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Idiosyncrasy: Voyage To Insanity


"What's so odd about killing?" A reminder that psychopaths can be normal too.

Horror / Drama
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The Beginning

This was paradise.

The beautiful landscape scenery captured the essence of euphoria; the fields framed the picture. The lonesome boy sits still leaning on the last remaining acacia tree, with a ribbon tied around his neck. He smiles. Whichever way he tilts his head, he could still see the picture, yet he could only picture himself in the loneliness of mist.

The scenery wasn't the only thing that was heavenly beautiful in his eyes, for he had been looking at the empty-minded boy sitting right beside him, occupied by a familiar book and the workings of his imagination. He hugs his bruised knees, a reminder of the once childhood he had.

This was, for him, paradise.

The lonesome boy chuckles, leaning backwards to the slightly smooth-rimmed trunk of the acacia tree. "Do you think this will last forever?" As empty-minded as he was, the boy shuts his book closed before facing him. "This will. I'm sure."

"As long as I'm living and breathing, I will be here to make sure this lasts. To make sure us lasts." He smiles, but this time it was different. This time it was faint - as if the birds never chirped again, as if he was already losing hope. He could sense it, knife stuck in his throat, he couldn't counterfeit. He couldn't argue.

Yet, something seemed uncertain in his words, it was as if he was saying farewell.

He shrugged, only to thought of things that were happening right in this very moment. He looked away, just to look at the setting view as he closed his eyes.

But paradise and promises are just malices.

"Are you falling, Jungkook?"

He was falling. For sure he was. In the madness of loneliness, he was falling. Time was flying faster than a bullet, and gun shots only ringed. If only he'd cared about what was happening to him, then he wouldn't become such a mess up to now. But he could care less about it, for his heart aches and his words was still unspoken, he continued to fall as if he had no worries. Tampered in his mind were only rotting decay of memories fading away.

Still, he falls. In the dark amber lust of the night, he was falling. Patiently waiting for someone to pull him back together.

Once again.

"Are you coming back, Jungkook?"

The lonesome boy walks alongside the dandelion fields, holding an old book and a wilted rose as he stops as he was face to face with the old acacia tree, still growing and wilting. He kneels over, neatly placing the said items right on its roots.

He smiles, welcomed by the soft rustling of the wind. But something feels broken; something feels like a burden. "Hyung, I brought your favorite book, the one you always read whenever we go out."

His smile softens, fading once a leaf fell right into his hand. He could remember it— the sudden shock he had, how he had blood flowing on his arms. "I promised to bring you back, and I did."

"Take care of them for me, please. I will be waiting for you. For us to be together." He sobs in his own stance. A sharp pain soon entered his chest, seconds away from crumbling as he let out a few words before the darkness swallowed him.

"Tell her I love her."

"I'll be back soon, love."

Idiosyncrasy: Voyage To Insanity

[Book Two]

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