Khan's Mystery Girl

Scotty's Mystery Helper

On his way to Sickbay, Kirk hoped the plan he had come up with would work and he could take Marcus's ship from the inside. That was the only way he could see out of this, that's why he didn't want Spock to go with him; it will be very dangerous and he might not survive.

Upon entering Sickbay, Khan was seated on one of the biobeds with six security personnel around him, but there was no sign of Alicia; he assumed that she had come here to be with her boyfriend when Marcus's was about to destroy the Enterprise. Kirk continued looking around, but there was still no sign of her. Where, the hell had she gone? He had enough on his plate already than to worry about what she was up to!

Approaching Khan, Kirk stood directly in front of him; determined to find out where Alicia had gone, he didn't trust her, no matter how much she went on as if he did.

Khan just sat there staring back at him with a smirk on his face, it looked to Kirk like he was trying to mock him, as if he knew what was going on and for some reason didn't fear death, which would happen to everyone aboard the enterprise if he didn't act now, but first thing first, he had to know where Alicia was. "Where is she?"

Khan's face turned to confusion and then quickly turned to concern as if he just realised who Kirk was talking about. His face slowly turned to anger as he leant his face closer. "What the hell have you done to, Alice?" Khan demanded to know.

What he had done to her! What a cheek! He had been more than kind enough to her, despite who she was involved with and the way her temper had almost gotten them all killed, even if that wasn't her intention. "I was asking you the same question."

Khan had decided not answer, which was winding Kirk up no end; he knew he had to remain calm if he wanted to get his help.

To distract himself for a moment, he took a look around the room for his CMO. Bones was about to sit down at a table that contained a 'Tribble', that they had encountered a month or so back, he really didn't want to remind himself of that encounter. The thing Kirk wanted to know was if Alicia had been in here at all, Kirk knew that his friend would tell him straight. "Bones!"

McCoy turns to face Kirk for a moment before he sat down at the table and typical of Bones, he knew what Kirk was going to say before he even asked the question; Bones knew him too well, properly better than he knew himself.

"I haven't seen her," McCoy went on in his usual manner, "I have better things to do than to babysit some girl."

Bones would never change and Kirk hoped he never did, he was very amusing in his own way.

Kirk knew he had to get back to the matter at hand; he didn't know how long they had before Marcus had full control of his weapons again. He truly needed to know where the hell Alicia had disappeared to?

Khan then took that moment to speak, "If anything bad as happened to her, Captain..." It seemed that Khan hadn't quite finished having a go at him. "I will personally destroy your ship from the inside out, that's if Marcus doesn't do that himself."

How did Khan know everything? He bet, Khan did know where Alicia was or he properly would have been off searching the ship himself by now, but he just sat there grinning back at him.

How much more time would they have before Marcus realised what Scotty and Keenser had done? Kirk knew he had to forget about Alicia for the time being and just hoped she wasn't making the situation worse. "Tell me what you know about that ship?" he asked Khan.

"Answer my question and then I'll answer yours."

What was Khan playing at? He must know that time was at state. For some reason, Khan just sat there grinning back at him and this was making Kirk's hands clutch into fists at his sides; he so wanted to wipe that smirk off his face, but he knew that would only hurt him more. So he had to find another to do that and finally get him to realise how serious this was. "This is no time for games, your life is also at stake here if hadn't realised. I doubt you are bulletproof to the weapons on that ship; Alicia and your crew."

Khan flinched a little and Kirk knew he had hit a sore point, even if it didn't last long, Khan was now trying to stare him down with his eyes.

"So I will ask you, one last time, what do you know about that ship?" Kirk demanded to know.

Khan all of a sudden went very quiet and it looked like he was thinking hard. Kirk doubted he would have to think for long; Khan seemed to know everything as if he was from the future and not the past, but he knew it was because he had been on that ship before.

"Dreadnought class; two times the size, three times the speed, advanced weaponry, modified to be operated by a minimal crew," Khan continued as if the words were right in front of him. "Unlike most Federation vessels, it is built solely for combat."

Just what Kirk had been dreading, but still he had no choice in the matter; he had to still go ahead with his plan and somehow get Khan to help him, but before he asked, he had to make sure Khan knew he was still sending him to trial, that if they ever did make it back to Earth. "I will do everything I can to make you answer for what you did... But right now I need your help."

"What's in it for me?"

Kirk should have known that Khan wouldn't do anything unless it benefited him. He should have suspected that answer, even though Khan's life was at stake as well as everyone else on this ship; included his girlfriend. (Wherever the hell she was) Khan seemed to be so hooked on his crew, maybe he could use them to get his help. If not them, maybe Alicia. "I can guarantee the safety of your crew."

"Captain, you can't even guarantee the safety of your own crew."

He knew that part was true and he supposed his own crew knew that too. One thing he was sure of though and that was to fight for them until his last breath left his body.

"After everything Alice told me, I thought you would have been more convincing than this." Khan continued to mock him.

At this moment none of that mattered and if Alicia was from the future, they most somehow survive this, but he wouldn't leave that to chance; the future can be changed at any time.

Kirk started looking around the room behind Khan, hoping something else would come to mind, he had to convince him somehow. He could see McCoy ahead of him, who had his back to them, Kirk could see he was messing about with that 'Tribble'. "Bones, what are you doing with that Tribble?" He asked, not really caring.

"Tribble is dead, I'm injecting it with Khan's platelets…"

As McCoy kept going on, Kirk wasn't taking that much notice, he never understood him when he went on about Medical things. He truly needed to get Khan's help, he couldn't go over to that ship without him; Khan, maybe the only one that knows the layout of that ship, maybe Alicia did as well, but she was nowhere to be found, probably hiding, letting everyone else deal with this. Somehow Kirk doubted if Alicia did become a member of his crew, he wouldn't have anyone on his ship that didn't pull their weight; his crew had to work together or they wouldn't still be here now.

When Bones had finished going on, Kirk stared right back at Khan and just decided to ask again, as he didn't have anything to offer Khan and just prayed he would still help. "So, are you coming with me or not?"

The next minute, Khan leapt off the bio-bed which made him jump back quickly; he didn't trust Khan and that jump was unexpected, but he could see the grin on Khan's face as he did. Kirk knew he did it on purpose and loved it when people acted scared of him and who wouldn't be if someone like Khan went up against someone with less strength and speed.

"So Jumpy, Captain!" Khan stated with enthusiasm.

The security personnel continued to surround Khan as they lead him out of sickbay and Kirk followed beside him as Uhura's voice come over, saying she had Scotty on his comm. Kirk didn't waste any time in telling Scotty what he was planning to do, but what totally shocked him was Scotty's answer.

"I can't believe you are really going to do that, you both are clearly insane."

How did Scotty know about Khan coming with him? He hadn't mentioned that part yet; how can Scotty know everything he is going to do, when he is on another ship? He hoped no-one else on that ship knew, or he would be dead as soon as he got on board.

Scotty continued going on "All I need to know is how you are going to do that?"

Kirk moved his communicator towards Khan; who was the only best person to relate that information, but just has Khan started speaking, Scotty interrupted him, which totally confused Kirk even more. What the hell was going on over there?

"I'm being lead there, as you speak."

Khan looked as confused as he was about this other person; it couldn't be Keenser, as he wouldn't know anything about that ship, so who else was with Scotty?

Khan read his thoughts. "Who is leading you?"

"Can't say!"

"This is no time for games Mr. Scott..."

"… The person wishes to remain unknown."

Kirk thought about that answer and all could come up was; who would know the layout of that ship? A member of Marcus's crew that who, could this person be leading them all into a trap? Kirk knew he had to let Scotty aware of this, but once again Khan could read his mind and was speaking for him once again.

"No-one is trustworthy aboard that ship."

"The person says to tell you, it's Sin-like... No, hold on a moment, Sin... Ike! Scotty answered.

What sort of name was that? No-one could have a name like that unless it was a code name.

Khan took that moment to smile and it gave Kirk a nervous feeling inside; Khan must know this person, must be someone from when he worked on that ship, but someone who worked with Khan himself, was an enemy to him, well someone he shouldn't trust anyway. Kirk truly didn't like this one bit, but he still knew he had to head into the unknown if there was any chance of saving his crew and the Enterprise. He just wondered who could be waiting for him on the other ship besides Scotty.

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