Khan's Mystery Girl

Alicia's Confusion

As the ship continued to throw them from side to side; Kirk tried to steady himself... all this jerking about was making it hard for him to think and it wasn't helping that Alicia and Scotty were still muttering away about the situation.

"Did the ship get caught in the explosion?" Alicia asked as she tried to keep her balance.

"I can't believe this is happening, how could the ship get this bad in one day? What the hell have you done to her?" Scotty went on while holding onto the side as the ship continued to jerk about.

Times like this, Kirk wish he wasn't responsible for everyone on this ship, but he knew he was and couldn't show weakness in front of them; he was their Captain and had to know how to sort this out.

Kirk stared back at Scotty... first things first, the ship! "Right, let's get the power back on, then maybe we can work out what's going on with the ship."

"Engineering, we need to get to Engineering!"

Kirk tried to force a smile, but he could tell it didn't come out very well ."Engineering it is then!" He knew it wasn't going to help if he showed fear. Right, the second thing to do was stop Khan, which he knew would be the hardest thing to do and the only way to do that was through Alicia... Great, that was really going to be easy, but what choice did they have.

He slowly turned to face Alicia, who was starting to look really scared, maybe he could play on this fear to convince her to stop Khan. "You need to stop Khan!"

Alicia looked more frightened with what was going on around her. "Tried to, but... Well, he wouldn't listen to me," she stated.

"Tell him, his crew is still alive, they are still on this ship."

"I know that, but he doesn't believe me."

Wait a moment... Alicia knew that. That meant Spock did tell her everything, but if she did, why didn't she warn Khan in the first place, then he might not be on a killing spree at this very moment. Was Alicia really turning against Khan, she must be not to tell him what Spock was planning, or maybe it's the opposite, maybe she did tell him after Khan beamed us back to the Enterprise, then it would mean that she was still tricking them... Alicia's plan; she must have disrupted the ship when she disappeared earlier on.

"Captain, Engineering!" Scotty reminded him.

Kirk took that moment to ignore Scotty; He had to find out what Alicia did. "WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY SHIP?" He yelled in anger.

Just then, the ship decided to turn and they all fell to the floor. Kirk could feel the aches and pains returning from where Khan had been beating him. What the hell had Alicia done? Somehow, he doubted that Alicia could be responsible for all this much damage; the ship surely was in trouble if they couldn't stay balanced.

"This isn't supposed to happen," Alicia said while she tried to stand up again.

Kirk realised they had all fallen on the walls of the Enterprise; the ship must be falling through space and somehow Sulu must be having trouble stabilising the ship for some reason.

"It's the warp core!" Scotty suddenly announced.

Of course the warp core. Kirk remembered that he had risked the warp core to get them back to earth, but a couple of hits from Marcus's ship while at warp had knocked the ship farther away than they were before and he bet it damaged the core completely.

So that meant Alicia didn't have anything to do with the Enterprise falling through space to god knows where. He would still like to know what she did get up to when she vanished from the bridge... But right now Kirk knew this wasn't the time; Scotty was right they had to get to Engineering, that would be the only way to help the Enterprise. "Right, let's go!"

Krk rushed past Alicia, leaning against the ceiling at the same time since the ship was still turned on its side, but he knew he had to stop Khan as well and the only way was still through Alicia, so he turned back to her as Scotty rushed past but stopped beside him. "You need to stop Khan..."

Alicia interrupted. "No! I'm coming with you."

Why would Alicia want to go with him, he doubt she knew anything about the warp core unless she wanted Khan to kill everyone on his ship. "You are the only one that can convince Khan..." Before Kirk even realised what he was doing he was now moving his hands up and gently placing them on each of Alicia's shoulders, leaning towards her. "...If you don't stop him, he'll kill everyone on this ship. Do you want that to happen?"

"No, of course not or I might never be born." Alicia quickly added.

Hold on a moment! How could that be, if she would be serving aboard the Enterprise in... What year did she say...? Oh yes, '68'... So in 9 years! So that means she must already be born unless time had altered for her like it has for the other Spock... Oh, this alternate time thing was really confusing for him! Kirk now stood straight again, raising one of his hands and started combing his fingers through his hair.

Alicia must have picked up on the mistake too as she now raised her own hand to cover her mouth; She had said something that she didn't want to revival to him. "I knew you were trying to hide something," He said to her.

Alicia continued to stare back at Kirk in shock herself, but she took that moment to stay quiet... Which really wound him up; Kirk now knew for certain that Alicia had been tricking them. He bet that she was reporting everything back to Khan and her cover story of knowing him and his crew was all a lie. "I knew it! You have been playing us all along."

Alicia slowly lowered her hand before saying, "No, I haven't! I just..."

Kirk quickly interrupted her. "BULLSHIT!" He yelled. He couldn't bring himself to listen to any more of her lies.

Alicia took that moment to take a step back with her mouth wide-open.

"Jim, the warp core!" Scotty suddenly announced.

Slowly taking a deep breath, Kirk knew Scotty was right, now wasn't the time to discuss this; he could deal with this later when they got the ship stabilised again. "Oh, do what the hell you like, it's what you have been doing all along anyway," he mumbled to her.

After he said that Kirk turned around to face Scotty and relaxed his face a little or at least tried to. "Well, come on then, what are you waiting for?" He tried teasing. Kirk loved the shocked look on Scotty's face; he always took things seriously, which had always amused him, he knew it wouldn't last though and Scotty would come back with his own little tale.

"Me! I'm not the one in a love spat with this lovely lass," Scotty said as he looked over his shoulder with a sad look on his face.

Sometimes Scotty would remind him of 'Bones' when he went on about things like that, but his friend would use more sophisticated words instead. Scotty quickly turned around and started rushing down the corridor and this time Kirk could feel a real smile forming on his face.

Kirk quickly took off after Scotty, not really caring if Alicia followed or not.

As they continued down the corridor Kirk noticed more clearly the situation around him; his crew members were being thrown about all over, screams were heard all around him. He wanted to stop and help... they were his responsibility after all and he really cared about them, but he knew he had to switch his mind off that, the only way to help them was to put a stop to this, which was to get to engineering and stabilise the ship.

At this point he heard Spock announce over the comm for everyone to evacuate the ship; Sulu must be having more trouble than he thought.

"There won't be time for an evacuation if we don't get power to stabilise the damn ship," Scotty said as he slowed down to turn into the next corridor.

Kirk overtook Scotty at this point and rushed on ahead of him, thinking about what he just said; maybe if they stabilise the ship, they might not have to abandon the Enterprise, after all... Well, he hoped there was a way to save her; the enterprise and her crew meant the world to him. Just then, Kirk noticed what was ahead of him.

"JIM!" Scotty was warning him of the danger ahead.

There was a large gap ahead which was the entryway to another corridor, but cause they were running on the walls it was just one big gap for them and no way around it, not with the Enterprise on its side. There was only one way to get to the other side, "JUMP, YOU HAVE TO JUMP!" He shouted.

"Oh, no! No! No!" Scotty moaned.

"We can't possibly make that jump," said another.

So Alicia was behind them and had done just what she wanted to do... He wished she had gone after Khan, even though he knew that Khan must be having trouble himself carrying out his revenge; what with the ship rocking about like it was.

Just then, Kirk noticed something coming up beside him and realised it was Scotty with a determined look on his face as he took off towards the gap and despite what Alicia had said, he was jumping.

Scotty made it to the other side safely and so did Kirk. As he landed on the other side he ran right into Scotty who had stopped running and was waiting for him... He knew Scotty was just making sure he had made the jump too. "O.K Scotty, let's keep moving, shall we?"

Scotty started looking behind him... Kirk guessed he was making sure that Alicia had made the jump too, but for some reason Scotty was looking really confused about something.

"Where did that lassie go?"

Oh no, did that mean Alicia didn't make the jump! But even before he thought that, he knew she couldn't have fallen through the gap or he would have heard her scream and Kirk could tell her scream apart from everyone else's.

He quickly turned around; he knew he shouldn't really care if she did make it or not, but somehow he did care about her life, he was the Captain of this ship; he had to keep everyone safe... It was his job! All of a sudden, he saw something flying past his vision and then a scream that got quieter and quieter.

"Oh no, was that her..?" Scotty suddenly asked.

He stepped closer to the gap, but Kirk knew that scream was nothing like Alicia's scream, then again he could be wrong as it did get quieter and quieter as the person went flying for miles; Kirk knew how long that corridor was. Deep down he truly hoped it wasn't her, he wasn't sure why he cared so much, especially since Alicia had been playing him... maybe he was just that determined to find out who she really was, and at this rate maybe he may never know... he truly hoped not!

"...Oh, the poor lass!" Scotty said as if it definitely was her.

He slowly started to lean over the gap... Kirk knew, he wouldn't be able to see her, but he had to know if Alicia was alright.

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