decide to become a coach in 2026 with Rooney becoming the u18 coach at united and ronaldo the u23 manager appointed by Jurgen Klopp. Ronaldo would manage the u23 for 7 years until January 10 2033 when klopp resigned after 20years. After finishing second three times in a row ,second 10 points behind man City. Ronaldo decide to take the wheel.he carry united to first by goal difference winning the league after 4 years. Rooney came in as assistant manager after ronaldo being appointed as full time manager. He and Rooney in his full season win the sextuple in England. The champion league win after they last won it in 2021.ronaldo is doing a good job.he would stay there for 10 years with man United. Winning them the champion league 3 times, the league 6 times, the fa cup twice the capital one Cup 2 times. While winning the community shield 7 times and club world Cup 3 times. With Wayne Rooney as his assistant him and Rooney destroy the Premier. in 2043 ronaldo and Rooney decide to go to Real Madrid to manage real after zidane resigned in 2043 after 30 years at the club. Zidane would everything winning 52 trophies in real. Ronaldo and Rooney redraft the old squad bring in youth talent. He brought in serigo ramos at under 18 manager and iker as goal keeper coach.in 12 years ronaldo and Rooney manager 23 trophies doing the treble 2 times in his real stint. Ronaldo and Rooney would win liga every year in his manager only coming second 3 times. Ronaldo and Rooney in there 60s are destroying the world as a player and manager earning billions in there account.

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