Khan's Mystery Girl

Warnings And Trickery

Alicia now had that look of concern, but one thing Kirk noticed was that she didn't take the hint of staying away from him and it didn't seem to affect her that he was truly pushing her away. Kirk had to admit he had never met another girl like her before, but none of this was going to affect him.

If Alicia had Spock's trust and Khan's trust, how was she trying to play this? It looked like she was trying to play both sides, but how does that work? You are either on one side or the other, not both like she was playing it, that was one reason Kirk wouldn't trust her, like Spock was doing, but it didn't make sense to him; Spock wouldn't just trust Alicia, so that meant he had missed something when he was risking his life to get on this ship.

"Please do what he says?" Alicia pleaded.

"If you think I'm going to do that, you don't know me as well as you say you do."

Alicia now had that look as if she knew he was going to say that and somehow knew what to say next, to make him wonder if she truly was from the future or if she had been around McCoy too long.

"I said that because, I know very well that you wouldn't do that."

That would of the been the sort of answer he would get from 'Bones' and just this thought made him look back up at the main screen; he was getting distracted again from what was really happening, which made him think, he was right, Alicia was deliberately doing this. When his eyes landed on Spock's face who turned to meet his eye just for a second before it was focused back on Khan again; Kirk knew from just that look that Spock was trying to tell him something, but what could that be? If only his face wasn't so expressionless.

Kirk knew he had to try and think logically; it must be about Khan or Alicia, that could be the only thing Spock would know different to him, but what? Oh, how he wish he knew what happened on the Enterprise while he had been gone. The only think he could come up with was that Spock only wanted Alicia to think he trusted her, maybe that was the way to play this; the same way Alicia was playing this, make her think he was starting to trust her. Kirk turned back to Alicia and tried to tempt a smile. "You sure do know me well enough."

Kirk slowly tried to get up and hoped Alicia was falling for that and would try to help... Well, he was right; Alicia smiled brightly at him and reached out to help him, to sit up. Now Kirk could see Khan at the controls staring back at the main screen. He wondered what he had missed?

"Thank You, Mr. Spock."

"I have fulfilled your terms, now fulfill mine," Spock demanded.

That must mean that Khan's crew were now on this ship, along with Alicia... Now he had nothing left to bargain with, Khan now had everything he wanted, there was only one thing left that Kirk could think of, he had to try and convince Alicia to stop him, even though Kirk doubt that she would do that, but it was the only thing left to do.

"Well Kirk, It's time I send you back to your ship..."

Kirk knew he didn't have much time if Khan was going to beam them back and if he didn't convince Alicia, Khan would still open fire on the Enterprise. "I trust you, but you must stop Khan, or he will destroy everything, including you," he whispered to Alicia.

The next minute Kirk noticed white lights swirling around him and knew that Khan was now beaming him back to the Enterprise or he hoped that was where he was sending him. Just before he disappeared he saw Alicia staring back at him and she was now smiling at him and nodding her head, he prayed that he had gotten through, but somehow he doubted it.

"…Besides, no ship should go down without her Captain." Khan quickly added.

In that next moment Alicia vanished and Carol appeared in front of him, with Scotty to the right of her. Kirk knew they were back on the Enterprise; he would know the feel of his own ship with his eyes closed. It looked like Khan had beamed them into the brig, where he had spent most of his time while on the Enterprise.

A few minutes later Kirk and Scotty were helping Carol to Sickbay When Kirk heard Spock announced over the ship comm that he had armed the torpedoes

He couldn't believe Spock could do that. How could he have killed 72 lives? Kirk knew Spock was emotionless, but he didn't think he would be that emotionless. So Spock had done what he thought he had done; just let Alicia think he trusted her.

They both carried Carol through the doors into Sickbay, Kirk was calling for his best friend as soon as the doors hissed open, hoping he was back from the bridge. "Bones!"

"Nurse!" McCoy shouted as soon as he saw them.

His friend always seemed to be in the right place at the right time and at this moment McCoy was attending to a patient as a nurse appeared and took Carol from them.

Kirk rushed over to McCoy, he had to get his friend to confirm what he heard Spock say. It just seemed too unreal to him.

"Good to see you, Jim!"

He was glad to see him too, but now wasn't the time, he had to get straight to business and then decided what to do next. "Did you help Spock detonate those torpedoes?" He asked McCoy.

"You're damn right, I did!"

"He killed Khan's crew?" He mumbled loudly. Kirk knew he couldn't blame McCoy, he would have only followed command. God, he could feel a headache coming on... How could Spock have done that?

"Spock's cold, but he's not that cold! I've got Khan's crew..." McCoy stated as he looked off to the left of him. "… 72 human popsicles, safe and sound in their cryotubes."

"Son of a bitch!" So Spock wasn't that emotionless, after all. Kirk had to admit it had been hard for him to think he was. So Spock had fooled Khan and beaten him in his own way. Kirk knew he should be grateful that Spock had stopped Khan, but it also meant that Marcus's ship had just been destroyed, which meant Khan and Alicia would be dead by now and 'Sinike' too... he wasn't sure how he felt about that.

Just then, the room when into complete darkness.

"Now, what the hell is going on?" Scotty demanded.

The lights quickly came back on, but he knew it was only the emergency backup lights, which meant the ship was low on power. Did the Enterprise get caught in the explosion?

"Engineering! I need to get to Engineering." Scotty quickly mumbled on as he started running towards the exit doors.

He took once last look towards McCoy, but he had already turned back to his patient. Kirk knew that he had to get back into Captain mode.

He turned and headed after Scotty who was standing in the doorway staring out into the corridor. Now, what the hell was he staring at?

There stood a few feet away was a figure wearing a hooded cloak; Kirk would remember that hood anywhere, there was only one person he knew who wore a hood over their face... "Alicia!"

The figure pushed their hood back and Alicia stood there staring at them with an angry look on her face... How did she survive that? Even after he thought that, he knew the answer; he had almost forgotten that she could beam from one ship to the other. The question was... If Alicia survived, did that mean Khan did as well? But somehow he doubted it. He was sure Khan didn't have the same ability as Alicia did. Knowing his luck, Khan would have survived as well... Well, Alicia wasn't looking sad as if she had lost her boyfriend, just angry!

"Captain! You. Are. All. Going. To. Die; One. By. One!" Alicia stated, very slowly.

Die, where did that come from? The ship had only lost power unless she was frightening to kill all of us. Maybe what Spock had done, had made her angry enough to go on a killing spree.

"Die... I can't die; I'm too young to die." Scotty interrupted his thoughts.

Scotty was just nervous, always was when he went on like that. Kirk could see that Alicia's eyes were sad; she certainly didn't look like she was about to kill them. Could Alicia be warning them about Khan... of course; Khan would think that Spock had killed his crew, now is vengeance would be on them and not Marcus anymore. "Where is Khan?" He asked Alicia.

Alicia just shrugged her shoulders, so that meant only one thing Khan was now back on the Enterprise and was now wondering around on a killing spree... Great, just what they needed!

Kirk was about to go for his communicator, when all of a sudden, he felt himself falling sideways and he landed against the wall, realising the ship was turning over.

"Oww! I've been off this ship one day, one bloody day." Scotty went on in his usual manner.

"What's going on... What's happening?" Alicia demanded.

Great, just what he needed the both of them moaning at him. The power had cut out on them and now the ship was going out of control and on top of that Khan was on a killing spree, so many things at once. "Think Jim... Think!" he mumbled quietly.

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