Khan's Mystery Girl

Even More Surprises

"Now, if you would excuse me, Mother, I have a meeting with a certain Vulcan," Khan stated.

"Do you indeed!" Mandy said, in an annoyed tone.

That could only mean that Khan was going to do a deal with Spock, which was bound to include him and the other two members of his crew. There were only two things on the enterprise that he could possibly want; Alicia and his crew. If he did get hold of his crew and revived them, there would be no chance for anyone else, we would be killed or even worse made to be slaves. Kirk knew, he had to put a stop to that, even if it meant the end for him, Carol and Scotty. 'The needs of the many, outways the needs of the few', Spock's words said to him only a couple of days on Nibiru... Now he fully understood what those words meant.

Khan made his way over to him, Kirk knew somehow he had to stop Khan, but he had never felt so helpless before; no energy left to fight Khan. He knew he had to try something, though. No matter how much pain he was in, he still wouldn't just sit here and take it.

Khan leaned down and quickly grabbed Kirk by the neck and it made him feel so light-headed... Kirk was sure he was going to blackout and this moment reminded him of another time on Nero's ship, where the Romulans loved strangling people to death, the last time he got out of this hold was by shooting the Romulan with his own gun, but Khan didn't seem have a gun on him anymore, he must have lost his phaser when he was stunned by Scotty and he couldn't remember when he lost his. So how could he stop Khan? He slowly brought his hands up and tried to push Khan's hands away.

"Khan..." Mandy stated, in that same annoying tone; Which normal got Khan's attention.

But this time, it didn't affect him at all. "I know what I'm doing this time, Mother," Khan stated, as he looked back at his mother as if waiting for her approval.

"Sometimes I wonder..." Mandy said, before turning around and heading back the way she came.

The doors opened and closed after her. Now, what would Khan do without his mother around to stop him? Kirk wished she had stayed and made sure Khan didn't try to kill any one of them.

A wide grin all of a sudden appeared on Khan's face. "At last!" he stated as if this was the best moment of his life.

Khan quickly realised Kirk's neck and he felt himself falling; landing quite hard onto the floor. Which made him groan in pain; he was grateful that Khan hadn't gone through with what he must have intended to do.

Kirk slowly opened his eyes and was about to find out where Khan had gone, but all of a sudden he heard that same sound that made Carol scream before, which actually made her do again. Did Khan crush Carol's other leg? He looked towards Carol, she was staring towards her father... Kirk knew what had happened before he even looked the same way; Khan had done what he had intended to do before his mother had stopped him. Marcus's skull had been crushed completely. Kirk stared on in shock at what he was seeing, he never thought, he would ever see something so horrifying, right in front of his own eyes.

He was in such a state of shock that he didn't notice Khan coming back over to him until he had a hold of him by the neck again. Kirk knew he had to get his mind back into focus, or he might end up like Marcus himself. He was trying his best to pull Khan's hands away from him, but once again he was just too strong. Before Kirk knew what was happening next, he was staring back at his own phaser, which was now pointing at him.

"Now it's time to find out how much that Vulcan cares about you," Khan stated, with that same grin plastered all over his face.

The time had come and the only thing left for him to do was to convince Spock, not to go with it, Kirk just hoped that Spock would play this the way he did in the volcano.

Khan span Kirk around to face the other way, towards the main screen, which all of a sudden changed and showed him the bridge of the Enterprise... He had never seen the bridge from this view before and just couldn't believe how stunning it looked, he was so lucky to be the Captain of such an amazing ship, but as soon as he saw the look of worry on Spock's face, it quickly snapped him out of his thoughts; Spock was showing emotion!


Alicia was standing beside Spock and McCoy, who were all standing right in front of the main screen. It looked like the three of them had been in deep, conversation. Spock was supposed to have her under heavy guard, but there didn't seem to be any security personnel around. Kirk wondered what they had been talking about before Khan had opened the channel... must have been about Khan, for Alicia to have been a part of the conversation. Kirk realised then that Spock wasn't aware that Alicia had been fooling them from the very beginning.

"I'm going to make this very simple for you." Khan got straight to the point, "My crew, for your crew!"

The worried look quickly vanished from the Vulcan's face, back to his usual unemotional mask "You betrayed us!" Spock stated.

"Oh, you are smart, Mr. Spock."

Somehow he had to speak to Spock, Kirk wished he had more time to explain things, so had to shorten what he said before Khan stopped him.

"SPOCK, DON'T..." He started to shout, before Kirk felt something hard against the back of his head and he all of a sudden found himself on the floor, but this time he didn't quite feel the pain in his legs, like the last time; The pain in his head was so much worse and once again he found himself fighting unconsciousness again.

The next moment Kirk heard a very loud scream or was he screaming himself... No, it couldn't be him; he never screamed. Might groan in pain, but he never screamed. So who did Scream? It was definitely a female scream and that sort of sound only came from one other person; Alicia! That was the same scream she always did when she was in pain; physical or mentally. Why was Alicia screaming? She wasn't the one Khan had hit over the head.

All of a sudden Kirk felt something touch his arm. For a moment there he thought Khan hadn't finished with him, but no the touch was too gently for that... Carol! Carol must have rushed over to him, that was when Kirk realised everyone had gone quiet, except for a couple of gasps. What was going on? He couldn't seem to get his brain in gear.

"Jim, are you alright?"

That certainly had been Alicia's voice. Kirk turned his head towards the main screen to see Spock and McCoy staring right back at him, or maybe it was Carol they were staring at... Wait a moment, where had Alicia gone? Kirk was certain it was her voice he had just heard.

Spock and McCoy continued to stare at him in shock, which made Kirk determined to find out what was going on behind him. Kirk slowly started turning his head, which made him groan in pain. He opened his eyes, which he didn't realise he had closed and saw that Carol hadn't moved from the spot in front of her father. Of course, she wouldn't have done not with a broken leg.

"Jim, speak to me..."

If Carol was far away from him, then it must be Scotty behind him, but he doubted that; Alicia's voice sounded too loud, that must mean that Alicia was behind him... No, that was impossible. Alicia was on the Enterprise! There was no way she was behind him. Kirk turned the rest of the way around and came face to face with none other than Alicia herself.

"Alicia, how... how, did you do that?" Khan demanded to know.

That was the same question on Kirk's mind, he started blinking his eyes a couple of times, but Alicia's face wouldn't disappear from his view. He knew he wasn't dreaming, not after Khan confirming what he saw, but how can Alicia be here? A moment ago she had been on the Enterprise. This was really confusing Kirk, now his mind and his speech had gone numb completely.

Alicia smiled at Kirk and then stood up facing Khan. "I won't allow you to hurt him or the rest of his crew," Alicia stated in an angry tone.

A big grin started to appear on Khan's shocked face. "Why didn't you tell me, you could do that?"

So Alicia had kept something from Khan; something really important. Kirk lifted his eyes up to see Khan grinning at Alicia; Why was Khan so happy about that? He would be 'pissed' if she had kept something like this from him.

Alicia continued to stare back at Khan with a mean look on her face, which didn't seem to affect him at all. "Wow! With your … Whatever you call it. And with what I can do; we would be invincible together," Khan stated, with enthusiasm in his voice.

"Are you listening to me?" Alicia demanded as she placed both her hands on her hips. "You will not harm Jim anymore, do you hear me?"

Why does she care so much about me..? What I'm I thinking - Alicia just beamed from one ship to another without assistance? I must be losing my mind... Khan must have hit me harder than I thought. Khan was right, though. With him being a superhuman and with what Alicia just did, no-one would be able to bring them down.

"Forget about him and the rest of his crew; they will only do what that man over there did to you," Khan stated while making his eyes move upwards, to a point over Alicia's head.

Alicia slowly turned in that direction, towards Admiral Marcus. Alicia took that moment to open her mouth very wide. Kirk knew Alicia was about to scream again and this time he wouldn't blame her, but for some reason no sound came from her. She just stood there with her mouth hanging open. Alicia didn't look very good at all; she had gone very pale. Kirk was certain she was going to throw up any moment now. But she surprised him once again, by gaining control of herself. Her cheeks quickly started getting redder by the second.

"YOU!" Alicia yelled. "YOU..!" She continued to yell as she quickly turned back around. "YOU, DID THAT!"

"He deserved it. Remember what he did to you; all those experiments." Khan gently said, as he leaned forward and placed both his hands on her shoulders.

Experiments! God, these surprises were coming in one after the other, what else was to come? Alicia was still very angry with Khan, no matter what he kept saying, she was getting more worked up by the minute. Was Alicia slowly turning against Khan? Had she gone through too much with him, or maybe this was part of 'stage two'; to make him think Alicia was turning against him. This was getting Kirk more confused by the minute.

Alicia quickly shrugged off Khan's hands "YOU ARE A MANIAC!" Alicia walked right up to Khan and stared up into his face. "You care about nothing, but yourself!"

Khan's face quickly turned to anger as he stared right back. Was he going to hit her? Kirk wondered if he really could hurt Alicia. It certainly looked like he could and if Khan did hit Alicia or even worse Kill her, there was nothing he could do right now if Khan did take that route.

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