Khan's Mystery Girl

Emotion's Are On High Alert

"What..? Are you going to try and kill me now? Alicia asked in an annoyed tone.

Khan continued to glare back. "I could easy kill you, in an instant," he demanded.

Alicia didn't even bat an eyelid. "Then, why haven't you?" She demanded back.

Alicia looked as if she was trying to challenge Khan, to kill her; which was very suicidal! Did she want Khan to kill her? This just seemed so unreal... this surely must be a trap, to make Kirk think Alicia was turning against Khan, but there was no way he would fool for that. Alicia had tricked him too many times, to ever trust her again.

Khan's face started to soften before taking a deep breath. "You are, the only person that I couldn't kill," he finally stated.

Alicia continued to glare back. "Aren't I, the lucky one!" She stated with a slight twist to her month.

It looked like Alicia had known that all along, maybe she had challenged him like this before, or once again it was part of their plan. Khan might have known all along, what Alicia could do. Kirk wondered how everyone else was taking this, he turned to the main screen and saw that Spock and McCoy were just as shocked... Except Spock wasn't showing this fact, but it was the way he kept staring from Khan to Alicia.

"Tell me, what it is you truly want from me?" Alicia continued to mock Khan.

Kirk took that moment to look back at the scene in front of him. It looked like Khan was getting impatient and just wanted her to snap out of it. It certainly looked like they had been through this before, with the way Khan just stared at the ceiling, slowly taking a deep breath, before looking back at Alicia again.

"Let's talk about this later when I finally have my crew back."

"As long as you don't hurt Jim anymore," Alicia stated, without taking her eyes from Khan.

"You think he's still the same Jim Kirk, you had a crush on. What was it now... 12 years ago?

12 years ago I wasn't even in Starfleet then. He couldn't quite remember where he was then, but knew he was only in his teens, so Alicia truly must be from the future and Khan from the past. How did they ever end up together? Did this mean he had another Alicia to put up with as his 'yeoman'? No, hold on it would be 'Janice Rand' from what Alicia had told him, but either way that wouldn't happen if he could help it. Kirk couldn't believe that Alicia had a crush on him, now that did put a smile on his face, but he quickly wiped it away again; No, he will not get involved with her, even if it's another version of her.

Now that surely did make him think of the older Spock that was now on New Vulcan; he had come from an alternate reality... Kirk still couldn't get his head around that one, but could Alicia be from Spock's reality? No, that wasn't possible... Spock said he was from 92 years in the future; Vulcan's could live a lot longer than humans. Alicia was human, or maybe she wasn't! Kirk didn't know any humans that could travel from one ship to another at will. This truly was confusing him even more; was there anything else that she could do? Maybe the other Spock could shed some light on her, but first, he had to get out of this situation.

"Still doesn't mean you can go around beating him, what as Jim ever done to you, except keeping you save from Marcus. Alicia's face was started to get very red.

"I never really needed his help; I could easily have taken this ship on my own," Khan answered with a glint in his eye.

If Alicia was trying to get Khan to see sense, he doubted she could do that by saying how useful he was. Kirk watched as Alicia stepped closer to Khan until she was toe to toe with him and stared up at him, he couldn't see her expression, but he could see a challenge unfolding.

"I thought we were in this together."

"We are just let me do what I have to do." Khan started leaning down towards Alicia and placed both his hands back on her arms, leaning his face quite close. "Don't worry, I won't kill your precious Captain or his crew; I just want my own crew back."

Kirk knew he had to come up with something, he didn't trust what Khan was saying; once he had his own crew back there was nothing left to bargain with. Did Alicia realise what could happen if Khan did get his crew back? Kirk knew he had to try and move, but still couldn't bring himself to move much and even if he did, what could he do?

Scotty moved up beside Kirk before saying, "I sure don't like how this is turning out," he whispered.

Kirk didn't have any idea what to do and that scared him completely. One thing for certain, he was getting fed up with the way Khan and Alicia were going on and wished they would just get on with it; he didn't like thinking, he worked better in the heat of the moment.

Kirk whispered back, "Neither do I, Scotty, I wish they would finally get on with what they want to do."

"We both now what that is!" Scotty whispered back.

Kirk slowly nodded his head... which he was glad he could now do without pain. He truly needed to come up with a way out of this.

"So you just used me!" Alicia's voice echoed through Kirk's thoughts.

Now where did that come from? He must have missed a part of their conversation, Kirk hoped he hadn't missed anything he needed to know, but from what Alicia just said, he doubt it; Alicia was still challenging Khan.

"No, I didn't mean for it to sound that way... Look, just let me deal with Spock and we can talk afterwards." Khan demanded in an annoying tone.

"No, you can talk about it now," Alicia demanded in her own voice.

Khan must really like Alicia for him to put up with all this and still manage to keep his cool with her, Kirk just hoped he didn't take it out on him and his crew afterwards. The two of them seemed to have a love/hate relationship and it was really getting to him. Just hurry up and make your peace or fallout, just get it over with.

"You are part of my family..."

Alicia quickly jumped in, interrupting Khan. "Oh, I'm I now, but do you mean it?"

"NOW THAT'S ENOUGH YOU TWO!" A voice echoed through the room.

Kirk turned his head in the direction of that voice and saw Khan's mother 'Mandy' standing in the doorway of the bridge staring at Khan and Alicia with an angry look on her face. Kirk couldn't believe he didn't hear the doors open, but maybe it was because he had grown used to it; his bridge crew came and went all the time.

"I don't care if you love or hate one another, just get on with it," Mandy demanded.

Kirk looked back and saw that Khan still looked annoyed but continued to look at Alicia, but she was looking at Mandy with a slow smile appearing on her lips; Alicia did know Mandy and looked very happy to see her.

"Mother, 'Sinike'!" Alicia announced.

So Alicia called her mother too, but why? She couldn't be her real daughter, not if Khan was her real son; there must be over 300 years between them. Wow, talk about age gaps... Mandy must prefer Alicia to call her that.

"My dear Alicia."

"How are you?"

"I would feel much better if you two finally got on with 'stage two'."

"Yes, Mother!" Alicia slightly bowed her head before turning back to Khan.

Could Mandy see everything that had happened; is there a camera on this bridge that she as been watching? Must be for her to know when to step in unless Khan had a microphone on him, Kirk knew he didn't have one on him early as he would have been searched, Mandy might of given him one when they were secretly speaking earlier on. Kirk started to realise what Alicia had just done. Why would she bow like that? Alicia truly confused him sometimes. No change that, she was a very confusing person.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" Alicia demanded to Khan, who still hadn't taken his eyes off her.

"Yes son, get on with it."

Khan turned to look at Mandy and then back to Alicia, who were both grinning at him. Kirk couldn't believe the look on his face; he looked so helpless with the way his Mother and Alicia were ganging up on him.

"Fine!" Khan huffed before turning back to the main screen.

Kirk did the same thing and saw the same shock expression on his friend's face as he kept looking over at him; Kirk knew McCoy worried about him - He tried tempting a smile, to let him know he was O.K so far. Well, enough not to need medical attention, even though McCoy would argue with him on that one, but the smile must have come out really small as McCoy continued to stare at him with that concerned look.

"So Spock, what do you say? My crew for your crew, I'd say that was a fair deal, wouldn't you?" Khan started as if this was no big deal.

"How do I know you still won't destroy the Enterprise, after you get what you want."

"You will have to take my word for it."

"He won't Spock, I'll make sure of that," Alicia stated with a smile on her face.

Spock nodded his head at Alicia as if he believed her. What the hell happened over there? How the hell could Spock trust her?' This wasn't like Spock to believe everything a prisoner says, especially when it came to a matter of life or death. What the hell is going on? Did Alicia somehow convince Spock to believe her... Oh no, Kirk knew he had to warn Spock not to trust her.

"Lower shields!" Spock command with a quick turn behind him.

"No Spock, don't trust her..." Kirk was interrupted with a kick to his side.

That kick alone sent Kirk flying a few feet away. He curled up in pain; he felt as if his ribs had been crushed.

"NO, STOP THAT!" Alicia shouted.

Kirk felt someone place their hands on his side and guessed it must be Alicia.

"Get him to shut up, or I'll do it for him..." Khan demand. "Mr Spock!" He stated in an annoyed tone.

"Lower shields, Mr Sulu!" Spock command once again.

This one girl that was trying to show she cared about him was slowly turning his crew against him. How she was doing that, he didn't know and for the first time in Kirk's life, he didn't know what to do. He just slowly sat up with Alicia trying to help him.

"Don't you dare touch me!" Kirk quickly demanded, before pushing her away.

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