Khan's Mystery Girl

Matter Of Life Or Death

Who are we looking for?

He certainly recognised that voice and was glad to hear Alicia's voice, which meant she was fine and hadn't fallen down the corridor, after all. Kirk did feel sorry for whoever did fall, but he knew there wasn't much he could for them now.

Kirk quickly turned around and glared back at Alicia, who was now standing beside Scotty, who happened to be staring at her with his mouth wide-open. Kirk started to take a couple of steps back as he too stared back at her, not in shock, but with an angry look. That was until he started to feel himself losing his balance as he slowly started to topple over the edge, but somehow he managed to balance himself just in time.

Scotty and Alicia were now staring at him with concern. Kirk moved away from the gap in the corridor and walked straight passed them as if nothing had happened, trying not to look so embarrassed.

"Come on Lass, we still have a ship to save," Scotty stated behind Kirk.

Once again Kirk had realised his mistake; he had forgotten that Alicia could move from one place to another without walking.

They all continued down the corridor until they came to the middle of the ship and the time it took them to get to this point, the ship had righted itself again. Kirk started to make his way to the footbridge that separated the other corridor to them when Alicia started moaning once again.

"How much further?"

"Not much further now, Lass," Scotty tried to reassure her.

"Wouldn't it be quicker if I just took you both there myself."

This certainly made Kirk stop in his tracks just before crossing to the other side of the walkway and slowly turned around to glare back at Alicia. He was getting angrier and angrier with her; he realised then that Alicia could move people with her because how did Khan make it back to the ship without her, even though that wasn't quite why he was so angry, he wondered why she didn't suggest this earlier? They could have had the ship fixed by now and wouldn't have lost as many crew members as they had. This just proved to him that Alicia didn't care about the crew of his ship, but she must care about someone on board, if what she said about not being born if they all died now. So that meant a member of Alicia's family must be on board, who could that be? Not that it mattered at this moment, not to him anyway. "Do you always wait until the last minute before you decide to be the hero?" Kirk asked as he started walking towards her.

"Didn't you ever think... I might have a good enough reason to," Alicia stated with an annoyed look on her face.

Scotty was staring at her with a frightened look on his face. Kirk could tell from that look, that he too didn't like the idea Alicia was suggesting. Kirk knew he still had to be careful; Alicia could very well still be tricking them, but he also knew he would do anything to help his crew and he knew Scotty would too, so if that meant risking his life for them, he would do it in a heartbeat.

"So, what do you say?" Alicia placed both her hands on her hips as she continued to stare back at Kirk with a mean look on her face.

Yes, Kirk could guess her reasons all the way; all Alicia wanted was to save her own skin. Kirk knew he had no choice but to risk this.

Alicia took that moment to face Scotty and actually smiled at him, she very slowly took his hand as Scotty continued to stare at her in fear, but that fear was slowly fading away.

This moment gave Kirk a flashback of when he and Spock were questioning her and Khan in the brig; Alicia had used that same smile on Spock and even stood up against Khan when he tried to emulate Spock. So what did all this mean? Did she know Spock and Scotty from the future? Were they all close?

Kirk was quickly brought back to the present as he felt something touching his hand. He looked down to see Alicia's hand sliding into his.

This also took him back to another memory when Alicia was on the bridge, she had said that Spock was like a father to her... no, they weren't her exact words, but somewhere along that line, so maybe the two of them were like family to her, but where did he and the rest of the crew fit in. Alicia did seem to know him well enough, or she at least made out she did.

"Which way to Engineering?" Alicia asked.

This snapped Kirk back to the present again. "And I thought you knew everything!" He couldn't help adding.

"Just straight down that corridor, take a left, then a right and it's right in front of you," Scotty answered as he directed her.

Alicia smiled at Scotty again, Kirk started wondered how this worked; would it work like the teleport system or would he feel like he was moving faster without moving his legs. Oh, he so hated the unknown, but that was his life all over.

"Thank you, Scotty!"

Before he knew what was happening, he couldn't feel solid ground beneath his feet, it was like he was floating in mid-air, but it only lasted a second before he felt his feet on solid ground again, well not quite that solid; he could feel a slight moving sensation and before Kirk knew it, he was falling sideways with something falling against him. He reached out trying to find something to hold onto.

All he could find was a cold solid bar. Kirk opened his eyes, which he didn't realise he had closed and saw that he was now in Engineering, well the outskirts anyway; where the tanks and machines were, which kept the Enterprise going, but now there was a lot of stream coming from them. They had landed on one of the footbridges that went over a few of those tanks!

Alicia had been the one to fall against him and guessed that Scotty must have fallen against her. Alicia took that moment to move away from him as Kirk turned to face her, where he could see both her and Scotty. They both seemed to be in one piece, which was the main thing."Great landing, I must say."

"Next time, you can walk!" Alicia stated.

Oh he planned to, he wasn't travelling with Alicia again, not after this anyway, unless it was back to the brig, even then he would have her escorted there, but before he could respond to her, he felt the ship starting to turn once more and before he knew what was happening next he was dangling over the side of the footbridge as the ship made a complete turn.

There was a lot more screaming around him and he dreaded to think what was happening, all he could do was try and keep a hold of the handrail as he was now dangling over the footbridge with a very hot tank beneath him, which could very easily lead to his death.

"I can't hold on much longer," Scotty all of a sudden announced.

Alicia and Scotty were both hanging over the edge alongside him. Kirk wished Alicia wasn't the one beside him then he could be there if Scotty did fall. "Hold on Scotty!"

Kirk wondered why Alicia was still hanging there, she could very easy get herself back on the footbridge and anywhere else for that matter. He had said he wouldn't travel with her again, but in this situation, he would certainly risk it again. This was a matter of life and death and not just for him but for Scotty too!

Just as he was about to ask Alicia... She and Scotty disappeared right in front of him. One minute they were there and the next they were gone until he heard Scotty's voice coming from above him.

"Oh, thank you, Lass. I really thought I was a gonna then."

Alicia and Scotty were now standing on the footbridge again. Kirk couldn't believe that Alicia had rescued Scotty, but for some reason didn't bother with him... well he certainly wasn't going to beg for her help, he was sure he could find a way out of this; It wasn't the first time he had been in a life or death situation and still lived to tell the tale.

In that next moment he lost hold of the bar with one of his hands and it was now dangling beside him and this was causing a problem with his other hand; he couldn't hold his weight with just one hand and just to prove that he watched as his fingers slipped one by one.

"Captain!" Scotty suddenly announced.

Kirk's hand slipped off the bar completely and he quickly closed his eyes and realised he had never felt as scared as he was in this very moment. He started to feel himself falling, but instead of meeting one of the tanks below he felt someone grab a hold of his arm. Kirk slowly opened his eyes and looked up to see Alicia and Scotty holding on to him.

"We have you, Captain."

They both slowly started to pull him up, but at the same time he still felt like he was slipping as well.

"It's not going to work, Jim is too heavy for us." Scotty continued going on.

Kirk couldn't believe that Alicia was struggling; when he first lied eyes on her she was fighting nearly 5 Klingons at once when he was struggling with one. Where had her strength gone?

"Do you think you can hold him for a minute while I go and get him," Alicia asked Scotty.

"No way, Lass! I'm barely holding him as it is... it's your strength that is holding him up. If you let go Jim gets wet and electrified at the same time, resulting in his..."

Kirk quickly interrupted him "… We get the picture Scotty." He couldn't stand the two of them discussing how to get him out of this. Kirk hated being useless and relying on others to help him and worst of all Scotty describing how he was going to die.

As Kirk continued to hang there, he knew they were wasting more time and that meant more of his crew were dying by the minute, he didn't want to say this, but he knew he couldn't have them being delayed anymore... he would have to sacrifice himself, to at less save the rest of his crew. "Let me go!" he announced.

"No way, you will die," Alicia stated as she and Scotty continued to hold on to him.

"That's right Captain if we let you go you will..."

"...That's an order, Mr Scott." He interrupted with His Captain's voice, which he hated using on any of his friends, but sometimes it was the only way to get them to do something that he knew they had to do.

Scotty's face had now turned to shock which was slowly turning to anger. Kirk couldn't face that look anymore and turned to face Alicia and wondered if she would do it without a moment's thought, but as he looked up into her bright, Hazel eyes, he saw a look of sadness and something else that he couldn't place.

"No, I won't let you go. You can't order me around, I'm not one of your crew yet."

"That's right, Captain and since I quitted, I'm not one of your crew at the moment either, so you can't order me to do anything."

Great, he had forgotten how stubborn Scotty was, but why was Alicia so keen to save him, it wouldn't matter to her if he died, or would it? Kirk knew he still didn't know Alicia all that well, or even at all! He knew that Khan would like to have him out of the way, but as he thought that he knew he couldn't leave his crew to face Khan alone. Kirk realised then, that he somehow had to survive this.

At that thought, Chekov suddenly appeared and jumped right into action; grabbing hold of his arm as well.

"I've got you, Captain."

Kirk was pleased to see that Chekov was unhurt and the kid sure did have some strength in him as now he started to feel himself being pulled up again, he couldn't believe that he was actually going to survive this... he could just imagine what 'Bones' would say this. You certainly have nine life's, which one are you on now?.

"Almost there Jim," Alicia announced.

He had no idea how many life's he had used or how many he had left, but he doubt he had many, or any at all!

Kirk could feel himself slipping again and when he looked up to the three of them above him, he was falling away from their hands completely.

"Oh no... Jim!" Scotty said with fear.

"Captain!" Chekov announced.

He slowly fell further away from them; there was no way he could be saved now. Kirk tightly closed his eyes again, he sure didn't want to see what happened, he knew he would feel it well enough. He hoped it would be a quick death and wondered what he would feel first; the water or the electric shooting through his body or even worse, both! Kirk's mind continued to reel itself as he fell further and further towards his own death.

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