Khan's Mystery Girl

Alicia's Disappearing Act

Alicia's screams only lasted a few seconds then she slowly trailed her eyes to Kirk's eyes and he could tell by looking into her eyes that she was in pain. But as he looked her over, he couldn't see any injuries - None that were visible anyway.

"Allow me, Captain!"

Carol Marcus came up beside him and pressed her body up against his as she tried to take Alicia from him. Oh, how he'd love to get even closer to this body... No, he should stop thinking along those lines, he had his crew to think about at this moment.

The Enterprise continued to jerk about and Kirk quickly handed Alicia over to her and he quickly stood up taking in the situation around him; Sulu was trying his hardest to keep the ship steady, but with Marcus's ship firing on them it wasn't helping.

Kirk knew he had to get his head in gear if he wanted to save his crew and the ship. He looked out the main screen and noticed they had dropped out of warp, he hoped and prayed they were still very close to Earth. "Where are we?" He asked Sulu, trying to keep his voice calm, but he knew he had failed.

"Systems are all over the place, can't get a persist reading. I'd say that knocked us out of the Solar System altogether." Sulu responded as he continued to try and control the ship the best he could.

Kirk started cursing to himself, great just what they needed; they were nowhere near Earth now. Kirk knew he still had to deal with the situation, first things first; the damage of the ship so far at least and see what they had left to deal with. "Damage report!" He asked as he looked around the bridge.

The crew started flying reports one by one as the ship continued jerking them about. Kirk knew there wasn't much time left for the crew and somehow they had to get away from here, away from Marcus and his advanced ship. "Evasive manoeuvres! Get us out of here, right now."

At that very moment he was thrown forward and somehow managed to grab hold of the railing behind his chair to steady himself, the next minute someone was standing right up close to him, he just assumed they had gotten thrown the same way he did so he continued around the person. But the person continued to stay close to him and as he was about to step back to find out who it was the person started yelling at him.


He realised it was Carol, but Kirk knew he didn't have time for whatever she wanted to say, his main priority right now was getting them out of this mess.

"Everyone on this ship is going to die if you don't let me speak to him." Carol stepped right up into his face, determined to get his attention.

Kirk knew that the ship wouldn't get away, not with Marcus's ship being 10 times faster than the Enterprise. Maybe Carol could convince her father to stop firing, especially if he knew his daughter was on board.

He quickly turned around to face Uhura, who was looking their way, thinking the same thing, but was waiting for the order first. "Uhura, hail them!" Uhura did almost instantly before he even finished what he was saying. Kirk turned back to Carol and nodded his head, giving her permission to speak.

"Sir, it's me; It's Carol!" She said while turning around to face the viewing screen.

A few more blasts continued to hit the ship and Kirk wondered if the man was that insane, that he wouldn't even stop for his own daughter, but just then he felt no more hits to the ship, and everything went quiet, not a sound was heard except deep intakes of breath, him included. Marcus then appeared on the viewing screen with a look of shock and confusing and a hint of anger.

"What are you doing on that ship?" Admiral Marcus demanded.

As Carol started talking to her father about the situation and trying to convince her father not to attack the Enterprise. He slowly looked around the bridge, at his crew; most of them were at their stations watching what was going on, others were still dealing with things on their controls, at the same time he saw Alicia was sitting on the step beside his chair with her head resting back on the beam, which was behind her; eyes traveling from Marcus to his with that same fear, which was surely showing through his own eyes.

"Actually Carol, I won't."

After that comment from Admiral Marcus, Kirk turned back to the woman in front of him and saw a familiar set of lights swirling around her and knew that Marcus was doing the same thing he did to Alicia earlier. "Can you intercept the transport signal?" Even as Kirk said this, he knew the answer would be the same as before, so he turned straight to Alicia, hoping she could help Carol the same way she did herself.

"No, sir!" Sulu responded.

"Please, stop this Alicia?" He tried asking nicely, but for some reason she just stared back in confusion.

"And how do I do that?" She responded with her own question as she turned back to watch Carol.

Carol started rushing past him as the lights continued to swirl around her; trying to confuse the signal of the transporter, but as the bridge doors opened to allow her to leave, she just slowly vanished instead.

"Captain Kirk, without authorization and in league with the fugitive known as John Harrison, you and your crew went rogue in enemy territory, leaving me no choice but to hunt you down and destroy you."

Kirk continued to watch as the bridge doors slowly closed again, but as soon as he heard and understood what Marcus said, he knew this was is last chance to plead with him, if only to save his crew. "WAIT, SIR!" Kirk quickly yelled, while turning back to the viewing screen; somehow he had to get Marcus to listen, he had to do something and he was running out of options and fast. He rushed over to the viewscreen as fast as his legs could carry him... he knew the whole bridge was watching him and he was the only one who could possibly save them.

"Lock Phasers!" Marcus continued giving orders to his crew, annoying Kirk completely.

"WAIT, WAIT, WAIT!" He continued yelling; Kirk knew he couldn't give up.

Kirk now stood right in front of the view screen, with his back to the crew, but he realised Marcus still wasn't going to listen or look his way, but damn it, he had to get him to listen.

"I'll make this quick. Target all the torpedoes on the renegade's bridge." Marcus continued with his demands.

"Sir, my crew was only following my orders. I take full responsibility for my actions, but they were mine and mine alone. If I transmit Khan's exact locations to you now, all I ask is that you spare them." Kirk was glad that he now had Marcus attention, he just hoped and prayed that it would work, but as Marcus just stared back at him, he knew he had to continue to beg him; his crew was his main priority, they had to survive, even if he didn't.

"Please sir, I'll do anything you want, just let them live." Kirk tried one last time.

To start with he thought Marcus was going to do just that; as for a moment there was a little bit of concern in his eyes, but it didn't seem to last, he still went on demanding not to leave any witnesses to what he is up to and what he is doing right now.

"Fire!" Marcus gave his last command before the screen went blank.

Kirk slowly turned to face his crew, he couldn't believe this was happening, he had only done what he thought was right; his crew didn't deserve to go down with him. As he started looking at each member of his crew, he could only say one thing; "I'm sorry!"

Kirk knew he had failed his crew; failed as Captain! He started to realise that the crew weren't looking at him with hatred, as he had expected; now he had gotten them killed, but no, they were looking at him with concern and sorrow, exactly what he was feeling for his crew right now. Then and there Kirk knew that he and his crew truly belonged together, he just wished that Scotty was here with them, well in a way he was glad Scotty wasn't... at least he will get to live on after them.

Kirk then realised that Alicia wasn't where he last saw her, he slowly looked around the bridge, but there was no sign of her, she had vanished completely. Where the hell had she gone? Must of ran off after loverboy as soon as she realised she was going to die; Thinking of Alicia made him remember her so called father and his friend... Christopher Pike and what he had said to him about failing his crew, as always Chris was right, why, did I have to be the way I was? Just then, 'Bones's' face came into his mind, he just wish he could see him again before they were all killed, but he knew there wasn't time.

Their weapons are powered down, sir!" Sulu suddenly added in a quiet tone, which was unusual for him.

Kirk took that moment to stare at Sulu in shock; was he telling a last minute joke to relax them all, but one thing he knew about Sulu was that he wouldn't kid around at a time like this.

Just then Kirk heard another voice, which he didn't think he would ever hear again.

"Enterprise... can you hear me?" Scotty's voice echoed around the bridge

"Scotty!" Kirk quickly said in confusion; where was his voice coming from?

"Guess what I found behind Jupiter?" Scotty answered in his usual manner.

That question confused him for a moment until he realised where Marcus's ship had come from. Kirk quickly turned back to face the view screen where he could still see Marcus's ship. "You're on that ship!" Kirk spoke his thoughts aloud.

"I sneaked on, and seeing as I've committed an act of treason against a Starfleet Admiral, I'd really like to get off this bloody ship, now beam us out of here."

Kirk knew that Scotty had saved them, even if only for a short time, but that amount of time might just give him time to come up with something else. "You're a miracle worker... we're really low on power right now. But stand by, stand by!" Kirk said with excitement in his voice.

Just then Kirk realised what Scotty had said; 'Us!' What did he mean by us? Who was the other person with him? The only other person who could be with him was Keenser, but it was really strange for Scotty to do that, he knew they were inseparable, but very unlike Scotty to take him with him to an unknown destination, that could easily get him killed.

"What do you mean your low on power? What happened to the Enterprise?" Scotty interrupted Kirk's thoughts.

Kirk slowly shook his head, it didn't really matter at this moment anyway, all that mattered was that Scotty was there and had saved them. He started wondering how to tell Scotty about their situation when Scotty jumped in with his own answer.

"Oh my god, the warp core... We have to go!" Scotty said as if reading Kirk's thoughts.

How did Scotty know that? This really did confuse him, until Kirk realised that Scotty had cut the communication altogether. "Scotty!" Kirk shouted hoping to hear his voice again, even though he knew it was useless.

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