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Everything's changing (TodoDeku and KiriBaku)


Life at UA was drama filled with the villains but with them like 2 nature what happens now? Will one failed test send off a chain reaction of change will it be exactly what they need to let their true feeling out or will it be a ending point of several relationships?

Romance / Drama
Kiri B.
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Deku’s POV-

I’ve been going to this school a while now and it’s been all drama with all the villain fights and internships. Now it’s normal like it’s just a part of going to school at UA. Anyway, I’m on my way to the classroom from the dorms right now. I’m walking with my best friends Iida and Uraraka. Uraraka must see me lost in my thoughts ’cause she says, “Hey Deku how do you think the test went yesterday. I think I did pretty good”. Oh yeah, we had a big test yesterday Mr. Aizawa said whoever fails will be expelled. “I hope I did well I dunno I think I did though-” I said. Uraraka replies stopping me from babbling on, “That’s ok what about you Iida”? Iida then responds “I believe I have received the appropriate amount of points to pass”.

Time skip (still Deku) in the classroom

Mr. Aizawa: “Ok class now I will hand back your tests if you failed see me after class”. I can’t wait to see what I got. I studied a lot so I should have gotten a pretty good....‘F’ I got a ‘F’ on the test.

Kirishima POV

“Dudes I totally failed the test” I waved my paper for Sero, Bakugou, and Kaminari to see. They weren’t very surprised in my results “Well I passed, barely” Kaminari said. “Me too” Sero added. Bakugou sat there in a manly silence. Kaminari also noticed the silence “What!? You failed Bakugou?!?” “yeah” Bakugou replied annoyed, “apparently if your opponent shows mercy your supposed to let them live or something”. We all stared at him very concerned for his well-being. “Oh don’t worry Bakugou we can’t be the only ones who failed right??” I added with more question in my voice then assurance.

After class (narrator POV)

Mr. Aizawa, “Class is over, 300-word essay by tomorrow on what you know about your quirk and how to use it against others. Oh and don’t forget to meet me now if you failed the test, you may go”. All the excused kids get up and leave. Bakugou instantly turns to Deku and starts laughing a cold-hearted laugh “hahaha not so smart are you now you ya d*mn nerd?!? hahaha loser”. “Um Kacchan” Deku says weakly, “you also failed so-“. “That’s enough” Mr. Aizawa interrupts “Now since you all failed I will do you a favor and just give you a punishment instead of expelling”. Kirishima: “oh good I w---w-will shut up now”. Mr. Aizawa continues, “Anyway I’ll pair you guys to do the assignment I’ve got planned let’s see Kirishima and Bakugou and then Deku and Todoroki”. Everybody looks to the back of the class where Todoroki was sitting nobody even noticed him there. Todoroki gives off a weak shrug and everybody faces the front again. Mr. Aizawa then explained how they will all reassess on this test and to do so they have to learn not just about what heroes are to them but to others. They have 2 options the first one go is to the other person’s house for the whole day and gather all of the opinions of their family on what it is to be a hero and some other stuff to go along with it. The second option you and your partner can write a 1000 page essay on being a hero and take a week of extra classes. To make a short story short nobody wanted to do the second.

Deku’s POV

I still can’t believe I failed what if I don’t know anything about being a hero I know what some heroes quirks work and how they use them but is that all? Well at least I got partnered with Todoroki he’s awesome...Oh, and if I’d been partnered with Bakugou I’m pretty sure he’d make his house some sort of death trap or something.

Bakugou POV (his dorm)

I’m sitting on the floor lifting weights like a freaking beast when I see the spiky hair idiot appear. Great, Kirishima’s walking my way why did I leave my door open now I have to deal with him. “hey Bakugou”, he calls “I was thinking we should plan out the detention thing or-” I interrupt, “Ever heard of knocking sh*tty hair”? He replies, “Yea but the door is open” I get up and close the door in his face. Then I say, “There, Happy”? Then there is a long silence as if he’s deciding on whether to knock and try again or to just turn around and walk away like a weak loser. He knocks and asks to come in I open it and invite him in.

Kirishima’s POV

Now I’m sitting in Baku’s manly dorm on his bed and I am trying to talk to him about the detention project but he keeps getting......distracted, “I could so take Deku down in a fight hell yea he doesn’t stand a chance not a prayer, no mercy for you Deku”! He literally screams at no one. I respond anyway, “um good to know but that not what I asked you like at all”, I say. He whirls his head around to me like he forgot I was there or something then he says “My mother the old hag will be fine with it she was always insisting we have people over anyway”. “Oh ok cool but I think we should go to my house first because-” “I don’t care”, he interrupts. “Oh ok...Then” He doesn’t respond so I get up to leave and I almost trip on one of the weights in his room that he was just using and for some reason I say, “Oh um Sorry” but I was talking more to the weight then Bakugou. Then he turns to me like he again forgot I was there and said, “Wanna help me find Icy hot”? “Why”? I responded. “I need to make sure he didn’t get a higher score than me”. “Ok I guess”, I say then under my breath say, “Better than listening to you yell death threat to literally no one”. Then we leave.

Deku’s POV (in Deku’s dorm)

I hear a small knock on the door so soft I almost think I’m imagining it till I hear it again a bit louder and open it. It’s Todoroki I offer him to come in, he accepts. “What’s up”? I ask as he settles onto my bed. “I just wanted to ask if you could set up the detention with your family”? “Yup, my mother says it’s fine if you come over but I didn’t exactly tell her it’s detention so...” I trail of unable to find words that fit but he nods as though he understands. Then we go on making plans and then we say goodbye and he leaves.

Todoroki’s POV

I just left Deku’s dorm when I hear a voice yelling for me, “So icy hot how did you fail, huh”? It was Bakugou, I kept walking he ran in front of me “Hey I’m talking to you how do you do on the test I need to know I did better than you”! I roll my eyes and pull out my test I had gotten just enough points wrong to score detention oh just wait till my dad hears about this. “HAHAHA see he didn’t show mercy either” Kirishima popped up out of nowhere and scared the life out of me. “Oops,” Kirishima said as I tried to restart my heart and he picked up my test handing it to me, “sorry man”. Bakugou was laughing his head off like it was the funniest thing he’d ever seen “HAHAHAHAHA! Oh, loser you should have seen your face o-m-gosh you’re such a nerd icy hot”. I grab my paper and continue back to my dorm noting though that we both had the same score. When I get to my dorm I lay on my bed thinking then my mind wanders to the place I wish it would stay out of but I let it run. Midoriya I get to spend the whole weekend with him and no nothing I’ve got homework should do it now instead of later. But still, he’s so....cute.

Thank you for reading hope you enjoyed I’m just setting it up my next chapters will be more exciting and have more peoples perspectives. (btw I’m still pretty new at this and would love feedback and opinions in the comments below I will check them often).

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