Khan's Mystery Girl

Alternate Life Choices

Kirk continued to feel himself falling closer and closer to his death until he felt the sudden impact, but he knew instantly that it wasn't one of the hot water tanks he had landed against; this was another body he felt. Had he landed on a dead crew member, who had already fallen..? No, this body was moving and starting to wrap around him.

A moment later he felt solid ground beneath his feet, but for some reason he couldn't keep his balance. Kirk couldn't understand what was happening to him, he just knew that he was now standing on his feet once again, or at less trying too.

The body that had wrapped around him had now moved away from him, except for a pair of hands resting on both his hips, that was somehow stopping him from falling over completely. Kirk wondered for a moment if he was in heaven, that was until he heard a familiar voice.


"Captain, are you alright?" Another familiar voice followed.

Of course he recognised those voices, they belonged to Scotty and Chekov, so that meant he was still on the Enterprise... Well, he hoped he was! Kirk then started to notice the noises around him; screaming and yelling and a lot of explosions. Then he started to remember what was happening and where he was.

Kirk slowly started to open his eyes and hoped he would find himself in Engineering. The first thing he noticed was a pair of light green eyes looking back at him. No, not just green, there were sparkles of brown in them as well; His friend 'Bones' had saved him. Even as he thought that he knew he was wrong; these eyes were different, but still a little familiar!

He slowly took in the rest of the person's face; which he could now tell was female, to a pair of red lips, a juicy pair of lips... they sure did look so inviting.


The lips slowly spoke his name and Kirk realised who had just spoken. Kirk quickly took a couple of steps back, out of Alicia's arms completely and stared back at her in shock... He couldn't believe he had just thought about kissing her, it must have been the near death experience that brought it on. He knew he should be grateful, just not that grateful..! God, if he had thought that 4 years ago, he would have just gone with it and took her to bed, he wouldn't have cared who she was or who she was with. Things were different now; he had a ship to run and a crew to save... Of course, the warp core!

At that thought he quickly thanked Alicia by nodding his head at her and then quickly looked away; he couldn't look at her face a moment longer, without staring at those juicy lips. Kirk had to keep remaining himself that she was his prisoner or at that times, he felt like the prisoner himself. He took one look towards the others and saw the concerned looks on their faces and even a hint of shock on Chekov's face, which he knew was because he didn't know Alicia or what she could do. "I'm fine," he reassured them, before running past them, knowing they would follow behind and finally fix what they had come here for.

"Jim, the manual switch!" Scotty suddenly announced, stopping Kirk in his tracks.

He had no idea what Scotty was on about, but could tell in the way he spoke that it was important.

"If we don't switch that first..."

Chekov took that moment to interrupt Scotty. "The manual switch, I've got it!" He said before running up the stairs that was to the left of them.

"How much further? " Alicia asked as she leant her forehead against the palm of her hand.

Kirk could see that she didn't look so good; her cheeks were very pale. Scotty took that moment to place a hand on her shoulder and gave her sympathetic look. He could tell that Scotty had really gotten attached to the girl. Kirk knew he owed her his life, but right now wasn't the time for any of this; he could speak at her trial, but he knew deep down there was no way to thank someone for saving their life, unless there was a way to return the favour and save her and everyone else on this ship.

"What's wrong, Lass? You don't look so good," Scotty asked her.

Alicia slowly lowered her hand and smiled at Scotty. "I'll be fine, lead the way."

"Right, let's go," he quickly said, before taking off again.

As they all arrived in the warp core area, they could all hear a loud warning sound and the computer saying 'Danger, core misaligned!' over and over again. Kirk knew that meant a serious problem with the core.

"Oh, no, no, no!" Scotty kept repeating as he ran on past Kirk and over to the main computer.

Kirk ran over to Scotty where he could see an image of the core on the monitor with a flashing warning light over it. Even though he could hear what the computer was saying, he still didn't understand what it all meant. "What? What is it?" he asked.

"The housings are misaligned, there is no way we can re-direct the power," Scotty now turned to face Kirk complete before continuing to explain. "The ship's dead, sir! She's gone!" he announced with a shock and worried expression on his face.

Alicia took that moment to appear right in front of them. For a second there, it made Kirk jumped back quickly in fright, before realising who or what it was; he hadn't realised that Alicia had disappeared.

"So what's happening?" Alicia asked as she looked between the both of them.

Scotty took that moment to gently take her hand and stared right into Alicia's eyes. "I'm sorry, there's nothing we can do," He told her.

This couldn't be the end, there had to be a way to fix this; the crew was his responsibility and he wasn't going to lose them like this. If the warp core was broken, then he would have to fix it, even if that meant going in there and fixing it by hand. "No, she's not!" Kirk spoke aloud, which made Scotty and Alicia turn to him in shock and confusion, but he was going to save his crew, no matter what it took.

At that thought, Kirk quickly turned around and started rushing over to the warp core chamber, before Scotty could talk him out of it.

Kirk could hear Scotty chasing after him as he went on about how dangerous it was and how they would be dead before they even made the climbed, but he was determined not to listen, he had to do this, there was no other way; he would be dead either way, but at least this way he might have the chance to save his crew, that was what really mattered.

He continued to ignore Scotty and started punching in the captain override code. As Kirk was doing this he knew that Scotty would properly follow him and he couldn't let that happened, this was his job to do, not anyone else's.

"...We will be dead before we even make the climb!" Scotty continued to say.

"You're not making the climb," Kirk said before he quickly spun around and punched Scotty square in the face, which knocked him out completely and made him fall backwards into Alicia's arms, who caught him and slowly lowered him to the ground with his head cradled in her lap.

Alicia stared up at him, but it wasn't the look of confusion as he thought he would see, no, it was the look of knowing but not agreeing. "Take care of him." Kirk didn't know why he was trusting her now, but maybe it was because of all that had happened in the last ... How long ago had it been since he saw her outside sickbay? Not that it mattered anyway, he just knew he trusted her to take care of Scotty at least.

"Help me, carry him over to a chair first."

Alicia was right; Scotty needed to be strapped in, he didn't know how long it would take him to do what he needed to do or if he would even make the climb as Scotty as said. No, he couldn't think along those lines or he will back out altogether and he knew that wasn't an option.

Both of them carried Scotty back over to the main monitor where there was a chair. Kirk quickly pressed the strap down button, to make sure he wouldn't fall out, then he turned to face Alicia. " You should find somewhere to strap yourself in."

Alicia slowly nodded her head and at that moment Kirk found himself staring into her lovely hazel eyes and that thought of kissing her came into his mind once again. He gazed down at those same juicy lips. Oh, what the hell? He was going to die anyway, so why not go out with a bang.

At that thought, Kirk quickly reached his hand out and wrapped it around the back of her neck and before Alicia knew what was happening, he pulled her towards him and pressed his lips against hers, but one thing totally surprised him. She wasn't responding; she just stood there as stiff as a statue. One thing Kirk would never do was take a girl against her will, it just had never come to that situation before.

Kirk slowly moved away from her, but not before her fist landed squarely in his own face and that one punch sent him flying backwards. He found himself laying on the floor staring back at her in shock. No girl had ever hit him before!

"Don't. you. ever. do. that. again!" Alicia warned Kirk very slowly.

He quickly shook his head and jumped back up again. Kirk was never one to give in so easily; All girl's loved playing hard to get. "Is that a challenge, my dear Alisa?" He smiled one of his charming smiles that always got him what he wanted, well almost always!

"You want a challenge... then I'll give you a challenge," Alicia said as she stared back at Kirk and slowly reached her hand up and placed it into his.

This truly confused him, but also made him see her in a whole new light, what could she be about to do? Whichever it was he was sure he was going to like it, especially as she started to get closer to him. As Alicia's face got closer to his, he found himself slowly closing his eyes and waiting for her lips to met his again. He started to feel himself getting light headed and felt as light as air, he couldn't even feel the floor beneath him anymore. Wow, a girl had never made him feel like this before, and she hardly touched him let. The next minute he was interrupted by a familiar voice.

"Jim, what the hell are you doing back here?"

How the hell did McCoy get here? Wouldn't he be in sickbay, helping the injured, especially with the ship still moving about. He quickly opened his eyes to find Alicia stepping away from him; Kirk couldn't believe his friend had chosen this moment to interrupt him, but that was 'Bones' all over.

"Alice, are you alright?"

Now that was Khan's voice. What the hell was going on here? Kirk took that moment to look around him and found he wasn't in the warp core area or even in Engineering altogether. He was now standing in sickbay, where he could she that Khan had McCoy pushed up against the wall with his hand up against his best friends throat. Did Alicia sense this? Did she know Mccoy was in trouble and brought him here to stop Khan or to stop him herself? But couldn't she have done that without him, he had a ship to save, not that he didn't care about his friend, far from it, but Alicia could have done this herself and he could have saved the ship by now. "'Bones,' are you alright?"

"Never been better, I always get strangled by lunatics all the time." McCoy went on his usual manner, which made Khan's hand tighten on his throat, making McCoy gasp in shock.

"NO KHAN, DON'T DO THAT..!" Alicia yelled, which made Khan quickly turn to face her, with a mean look on his face.

Kirk realised it was the same look Khan gave her back on Marcus's ship when Alicia was trying to stand up to him.

"... OR YOU WILL DESTROY ME COMPLETELY!" Alicia continued to yell as she advanced towards them.

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