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Sex between my sister started on a faithful day

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Chapter 1

Start writing here…Mindy Masters lay stretched out on her bed wearing

nothing but a yawn. It was a scorching hot summer day,

not to mention boring. Mindy was wondering how in the

world she was going to make it through a whole long,

hot summer without a man.

Mindy, a petite 20-year-old brunette, was home for the

summer and separated from her boyfriend, Vince, who'd

had to return to his own home town hundreds of miles

away. Vince had given her plenty of steady loving over

the past three months, and Mindy missed it desperately.

In fact, she missed it more with each passing minute,

and after a week at home, her need for sex was urgent.

What was she going to do about it? It was a small town,

and she couldn't just walk down the street and pick up

some guy. The news would be all over town in no time at

all. Besides, picking up strangers wasn't Mindy's

style. She wanted Vince. But she wouldn't be seeing him

again till she returned in six weeks time, and that was

just too long to wait.

"Oh, shit," she sighed, "what am I gonna do?"

There seemed to be only one answer. She'd have to get

herself off, satisfy her own hot needs, without a man.

Mindy blushed as she thought about it. She'd

masturbated as a teenager sure, but since meeting Vince

she'd left those naughty habits behind. Vince's hard

cock had taken care of all her needs. Could she really

go back to playing with herself?

Rolling onto her back, Mindy slid a hand down her sleek

little body and over the soft fur of her bush. She

snaked a finger between her thighs and touched the

fiery-hot slit of her pussy. The flesh was swollen,

throbbing and wet. She was achingly horny, and even her

lightest touch felt fantastic down there. Suddenly,

there was a sharp rap at her bedroom door.

"Mindy, are you all right? I heard you moaning," called

her mother's voice.

"I'm fine, Mom," Mindy called impatiently. "I'm just

trying to take a nap. Maybe I had a dream."

"Oh, okay, dear," her mother replied, "try to go back

to sleep."

Mindy moaned with frustration. She was just getting

into the swing of things, and mom had to interrupt.

That was another thing about being home for the

summer... no damn privacy. It seemed like mom and dad

checked up on everything she did. And then of course

there were her two mischievous teenage brothers, always

hanging around.

She was lucky to get five minutes to herself to beat

off, she thought bitterly. Once more she closed her

eyes and stroked her hot, slippery little pussy slit.

It felt so nice, and she began to cream steadily,

soaking her fingers with the sizzling fuck-juice. It

felt good, real good, but there was one important

ingredient lacking... a man's cock. She missed Vince's

big, stiff prick so badly.

Mindy smiled as she thought about how she and Vince had

met and how quickly he'd seduced her. She'd been an

innocent virgin in her first year of University, and

she'd been uptight and inhibited about sex, just like

the rest of her family. But Vince had changed things

very quickly. She rubbed her creaming slit faster as

she recalled that first time.

She'd been crossing the campus, going from one class to

another, when she almost bumped into this absolute

hunk. He was tall, muscular, with black hair and

fantastically deep brown eyes. Just gorgeous, Mindy

thought, as she stood there staring at him like a fool.

He'd looked her over, and obviously he liked what he

saw, because he gave her a sexy smile.

"Those look heavy," he asked, indicating her textbooks.

"Can I help you with them?"

Mindy had laughed. "I thought that went out with horses

and buggies," she said.

"Okay," he replied, "how about going out with me

instead? My name's Vince, and I'll pick you up at



Looking back on it, Mindy realized she'd never once

said no to Vince the whole time she'd known him. She

had agreed, on the spot, to a date with this perfect

stranger. They got some take-away food and parked by a

lake and chatted, and she found herself getting more

turned on to the guy by the second. She was actually

creaming her panties just being close to him, something

she'd never done before. She was suddenly so incredibly


Mindy had never been horny for a guy before. Sometimes

when she was still in high school she'd get an itchy,

restless feeling, and she'd masturbate to ease the

sensation. But she'd been very strictly raised, warned

against boys and sex, and Vince was the first guy who'd

broken through her reserve.

So when he started kissing her, Mindy didn't resist.

She was curious about sex, wondering what fucking was

like, and she was so aroused by Vince that she just

couldn't bear to make him stop. He used his tongue when

he kissed, darting it teasingly in and out of her

mouth, and that just drove her wild. When they finally

came up for air, she was flushed and panting.

"Mindy," he laughed, "I get the impression you've never

kissed a guy before."

"That's right," she admitted. "In fact this is my first

real date."

"You're shitting me," Vince said.

"No, honest," Mindy said, "I was always chaperoned

before. My folks wouldn't let me be alone with guys."

"Jesus!" Vince exclaimed. "that's incredible! Well,

baby, you got a lot of wasted time to make up for, and

I'm just the guy to help you out."

He spent the rest of the evening proving it.

Mindy shivered lustily as she thought back on that

evening. Her pussy-cream came in hot helpless spurts,

drenching her fingers as she stroked her seething

pussy. She whimpered with excitement when she

remembered Vince's next move on that first date. He'd

moved fast and taken her by surprise, fondling her tits

through her thin silk blouse as he kept right on

kissing her, sliding that incredibly talented tongue

deep into her mouth.

She'd gasped and blushed when he suddenly pulled her

blouse up out of her jeans, revealing the firmly packed

cups of her little lacy bra. His hands closed over the

cups, hot and confident, and he began to squeeze her

firm, young tits. To Mindy's astonishment, her nipples

instantly went rigid, poking into his palms.

"Vince! Wait!" she gasped, "I never even held hands

with a guy before."

"Don't you like what we're doing?" he grinned.

"I... I don't know," she stammered.

"Well, take a second and think about it," he advised.

"Don't knock it till you know what it's like."

Mindy took his advice. She'd protested automatically,

because that was how she'd been trained. Her mother had

warned her again and again not to let boys touch her,

yet she'd never explained what was wrong with it. Now

Mindy shut her mother's lecturing voice out of her head

and concentrated on the sensations she was getting as

Vince stroked and squeezed her sensitive young tits.

"Mmmmmm," she murmured, "that feels nice."

"It sure does, baby," he smiled, "and it'll feel even

nicer if I take your bra off."

Mindy gawked at him. Vince just gave her another of

those devastating sexy grins as he reached around her,

unhooked her bra, and pushed the tiny garment up,

uncovering her gorgeous tits. Vince stared hungrily at

the flawless creamy globes and at her stiff little pink

nipples. Mindy could tell he was very aroused at the

sight of her naked breasts.

He grabbed for them, his hands hot and eager. Mindy

gasped and slumped back against the seat of the car,

shivering with sensations she'd never experienced

before. While Vince played with her tits, she creamed

right through her panties, and her belly did lusty

flip-flops. He worked his thumbs expertly over her

nipples, making them even more rigid and engorged, and

she moaned with delight.

"We really shouldn't be doing this," she said weakly.

"How come?" he grinned. "Don't you like it?"

That was the same question he'd asked before. It had

never occurred to her. All she knew was that her folks

would be very angry if they caught her doing these

things with a boy. But did she like it? Now that she

thought about it, yes, she liked it very much. She

didn't want Vince to stop fondling her sensitive tits.

So why were her parents against something that felt so


"Mmmmmm, yes I do! It feels great," she murmured,

looking dreamily up into his handsome face.

"It's going to feel a lot better, baby. We're just

getting started." he told her. "Why don't we get more

comfortable? I know a real private spot."

He tugged her shirt down over her tits but didn't

fasten her bra. Mindy followed him in a daze as he

grabbed a blanket, left the car, and followed a path

through the woods. They came to a very secluded

clearing, and Vince spread out the blanket, pulled her

down on it, and started kissing her hotly.

Mindy just melted when he darted his tongue into her

mouth and cupped and squeezed her bare tits. Her pussy

was on fire, even though she didn't understand why. She

just knew she couldn't stop creaming, couldn't stop her

moaning and wriggling. Finally Vince broke off the

steamy kisses and came up for air. There was a hot

glazed look in his eyes as he reached for the zipper of

her jeans and started tugging it open.

"No, Vince. wait," Mindy squeaked, "what are you


"I wanta see your pussy," he said, as if it was the

most natural and reasonable request in the world.

She didn't know what to say to that. Her parents would

have an answer, for sure, but was it her answer? She

knew she wanted him to go on touching her and arousing

her, but how far was "too far"? While she puzzled over

these questions, Vince deftly removed her jeans and

panties in one smooth tug, leaving her naked from the

waist down. Her blouse was pushed up over her tits,

exposing her completely to his lustful gaze.

His eyes glowed with hunger as he studied her slender,

naked young body. He stroked the soft little triangle

of sparse fur covering her virgin cunt, and she blushed

hotly. Still, she didn't want him to stop. She blushed

even deeper when he gently but firmly spread her legs

and studied the cream-soaked pink flesh of her tight-

lipped little slit. That was where she played with

herself when she got those funny restless feelings.

Her mother had warned her not to do that, either. She'd

been told never to touch herself "down there" except to

bathe. But she'd done it anyway. It just seemed the

natural thing to do when she felt hot between her

thighs. Now Vince was touching her there, and it felt

even more exciting than when she played with herself.

He trailed a stiff finger from the top of her cunt-slit

all the way back to the tiny puckered mouth of her

asshole. Back and forth went that finger, teasing and

arousing her, making her cream in helpless spurts.

He grinned and rubbed the pearly juice all over her

swollen slit, as Mindy writhed and whimpered with


"Ooooo, Vince, that feels so gooooood!" she cried.

"It's gonna get even better," he promised.

He folded back the soft-furred lips of her pussy and

exposed the tiny hooded lump of flesh that always gave

her so much pleasure. That was the secret button she

rubbed when she needed to get off. He went right for

it, grasping it between his thumb and forefinger,

kneading it. Mindy sobbed with pleasure and soaked his

fingers with uncontrollable discharges of hot pussy-


"Unnnhhhhh, yesssss," she gurgled, "please keep doing

that, Vince, it feels so good."

"Sure, baby," he crooned, "I'll get you off."

Mindy didn't know what that expression meant.

Eventually Vince would teach her a whole new

vocabulary, but that night she knew hardly any words at

all. She just let him do what he wanted, knowing it

would feel great.

He kneaded her clit steadily and quickly between his

fingers, giving her a continuous buzz of sweet hot

sensation. Mindy closed her eyes in ecstasy and clawed

the blanket.

"Ohhhhh, yes, yessss," she moaned. "Rub me there,

Vince, don't stop."

Mindy felt the hot pleasure building steadily in her

pussy, and it made her sob and writhe and moan. Her

cream was flowing out non-stop now, soaking her pussy

and Vince's fingers. She screwed her eyes tightly

closed, shutting out every other sensation, as she

sailed to the very brink of orgasm. A minute or so

later she felt a violent explosion of pleasure

radiating out from her clit and shaking her whole body.

She bucked uncontrollably.

It was much more powerful than the feelings she'd been

giving herself, so powerful that she wrenched away from

Vince and rolled around on the blanket, convulsing

helplessly. It was quite some time before she went

still. Then she opened her eyes and looked wonderingly

at Vince, who was grinning down at her.

"What was that?" she panted. "What happened to me?"

"You came, baby," he chuckled. "You know, a climax...

an orgasm... and a big one by the look of it. Did you

enjoy it?

"Are you kidding?" she exclaimed. "I loved it!"

"Want me to give you another one?" he leered.

"Oh, wow, yes!" Mindy cried. "I'd love that, Vince."

"Okay, but I'm gonna do it kinda differently this

time," he said.

Mindy nodded impatiently. She didn't care how he did

it, as long as it happened again. That first orgasm had

been terrific, but it had also made her greedy for

more. This time she wasn't bashful or hesitant about

opening her legs for him. He made his thick middle

finger stiff and started inserting it right into her

virgin cunt.

"OHMYGOD!" she gasped.

"Ever had anything in there before?" he asked, his

voice husky with hotness.

"N-no," Mindy said.

He nodded, and she could tell it really turned him on

to know he was the first guy to feel inside her untried

cunt. His finger felt big and stiff to her, but she

liked the sensation of having her pussy filled and

crammed. Vince eased his finger up her cream-slick

little tunnel as far as it would go, and Mindy soaked

the probing digit finger with another hot flood of


Then he started finger-fucking her, and she was in

ecstasy. This was something she'd never tried on

herself. She always fooled around with her clit,

rubbing it or kneading it till the itchy, horny

feelings wet away, but she'd never tried putting

anything into her cunt, not even her own fingers.

Instinctively she began to hunch her hips up at his

swiftly pumping finger, seeking deeper penetration and

more of that delicious friction on her clit.

"Ohhhhhh, wow, yeah," she moaned. "I love that, Vince.

I love your finger in me!"

"I can think of something you're gonna love even more

up that hot little hole baby," he said hoarsely.

Mindy didn't know exactly what he meant, and besides,

she hardly heard him, she was so caught up in the

intense pleasure she was getting from his thick,

pistoning finger. She closed her eyes and ignored

everything else. The pleasure grew and grew in her

pussy, till she was sobbing with it and clawing the

blanket and soaking Vince's finger with huge sizzling

spurts of cream.

"Oh god, I can't take much more," she whimpered. "I

just have to cum."

"This oughta do it for you," Vince said, finger-fucking

her even faster.

He was right. His swiftly jerking finger took her right

over the edge into another body-rocking orgasm.

"Oh YEAH!! I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" she screamed.

Again she rolled around in total bliss and lost track

of time. She knew perfectly well that her parents

wouldn't approve of what this boy was doing to her, but

by now she didn't care. No way could she turn down

pleasure like this. She was already hooked on it. She

loved everything Vince had done so far... and she

wanted more!

She opened her eyes and gasped. Vince was kneeling

between her legs, as before, but this time he didn't

have any pants on. Mindy had never seen a cock before,

at least not a grownup one, and she just couldn't help

staring. She'd helped bathe her kid brothers when they

were tiny, but their little cocks were dwarfed by

Vince's thick eight-inch column of rock-hard meat.

"Get acquainted with it, honey," he chuckled, taking

her hand and placing it on his cock.

Dazedly she began playing with his prick, squeezing it

and fondling it. It was so soft, yet at the same time

so incredibly hard! The hole at the tip leaked hot

sticky cream onto her fingers. Vince's nostrils flared

as he watched her, and his cock made lusty lurches and

twitches. Then he gently moved her hand away and lay

down on top of her, sinking between her thighs.

"I'm gonna get you off again," he told her, "but this

time I'm gonna use my cock, baby. You're gonna love


Mindy felt his huge, hard erection pushing its way up

her virgin cunt. She wasn't scared. Everything Vince

had done to her so far had felt marvelous, and she knew

this would be great, too. His cock was much thicker

than his finger and the fit was extremely tight. It was

so exciting to have his big hard cock throbbing inside

her cunt. Mindy's pussy creamed all over the huge

shaft, making his way slicker and easier. Vince groaned

in delight as he stuffed her full of his stiff prick,

butting up against her hymen after getting his cock

into her tight little pussy only halfway.

"This might hurt a bit, baby," warned Vince as he

pulled out for the thrust that she knew would end her


"Do it!" she groaned, eager to feel his huge cock in

her tight little pussy all the way. "Put it right in

and fuck me!"

"Ohhh, baby!" Vince grunted and slammed his cock hard

into her cunt.

There was a slight resistance and then a popping,

tearing feeling followed by sudden sharp pain. Mindy

cried out, but the pain was gone almost before her

scream stopped echoing in the secluded clearing. Vince

began to move very slowly in her, getting her used to

the entire length of his thick prick inside her tightly

stretched little hole.

Soon the pain was replaced with increasingly more

delicious feelings of pleasure, and Mindy began lifting

her ass off the blanket, fucking him back.

"You like it?" he asked hoarsely.

"Uhhhhhhh, yes, Vince!" Mindy gurgled, "It hurt a bit

at first, but it feels wonderful now. I think. I'm

gonna like this best of all."

"I sure hope do, sweetheart," he grinned lewdly.

"'Cause I'm gonna want to fuck your tight, hot, little

hole a lot more... that's for damn sure!"

Mindy sure hoped so too. The feeling of his big, hard

cock filling and stretching her tiny pussy was the most

incredibly pleasurable feeling she'd felt in her entire

life. She'd loved what he did to her before with his

fingers and lips and tongue, but best of all she loved

his cock.

From the first time they fucked, she was hooked on it,

unable to get enough of it. Vince brought her along

carefully, fucking her at first in slow sensuous

strokes, then fucking her faster and harder as her

tight little cunt relaxed and expanded.

Soon they were fucking at full speed, clawing at each

other, snarling and growling their pleasure. Their

bodies slapped loudly together, and Mindy gurgled in

ecstasy each time Vince's hard cock slammed into her.

She arched her back and hunched her ass up off the

blanket so that his rigid shaft rubbed her clit, giving

her blast after blast of intense pleasure.

"Oooooo, Vince, I love it," she sobbed. "I just love

it. Fuck me! Fuck me forever!"

Vince cupped her churning ass and fucked into her with

lightning speed, finally carried away by his own wild

arousal. Mindy felt her third orgasm of the evening

exploding from the depths of her cunt, and she clung to

him and sobbed in bliss as the delicious spasms shook

her. Vince was right behind her, bellowing and

shuddering, slamming his twitching cock deep up inside

her, flooding her cunt with jets of molten cum.

"Awwwww, Christ, I'm cumming, baby!" he roared.

"Yes, give it to me, cream me, unnggghhh!" Mindy


After that they'd fucked like bunnies on every date.

They just couldn't get enough of each other. But summer

vacation tore them apart. Vince had to go home to a

regular summer job, and Mindy's parents demanded that

she spend the time with them. Going without Vince's

regular hot fucking was just killing her.

Feverishly she rubbed her horny pussy, but it just

wasn't the same as when Vince did it. She missed his

cock. She missed it so badly, she could have screamed.

Her fingers couldn't do the job. They weren't the size

or the shape of his big, thick prick. Mindy moaned with

frustration and looked around the room, searching for

something that resembled a cock.

She spied a basket of fruit her mother had left in the

room for snacks. A fat long banana seemed to fit the

bill. Mindy snatched it up and pressed the pointed tip

to the creaming mouth of her famished twat.

She began pushing the banana into herself, panting and

moaning as it stretched and crammed her horny cunt just

like Vince's big cock.

"Oooooo, fuck! Shit, yesssss," she hissed.

Vince had taught her to talk dirty when they made love,

and now she just couldn't help it, any more than she

could help her hot heavy creaming as she eased the

thick banana into her hungry little fuckhole. She

closed her eyes and pretended she was taking her

boyfriend's big rock-hard cock. Her excitement reached

fever pitch as she shoved the banana home.

"Ohhhhh, honey, yesssss," she sobbed, "Stick it in me,

fuck me with it, Vince. I need it so bad, honey."

Mindy started plunging the firm thick fruit up and down

in her juice-slick pussy-hole, as she felt blast after

blast of pleasure, just as she did when Vince fucked

her. She could tell she was going to be really fond of

bananas this summer. She worked the thing faster and

faster as her lust reached boiling point. It made an

obscene sucking noise, reaming the thick hot cream from

her greedily clinging little cunt.

It felt fantastic, yet she still wanted Vince. The

banana might save her sanity, but it wouldn't cure her

boredom. Only Vince could do that. She needed his hard

male body writhing against hers, his throbbing hot cock

cramming her cunt. Nothing would satisfy her totally

except Vince or at least a man. But there wasn't any

other man handy.

"Do it to me. honey, fuck me good," she whimpered.

Mindy had never been turned on by any of the guys in

her little home town, and the only other males around

were her father and her two younger brothers. So, for

the rest of her long vacation she'd just have to use

bananas and fantasies. She jerked the banana as hard

and fast as she could in her frantically horny cunt,

pretending it was her boyfriend's pile-driving cock.

"Oh god, I'm almost there," she sobbed. "Fuck me hard,

baby! Fuck me as hard as you can! Ooohhhhh, Jesus!

Fuck! Ohhhhh! UHHHNGGH!!"

She felt the delicious explosion in the depths of her

cunt, and it flashed out to burn through her whole

body. She rolled around on the bed whimpering and

moaning with ecstasy, frantically fucking herself with

the glistening banana.

"Oh yeah, screw me you motherfucker, you're doing it,

I'm cumming!" she howled. "Unnhhh, shit, I'm cumming so


The body-wracking orgasm was the first she'd had in a

week, her first relief since the last time she and

Vince had fucked. It lasted a long time, and it left

her limp and gasping. She finally rolled onto her back

and withdrew the cream-soaked banana from her

temporarily satisfied twat, giving it a wistful look.

"Well, pal," she sighed, "I guess it's just you and me

for the next six weeks."

Mindy rolled off the bed, slipped into a light

bathrobe, and headed for the shower. She was so hot and

sweaty after bringing herself off, she really needed to

cool off and get clean. But to her annoyance, the

bathroom door was closed and she could hear the shower

running inside.

One of her brothers, no doubt. Eddie and Roy were

always hogging the bathroom. Mindy didn't understand

how guys could spend such a long time in there. It

wasn't as if they had to put on make-up or fool with

elaborate hair-dos or anything like that. She decided

it was time to satisfy her curiosity, so she knelt and

peered through the keyhole.

"OHMYGOD!" she gasped.

It was her 19-year-old brother Eddie, and he was

jacking off. He cleverly had the shower running, so no

one would be suspicious as to what he was doing in

there, but he wasn't taking a shower. Eddie was

standing outside the stall, fully clothed except that

his jeans and shorts were down around his ankles. He

was standing before the sink, and in the sink he'd

propped a big color photo of a naked woman. He was

staring at the picture and pumping his cock like crazy.

Mindy stifled a giggle. She'd really caught ol' Eddie

this time. Totally unaware that he had an audience, he

was ogling that naughty photo and beating his meat, his

face flushed and contorted with lusty pleasure. Mom and

dad would just shit if they could see their nice,

obedient, well-behaved son right now. Eddie was such a

model of good behavior... except when nobody was


The young woman in the photo had tits like watermelons,

and she had her legs wide open, showing the glistening

pink flesh of her gash. She was stroking her slit,

playing with herself, and her half-closed eyes seemed

to look right at the reader. So Eddie was jacking off

while he watched the girl beat off. Very kinky.

Kind of arousing, too, Mindy thought. Even though she'd

just gotten herself off powerfully with the banana, she

felt herself getting horny again as she watched her kid

brother jerk himself off. Eddie wasn't badly hung,

either, she noticed. His teenage prick was almost as

thick and long as Vince's. The last time she'd seen it

he was a little boy, but it definitely wasn't a little-

boy cock any more. It was man-size.

Mindy stared at her brother's big, rigid boner and felt

her pussy moisten with arousal. That was what she

really craved and longed for, a nice hard cock. It was

hell going without one, and it was just unthinkable

that she'd have to wait three months before getting

laid again.

Here was a gorgeous hard-on that was being totally

wasted, and it looked like Eddie was just as hard up as

she was when it came to finding a partner. Her mother

had confided in her that Eddie was between girlfriends,

so he obviously didn't have anyone to help him relieve

his sexual tension. All he had was his own fist, and it

was pumping like crazy as he studied the naughty

picture and let his horny young fantasies run wild.

Mindy was sure he was dreaming of fucking that big-

titted girl in the picture. No doubt he was fantasizing

that he was hammering his rock-hard cock in her horny

little cunt and making her squeal with pleasure... just

as Mindy had done when she pretended that the long firm

banana was her boyfriend's cock.

Too bad she and her brother had to make do with

fantasies. Both of them were ready and eager to make a

partner very happy, but no partner was available. Eddie

pumped his prick with lightning speed, and even through

the closed door Mindy could hear his deep, harsh

panting and moaning as he worked himself toward a

desperately needed orgasm.

The head of his prick was hugely swollen, a gleaming

purple, and it was leaking clear globs of pre-cum.

Mindy drooled at the sight of that wasted cock-juice.

Vince had taught her how to give head, and she loved

going down on him. She was starved for the taste of

cock cream, and it made her ravenous to see the pearly

stuff dripping from her brother's long, stiff cock.

"Unnnhhhhh, shit, unnnhhhhh," Eddie groaned, his face

contorted with lust.

He was almost there, and Mindy was getting wildly

aroused as she watched him. She knew she'd be drooling

when he shot his load, imagining a whole mouthful of

his cum. There was a lot she could do to give her

brother pleasure and a lot he could do to satisfy her

needs. Now that she thought about it, she and Eddie

could really help each other out.

Yeah, why not? Sure, he was her brother, but any port

in a storm, right. Especially when you were as

desperate for cock as Mindy was just them. Besides,

Eddie was pretty cute, a blonde hunk just like their

father and their younger brother, Roy, who'd just

turned eighteen.

Mindy dropped a hand to her pussy and rubbed a finger

into her wet little slit as she watched her brother's

large cock twitch and jerk in his rapidly pumping fist.

She imagined that long, thick pole pounding into her

tight little fuckhole and her pussy creamed onto her

gently stroking fingers.

Suddenly, Eddie let out a muffled cry and Mindy saw her

brother stiffen in ecstasy, pumping his fist on his

cock like crazy. A long jet of pearly jism spurted from

Eddie's cock and hit the woman in the picture right on

the tits and trickled down over her pussy. Eddie moaned

and milked his spurting cock, sending more jets of

sperm at the woman's photograph until the whole page

was covered with it.

Mindy rubbed her cunt-slit furiously as she watched the

incredibly arousing spectacle of her younger brother

cumming like a stud bull. She had the sudden urge to

rush in and suck the rest of his creamy juice from

Eddie's balls, but thought better of it. She might

embarrass him so much he's be too sacred to help her

out with her own frustrations.

She watched as her brother's orgasm subsided and Eddie

finally released his grip on his cock. The long, limp

shaft glistened wetly with his sticky cum and even

though it had lost most of it's rigidity, Mindy was

impressed by it's size. Eddie got a towel and wiped his

splattered sperm from the woman's picture. Then he

wiped his cock clean and pulled up his jeans. Mindy

waited till she saw he was zipping up before calling

out to him.

"Hurry up, Eddie, I wanta take a shower."

"Uh, okay, Sis," he stammered, grabbing the cum-

streaked photo and stuffing it up under his t-shirt.

He was still a little flushed when he opened the door

to find his sister standing there in her short robe. It

hung open just enough at the front for Eddie to see

that Mindy wasn't wearing anything underneath it

either. The nipple of one gorgeous firm little tit

peeked out from the edge of the thin material and he

could just see the shadow of her pussy-hair through the

narrow opening at the bottom.

"You forgot to turn off the shower, Eddie," said Mindy,

grinning as she watched his eyes staring at her body.

"Oh, yeah," he said dazedly.

"Never mind, I'll get it," she said, turning sideways

to get past him. "By the way, how about going out to

the lake with me for a swim this afternoon?"

"Err.. y-yeah, that'd be nice," he stammered.

He hardly heard her. His mind was still reeling from

the sensation of his sister's hard little nipples

brushing against his chest as she turned sideways to

pass him in the doorway.

"Good," Mindy said as she closed the door on him,

"we'll go in about half an hour."

For their trip to the lake, Mindy chose an outrageously

tiny bikini which she'd purchased just recently. Mom

and dad hadn't seen it yet, and they never would. Mindy

knew they'd freak. She put on her jeans and shirt over

the bikini when she went to ask for the keys to the


"All right, dear," her mother agreed, "but be sure you

and Eddie are back in time for dinner."

"Yes, ma'am," Mindy said with a big smile.

That gave her four hours, and she figured she'd have no

trouble seducing her horny young brother in that amount

of time. As they drove to the lake, she asked Eddie

about his school year, and he rambled on about all the

activities he'd been in and the classes he'd taken. But

Mindy suspected that wasn't the whole story. She

steered the conversation around to Eddie's ex-

girlfriend and found out that they'd split up about two

months ago.

"So, little brother, does that mean you've been jacking

off for two months?" asked Mindy almost casually.

"I... ahh.. I've... ummmm... Jesus, Sis! What kind of

question is that to ask your own brother!"

"A perfectly straightforward one, I would have

thought," grinned Mindy, enjoying putting her brother

on the spot like this. Normally Eddie had a smart

answer for everything and it felt good to make him

squirm for a change.

"Well, I haven't been seeing anyone, if that's what you

wanted to know," growled Eddie, staring out of the


Mindy smiled at her brother's frowning face. She'd hit

a nerve there, that was for sure, and decided to press

the issue further.

"So... do you or don't you?" she asked with a grin.

"Look, Sis, can we change the subject! How would you

like it if I asked you a question like that?"

"I'd answer you honestly," replied Mindy, flashing her

brother a big sexy smile.



"Okay then," said Eddie, smiling back at her. "Do you?"

"Do I what?"

"Come on, Sis! You know what I'm talking about,"

replied Eddie in frustration. "Do you or don't you jerk


"Girl's can't 'jerk off' you moron," Mindy giggled.

"Well, masturbate, then!"

"What, right now... here?!!" Mindy could hardly contain

her laughter.

"No!! Awww, Jesus, Mindy can't you be sensible for a


"Ok, sorry. To answer your question... yes!"

"That's it?" asked Eddie, suddenly intrigued at the

thought of his big sister masturbating. "That's your


"Yeah... Why, little brother? You don't think I'm going

to tell you all the juicy details, do you?"

"No, I guess not," Eddie smiled. He looked at his

sister and tried to imagine her rubbing her pussy to

orgasm. The thought gave him an instant hard-on, which

he tried to hide unsuccessfully.

Mindy noticed her brother's predicament and her pussy

began to moisten at the sight of his huge cock-bulge.

Sex had to have been on his mind a whole lot lately for

him to be so easily aroused. And judging by the way he

organized his little masturbation session in the

bathroom this morning, he must have spent a pretty

large amount of time jacking off.

Mom and dad demanded almost angelic behavior from all

their kids, and Mindy and Eddie and Roy had become very

good at faking it since they were sixteen, but

underneath they were just as lusty and interested in

sex as any other teenagers.

Mindy parked in a secluded spot by the lake, and Eddie

helped her spread out a blanket for them to sit on. As

they stripped off their outer clothing, Mindy noticed

that her brother was wearing a very conservative pair

of swimming trunks and didn't have a tan. When Eddie

saw her in her skimpy little black bikini, his mouth

dropped open. It seemed to consisted of nothing but two

thin strips of cloth just wide enough to cover her

nipples and cuntslit. Eddie's eyes almost popped out of

his head as she did a sexy little pirouette, her firm

young tits and ass bouncing provocatively as she


"Well? What do you think?" she asked, posing for him.

"Jesus, Sis, that's some bikini!" he exclaimed, staring

at Mindy's exposed flesh.

"Thanks," Mindy smiled. "I'm glad it meets your

approval, little brother!"

"What did Mom say when she saw it?" asked Eddie.

"I haven't shown it to her."

"Are you going to?"

"I'm not that stupid," grinned Mindy. "Mom would just

tell Dad and I'd get another long boring lecture about

morals and shit."

Eddie took another long, hungry look at his sister's

gorgeous body and dashed into the water to cool off,

yelling at her to join him. They didn't swim long.

Eddie was so engrossed in looking at her tits he kept

bumping into her, and Mindy figured the time was ripe

for seducing him. Her ceaselessly horny pussy reminded

her of how great his stiff young cock was going to

feel, and she could hardly wait to try it. She went to

stretch out on the blanket, and Eddie followed.

"What happened to your tan," she asked. "Don't you ever

get outdoors?"

"Aw, I've been too busy studying," he sighed.

"Poor Eddie, never has any fun," Mindy mocked.

"I've had my fair share," said Eddie. "And looks like

you might have to, if that new bikini of yours is any

indication. I bet you have to fight the guys off with a


"Nope, I usually just fuck 'em," grinned Mindy, smiling

at the shocked look on her brother's face.

Eddie turned scarlet. His mouth dropped open again. He

tried to say something, but his voice didn't work.

Finally he cleared his throat and tried again.

"Um... I'm not sure I heard you right, Sis," he said.

"Oh, you heard me okay, Eddie." Mindy said. "I've been

going with a guy, and we've been fucking. We've been

doing all kinds of fun things."

"Like what?" he asked, his voice hoarse with


"Oh, like this," Mindy said, moving over to kiss him.

She planted her mouth on his and gave him one of those

long steamy tongue-kisses she and Vince loved. They

always turned her on like crazy, and she was hoping

they'd have the same effect on Eddie. Not that Eddie

needed much turning on. The poor kid was probably horny

twenty-four hours a day. He shivered with excitement as

she kissed him.

Finally she drew back, leaving him flushed and

blinking, and she saw that her plan was working very

well. The crotch of his swimsuit was bulging. Just one

kiss, and her kid brother had a big fat hard-on.

Mindy's pussy began to drool at the thought of that

long thick satisfying cock penetrating her poor

neglected pussy. As she ogled that enticing lump, Eddie

looked dazed and confused.

"Well, what do you think, Eddie? Can your big sister

kiss, or what!" she purred.

He just nodded, too shaken up to speak. Mindy smiled

and went straight to the next phase of her plan.

"Wow, feel that sun," she said, "I hate to get strap

marks in my tan."

Mindy removed her bikini top, and Eddie's mouth dropped

open even farther. She stretched out on her back and

let him ogle her high-riding apple-size tits and small

pink nipples.

"Jesus!" he breathed hoarsely.

"Do you like my tits, Eddie?" asked Mindy, smiling

seductively as she cupped her firm you boobs and

offered them up to her brother's hot gaze.

"You bet, Sis! I've never seen such a perfect pair of

boobs before."

"Thanks for the compliment, little brother," chuckled

Mindy, moving closer so he could get a better look.

"Here, feel how firm they are. I don't usually need to

wear a bra."

She grabbed her brother's hands hot, sweaty hands and

placed them palms down on her naked breasts. She showed

him how to squeeze and mold the silky globes, firmly

but not painfully. Then she let go and allowed him to

solo. He was clumsy but eager.

"What do you think, firm huh?" she asked with an impish


"Fuck, yeah," he groaned.

"Why, Eddie. When did you start to swear?" Mindy


He grinned and said, "You know how it is around the

folks. You have to save all the good stuff for


"Yeah, like jerking off," Mindy said knowingly.

Eddie turned red, and she added,

"It's nothing to be ashamed of. I used to finger my

pussy all the time when I still lived at home. They

wouldn't let me date till I was eighteen, so what else

could I do?"

With a sly smile on her pretty young face, Mindy

slipped off her tiny bikini bottoms, and Eddie stared

at his sister's naked little pussy. It wasn't the first

time he'd seen a naked cunt, but it was certainly the

most exciting. He's been beating off over the dozens of

juicy pictures stashed away in his room, but this was

much more arousing. His sister's tits were firm and hot

and pulsating under his stroking hands, her body sleek

and curvy and gorgeous.

She bent her knees and spread her legs, and Eddie

gasped as her sweet young pussy-slit opened, revealing

the glistening pink flesh inside. The lips were covered

with a delicate brown fur and looked plump and swollen.

Mindy folded back the fur and showed him a tiny hooded

lump of flesh. She pressed a fingertip to it, started

to rub, and he felt her nipples swelling and throbbing

against his palms.

"Oh Eddie, I'm so horny! Wanna help your poor over-

sexed sister get off, little brother?" she asked, her

eyes heavy-lidded with lust.

"You bet!" cried Eddie eagerly. "I'll get you off real

good!" Eddie reached out and removed Mindy's hand from

her pussy, replacing it with his own.

Mindy gasped at the intimate contact and hunched her

hips forward as her brother cupped and squeezed her

sizzling cunt with his palm. He ran a finger between

the furry little lips and felt the moisture there. His

sister was obviously very turned on by him. Her pussy

felt scorching hot and slick with juice as he rubbed

it. And as soon as Eddie moved up to caress her clit,

he was rewarded with a sudden flood of hot sticky cunt-


"Mmmmmm, yeah, little brother, that's it," she gurgled.

"Keep doing that, and I'll cum like crazy."

"Do you really want me to make you cum like this, Sis?"

Eddie asked, still a little unsure where all this sex-

play was going to end.

"Yeah... for starters," she grinned.

Eddie smiled back at her, hoping that her comment meant

what he thought it did. He wanted to fuck his sexy

sister so bad it hurt, but as always, she was in

control. So he decided to go along with whatever she

had in mind and just enjoy it.

Mindy lay back and let her brother stimulate her horny

little joy button with his finger for a while. It felt

great, much more exciting than when she did it herself.

She gurgled and moaned and creamed, the hot friction

taking her higher and higher. She stared at the huge

bulge in his swimsuit but made no attempt to touch him.

Not, yet. She was saving that little treat for later.

It obviously wasn't going to be any problem seducing

her brother. He was horny and eager to fuck, just as

she'd suspected. Some people thought he was a prude. In

fact the whole Masters family had the reputation of

being prudish. It was true of their folks, but not of

the kids. Under the goody-goody act he put on, Eddie

was a real tiger.

He was flushed and panting as he worked her toward

climax, his lusty eyes glued to her juicy cunt-slit.

She kept her thighs widely parted so he could see

everything. She noticed a wet spot at the front of his

trunks where his cock cream was leaking through. That

was a good sign. She wanted him as horny as possible.

"Uhhhhh, Eddie, that feels so good, baby. Stick your

finger in my cunt," she moaned. "I want to feel

something stiff and hard in my poor neglected little


"You sure are horny, aren't you, Sis!" grinned Eddie,

starting to enjoy the feeling of power he suddenly

seemed to have over his big sister.

"Ohhhhh, baby, I sure, am!" gasped Mindy. "I haven't

been fucked for a week!"

Impatiently she grabbed her brother's middle finger and

inserted it into the moist, clinging mouth of her twat.

"Come on, Eddie, stick it all the way into me," she

begged hoarsely, "Fuck my horny little cunt with your


Eddie just about came in his pants, hearing Mindy talk

to him like that. Never in his wildest wet-dreams did

he imagine he'd ever hear his gorgeous older sister beg

him to actually finger-fuck her. And if this was a

dream, he never wanted to wake up. Mindy let go of his

hand, and Eddie slid his long, stiff finger into her

cunt, sheathing it in moist scorching pussy-flesh.

"Unnnhhhh, shit, yessss," she hissed, "Shove it in

there, Eddie! All the way! Fuck me with it."

Eddie's cock was almost bursting out of his trunks and

his balls felt ready to explode with their steaming

load. He shoved his thick middle finger as far as it

would go into his sister's greedy pussy, then started

jerking it in and but of the tight, slippery little

hole. Mindy wailed with delight and soaked his fingers

with burst after burst of sizzling cunt-cream.

Eddie was almost groaning with horniness as he finger-

fucked his cute naked sister. Mindy knew she was

driving him wild, but she couldn't help herself. She

was so frantically horny by now, she just had to get

off. Tightening her cunt steadily around his pistoning

finger, Mindy flew higher and higher towards orgasm.

She closed her eyes tightly, and her elfin face became

contorted with lust. Then Eddie felt her cunt clamping

like a vise around his sawing finger.

"Oh shit, yeah! That's it! You're making me cum,

baby... you're making me cum!" Mindy wailed, her petite

body bucking violently.

"Uh Jesus!" Eddie groaned.

It was exquisite torture to kneel there and feel his

sister's snug little pussy cumming all around his

deeply-thrusting finger. Her juice-spurting cunt

squeezed and sucked at his finger, and he could just

imagine how fantastic that tight, hot action would feel

around his cock. Mindy went on writhing and bucking and

moaning for almost a full minute, then fell back with a

long, satisfied sigh.

"Oh, wow, did I ever need that," she exclaimed. "Thanks

a lot, little brother, I feel a whole lot better."

"You got your rocks off Sis?" said Eddie, rubbing the

huge bulge in the crotch of his trunks. "Now, what

about me?!"

Mindy could hardly keep from giggling, he looked so

pathetic. His face was red, his eyes bulging out as he

stared down at her with a look of frustration on his

handsome young face. His cock looked ready to tear its

way out of his swimming trunks. He was the perfect

picture of total horniness.

"Okay, I guess you deserve something for getting me off

so nicely," teased Mindy. She could hardly wait to get

her hands of her brother's gorgeous big prick, but she

didn't want him to know that. Besides, it was making

her horny again just watching him lust after her like


Mindy helped him out of the swimsuit and gasped as his

stiff cock sprang into view. Close up it looked even

longer than Vince's and just as thick... a truly

gorgeous piece of man-flesh. It was fully erect and

throbbing with swollen blue veins. Mindy curled her

fingers around it and began to pump her fist up and

down the hard, pulsating shaft. Eddie flinched and

moaned, closing his eyes in ecstasy at his sister's

tightly clenched fist pumped his cock.

"Feels a lot better than your own hand did this morning

in the bathroom, doesn't it, Eddie, darling?" she

whispered, bending forward to kiss her brother


He kissed her back, his tongue dueling with hers inside

her hot moist, little mouth. He was extremely excited

at the thought that his sister had watched him jerking

off in the bathroom and wondered if that had

precipitated her horny, seductive behavior this

afternoon. Then, suddenly, he didn't care any more,

because his balls were churning in orgasm. He'd gotten

so horny, finger-fucking Mindy's juicy cunt and her hot

little fist on his cock was doing such an expert job,

she had him cumming already.

Eddie roared as his prick suddenly exploded with a huge

eruption of jizz. He was cumming right in her pumping

fist, and Mindy shivered with excitement as she

watched. She knew he was turned on, but she hadn't

realized just how acutely horny he was. It had only

taken a couple of strokes, and he was cumming like a

stud bull. He sprayed his thick boiling cum all over

the blanket. Then he shivered with relief and looked


"Shit!" he said, "I didn't mean to cum so, fucking


"No problem," Mindy leered. "We've got all afternoon,

little brother."

She pushed him down on his back, knelt beside him, and

went on pumping his cock. She knew he'd have another

hard-on in no time at all. Eddie was about the horniest

boy she'd ever known. He watched her, blissed-out, and

slowly but steadily his young prick began to grow again

in her pumping fingers.

"Wow, you sure do recover fast, Eddie" she murmured.

"With a gorgeous girl like you tugging on my cock, Sis,

what else can a horny guy do?" grinned Eddie, reaching

out to stroke his sister's juicy-wet pussy-slit. She

moaned as he inserted two stiff fingers and twisted

them slowly around.

"Uhhhh yeah, keep doing that and I'll cum again!"

moaned Mindy, speeding up her hand on her brother's

rapidly-hardening prick.

"I was just thinking, Sis," said Eddie. "If Mom and Dad

could see us right now, they'd shit bricks!"

"They don't have to know anything about it," Mindy

said. "Let's just forget about them and enjoy

ourselves, okay?"

"Okay, you're the boss!" chuckled Eddie. "How 'bout you

give my cock a big sisterly kiss, right on the head."

Mindy giggled and leaned down between his legs, doing

exactly as he suggested. Her lips sucked gently on the

head of her brother's prick and Eddie moaned with

pleasure as she stuck the tip of her tongue into the

tiny slit at the top. Then, she stuck out her tongue

and began licking the swelling knob all over. Eddie

flinched and gasped with delight. His sister's hot

little tongue was like wet velvet on the sensitive head

of his prick. He felt his balls filling fast and hard

with another boiling load of cum. But this time, he

wasn't going to waste it. If all went well, he'd soon

be spurting his jizz down his pretty sister's throat.

"Uhmm yeah Sis, that feels fuckin' fantastic!" he


Mindy firmed her grip on his mushrooming cock and

pumped it faster, and she soon got what she was after.

Thick globs of cream began to ooze from his piss hole.

Her mouth drooled at the sight, and she quickly lapped

up the hot salty cream and swallowed it down hungrily.

It had been more than a week since she'd tasted cock-

juice, and she was starved for it.

His cock ballooned to its full dimensions, pushing her

pumping fingers wide apart. The head of his prick

swelled into a big purple knob, and more and more

pearly cream bubbled from the cleft. Mindy gobbled it

up as fast as she could spear it up on her greedy

little tongue.

Eddie watched his sister hungrily lapping up his juice,

and he shivered with lust. Things got even better. When

she'd cleaned his prick head of all that cream, she

opened her lips as wide as she could and slid them down

around his rock-hard boner. She took in the head and

part of the shaft. The rest she busily pumped as she

drew in her cheeks and started to suck. Her sucking was

strong and loud and greedy, bringing Eddie's lust to

the boiling point.

"Uh fuck! Your mouth feels like a fucking cunt!" moaned

Eddie, hunching his hips at her face.

His sister's lips were hot and tight around his meat,

and she seemed to be trying to suck the jizz right out

of his balls. In a minute or two that was exactly what

would happen. Eddie snorted with pleasure and


"Oh shit yeah! Suck it, Sis! Suck my fuckin' cock!" he


Mindy didn't need to be urged on. She was sucking

noisily and greedily on his swollen prick, eager for a

steaming mouthful of his jism. Each hungry suck of his

sister's mouth gave Eddie a blast of pleasure and made

him groan and writhe. Her head bobbed furiously up and

down, her long brown curls bouncing. He could feel her

hot saliva boiling around his cock.

Eddie spun out of control and started fucking her

mouth. He groaned, closed his eyes, and pistoned his

dick back and forth over his sister's slippery tongue.

Mindy groaned with excitement and drooled all over her

brother's stabbing cock. It was just a few seconds

later that she felt the first hot jet of cum against

the back of her throat.

"Uuh shit, I'm cumming! AHHHGNH!!" Eddie roared.

Mindy let his delicious boiling jism collect in her

mouth till her cheeks bulged with it, savoring the

salty flavor. Then she gulped it down, moaning with

excitement. Eddie groaned and fucked her gulping mouth

till he'd jetted the last drop of his cum into his

sister's sucking mouth, then flopped back with a loud

sigh of satisfaction. Mindy licked her lips to get

every bit of his tasty load.

"Well, Eddie, I'm gonna go crazy if I don't get fucked

pretty soon," said Mindy, shamelessly rubbing her juicy

wet pussy against her brother's thigh. "So, how about

getting that big horse-cock of yours hard again and

helping me out?"

Eddie could only stare stupidly at his sister with his

mouth open. So many fantastic things were happening all

of a sudden, he couldn't be sure he wasn't dreaming.

But he could have sworn that his sexy big sister had

just said something about them fucking.

"Ah Sis, did I hear you right?" he said at last. "You

want me to get it on with you?"

"I don't see anybody else around here," Mindy snorted.

"You REALLY want me to fuck you?" he croaked,


"Jesus Eddie," she sighed. "Who else is gonna do it?

I'm not gonna see my boyfriend again for six weeks, and

I'm about to go out of my mind. So I figured you and I

could help each other out. You are horny a lot, aren't


"Me?" he sighed. "Aw, no, not more than a couple

hundred times a day!"

"Well, there you are," Mindy smiled seductively. "We

could really do each other a favor, little brother. How

about it?"

Eddie hesitated. More than anything in the world, he

wanted to fuck her. Right now, he couldn't think of

anything else he'd rather do. But was it right for a

guy to go all the way with his own sister? It seemed

like an awfully kinky thing to do. In fact there was

even a word for it, 'incense' or something.

On the other hand, if both he and Mindy wanted it, and

nobody else found out about it, what harm could it do?

Eddie hated to pass up a chance like this. His big

sister was a real sexy little number, and he'd always

wondered what her pussy would feel like wrapped around

his hard thrusting prick. Everything about the idea

appealed to him so much that he felt his cock swelling


"Okay, Sis! You talked me in to it!" he grinned.

"Oh yeah!" she purred, reaching for his cock. "Let's

fuck, little brother!"

It didn't take any time at all for Mindy to pump him

into hardness. Eddie imagined sticking his prick into

that hot, velvety little hole of hers, and that was all

it took. His tireless teenaged cock mushroomed into

iron-hardness, throbbing eagerly against Mindy's

stroking fingers. Finally, she drew back and stared at

the big stiff pole throbbing between her fingers.

"Mmmmm, fantastic," she gurgled, "Come on, let's get

that gorgeous big fucker inside me!"

Eddie was so excited, he was shaking. Mindy seemed a

lot more calm, but he could see how horny she was from

the way she kept looking at his engorged prick and

licking her lips. Mindy lay down on her back, bent her

knees, and opened her legs wide. He crawled between

them and let himself down on her.

"Fuck me, Eddie!" she panted, spreading her legs wide

and clinging to her little brother like a leech. "Fuck

that long hard prick into my cunt, and make me cum!"

Eddie started shoving his rigid cock against her pussy,

but all it did was skid up and down through Mindy's

cream-slick slit. In his adolescent eagerness, he

couldn't seem to find her hungry young cunthole. They

both moaned with impatience and frustration as the

fruitless search continued. Finally Mindy reached down,

grabbed her brother's rock-hard cock, and thrust the

bloated head into her snug but incredibly juicy cuntal


"There," she panted, "now push! Push hard!"

"Uhhhhh, Sis!" Eddie groaned as he shoved into her.

In one long, greedy thrust he sheathed his cock to the

balls in his sister's juicy, clinging pussy. He paused

to savor the sensation, his prick throbbing against

every inch of her tightly-gripping little fuckhole.

Mindy gurgled with excitement and soaked her little

brother's prick with hot spurts of cunt-cream.

"Ooh Eddie! God, that feels so good," she squealed.

"Unnngh! It sure fuckin' does," he sighed blissfully.

"Jesus, you're tight! Ohhhh!"

Eddie started working his cock in and out of his

sister's hot clingy cunt, and it didn't take him long

to get a good steady rhythm going. He fucked into her

hard and fast, and Mindy eagerly responded by arching

her slender young hips up, taking her little brother's

pistoning prick as deep as she could get it, moaning

blissfully as his thick shaft rubbed deliciously up and

down over her clit.

"Oh yeah! Fuck me, Eddie! Mmmm, that feels good," she


"It sure does!" he muttered, staring down at the look

of utter bliss on his sister's pretty face.

He was fucking her ferociously, but Mindy seemed to

like it. Eddie still couldn't believe all this was

happening. Of course, like all brothers, he'd had the

occasional lustful thoughts about his sexy sister, but

he'd dismissed them as adolescent fantasy. Now he was

actually doing it.. he was fucking her, and Mindy loved


Eddie kept slamming into upthrust slit with his cock,

jabbing it as fast and hard as he could to in his

sister's snug and juicy cunt. Fucking her was even more

fun than he'd imagined. As his excitement grew, he

fucked her faster and harder, but she never seemed to

mind his roughness. In fact Eddie noticed that the

harder he fucked her, the more aroused his sister

seemed to get.

"Am I fucking you too hard, Sis?" he asked, just to be


"Ohh no, Baby, I love it!" she gurgled.

As far as Mindy was concerned, it wasn't possible to be

fucked too hard. She craved his eager roughness. She

was way overdue for a good hard fucking, and gentleness

wasn't what she wanted at all, not this afternoon. She

needed to be fucked till her teeth rattled, till she

couldn't take any more. She clung to him, hunching her

hips up at every powerful thrust, her clinging cunt

drenching his pounding prick with endless floods of


"Ooh god!! Fuck it to me, fuck it to mee!" Mindy


Eddie did just that, pile-driving his long, thick cock

deep up into his sister's squirming cunt. It excited

him immensely to see how genuinely aroused his sister

was. No girl he'd ever fucked before had creamed so hot

and heavy around his prick as he pounded her so deeply.

And she was fucking right back at him, jerking her hips

to his rhythm, arching her slim body hard against his,

her tight, clasping little cunt taking his huge prick

inside her to the balls on every stroke.

Each time he shoved it into her, Mindy squealed with

delight and soaked his cock with another molten spurt

of cream. Her excitement infected him, and he snorted

with lust and fucked into her even harder, their bodies

slapping loudly together. Like two rutting animals,

brother and sister went at each other with snarls and

growls and yelps, totally carried away with their

incestuous pleasure.

"Unnhhhh, fuck it to me, Eddie, fuck the living shit

out of me!" Mindy wailed.

Eddie was beyond words. He was concentrating on the

pleasure building in his loins, glutting himself on the

hot sensations as his cock pistoned in and out of her

tight clasping sheath. He was fucking his squealing

sister with lightning speed, making her petite body

shudder with the impact. He felt her cunt suddenly

tightening around his pile-driving cock, just as it had

tightened around his finger earlier, and he realized

she was cumming.

Mindy sobbed in ecstasy as the delicious spasms of

climax shook her body. Eddie could feel her strong-

muscled little cunt squeezing his cock almost flat and

soaking it with flood after flood of sizzling cum-

cream. But he had his second wind now and wasn't

tempted to cum along with her.

He hoped they could go on fucking all day!

Eddie went on stroking her with his cock, reaming her

convulsing cunt till she finally went limp and panting.

She had a horny little grin on her face as she enjoyed

the continuing pumping action of his rock-hard cock.

She opened her eyes and looked at him delightedly.

"Eddie, your cock's still hard!" she said.

"You bet, Sis," he panted, "And I'm gonna fuck your

hot, horny cunt till you faint!"

"Oooohhh, Eddie! I sure hope so!" Mindy said eagerly,

"but let's try it another way now, okay?"

"Okay," he agreed.

He wasn't quite sure what she meant, but he didn't

care. As long as they got to fuck, fine, he didn't care

how they did it. She pushed him off her, and his cream-

soaked cock snapped free, dripping and rigid. Mindy

rolled onto her elbows and knees and stuck her cute

little ass out at him.

"Let's try it this way," she giggled. "I like fucking


"Yeah, so do I!" Eddie grinned.

He knelt behind her and grasped her hips. There

wouldn't be any difficulty finding the entrance of her

cunt this time. It was right there in front of him, a

cream-oozing little hole at the very center of her

luscious-looking pink slit. He fitted the swollen head

of his prick about an inch inside, then held it there,

teasing her. Mindy moaned and wriggled impatiently.

"Come on, Eddie! Stick that thing in me, dammit!" she


One climax hadn't even made a dent in her need. Being

away from Vince for over a week had brought her lust to

fever pitch, and she needed several good fuckings to

cool that hot desire. And right now her teasing little

brother wasn't helping matters. She whimpered with need

as molten juice overflowed her starving cunt and ran

down her thighs. Eddie had better get his act together.

she thought furiously. And just then, he did.

"Oooh, fuck, shit, uuuhhhh!" she moaned.

At last he was giving her what she craved, the whole

rock-hard length of his swollen cock. She whimpered in

ecstasy as he eased it into her, cramming her full of

what she so desperately desired, his thick, throbbing

prick. Eddie pushed till he was up against her womb,

and she soaked his cock with floods of juice.

"Ohhhhh, yeah, honey, now fuck me hard with that

gorgeous big cock," she sobbed. "give it to me good and


Eddie couldn't believe how horny his sister was. She

wasn't in the mood for gentleness or playfulness. She

just wanted him to fuck her brains out. But he was only

too happy to oblige. He got a firm grip on her slim

curvy hips and immediately began to hammer his prick

into her, his flat, muscular belly slapping loudly

against her jiggling ass. Mindy shrieked with delight

as she took his thrusts balls-deep into her eager young

cunt and pressed her ass back at him for more.

"Ohhhhh, yeah, Eddie, fuck it to me," she panted, "fuck

me as hard as you can!"

Eddie snorted lustily and pounded it to her, knowing by

now that she could take everything he had to offer, the

harder the better. His demure-looking sister had a

craving for cock, and there was nobody around but him

to help her out. The situation suited Eddie just fine.

Mindy clawed the blanket and creamed helplessly as her

lusty teenaged brother gave her a teeth- rattling fuck.

She was so glad she'd decided to seduce him. It was

just what they both needed. In fact she'd have gone out

of her mind with horniness if she hadn't found a guy to

help her out. She couldn't imagine going all vacation

without fucking.

Now she greedily tightened her cunt around Eddie's

hammering cock, getting more and more delicious hot

friction. She couldn't stop juicing, and the molten

liquid spurted out around his pistoning prick and

gushed down her legs. Each deep, savage thrust of her

brother's rock-hard cock gave her a powerful blast of


Her handsome little brother was fucking her just as

good as Vince ever had, she realized. It occurred to

her, too, that Vince wasn't going to go without sex

while they were apart, any more than she had. He was

handsome and very successful with girls, and he'd soon

find somebody to get it on with. That didn't bother

Mindy. After all, look what she'd done...

She hadn't been home more than a week before her lust

was out of control and she just had to do something

about it. It hadn't taken her long to realize that

masturbating didn't get it. She need a real live cock.

Then she spied on her kid brother while he jacked off,

and she'd seen the answer to her problem. So what if he

was her brother? They needed each other.... and he

fucked like a dream!!

"Unnnhhhh, yeah, Eddie, fuck me good and hard," she

moaned, "fuck me forever."

Eddie just wished he could grant that request. He

didn't ever want to haul his prick out of his sister's

tiny sucking cunt. It was deliciously hot and slippery

in there, and the walls of her cunt were like velvet.

It was the perfect place to hammer his engorged cock.

Each lusty deep thrust gave him a stab of pleasure that

made him groan.

"Awwwww, shit, Sis, it's so fuckin' good," he rasped.

"It sure is," Mindy gurgled.

Of course it wasn't something Mom and Dad would approve

of, but there was very little that fell into that

category. Sometimes Mindy thought her parents were

against fun, period. If anything could bring pleasure,

they seemed to think it was dirty or evil. Above all,

they were down on sex. She wondered how they'd overcome

their moral beliefs long enough to have three kids.

"Eddie," she panted, "do you think Mom and Dad fuck


"Them?" he laughed. "Are you kidding? They're always

telling us how wrong it is."

"Well, then," Mindy persisted, "where did they get us

from... the stork?"

"Jesus," Eddie muttered, "you're right. they had to

fuck to get us, didn't they?"

It was difficult for the brother and sister to imagine

their strict, puritanical parents making love. Mindy

found it impossible, in fact. She couldn't picture them

in the midst of a hot fuck like she and Eddie were

having. She really felt sorry for them. They seemed

determined to cheat themselves of all pleasure. But she

couldn't keep her mind focused on them as her pleasure

mounted and she hurtled toward another orgasm.

"Unnnnhhhh, yeah, I'm almost there," squealed Mindy,

looking back over her shoulder at her brother. "Fuck

me! Oh god! Fuck MEEE!

Eddie could feel it. Her cunt was practically

flattening his prick, it was so tight, and he knew by

now that she always tightened up just before she came.

But this time she was gorging herself on the hot

sensations, deliberately postponing her climax. That

gave Eddie a wicked idea. He loved sneak attacks on his

sister, loved surprising her and throwing her off

guard. He remembered how sensitive her clit was. Still

hammering his steel-hard cock in her hungrily squeezing

pussy, he reached down between her thighs, grasped her

throbbing joy button between his fingers, and started

kneading it. It was just like pressing a button and

launching a rocket.

"Oh shit, unnhhgh!" Mindy screamed, her petite young

body immediately rocking with orgasmic convulsions.

"Ooooo, Eddie, I'm cumming!"

Eddie chuckled over the success of his plan, then

groaned with pleasure as her tiny hot cunt convulsed

around his deeply thrusting cock.

His prick got a violent, juicy massage. But once more

he managed to hold off his own orgasm. Eddie wasn't

finished with his horny big sister yet. He was

determined to turn their first fuck into a marathon of

pleasure. That way she'd be more willing to let him

fuck her again whenever he wanted.

"Unnnhhhh, fuck, that's so good... so fucking good!"

Mindy sobbed.

She was cumming hard, and it was taking a long time. It

seemed that every orgasm she had today was stronger

than the last. She had much more lust stored up than

she'd dreamed. It looked as if Vince had spoiled her.

He'd been fucking her so well and so often, she

couldn't do without a hard cock for very long anymore.

That sure was a contrast to the way she'd been a year

ago when she was just starting University. She'd never

had a date, she was shy and awkward around boys, and

worst of all, she'd pretty much believed all that crap

her parents had taught her about sex being dirty and

wicked. Vince had helped her to overcome all of that

stuff. He'd really convinced her that sex was

wonderful. Now she was convincing her brother, although

Eddie sure hadn't needed much persuasion, and the way

he was fucking her so expertly, he'd obviously had a

LOT of practice before too.

He was fucking blissfully into her spasming cunt,

glutting himself on the delicious sensations. Mindy

couldn't believe his stamina. Even Vince never usually

lasted this long, and by the feel of Eddie's rock-hard

prick throbbing in her tightly-packed cunt, her horny

little brother wanted to go another round!

"Good one, Sis?" he asked smugly, when she finally

stopped cumming,

"Ohhhhhh, Eddie! That was fantastic!" murmured Mindy

dreamily. Then she gave her pussy a squeeze around his

deeply imbedded cock. "Doesn't that thing ever go


"Are you complaining, Min?" laughed Eddie, giving his

sister's cunt a long, deep grind with his prick.

"Uhhhhh, noooo!" Mindy moaned. "I just can't believe my

luck, that's all."

"Me either!" grinned Eddie.

He kept up a slow rocking motion, fucking his rigid

prick in and out of his sister's cunt as she lay with

her ass up and her head resting on folded arms. Eddie's

knees were starting to hurt a little as the pebbles

beneath the blanket started to take their toll. Then he

had an idea... a way to fuck that would be comfortable

for both of them.

"Time for another position change, Sis!" he said,

giving Mindy's pert little ass a playful slap. "Why

don't you get on top this time."

"Ohhhhhh, my favorite position!" said Mindy, wriggling

her ass back at her brother suggestively.

"I've got a feeling they're ALL your favorite

positions, Sis," smirked Eddie.

He whipped his glistening cock from her drooling pussy

hole and stretched out on his back. His huge teenage

cock was stiff as a board and pointing at the sky. It

bulged with blue veins, and pearly drops of pre-cum

were oozing from his pisshole to trickle down the oily-

looking shaft. Mindy eyed her brother's cock with

renewed lust and moaned deep in her throat in horny


She crawled over to Eddie and straddled him,

positioning the juicy, gaping lips of her cunt right

over the swollen purple head of her brother's cock.

Teasingly she rubbed her slippery, swollen pussy back

and forth over his sensitive cock head, causing Eddie

to shiver with excitement. Then she pressed her cuntal

opening against the pointed bulb of flesh and sat down

on it.

Mindy slid down the long, thick shaft slowly, pausing

only when Eddie's cock-head pressed against her womb.

Then, with a lust moan and a sexy wriggle of her hips,

she ground her hungry pussy down fully onto his cock,

taking every solid inch until only his big hairy balls

were showing. Her greedy little cunt was stuffed almost

to bursting with her brother's throbbing prick. She

soaked his shaft with molten spurts of cream, and Eddie

lay there glassy-eyed with bliss, looking up at her and

admiring the view.

So far he liked this position best of all. There were

so many exciting things he could see. He ogled his

sister's cute stiff-nippled little tits. He watched her

pretty face contort with lust as she felt his cock

cramming her cunt and throbbing against every inch of

it. He stared at his thick cock as it filled her cunt

and glided to her tight, hot depth, moaning with her as

she squirmed her ass down hard to take the last couple

of inches. The feelings were so good, for a moment he

became totally lost in them, and only regained his

senses when he suddenly became aware that Mindy was

wriggling her pussy back and forth on his cock


"Fuck me, Eddie!" she whimpered, "Please fuck me! I

need it so bad!"

Eddie wished that all the girls he fucked were as horny

as his sister. He'd already lost count of how many

times he'd gotten her off today, but still she was

desperate for more. Luckily he was up for it. He wanted

to fuck her till he wore his cock out, if that was

possible. Growling lustily, he grabbed her by the waist

and started hunching his hips up, hammering his cock up

into her tightly-sucking little fuckhole.

"Ooooo, shit, yessss!" she hissed. "That's it, little

brother, fuck me good and hard! Fuck me with that big,

fat, gorgeous prick!"

Eddie loved watching his sister take his cock. She was

bouncing up and down on him like crazy, riding his

prick like a bucking bronco. Her slim young body shook

and quivered with ecstasy, her luscious tits wobbling

wildly. She screwed her eyes shut and flashed her teeth

in a lusty grimace. Eddie felt her molten cream soaking

his shaft, and he looked down to see it bubbling out

around his deeply-driving cock, coating their pubic

hair with a creamy foam as the fury of his pistoning

prick whipped her hot cunt-juice into a frothy lather.

"That's so fucking good, Eddie," she moaned, "keep

doing it to me as hard as you can. I can take it."

She sure could. Eddie was amazed that his petite

fragile-looking sister could take such rough fucking,

but she seemed to love it. The harder he hammered it

into her, the more excited she got and the more heavily

she creamed. His cock was making an obscene sucking

noise as it squeezed the thick juices from her tightly-

gripping little cunt.

Just thinking about it made Eddie grunt with excitement

and fuck into her even harder. She was bouncing up and

down on his pistoning cock as hard as she could, her

firm little tits shaking and wobbling, her voice hoarse

with pleasure as she moaned and squealed in ecstasy.

She swayed dizzily, and Eddie had to firm his grip on

her waist to keep her from tumbling off him.

"Uuuuuunnngghhhhhhh, Eddie! You're fucking me so good!"

she sobbed, "so damned good.... God, I love your big,

fat cock fucking me!"

Mindy didn't miss Vince at all right now. Her own kid

brother was giving her a fantastic non-stop fucking, so

why did she need Vince? It was great to know that Eddie

would be fucking her all vacation long, that whenever

she was horny all she had to do was give him the eye

and he'd have her on her back, fucking her lights out

before you could say, "big sister is horny".

Right now, her lust was at the boiling point, but

Eddie's steel-hard cock was about to take care of it.

He was spinning out of control, fucking her as fast and

hard as humanly possible, and it was taking her over

the edge, into a violent, cunt-searing orgasm.

Suddenly, Mindy felt the delicious explosion tearing

through her, and she screamed in ecstasy.



GOT ME CUMMING TOO!" Eddie roared.

He felt his sister's convulsing young cunt sucking the

thick jizz out of his cock, and he emptied his balls

into her womb. Grunting like an animal, Eddie arched

his back and slammed his prick, deep up into Mindy's

tightly-clutching little fuckhole, nailing his big

sister's cunt hard and fast as jet after jet of pent-up

sperm spurted from the tip of his frantically fucking


Eddie's sizzling load seemed to make Mindy climax even

more intensely as she felt the hot, thick jets fill her

quivering cunt, prolonging her wild, rolling orgasm

even further. Brother and sister rocked and writhed

together for long wonderful moments, their bodies

wracked with pleasure, until at last, Mindy rolled of

him and sighed.

"Oh shit, did I ever need that!"

"Me, too," Eddie gasped, trying to catch his breath. "I

sure hope we can do it again, Min."

"Are you kidding?" grinned Mindy, giving her brother's

sticky cock a meaningful squeeze. "I'm gonna need this

big hard cock of yours every day for the next six

weeks, little brother. I'll go crazy if I don't get

fucked regularly. But we just gotta remember to be

careful. The shit would really hit the fan if Mom or

Dad ever found out."

"Oh, Christ, Sis, don't even mention that," Eddie

groaned. "We gotta be real careful."

"We sure have, little brother," grinned Mindy, "But I'm

sure there are lots of ways we can get together and

fuck without Mom or Dad ever suspecting. Come on we'd

better get back before they send out a search party for


They arrived home just as Mrs. Masters was Putting

dinner on the table.

"My goodness, you two," she exclaimed, "we were

starting to worry about you. Did you have car trouble

or something?"

"No, Mom, everything's fine," Mindy said cheerily. "I

guess we were having such a good time, we forgot to

look at out watches."

Well one thing was for sure... what she'd told her

mother was certainly the truth. Mindy gave her brother

a conspiratorial wink and smiled as she wondered what

her mother would say if she knew her 'well-behaved' son

and daughter had been screwing like rabbits all

afternoon. She glanced at her brother and saw the same

silly grin on his handsome young face and knew

instantly that Eddie was thing exactly the same thing.

"What are you two, smiling at?" asked their father as

he came into the dining room.

"Nothing Dad," smirked Eddie. "Nothing at all."


Mindy woke up the next morning playing with herself.

Despite the wonderful sex with her brother the day

before, or perhaps because of it, she was still

incredibly horny. Just before she'd woken up, she'd

been having a vague but intensely erotic dream in which

she was making out with handsome young stud whose

features kept changing, from Eddie to Vince and back to

Eddie again. In the dream he'd suddenly disappeared,

and she'd started masturbating.

There she was rubbing her stiff index finger back and

forth over her clit, getting herself all hot and horny,

but there was no way she could do much about it. All

over the house she could hear the rest of the family

going about their daily rituals. Dad was getting ready

for work, Mom was making breakfast, and their younger

brother Roy was heading out on his paper route. There

wasn't any privacy at all.

So she'd just better quit playing with herself, unless

she was prepared to go all the way with it. As much as

she'd like him to, Eddie couldn't finish the job for

her this time. Mindy writhed with frustration. Her sexy

dream had gotten her so turned on, and then she'd

unconsciously rubbed her clit into its own tiny hard-


It was hard to ignore the burning need in her juice-

filled little pussy. She imagined trying to go the

whole day feeling this horny, and she knew she just

couldn't stand it... she'd have to bring herself off

quickly to be on time for breakfast.

Mindy grasped her violently throbbing joy button

between her thumb and forefinger and started kneading

it, feeling the wonderfully satisfying waves of

pleasure rippling through her writhing loins.

"Ooh shit yesssss," she hissed.

Rolling the swollen little nubbin between her fingers,

she quickly brought herself to the brink of climax.

Then, greedily, she let herself just hover there,

prolonging the intense pleasure as much as possible,

moaning helplessly as blast after blast of sweet

sensation, coursed through her quivering body. Mindy

kept one eye on the clock so she wouldn't be late, but

she was determined to get as much out of her rapidly-

approaching orgasm as possible.

Lying there panting and softly moaning, Mindy imagined

how terrific it would feel to have a thick, rock-hard

cock sliding into her cunt just then. It would be the

perfect end to her little fingering session. She'd cum

like crazy, and it would be instantaneous.

God she wished Eddie was here with her now, stroking

his magnificent young cock deep into her hungry little

pussy, just as he'd done so deliciously yesterday.

Mindy creamed furiously and prepared to bring herself

off with her kneading fingers. Just then there was a

loud knock at her door.

"Mindy!" her father called, "You awake yet?"

"Yes, Daddy," Mindy groaned.

"Then hurry up downstairs and help your mother with

breakfast, please honey!"

"O-okay, Daddy," Mindy stammered, pulling her fingers

guiltily from her drooling, unfulfilled cunt-slit.

Seething with frustration, she rolled out of bed,

hurried into her clothes, and dutifully went down to

assist her mother with the breakfast preparations. Her

cunt was on fire. She had almost overpowering urges to

play with herself. But there was nothing she could do

about it now, not with the whole family gathered for

the morning meal.

"You're going to have to start getting up earlier,

young lady," chuckled Ben Masters. "With all you

freeloaders around, your mother can't be expected to do

all the work around here."

"Sorry, Daddy!" Mindy said dejectedly. "Anything I can

help you with today, Mom?"

"Yes there is, sweetheart," Joan Masters said. "I'm

going shopping this morning, so, first you could put on

a few loads of laundry for me, then you could..."

Mindy nodded, but she hardly heard the rest of what her

mother said.

Her interest had perked up when Joan said she wasn't

going to be home. Mom would be on one of her long

shopping trips, Dad would be at work, and Roy would be

out delivering papers. That meant Mindy and Eddie would

be alone together.

Mindy snuck a look at her brother and saw that Eddie

had picked up on it, too. His eyes were hot with

excitement and he winked at her sexily. Mindy creamed

her jeans.

"...do some vacuuming and dusting for me. Okay... Have

you got all that, Mindy?" her mother asked.

"Dust the laundry," muttered Mindy absently, staring at

her brother's bulging crotch and firm young ass as he

got up from the table to put his dirty plate in the


"What?" Joan said, staring at her.

"Uh, yes, Mom... just kidding!" Mindy said, jerking her

mind off her horny fantasies. "Don't worry, I'll take

care of it. You just enjoy your shopping trip."

"Thanks, dear," Joan said, giving her a peck on the

cheek. "I'll see you later."

Roy was already out on his paper route, Dad had just

left for work, and now Mom headed out to her car. Mindy

and Eddie stood at the front window, smiling and waving

to their mother like a scene out of the 'Brady

Bunch'... until she was safely out of sight.

As soon as Joan's car disappeared around the first

corner, Mindy pulled Eddie into her arms and fastened

her hot, eager lips over his, moaning her pent-up lust

into her brother's open mouth. Eddie grabbed her by the

ass with both hands and ground his cock-bulge

suggestively against his sister's equally-eager cunt.

For a long while, they kissed deeply and

passionately... panting and pawing at each other's

bodies like long lost lovers rather than brother and


Mindy was delighted to discover that her cute brother

was just as horny as she was. As they pressed their

bodies together, she could feel his stiff and ready

young prick poking hotly against her pussy. That made

her cock-starved little cunt cream like mad. She

couldn't wait!

"Your bed or mine, little brother?" Mindy gasped


"How about Mom and Dad's bed?" Eddie suggested


"Ohhhhh, Eddie, that's so... so... depraved!" Mindy

laughed, "But what a terrific idea."

They thundered up the stairs two at a time and ran into

the master bedroom. Their parents had a vast king-size

bed, but Mindy doubted it had ever seen much action.

The way her parents talked about sex, they must hardly

ever get it on. But now, at last, the bed was going to

be put to a very good purpose.

Mindy and Eddie started flinging off their clothes in

every direction, too eager to be neat. Naked, they

jumped onto the bed and started kissing and fondling

each other again. Mindy reached down and fisted her

brother's cock, pumping the big, throbbing shaft

eagerly. She felt his hot sticky pre-cum oozing from

his piss-hole and smearing her fingers.

"Shit, did I ever make a mistake last night, Min!" he

groaned. "I told you I was gonna go right to sleep, but

as soon as I got to bed I started feeling horny again.

I wished I'd come to your room like you suggested."

"That'll teach you to listen to your big sister," Mindy

teased, giving her brother's hard cock a suggestive

squeeze. "Any time you're feeling horny, Eddie, you

just come to my room and let me take care of this big,

stiff ol' thing for you, okay!"

"Uhhhh, Jesus, Sis! I wanna fuck you so bad," moaned

Eddie, roughly pushing his sister's slender young legs

wide apart.

"Then do it, Eddie!" she begged, hunching her hips up

at him in an obscene display of shameless, incestuous

lust. "Fuck me! Fuck my hot cunt! Fill me with cock,

little brother!"

Mindy loved it! She got even more horny at the thought

that she could get Eddie so worked up, he couldn't wait

to fuck her.

Snorting with excitement Eddie rolled eagerly on top of

her and mounted his sexy, naked sister. Mindy groaned,

then whimpered with delight as her brother sank down

between her thighs and slid the tip of his hard cock

into her hot, yearning little cuntal opening.

Mindy's tightly-stretched pussy clamped down hard on

Eddie's stiff young prick, squeezing him savagely as he

slammed his entire length into her clinging little

twat. Her juicy cunt soaked his shaft with molten cream

as he crammed it into her deeply, grinding his pubic

bone against her clit so hard that she almost came on

the spot.

"Ooooooh, God! Fuck me, Eddie!... Fuck it into me!" she


"Yeahhhhh, take it, Sis!" he groaned. "Take my big fat

fucking cock right up your hot little cunt!!"

Mindy clung to her brother and whimpered in ecstasy as

he filled her famished cunt with thrust after thrust of

thick throbbing cock-meat. He shoved his hands under

her ass-cheeks, gripped them firmly, and started

pistoning his prick up and down in her hot, juice-slick


Writhing on their parent's bed, like horny, humping

young animals, Eddie fucked his sister ferociously, and

Mindy loved every deep, powerful thrust. She screamed

and hunched her hips up at his pounding cock,

scratching his back with her long nails as she begged

him to fuck her harder... deeper! Soon, Eddie was

pounding his prick into his big sister's cunt so hard,

her head was banging loudly against the headboard, but

neither of them cared.

It was really exciting to be fucking so wildly on their

Mom and Dad's bed. Of course, there'd be hell to pay if

anybody ever found out, but no way could that happen.

Dad had never missed a day of work in his life, and he

never came home before dinner. Mom's shopping trips

were always at least three hours long. So Mindy and

Eddie figured they had plenty of time to satisfy their

incestuous lusts together. At last, they were all alone

in the house.... or almost!

Their younger brother Roy (who for the purposes of this

echo, had just turned 18), had finished his paper route

early and had hurried back to the house. Ordinarily he

would have been in no rush at all. He would probably

have taken the time to go visit his friends and ended

up hanging out with them for the rest of the day. But

there was something suspicious going on at home, Roy

was sure of it, and he wanted to investigate.

He left his bike in the garage and, silently entered

the house through the kitchen, silently opening and

closing the door as he'd done so many times before

coming home late after a particularly heavy date.

He'd noticed Mindy and Eddie giving each other really

odd looks at breakfast when they thought nobody was

watching. What's more... yesterday they'd both gone off

to the lake together without even asking him if he

wanted to come along.

That had really pissed him off!! Just because he was

the youngest, that didn't mean they had to leave him

out of all the fun. Roy was fed up with everyone

ignoring him because he didn't look his age! He was 18,

but his slim, wiry young frame made him look at least

two or three years younger... and everyone, including

his parents, had treated him that way too, for as long

as he could remember.

Ever since he was a little kid, Mindy and Eddie had

ganged up on him, teasing him, playing tricks on him,

ditching him to go do secret things together. Well, he

wasn't having it any more. He knew they were up to

something special and exciting today and that they'd

deliberately left him out of it, but this time Roy was

going to demand to be part of the fun... whatever it


He took off his shoes and left them in the kitchen,

then went silently through the house looking for his

older brother and sister.

There was nobody downstairs, so he crept up the stairs

and started listening at bedroom doors. He was

astonished to hear their voices coming out of their

parent's bedroom.

None of the kids had ever been allowed in there without

permission, so what in hell were Mindy and Eddie up to?

Roy dropped to his knees and peered through the

keyhole. He barely managed to stifle a yelp of

astonishment as his eager young eyes took in the action

on the bed. Mindy and Eddie were squirming around on

Mom and Dad's king-size bed, buck-naked.. and they

were.. they were... fucking! Jesus, they were actually


"Holy shit," Roy muttered.

He blinked and looked again, wanting to make sure his

eyes hadn't deceived him. They hadn't... His brother

was lying on top of Mindy, nailing her gorgeous, naked

ass to the bed with his cock, his own ass muscular

young ass clenching and jerking as he fucked her

ferociously. Mindy was clinging to him, and her pretty

face was all twisted up in a horny grimace which Roy

recognized instantly as uninhibited lust.

"Ooooooh Jesus! Fuck me, Eddie!" his sister wailed,

"Fuck my pussy with your big fat cock, honey!"

"Uhhhhhh, yeahhhh! You... unnnnhhhhhggg... God, you

fuckin' love it, don't you!... you gorgeous slut!"

Eddie groaned.

Roy's cock went steel-stiff in one wrenching lurch, and

again he almost groaned aloud. His suddenly engorged

cock tried to tear its way out of his jeans. For the

last couple of years he'd been obsessed with sex, and

just the merest hint of it was enough to get him horny.

Now he was actually watching two people fuck... his own

sister and brother!... and it was exciting him out of

his mind.

Not that this was anything to be proud of, he reminded

himself. His parents had told him over and over that

sex was just a distraction from more important things

and that he ought to keep his mind on his studies, get

good grades, and resist temptation. They were his

parents, so they must be right, yet Roy had always

found it really hard to follow their advice...

especially now!

It just seemed like he was always getting horny lately.

It didn't take much to set him off. Just watching a

girl with a nice figure or reading some of those sexy

magazines Eddie kept hidden under his bed... that was

enough to give Roy a cock-stand that wouldn't quit.

Then he'd have to jack off or go around with an

embarrassing bulge in his pants all day. Masturbating

was wrong, of course... his parents had always told him

that... but it was better than advertising his lust to

the whole world, wasn't it?!!

Unfortunately, Roy had been plagued with horniness ever

since his fourteenth birthday and never dared do a

thing about it, because of his moralistic parents. He'd

tried to be 'good' boy and had decided to wait for

marriage before doing anything 'sexual'... whatever

that meant! Now, he'd suddenly discovered that his

older brother and sister hadn't waited. They were

obviously just as horny as he was, only they WERE doing

something about it... boy were they DOING something

about it!!! Roy could have kicked himself for being

such a fool.

He watched Eddie hammering his long, stiff cock into

Mindy's upthrust cunt, and he wondered what it would

feel like. His big sister's tight, juicy-looking hole

seemed to cling and suck at his brother's long, thick

pole like a hot little mouth. God he wished he was

fucking Mindy instead of Eddie! His cock was just as

big, he was sure of it!... Why had Mindy chosen Eddie

to fuck her, thought Roy, when his cock was just as

big... and just as horny!!

He pressed his eye back to the keyhole and surveyed the

incredibly arousing scene as his elder brother

continued to screw their sexy big sister deeply.

"Uuuuuhhhh, shit, Sis, your cunt is fuckin' tight!"

Eddie was moaning, his face flushed and lusty. "Jesus,

that feels so goooood!"

"Mmmmmm, baby! It sure does," gasped Mindy. "Don't stop

fucking me, Eddie! Ooooohhhhh, lover.... don't ever


Roy couldn't deny the evidence of his own eyes and

ears. His brother and sister were fucking... and it was

fun!! No matter what their Mom and Dad had told them.

God, it looked like fantastic fun, and he wanted in on


He stared hungrily at Mindy's slender, creamy thighs

wrapped eagerly around Eddie's quivering ass. His sexy

big sister was trying desperately to pull his thickly-

stabbing cock as deeply into her tight, juicy little

cunthole as hard as she could... squealing helplessly

as Eddie fucked her to orgasm.

Roy wanted to do what Eddie was doing. He ached to be

hammering his own stiff young cock deep into his

sister's hot and juicy cunt. His prick strained against

the tight confinement of his jeans. He was sure he

could do just as good a job as his 'big' brother.

As he watched in total frustration, Eddie began to fuck

Mindy faster and faster... they were obviously both

getting more turned on by the second. Even through the

closed door, Roy could hear their naked, sweaty bodies

slapping together... the bedsprings creaking and

groaning... his brother's obscene grunts, and his

sister's high-pitched squeals of pleasure.

Mindy was obviously loving every second of Eddie's big,

thick prick as it pounded into her pussy. Moaning like

a high-school whore, she arched her back up and thrust

her cunt at him savagely, taking her brother's pile-

driving cock as deep as she could get it.

"Unnngghhhh! God, fuck it to me! Fuck it to meeeeeee!!"

she wailed.

Eddie growled lustily and fucked into Mindy's eagerly-

upthrust cunt with lightning speed. Roy wondered how

his petite-bodied sister could take such a furious

pounding, but she went wild, clawing Eddie's shoulders

and screaming at the top of her voice.

Suddenly, Mindy stiffened and gasped, her eyes opening

wide as her curvy little body began to buck like crazy.



"Cum for me, Sis!" hissed Eddie, snarling with lust.

"Cum on my hot fucking cock, you gorgeous slut!


Roy felt like knocking his head against the wall, he

was so jealous and horny, and frustrated. His cock was

so swollen, it ached, and all he could think of was

slamming it full-length into Mindy's tight, juicy,

willing little slot, just like his big brother was

doing. He was really pissed off at Eddie and Mindy.

They must think he was just a little kid, but they were


That was a man-size cock trying to tear its way out of

his jeans, and he had a man's needs and lusts.

Sometimes he would jack off four or five times a night

as he thought about girls and sex. Jesus, he'd just

turned eighteen for crissakes! It was high time he lost

his virginity.

Roy shivered with longing as he watched his brother and

sister fucking each other to orgasm, writhing together

on their parent's bed like a couple of rutting animals.

Finally they went still and Eddie rolled off to the

side, revealing Mindy's cute little tits and pussy to

her young, peeping brother.

Roy's stiff cock gave a frantic lusty jerk and began to

drool hot, sticky pre-cum at the sexy sight. His big

sister's cunt looked so wet and tight and juicy, even

after Eddie had fucked her so hard and cum in her cunt.

God, she looked so sexy, he thought. He wondered how it

would feel to ram his own stiff, hard cock into that

tight little hole of hers.

"God, that was good!" Eddie was saying. "Wanna go

again, Sis? I bet I can get it up in a minute!"

"Are you sure?" Mindy frowned. "What about Roy?"

"Nah, he never comes home right after his paper route,"

Eddie assured her. "He always hangs out with his

friends. Besides, if he came home we'd hear him,


That shows how much you know, big brother, Roy thought

with a wicked grin.

"Okay, little brother," Mindy grinned. "You talked me

into it! But, how 'bout you give me a little tongue

action first!!"

"Great!!" he leered, "Spread, Sis, and I'll suck you

all the way to heaven!"

"You wish, Superman!" grinned Mindy as she bent her

knees and spread her legs wide.

Roy stared open-mouthed at his sister's gaping, naked

slit. He'd seen pussies in those girlie magazines of

Eddie's, but none as pretty as his sister's. He studied

the tender pink flesh and its delicate fringe of soft

brown curls. Mindy was rubbing a little lump of flesh

at the very top of her gash and moaning sensuously,

undulating her ass helplessly up and down off the bed.

"Suck my clit, Eddie, baby!" begged his horny big

sister. "Suck it good and make me cum!"

Roy's view of Mindy's pussy was blocked as Eddie

eagerly crawled between her creamy thighs and brought

his face right up to her naked pussy. To Roy's

surprise, his brother stuck out his tongue and started

gently licking up and down the length of Mindy's hot,

juicy-looking cunt-slit. Then, as their sexy sister

writhed her naked ass around on their parent's bed,

Eddie's hungry lips surrounded Mindy's stiff,

protruding little joy button, and all hell broke loose!

Her slim young hips thrust up off the bed, grinding her

wet, gaping pussy against Eddie's wide-open mouth like

there was no tomorrow. He was licking his tongue right

into her cunt! Roy couldn't believe it! Mindy's eyes

kind of glazed over and her cheeks got so red and

flushed, Roy thought his sexy big sister was going to

burst a blood vessel. It was clear that she loved the

feel of Eddie's stiff, flicking tongue on her pussy...

Roy couldn't wait to try that!

"Ummmmmmm, yeahhhh, a little faster, Eddie!" instructed

Mindy, breathlessly. "Oooooohhh, baby! Uuuungghhhh...

God! Lick my clit! Ummmmm, suck me, baby, ohhhhhh,

yeahhh, that's it!"

Roy sure wished it was him licking his big sister's

lewdly-offered cunt, instead of of Eddie. He had an

insane urge to rush into the room, pull his brother off

her and lash his tongue all over Mindy's hot, tasty-

looking young pussy until she called out his name as

loudly as she was squealing out his brother's!

He watched enviously as Eddie gave their gorgeous older

sister head. Eddie caught on real fast, and soon he had

a good rhythm going, his pointed tongue tip lashing

swiftly around the throbbing shaft of Mindy's engorged

and super-sensitive clit.

"Ooooohhh, Jesus, little brother, who taught you to

suck pussy like thaaaattt!" she gurgled. "That feels

just fantastic! Unnnnnmmmmm, God, don't stop!!"

Eddie's head was bobbing up and down, and Roy could

hear the obscenely wet snorting and sucking sounds his

brother's mouth was making in their sister's cunt as he

slurped up her tangy pussy cream. Roy was just about

ready to scream with unrequited lust! In total

frustration he pulled out his cock.

"Unnnhhh, fuck, Eddie, that's so damned good," Mindy

whimpered. "Get me off now, honey. Suck my clit real

hard! Make me cummmm!!!"

Eddie jammed his mouth down over is sister's

throbbingly-erect fuck-button and started to suck,

hard. His sucking was slow and awkward at first, but

Mindy's lustily jerking hips indicated the speed and

rhythm she wanted, and Eddie quickly caught on. Soon,

her brother was sucking so expertly on her hotly

throbbing clit, Mindy was almost going out of her mind

with excitement!

"Ohhhhh, Jesus, yesssss," she screeched, "Suck it,

baby!!! UhhFUCK! Suck me OFF!"

Eddie gave her what she wanted, sucking furiously and

loudly on his sister's stiff, protruding joy-button,

bringing her to the very brink of climax. Once more

Mindy stiffened briefly and gave a loud, hoarse gasp.

She was cumming again, her petite young body shaking

and bucking in incestuous orgasm.

"Ohhhhhh, fuck, you did it, whhhaaahhh!" she howled.

Roy muffled an ecstatic groan and sizzled his young

load hard against the bedroom door. His flying fist

pumped the molten cum from his cock so savagely, he

barely managed to keep from yelping with relief. It was

a few seconds before he looked through the keyhole

again, and when he did, his sexy sister was still

squirming and shuddering with the delicious after-

shocks of her own powerful orgasm.

"Mmmmmm, Eddie, that was fantastic," she moaned,

stroking the back of her brother's head, "You sure have

a big, hard tongue!!"

"All the better to lick your hot, tasty little twat

with, Sis!" grinned Eddie proudly, wiping Mindy's juice

from his chin with the back of his hand. "Want me to

suck you off again?"

"Ohhhh, Eddie, would you?!!" exclaimed Mindy, wiggling

her hot young ass all over the bed. "If you do, you can

fuck me all night if you want... I won't care!"

"Ohh, you'll care alright, Sis!" grinned Eddie

spreading his sister's creamy thighs wide and draping

her legs over his shoulders.

"Uuuuummhhhhh God, I hope so!" said Mindy, with a

wicked glint in her eye.

Roy couldn't believe how hot and slutty his sexy big

sister had suddenly become! His brother was fucking

her... and he wanted to fuck her too!

With a feeling of total frustration, Roy watched Eddie

go belly-down between Mindy's eagerly parted thighs and

once again bring his face within an inch of their

sister's luscious-looking slit. As Roy groaned silently

in agony, Eddie shot out his tongue, flicking it

roughly up and down their sister's slit, poking in and

out, lashing the glistening pink flesh of her cunt as

if it was a tasty treat he had to devour before anyone

else claimed it. Eddie had no idea how close to the

truth that description really was!

"Unnnhhhhh, yeah, Eddie! Lick me, baby!" Mindy moaned,

"...just keep doing that till you get me really hot!"

Roy thought his sister was acting pretty hot already,

but what did he know? His parent had never allowed him

to be alone with a girl, in the house! Shit, he'd never

really dated until last year! It was really a drag

having such strict parents, though he'd always tried to

obey them. Now, to witness his brother fucking their

gorgeous, cock-stiffening sister was totally


To the young boy's mind, Eddie and Mindy were having a

terrific time together, while he was out in the hall

peering through the keyhole and jacking off..... It

would be a lot more fun to join the party!

"Ohhhhh Jesussss, Eddie, yesssss!" Mindy hissed, "Now

you've got me really turned on! Stick your tongue in my

cunt and fuck me with it... Ummmmmm, baby! That's gonna

get me off like crazy!"

Eddie chuckled as he got the picture. Then he made his

tongue long and stiff and crammed it hard into his

sister's cunt. Mindy almost flew off the bed. She let

out a shrill howl of pleasure and soaked her brother's

face with a helpless blast of hot cream. Eddie's head

began to bob furiously as he worked his tongue deep

into her tasty little pussy-hole, pistoning it in and

out, just like a stiff, hard cock.

"Uhhh, fuck, yesssss! Lick it, honey, that's great,"

Mindy sobbed, "keep doing that to me, don't stop."

Roy's cock slowly rose to full attention as he watched

and envied his older brother. He was positive he could

do everything Eddie was doing and that he could give

his sexy big sister just as much pleasure as Eddie was

giving her, if only they'd give him a chance. But

they'd always left him out of their adventures. They'd

always regarded him as the baby of the family. (even

though he was a legal, 18-year-old and also had a

Canadian passport!) He just had to convince them that

he wasn't a little kid any more. Surely, his rock-hard

cock ought to be proof of that.

"Lick me, Eddie! Suck my hot, fuckin' cunt!" Mindy


She was really getting off on Eddie's furious tongue-

fucking. She had her eyes screwed shut in total

ecstasy, her face all contorted with hot lust, and she

was clawing the bed. She'd arched her slim body to take

Eddie's pistoning tongue as deep as she could in the

molten tunnel of her cunt. She whimpered steadily as

his flying tongue worked her toward orgasm.

"Uhhh, yeahhh, just a little more, honey," she moaned,

"Lick my pussy Eddie, I'm almost there!"

Roy imagined his big sister moaning those sexy words to

him, and once more his stiff young teenage cock was

trying to tear its way out of his jeans. Well, this

time he wasn't going to jack off to some faceless big-

titted fantasy slut... this time he was going to cum

with a real girl... his own sexy sister... and after

what he'd just seen, she was definitely HOT for it, and

he WASN'T going to take NO for an answer!

The moment Mindy finished cumming, he was going to

march right in there and demand to join the fun. At

least that was what he told himself as he watched Eddie

tongue-fuck their cute sister to the very brink of


Mindy hovered there, clawing at the bedspread and

gurgling as blast after blast of pleasure ripped

through her insatiable young pussy. She could have cum

easily, but she was prolonging the excitement, gorging

herself on those wonderful sensations. Finally the

pleasure exploded inside her.

"OH FUCK! I'M CUMMING!!" she wailed.

At his sister's lusty cry, Roy stood up and gripped the

doorknob, gathering all his courage, and opened the

door. Mindy still had her eyes closed in total ecstasy,

hunching her slender hips up at the deliciously stiff

and probing tongue buried in her pussy. Eddie had his

face pressed into Mindy's upthrust cunt holding her

juicy, pink slit open with his thumbs as he licked his

sister through the last delicious orgasmic spasms or

her orgasm... neither of them noticed Roy till he'd

crossed the room and was standing right beside the bed

rubbing his stiff cock through his pants. Then Mindy

opened her eyes and gasped.

"Uh-oh, Eddie," she cried, "we've got company."

"Huh?" Eddie exclaimed, looking up. Then he scowled.

"Shit, Roy, what the fuck do you think you're doing

sneaking in here like that?!" he growled, "This is

private! Piss off!!"


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