Khan's Mystery Girl

The Mysterious 'Sinike'

Six security officers continued to follow behind Kirk, as both he and Khan made their way along the corridors of the Enterprises, still communicating with Scotty and whoever else was with him on Marcus's ship.

Who could this 'Sinike' person be? Was he another person that worked with Khan on that ship or maybe he was another argumentative; that last thought really scared Kirk, he couldn't bring himself to go up against two like 'Khan'. Not that it made any difference, he still had to go over and face the person, especially if he ever wanted to save his own family.

"When you get there, you need to find the manual override to open that airlock." Khan continued communicating thought Kirk's comm.

"Are you crazy? Scotty asked 'Whoever you are'? He continued to ask in an even higher tone.

Scotty sounded very unsure about all this and Kirk knew why... Manuel opening an airlock in space was very dangerous and an insane thing to do, but it was the only thing left. "Just listen to him, Scotty. It's going to be alright..."

Scotty interrupted him, "It's not going to be alright; you want me to open an airlock into space, whereupon 'Sinlike' and I will freeze, die and explode." He went on, in his usual manner.

"'Sinike'!" Khan corrected Scotty.

"Whatever... The fact still stands."

Scotty disconnected the comm again, but it didn't matter, Kirk knew that he would still do what he was told, he just prayed that this would all work out.

As they entered the airlock area to his own ship, Khan and Kirk started suiting up. Kirk started to remember the last time he put on a spacesuit... He couldn't believe that was only a year ago, he knew this was almost the same thing except this time he was heading across space and not down to a planet, but the main purpose was the same; he only had one chance to get it right.

Kirk really didn't want to think about that right now, he needed something to take his mind off the situation and deal with it when the moment presents itself. He started thinking about Alicia and where she was at this moment; if she knew his crew very well, he guessed she would know the ship just as well, but was she trying to help them or make things worse? Kirk just wished he knew where she was.

They both climbed down into the vent where the main airlock door was and Scotty also took that moment to come back on the comm, to remind him why they were doing this.

"Captain, they have locked out access to the main computer; they will have full weapons in 3 minutes... That means next time I won't be able to stop them from destroying the enterprise," Scotty warned him.

"Understood Scotty, have you arrived yet?"

"No, stand by."

Kirk didn't want to hurry Scotty, but 3 minutes wasn't much time at all; In that amount of time they had to get across to the other ship, get to the bridge and bring down Marcus. He knew he was doing it again... Thinking ahead and he knew he couldn't do that, or he wouldn't be able to go through with this. One step at a time!

Spock's voice comes through the ships main comm, letting them aware that they had the Enterprise all lined up with the other ship. Now they were just waiting for Scotty to get back to them and one thing he hated was standing around like this, it got him thinking too much and making him regret what he was about to do, he needed another distraction. "Spock, has there been any sign of Alicia?"

Khan took that moment to turn his head and grin at him, before turning back around again. Kirk now knew for certain that Khan did know the whereabouts of Alicia. Of course he would, this was his game they were playing and everyone on board had to play along, for the time being anyway. Alicia would be in on his game as well, and that was starting to scare him. What were they up to and why did it involve Alicia taking off? Which was one thing he truly hated, not knowing what was going on, especially on his ship.

"Miss Pike is back on the bridge and now under heavy guard," Spock answered him.

At last, now that did help calm him down a little, he just wanted to know what the hell she had been up to. He was about to get Spock to ask her when Scotty chose that moment to come back through.

"I'm in the hanger! Give me a minute."

Alicia would have to wait till they got back. If they did make it back alive... No, he wasn't going to think about that. One step at a time... Come on Scotty, we need to get moving. "Scotty!"

"I'm running, stand by!" Scotty sounded very breathless.

That ship must have a pretty big hanger; bigger than the enterprise. Of course it would be, it was almost 10 times bigger than Enterprise put together. Kirk just prayed it didn't take them long to get from the hanger to the bridge, that's why he needed Khan's help.

"Whoo, Whoo! Hold on there, Captain." Scotty continued "This door is very wee; I mean it's small, four square meters tops; it will be like jumping out of a moving car, off a bridge and into your shot glass."

Now that did sound very familiar, Deja-Ave! "It's O.K, I've done it before."

Khan stared at him in surprise... He was about to explain but decided against it. What did it matter to him? Now Kirk had to get Scotty to calm down and continue; there was no more time to waste. "Scotty…"

Khan turned back around and continued for him. "Manual override!"

"Did you find the manual override?" Kirk asked in his own way.

"No, not yet, not yet!"

Scotty sounded like he was running again and getting more out of breath. Then it dawned on Kirk... Where was this 'Sinike' person? Wouldn't he be able to point it out to Scotty and get them moving already? "Scotty, where is 'Sinike'; can't he explain it to you?

Spock took that moment to interrupt "Captain before you launch, you should be aware that there is considerable, amount of debris between our ships…"

"Spock, not now!" He interrupted. "Scotty, are we good?"

He knew Spock was just doing his job and warning him of the hazards that were ahead of them, but he couldn't deal with that right now, he wanted Scotty to hurry up and find the override.

"It's not easy, just give me 2 seconds, alright… You mad bastard!" Scotty mumbled, but loud enough for them all to hear.

Scotty was under a lot of pressure and it wasn't easy at all, but no matter how much Kirk wanted to get moving, he knew there was no point putting more pressure on Scotty; he was doing the best he could.

They finally did make it onto the other ship and in one piece, but that certainly was very terrifying, he truly thought his moment was up then, but as usual Scotty saved them at the last moment and now Kirk could see and feel how big this hanger truly was; he had gone all stiff and sore after that roll down the hangar to where Scotty was at the other end and all on his own.

"Welcome aboard!" Scotty announced as he stared at them both in shock.

Everything at that moment came flooding back to him; how badly he treated Scotty the last time they spoke, face to face before Scotty resigned. "It's good to see you, Scotty." Kirk smiled briefly and knew they needed to talk, but now wasn't the time.

Scotty nodded, before turning to face Khan as if knowing and agreeing to his thoughts. "Who is that?" Scotty asked.

"Khan, Scotty! Scotty, Khan." Kirk quickly made introductions.

"Hello!" Scotty said as he nodded his head towards Khan.

Khan had decided not to answer Scotty or even look his way; he was busy looking around the hangar, so Kirk decided that this was the best moment to finally find out who this 'Sinike' person was and wherever that person had gone, "Scotty, who is this 'Sinike' and where is he now?"

"'Sinlike' didn't want to hang about and to be honest, I don't blame her; I nearly didn't survive myself."

Kirk realised straight away that Scotty had mentioned that this 'Sinike' was a girl, but before he could even say or think anything more, Khan took that moment to remind them of their situation.

"They will know we are here… I know the best way to the bridge."

Of course they would, it was the same with the Enterprise; if anyone left or entered his ship, by means of overriding things manually, all that was reported to the bridge and to him straight away.

They both started to follow Khan out of the hangar. Kirk hoped, he was leading them to the bridge, where Marcus was and that they made it in time before he destroyed the Enterprise and the only family he had.

They continued moving through the ship until they ran into a few crew members, Kirk was glad that this ship didn't need so many crew members, it helped them get so far without bumping into anyone until now that was... They somehow managed to knock the other crew members out, mostly with Khan's help!

After the fight Kirk realised that Khan had vanished, he was their only guide through this ship. Where had he gone? He and Scotty continued walking on, hoping they were heading in the right direction.

All of a sudden they started hearing someone talking up ahead. Kirk knew it was Khan's voice, so they both made their way towards his voice. Then another voice was heard, who was Khan talking to? Kirk knew it was a female voice; He wished he could make out what they were saying, but they were talking too quietly for him to understand the words.

"That's 'Sinlike'!" Scotty quickly stated.

Kirk really wanted to meet this 'Sinike' person, who Scotty kept pronouncing wrong. He wondered if Alicia knew who this girl was! Just then the voice's stopped and all went quiet again.

They both stopped walking and Kirk turned to look at Scotty, who was just as puzzled as he was, with what was going on.

"This way!" Khan voiced came from behind him.

They quickly turned around to see Khan grinning at them... Sneaky bastard! Kirk truly couldn't stand this guy.

As they both continued following Khan again, Kirk realised that he was alone... 'Sinike' had disappeared again; Khan was definitely up to something and this 'Sinike' girl was helping him. Kirk knew now that he had to stop Khan somehow. "Scotty, the minute we get to the Bridge, drop him!" he whispered.

Scotty whispered back, "Stun him, you mean!"

Scotty turned back to face Khan as they followed on behind him, before turning back to him and slowly nodded his head; Kirk knew that Scotty understood, especially after that conversation Khan just had with 'Sinike' without letting them in on it. If this did go wrong and Khan got his way... At least, he had Alicia and his crew on the Enterprise to bargain with.

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