Khan's Mystery Girl

'Sinike' Unmasked

They finally made it to the bridge on Marcus's ship, where he sat in shock at how quickly they stunned his bridge crew.

Kirk jumped into action and stood right in front of the Captain's chair, where Marcus was about to stand up, but had changed his mind and sat down again when Kirk aimed his phaser right at him.

Now that Kirk had the situation under control and just in the nick of time it had seemed; Marcus was about to give the command to fire on his ship.

He knew there was no time to feel relieved, though... Kirk had to make sure he kept it this way and he couldn't do that with Khan right behind him; he didn't trust him one bit, expressly now that they had control of Marcus's ship.

He nodded his head at Scotty, who knew what to do and carried out his order and stunned Khan... Kirk was quite surprised that he actually went down, even though he was really glad it did work. One thing he had to make sure of was that Khan stayed down. "Make sure he stays down," he ordered. Scotty dashed off behind him and Kirk turned his attention back to Marcus.

He had to get back into authority mode, expressly now he was up against an Admiral and the head of Starfleet as well; that meant showing no weakness at all and to make himself sound serious. Even though Marcus was trying to do just that, and hoping he would back down, but he knew that his life and his crew were in danger if he did, so he did the only thing he could and that was to distract him about embarrassing him in front of his daughter, that certainly made Marcus shut up and turn to where his daughter Carol was standing. Kirk took that moment to look at Carol, to make sure she was alright. Carol smiled at him and stated she was fine. The next thing he heard was a thud behind him and knew only one thing; Khan was awake!

"JIM!" Carol quickly shouted, to warn him of something.

Kirk turned quickly, but not quick enough.

Khan appeared right behind him and before he knew what was happening he was thrown across the bridge and attacked. Tried to fight back, but Khan was just too quick for him and landed one punch after another... He could almost feel himself blacking out with how hard Khan's fist landed on his face. He tried his hardest keep himself conscious, which was proving very different for him.

The punches stopped and he was sure he sensed that Khan had moved away from him, but he couldn't be certainly, not until he heard a sound that made a shiver run down his spine; that certainly sounded like bones crushing and just to prove his thoughts, he heard Carol screaming at the top of her lungs... a scream that reminded him of Alicia.

He slowly tried to open his eyes which felt very difficult to do, but somehow he could make out that Carol was lying a few feet in front of him and holding on to her leg; Kirk couldn't believe that Khan had just crushed Carol's leg.

He didn't know what to do or what to say... his mind was still very foggy.

That was until he heard Khan's voice echo around him. "You should have let me sleep!"

That certainly made Kirk open his eyes wider, despite the pain.

Khan was holding Marcus down on a chair with his hands each side of his face and it looked like he was... no, he must be mistaken. But was he? Khan had already crushed Carol's leg, why not Marcus's head as well!

Khan's hands started squashing Marcus's face even more tightly and Kirk just couldn't bring himself to move, he felt like he was watching a horror movie, but in black and white; somehow his vision hadn't cleared properly yet, which was why he couldn't move, he could only stare in shock at what was happening right in front of him.


'Who said that?' Kirk tried his best to turn around to where the voice came from, but he still couldn't bring himself to move; His head felt like it was about to fell off his neck at any moment. One thing he could see and it made him grateful for whoever had just spoken; Khan slowly loosened his grip on Marcus's head... As much as he hated Admiral Marcus, he certainly wouldn't deserve to go that way, no-one did for that matter.

"STOP THAT THIS INSTANT!" The voice continued to echo around the bridge.

Khan was slowly moving his hands away from Marcus's face altogether and that's when he heard someone let out a sign of relief; that had come from Carol as she continued to hold her hand against her leg.

Another sound echoed around the room and it made Kirk's heart jump in his chest. He slowly lifted his eyes to Khan again; fearing the worst.

Khan was still standing in front of Marcus, but this time his hands were down by his sides and Marcus was still sitting in the chair but with his head turned to the side facing him with his eye's closed.

Was Marcus dead? Did Khan finally kill him another way? No, Kirk was certain he could still see Marcus's chest moving or was he seeing things, but with the way Carol was looking at her father; with a relieved look on her face, he knew she was seeing the same thing, which meant that Khan must have only, knocked him out.

"WHY...?" Khan shouted in anger as he continued staring down at Marcus. "Why, did you stop me?" Khan slowly turned around and looked over at the other side of the bridge.

The look on Khan's face was something that Kirk didn't think he would ever see; full of confusion and sorrow. The only person who had brought that on was Alicia, but that voice certainly didn't sound like her. Of course, it wouldn't, Alicia was on the bridge of the Enterprise, so who was this other person, who could control Khan? That voice was definitely a female's voice... Could this person be the 'Sinike' girl?

Scotty's voice suddenly confirmed Kirk's thoughts. "Sinlike!"

"My name is Mandy Noonien Singh!" The person stated, in a gentle voice.

Wait a minute wasn't that Khan's full name? So this 'Sinike' girl was related to Khan, but what relation was she to him? Kirk was trying his best to move so he could see this girl. He slowly tried to move his legs around, which made the rest of him follow suit. Now he could see who this person was.

'Sinike' was slowly lowering her hood that covered her face... now, where had he seen this before? When he had first met Alicia and how she always wore a hood over her face... my god was that moment only a few hours ago, it felt like ages since the first time he met Khan and Alicia. Speaking of Alicia, Kirk wondered if she knew who this girl was.

The person lowered their hood completely; she wasn't a young girl like he was expecting, he couldn't tell how old she was, but she was definitely a few years older than Khan. This lady... yes that was the best way to describe her, expressly with the way she looked and the way she was dressed; like she was royalty, (a long dress that extend out at the bottom and hid her legs completely and she certainly liked her jewellery, she had it everywhere, her arms, her neck and her ears) This Lady was looking straight at Scotty with a big smile on her face, which seemed to light up her whole face.

"Mother!" Khan stated.

Now that did surprise Kirk; this lady was his mother! She didn't look that old, but one thing he knew was that appearances can be conceiving... he had learned that the hard way, back in his younger days before Starfleet, but now wasn't the time to think of 'the before', it was the here and now.

"Don't Mother, me!"

Mandy (Khan's mother) slowly turned to face Khan with a hard look on her face, it showed to Kirk that Mandy was all serious when it came to her son or was she just cross at what Khan was about to do? One thing that really got him thinking was how did Mandy get aboard this ship without anyone noticing or was she supposed to be a prisoner like Khan and Alicia had been on his ship?

"You seem to have forgotten what our main focus is here." Mandy continued to say.

"Never!" Khan stated, in an anger tone. "Alice should have completed stage one already and stage two is already unfolding ..."

"... By crushing Marcus's brain!" Mandy interrupted.

"He needs to pay for what he has done," Khan demanded.

What was happening here? Even though, Kirk did know that Khan was playing him to get what he wanted; Revenge! But it sounded like it went deeper than that. He said Alicia had completed stage one, so that means Alicia had done something to his ship to help Khan get to stage two. He wondered what that was?

"And while you're doing that, Roxy and Drake will die of old age," Mandy stated while staring back Khan.

"Stop being sarcastic Mother, it doesn't suit you."

Now, who the hell where Roxy and Drake? This was certainly getting more serious by the minute and Kirk was really getting uncertain about how to deal with this. Was there other people on this ship that was working with Khan or were they elsewhere, maybe they were part of his crew, that means they were frozen on the Enterprise. Is that where Alicia had been...?

Kirk just didn't know what to do, it was so confusing for him. One thing he did know was that they were in more danger than he first thought. Now, there might be five people to deal with and if anyone of those people were like Khan, they didn't stand a chance.

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