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Crave | BakuDeku | Omegaverse

Chapter 1: Omega

Mild Anxiety
5766 Words

🍀Izuku Midoriya’s POV🍀

Life sucked. Plain and simple. Life had always sucked for me, from the very beginning, life sucked. I was stomped on, beat to a pulp, watched my dreams get burned and shredded before my very eyes, and was constantly reminded of how weak or utterly worthless I was. Over and over again, my life was virtually... shat on. Kicked and beaten down, but why? Why? That was easy to answer for some people. It was easy, because... I was born weak. Not all men were created equal. My entire existence served to be the constant reminder of that.

But, I did my best to not let that stop me from picking the pieces back up and trying again. No matter how often I was pushed back down, I found the strength to stand. When I was little... I had help, I had people I cared about; people that I thought cared back. Yet, the older I grew, the more aware I became of where I was expected to stand. Fate just didn’t seem to like me very much.

After letting it tear me to pieces, I finally came to the conclusion that fate... just hated me. But, even then, I didn’t think it would be that cruel to me.

Still, one by one, everything I cared about was slowly ripped from the delicate grasp I had on life. Because... I was weak... born weak. I couldn’t even get a peaceful nights worth of sleep without being reminded of how badly... life just sucked.


I turned over in my sleep, my fingers danced in the darkness and searched for the source of the sound that decided to wake me up. It wasn’t like I was really asleep anyway, not with what was going to happen in a matter of days. My hands brushed across my cold metallic alarm clock, before silencing it with the press of a button.

Suppressing a yawn, I sat up in bed and glanced around. I rubbed the dreary remnants of sleep from my eyes while my thoughts drifted back to the dream I had just woken from; the dream that marked one of the few happy moments in my life up till now.

“Izu, sweetie, I would like you to meet my friend, Mitsuki Bakugou,” said my mom, not realizing she just changed my fate forever.

I had been racing through our small apartment, treating my All Might action figure like an airplane, before I made him swoop down to rescue another one of my All Might action figures. In the middle of my desperate rescue attempt, the doorbell had rung throughout our house. So, being the curious little tike that I was, I scampered over to see who was there, but at the sight of the strangers, I quickly ducked away. When my mom spoke up, I stayed in my hiding spot behind her leg.

“Hello, Izuku,” the strange woman said. She knelt down and tried to pat my head, only for me to shrink further from her reach. I gave her a soft squinty-eyed glare, not trusting another adult to come into my life at the time. Not anymore. Not since my dad walked out that door only to not come back home yet, like he promised.

“I’m sorry, Mitsuki, he’s been a little shy ever since his well, you know, F-A-T-H-E-R...” Inko Midoriya let her voice trail off into nothingness. She glanced down to see if I knew what she had spelled. I didn’t, not then. If she spelled, ‘D-A-D’, then maybe I would have known what they were talking about. Not that it mattered. This dream wasn’t about him. I never had dreams about a man I barely knew.

Mitsuki gave Inko a meek smile in understanding.

“I brought someone to meet you, Izuku,” Mitsuki continued to speak to me, regardless of my blatant fear. Her voice was light and airy, the usual tone that was often taken when speaking to a child.

A young boy with spiky blond hair and ruby red eyes stood proudly before his mother with his tiny fists at his side.

“This is my son, Katsuki. He’s a little older than you. Would you like to play with him today?” She said sweetly. There was no way my small mind would comprehend the demon that was lurking in front of me when we first met. None at all. Because, instead, I felt an instant connection.

I peered out from behind the safe haven of my mother and looked at the young boy. The moment our eyes locked, the world around me stilled. Nothing could be heard except the beating of my frantic heart against the confines of my ribcage, like it was trying to escape and flee to his side. My breath caught in my throat and for a moment, my small form started to panic. Colors swirled into one, forming a world of blurred rainbows. Blurred... except for the piercing crimson gaze that bored into my soul. In those brief moments, only his eyes were crystal clear, reflecting a burning desire that lurked in his tiny being. A strong desire that I was no match for. A warm blush flew up my neck in a matter of seconds and my shy demeanor reared its head.

An aura of complete confidence practically rolled off of his shoulders and my young heart couldn’t help but wonder where he got it from. Where did his strength come from when he was still so small in world that sneered down on the little ones like us. He flashed me a beaming smile, trying to encourage my timid form to come forward. That smile, so bright, reminded me of my role model, the number one Hero, All Might, and I was instantly entranced.

As if in response to the thoughts in my head, Katsuki noticed the small action figure clutched tightly in the palms of my hands. I didn’t think his smile could grow any wider, but it miraculously did.

“I’m going to become the next number one hero when I grow up, saving people just like All Might!” He grinned down at me. “So, there’s no reason to be so afraid, as long as I’m by your side, you’ll always be protected!”

He reached out his hand, fully confident that I would take it... And I did.

I stared down at my hand and tried to remember the feeling from all those years ago. Tried to recall his warmth or even the feeling of his promised protection. But now, everything just felt so cold, so empty. His palms seemed to just fit perfectly within my own when we were young and ever since then, I had tried desperately to feel them again. Then one day...

He stopped reaching for me...
Stopped caring about me...

No longer spoke kind words toward me...
No longer protected me.

I clenched and unclenched my palms, before letting out a groan and swung my legs out from underneath the warmth of my covers. Stretching my arms into the morning air, I breathed in deeply hoping to wake my mind up from the fog that it kept drifting into. Slowly, I dragged my bare feet across the laminate wood of my dorm room. Each step was like I was sinking in quicksand, being heavily weighed down by the exhaustion from my fit-full sleep last night. I walked over to the cherry wood dresser and began to search for a clean pair of socks. I tossed them onto my bed before pulling down my school uniform from its hanger by my balcony door. I usually hung it up to prevent wrinkles, but since there was no closet in my room, I had to settle for the next best thing.

Pale light filtered in through my curtains, giving just enough for me to glance into my floor length mirror and take in my haggard appearance. I frowned at the dark blue bags under my dull, emerald eyes. Huffing in annoyance, I slapped my freckled cheeks in an attempt to give my skin some color. I dragged a finger under my lower lashes to wake my bleary eyes up and ruffled the green mess of curls on top of my head before calling that done. At least, as good as it was going to get.


I glanced toward the sound and saw that my phone had lit up the room.

Ochaco🌸 Hey! You awake yet??

Deku🍀 Morning, Uraraka. Just got up. :) What’s up?

Ochaco🌸 Well, tomorrow’s the big day, so I was just wondering if you have everything prepared for it?

Deku🍀 I hope so. If only our summer vacation started 5 days ago, instead of in 5 days.

Deku🍀 This is the worst timing

Ochaco🌸 I know! But we’re all here for you!

Deku🍀 Thanks. I feel better just knowing that.

Ochaco🌸 Once it lets out, why don’t we all get together to do something fun??

Deku🍀 That sounds like a great idea! Make a group and let’s see if Iida and everyone would want to join us!

Ochaco🌸 Okay!

I set my phone down and began to get dressed. I should have been happy about tomorrow since it was my birthday, but when an Omega turned 17, their first heat would hit. That wasn’t something I was prepared for. In fact, it was something I didn’t think I would ever be prepared for. Class after embarrassing class had talked about what an Omega’s heat was like and, honestly, knowing what to expect just made things worse for me. Because, if I knew, then that meant so did everyone else around me.

In our world full of sub-genders, being forced to live side-by-side with instincts that would take over all our rationality, we all had at least a little something to look forward too. The seventeenth birthday marked a new milestone in our lives. A time when fate would start to guide us down the path of eternal happiness. When anyone reached their seventeenth birthday, they would finally begin to emit the pheromones intended to draw out their mate, the other half to their soul, the person meant to be there for the rest of their lives... their eternal happiness.

This was a day that I had waited for, for such a long time. A day that I dreamed about, planned, or replayed constantly in my mind. I was both equal parts excited and... absolutely terrified. There were so many things that could go wrong on my seventeenth birthday. So many things that were entirely out of my control. Uncertainties over this day lurked around every corner. For me, this day wasn’t going to be the happy beginning to my eternal happiness like everyone else expected. No, for me, a male Omega, this day could very well mark the start of my eternal torment.

But, there was still the off-chance that everything would turn out okay. The small percentage that told me I was going to be happy in my life. I didn’t wake up praying for things to go wrong though, they just always did. Questions would roam through my mind over what was to come. Thoughts about how broken my life was going to be if I couldn’t control it in some way. I hated handing it over to fate like it was no big deal. I could barely press the breaks while I was raced through life on a derailed train, going at speeds unknown to mankind. All I could do was brace for the inevitable impact and pray that I would survive in the end.

Turning of age was harder for someone like me than most everyone else for so many different reasons. If I chose to ignore the hate-comments and snide remarks that were tossed my way simply because of what I was born to be, I would only be greeted with more challenges. Challenges that other sub-genders had an advantage over. When most people turned of age, they could take one quick whiff and immediately locate their future happiness. But, when an Omega turned of age, it wasn’t that easy. Omegas couldn’t just head out and sniff around. No, they had to sit tight like pretty, helpless damsels in distress for their soulmate to find them.

I wasn’t a damsel in distress. I wasn’t some princess locked away in a tower, waiting for a knight in shining armor to rescue me. I wasn’t even a woman, contrary to what some critics would argue. I wasn’t going to sit around and wait for fate to steer me where it wanted me to go. No, I was going to rip the reins out of fate’s hands and take control of my own life because... this wasn’t a fairytale and I had no hopes of having a happy ending. Life didn’t hand things to me like it did for others. Since the day I filled my lungs with the toxic city air in some rundown hospital, I was forced to earn my place. I struggled and fought every step of the way to be where I was today and I didn’t expect things to suddenly become easy for me.

Finding my mate was going to be a struggle. I knew this from the very beginning. I may have had my sights set on a certain Alpha, but I didn’t expect him to land in the palms of my hands without warning. In fact, I didn’t expect him to even look in my direction. So, despite every cell in my body that screamed I had a chance... I told myself otherwise. I convinced myself that his words meant harm, when I knew deep down that they didn’t. I took them to heart and let them consume me. Consume me until I couldn’t breathe anymore and then... I stood up against the weight that crushed over my shoulders and decided to buckle-up for the ride ahead. I decided to embrace my destiny and bend it to my will. To do that... when my birthday came around... I was going to find my mate myself, in my own way.

‘I think... Maybe..? It didn’t hurt to try a little, right?’ I thought to myself.

I knew it was going to be hard to do considering Omegas could only pick up small traces of their mates by themselves. Just a soft whiff here or there. But, it was never enough to actually identify them, especially if their mate was in a large crowd. It just helped point them in the right direction. If they were lucky enough to detect their mate’s pheromones while they were alone in the same room together then there would be no mistaking their instincts. That was rarely the case, however. That was always an option, but I couldn’t just waltz up to every Alpha and Beta in the world and force them into some dark closet with me just so I could smell them...

So, my first obstacle was that Omegan senses weren’t as strong as the other secondary genders. Fate was trying to force Omegas to just rely on the Betas and Alphas to find them.

Almost everyone in my class already knew about me being an Omega. Almost everyone, so it made things less complicated to some degree. The school board decided it would be in my best interest if they knew, for various safety reasons. It also made life a little easier, knowing I had so much support.

Being a male Omega was extremely rare, but being one with a quirk and going through the academy to become a hero was practically unheard of. It was unheard of, but not impossible. Doing what I dreamed to do wasn’t going to be easy. If word got out to the wrong group of people, a massive target was most likely going to be placed on my back. A target that screamed ‘easy prey’, ‘weak’, ‘submissive’. Being an Omega was already dangerous on its own, let alone an Omega that wanted to intentionally go out to the front lines and fight against genders that could force me to do their bidding. But, if they didn’t know an Omega was on the battlefield, then I would be just a little safer.

What made things even worse for me throughout all of this was that Omegas were supposed to be beneath everyone else. It had been the standard for a very long time, but recent changes showed chances of equality for all the secondary genders and I was proud to say that I planned on breaking the norms for Omegas.

I wouldn’t let society decide my fate for me, at least while I still had the strength to fight it. Being forced to follow a role that had been the standard for so long was something I wasn’t up for. I couldn’t just sit back and wait for fate to come to me anymore. I had to fight, struggle, claw and dig my way through just to be where I was today, yes. But, every step was worth it. I felt stronger every day that passed. I felt like I was on equal footing with the Betas and Alphas that surrounded me and to make things a little better... They seemed to accept me for who I was. Never once had I been ridiculed by my classmates or teachers for striving to break out of the constraints that were placed on me since birth. They cheered for me, encouraged me, and gave me the tools to show the world that there was more to an Omega than just someone that belonged beneath them all. More to an Omega than just a plaything for the sick and twisted.

Looking into the mirror before me and letting my thoughts run rampant in my mind, I shook my head vigorously. I had to psych myself up mentally for the class that was about to come. I took a few deep breaths and continued to get ready, attempting to toss my nerves out the window where they belonged.

That was... until I remembered, yet again, why I was so nervous in the first place.

There was one person in my class that didn’t know who I truly was.

One person that I refused to let find out because of the fear that struck through my body when I faced him.

One person whose look of disgust would rip my soul to shreds if he ever cast it in my direction.

Unfortunately for me, this one person... was also the Alpha I had my hopes and dreams secretly set on.

I wouldn’t be able to stand it if he gave me that look. The look that screamed disgust. Disgust for being so weak. Disgust for trying to climb to the top when I belonged beneath his feet. I could handle the comments, the shoves, and the occasional brawl that he would always seem to throw my way. A glare here and there or the lack of compassion in his eyes toward me was nothing new. It showed that he saw me to be someone worth pushing down, while we were both struggling to run up the same ladder at the same time. He was just trying to grasp his dreams and didn’t want anyone to get there before him. I couldn’t blame him for his fierce passion to rise to the top. In fact, it was something that caught my eye from the very beginning.

But I wouldn’t be able to handle it if he found out I was an Omega. He already hated me enough the way things were now. In fact, things were just starting to look up between us, ever since he found out about One for All. So, I didn’t want to ruin them before I had my chance to fix it. I wanted him in my life... in some way. I wanted him to be by me like he always had in the past, even if it was only because we were forced to be at each other’s side. But still, those moments were some of the best... and worse... moments in my entire life up to this point.

Before he knew about how I received my quirk, he thought I had hidden this secret away from him his whole life. He thought I was mocking him and treating him like he wasn’t good enough to know I had a quirk. The look of hurt and betrayal he gave me the day he found out I had a quirk, became a look that tormented my memories. I never wanted to see it again. It was a struggle to explain everything to him in the end, but he finally accepted that I didn’t hide this from him because I actually wanted to... but rather that I had to hide it from him.

What was worse was that I actually did have a secret that I had kept hidden from him my whole life. The proud Alpha that he was, he would never let me stand by his side if he knew. If he was that upset of a secret I kept against my will, I could only imagine how he would feel if he knew there was another.

I could feel that he started to see the struggles I had to go through just to be near the top and deep down, I started hoping that one day if I reached out, I could feel his palm in my hands once again.


A sound reverberated through my room once more so I walked back over to my nightstand to see who it was this time. Not too surprised, I noticed Uraraka wasted no time in recruiting our friends for the plans to come.

Ochaco🌸 added you to the group!

Ochaco🌸 Hey! Deku and I were thinking of getting everyone together to do something fun this summer, anyone in??

Toru👻 Yeah!

Kiri🥊 Hell yeah!



Momo👗 Shopping?!

Tokoyami🐦 I like the beach idea.

Mineta🍇 Me too!

Tsu🐸 Sounds like fun!!

Deku🍀 Who’s all in this group?

Jirou🎸 Oooh?? Is there somebody you’re avoiding..? ;)

Aoyama 🦄 A certain blond alpha perhaps? *wink*wink*

Ochaco🌸 Not funny, guys! Don’t worry, I didn’t add him. If things go bad, I thought it would turn awkward for everyone...

Sero🕸 I agree, let’s invite him once this all passes!

Shoji🐙 Yeah!

Deku🍀 Do we have to..?

Kiri🥊 Honestly, Bro, I don’t get why you haven’t told him.

Ochaco🌸 Uhm, would you give your bully more things to taunt you about..?

Kiri🥊 I just think that maybe he’s changed a little is all.

Deku🍀 I’ve seen change too... it’s just... hard.

Ochaco🌸 Yeah, he’s not ready yet.

Mina🌷 You never know, what if he’s actually your mate ;)

Denki⚡️ Bahaha!!

Jirou🎸 Lol!

Kiri🥊 No way!

❄️Shouto🔥 Better not be -.-

Denki⚡️ Todo, dude, you sound jealous...

❄️Shouto🔥 Just protecting my friend.

Deku🍀 I’ll tell him one day, just not any time soon

Kiri🥊 Promise to tell him?

Deku🍀 Promise.

I put my phone in my pocket, gathered my supplies and began to make my way down to the common area, where I was sure I would find everyone already awake at this point and mingling.

Sure enough, the smell of someone’s freshly made breakfast wafted in and danced around me. It was trying to entice me to come and eat. I stepped out of the elevator and made my way to the kitchen.

I had noticed Uraraka was sitting at the table, eating cereal, and Katsuki was at the counter, rummaging through the cabinets, clearly looking for something.

Denki, Kiri, Mina, and Sero were all sitting around the table, talking and texting.

“Morning, Deku!” Uraraka shouted when she saw me. I took the empty seat next to her while my mind tried to decide whether it would be wise to enter the kitchen while Katsuki was still there or not.

“G’morning,” I stifled a yawn, “What smells so good?”

She gave me a funny, puzzled look.

“I don’t smell anything..?” Uraraka admitted, sniffing the air to try and find what caught my attention.

“Oh well, must be my mind telling me that I’m hungry,” I smiled at her. My stomach grumbled in acknowledgment which only made my face heat up in embarrassment.

Uraraka just chuckled at me when I stood up, attempting to hide away from the teasing and taunts I immediately expected her to throw my way. I walked over to the kitchen, deciding to make myself a quick snack and just head out.

“Ah. G’morning, Kacchan,” I said with my head bowed down and not exactly expecting a response. It was just another part of my usual routine in the early morning. Actually, scratch that... sometimes he did respond and it was always something along the lines of ‘fuck off’, ‘it’s too early for your shit’, ‘I didn’t wake up to hear your annoying voice’, and so on and so forth. It was just who he was... just how he treated me.

This time though, Katsuki actually grunted to say he heard me but nothing more. Even still, I was shocked he would give me that much. I didn’t think I was even worth his time, but after our fight, he had spoken more and yelled less. It was nice. I knew he wasn’t doing it with the intention to make me happy, but I couldn’t help my little smile that graced my face before I continued making my breakfast.

The sweet smell of sugar and something more filtered past my nose once again and I glanced in Katsuki’s direction. He didn’t have anything made yet, so I wasn’t sure what I was smelling, but I knew it only made me hungrier. It reminded me of syrup or maybe even caramel. The sweet tooth that laid within me ached at the decadent aroma, making my mouth drool and my head spin. I hadn’t realized I froze in my spot and had let my eyes linger for just a little too long. Too long... just long enough to be noticed.

“Oi. Deku. Quit staring, you damn nerd,” Katsuki snapped at me and gave me a weird look. A look that said I was pushing my luck. A few sparks even jutted from his fingertips, signaling that he meant business.

I yelped a little and mumbled some form of an apology under my breath. I kept my eyes cast down to the ground, not willing to anger him even further. It wasn’t in my best interest to make the Alpha hate me even more than he already did. I groaned inwardly at my stupid mistake before settling on making some toast for breakfast. The moment my food was completed, I ran back to the table, not wanting to risk his fury for being nearby for too long.

Uraraka quickly took notice of the awkward exchange that just took place between us and eyed me with a questionable suspicion. I blushed deeply because I wasn’t ready for anyone to know how I felt. A rivalry was all the more we were supposed to have going on between us right now, not some secret hidden romance that no one knew about. I didn’t have it in me to admit my feelings to myself, let alone to speak them out loud to anyone else. I continued to eat my food as quickly as I could without another word, then raced out of the dorms toward our class, leaving my friend behind.

It was still early when I made it inside. I had plenty of time before the morning bell would ring, so I calmed my steps when my panic had finally managed to settle down. Shinsou and Todoroki were already in their seats when I walked in. After having a joint classroom training session the other day, Shinsou was admitted into our class to participate in the hero courses.

“Good morning, Midoriya,” Todoroki’s bleak voice and deadpanned facial expression greeted me like usual.

“Morning, did you sleep well, Shouto?” I smiled in his direction.

“I did in the beginning, until I was bombarded so early in the morning with text messages,” he stated, giving me a sideways glance. Heat rushed up my neck when I realized he was talking about the group message that Uraraka created.

“Guh! I’m so sorry!!” I exclaimed while waving my hands in front of my face.

“It’s perfectly fine, Midoriya. It gave me enough time to relax before class,” Todoroki said after watching me panic for a little bit longer.

Shinsou, on the other hand, just stared at our exchange. I had told him about being an Omega as soon as it was official that he would be transferring in with our class and not the other. He didn’t seem to mind and was more than willing to keep my secret. I wouldn’t say we were friends exactly, but I wouldn’t deny that I hoped we would be one day.

“I think... the beach doesn’t sound too bad,” Shinsou said softly.

I stopped my motions and turned in his direction. Realization dawned on me in a flash and I let it show on my face. I smiled widely and nodded my head several times.

“Yes, I agree!! We should definitely go to the beach,” I exclaimed, flashing him a bright smile. It was nice to see him reaching out after his declaration against making friends with us all. I knew it wouldn’t last that long.

Classmates started piling in one by one, so I took my seat behind Katsuki and waited for the day to end. I was dreading tomorrow, but the suspense and anxiety just kept making me wish for this all to be over with.

By the time lunch came around, I was entranced. Entirely fixated on the sugary aroma that I had smelled earlier that morning. It wouldn’t leave me, seeming to follow everywhere I went. The moment the bell rang, I kicked my seat back and shot up. As fast as I could, I grabbed Uraraka and dragged her to the nearest stairwell, out of ears and eyes of everyone else.

“W - What’s happening, Deku?!” She exclaimed in confusion.

“I have a problem. I can’t stay for the rest of the class today, I won’t make it,” I began to explain. I started to fiddle with my thumbs while wondering how exactly I was going to explain this to my best friend without causing too much of a scene.

“What do you mean?” She asked me with a certain tilt to her head. The confusion was evident on her face.

“I’m not sure if this is a sign of my heat or what, but I can’t be in that room with all those Alphas and Betas any longer. They smell...” I said, letting my voice trail off at the end.

She raised an eyebrow, “Smell? They stink? Ooohhh, you mean they smell... good,” she said, flashing me a toothy grin.

“Well, the school knows your situation, so I think if you left early, they would understand. What do they smell like to you?” The Beta asked.

“They all smell okay, like flowers, fruits, and such, but...” I said, waving my hand in the air dismissively when I explained the slight scents that I didn’t much care for.

“But? Please, do continue...” She gripped my hands tightly and her eyes began to gleam. She knew exactly what I was getting at.

“There’s one smell that tops the rest. I can’t pinpoint where it’s coming from exactly since I’m just an Omega. It’s amazing though. Like, someone took a hike up a mountain, built a campfire, and just randomly started making a smorgasbord of pancakes drizzled in caramel to eat. It was... just... ughh...” I sighed in frustration. I brought my hands up and dragged them down my face, wondering if maybe, just maybe, I was hallucinating.

Uraraka, however, began jumping up and down out of pure childish excitement. It was like she had just won the lottery or something. She pulled out her phone and started typing something furiously, turning her body away from me so I couldn’t see what it was.

“What are you doing?” I asked. My stomach did a small tumble when I thought of just how gossip-happy she could be. I felt like I would be finding the answer to my question in just a matter of seconds.

“Hmm? Did you uh... say something? Oh, ha ha, just... uh... nothing?” She grinned. Every single thing about her statement made my blood run cold and my face turn pale. She coyly put her phone back in her pocket and waited. Her eyes flicked down to my own phone and her mischievous smile never fell.


Sure enough, my pocket mysteriously vibrated. Weird. I glared in her direction but wasn’t sure if the effect I wanted took place because she just shrugged sweetly. I reached down to grab my phone and gasped at the message I read, that had been sent to the group from this morning.


“Uraraka! I could be wrong!” I exclaimed. Sweat began dripping and settled in my palms. I wanted to shake her vigorously for stirring up trouble in my otherwise... relatively... uneventful life... At least, it’s been pretty steady lately. That’s uneventful, right? Right.

“I doubt it!” She quickly countered. I gave her an exasperated look. Did she honestly forget that Omegas couldn’t pinpoint their mate? I sensed a headache forming the longer I thought about everything.

“Either way, I’m going to Recovery Girl and then probably back to my dorm,” I sighed. I was too anxious to continue being here any longer. The last thing I needed was to start my heat early because someone smelled heavenly to me. That would suck. Various other thoughts fumbled through my head continuously.

What were they going to say to this?
Who was the scent coming from?

If I could smell everyone, couldn’t they smell me?

This was embarrassing, I just wanted to crawl in a hole and wait for this whole thing to die down.

Why couldn’t I just be an Alpha?
Oh, right. Because fate hated me.

“Deku, you’re mumbling again. It’ll be okay,” Uraraka stated, noticing my on-going panic rising steadily. She smiled and patted me on the back when I turned to leave.

“I hope you’re right.”

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