Khan's Mystery Girl

Fears of the Unknown

A Mysterious figure, with a hood that went over their head which was also hiding the person’s face, staring his way – He couldn’t believe this girl alone had saved his life...


A deep voice suddenly pulled Kirk back to the present. He quickly turned his head to come face to face with his First Officer, Spock. The Captain realised he had been in a world of his own, thinking about everything that had happened since they left the Enterprise to capture John Harrison and found out he was some kind of super-human. Oh and to top that off there was also some mysterious girl hiding with him.

“I advise we get moving before the rest of the Klingons find out what happened here,” Spock continued to say.

“Believe me, I don’t wish to hang around here a moment longer,” He responded back.

All of a sudden, Uhura took that moment to came up behind Spock and smiled contently at him as she made her way over to her seat; Kirk remembered the fight they had on the way here, but somehow after that they had learned a lot more about each other - Come to think of it, he had learned more about Spock too.

“Everything seems to be functioning normally, Captain,” Uhura stated.

Spock moved away from him and took his seat right after his girlfriend spoke.

He could see that the two security officers, that had come with them to Kronos had already strapped Harrison and the girl in and were sitting opposite them.

He was thinking about taking his own seat when he noticed that the girl was looking straight at him. Well, he still couldn’t see her eyes as she still had that damn hood covering her face, but she was definitely looking towards him - It still bothered him about who she was and what she had to hide? Anyone who wore a hood like that surely had something to hide.

“All systems, are ready for take-off, Captain.”

That same deep voice shook him out of his thoughts. He slowly made his way to his seat. “Good, let’s get the hell out of here,” Kirk said before he started to pilot the ship and get them back to the Enterprise.

After they made touchdown there was a security team waiting as he had ordered and instantly started to escort the two prisoners away. He was glad they had made it back with no more problems. (He wasn’t up for another round with those Klingons) Kirk followed behind as the team escorted Harrison and the girl to the brig.

When they made it to the main corridor, Kirk watched as the security team led the prisoners into the brig. At the last moment, the girl suddenly turned around to face him before the doors closed behind her – He still had no idea how she was looking at him. (He truly wanted to pull that damn hood down and finally find out what she had to hide) But he just found himself standing there until he couldn’t see her anymore.

As Kirk continued along the corridor past all his crew, that were going this way and that paying no attention to him as they carried on with their duties. He had this gut feeling that they all might just be caught up in this big trap. He couldn’t work out how or what had them trapped, but he bet this Harrison guy could solve a few of these mysteries. Not that he would trust him or the girl, he just wanted answers to how Harrison could do what he could do and most of all the girl - Where the hell had she come from and how did she manage to hide from the computer sensors?

Just before Kirk made it to his quarters, he slowly pulled his communicator out. “Bones, meet me in the brig in ten.”

“Why, is our prisoner sick?” Dr.McCoy answered back.

Kirk wasn’t in the mood to argue with McCoy as he knew this conversation would end up that way if he let him go on, so he responded with... “Just do it, Bones.”

“God dammit Jim! I’m…”

He quickly snapped his communicator shut, which instantly cut off McCoy’s voice. Kirk knew what he was going to say, it was what he always said. Right now wasn’t the time, though. They had to get to the bottom of this mystery and to top it off, he found out that Chekov still hadn’t fixed his ship. So that meant hanging around even longer in Klingon space, which he didn’t feel very comfortable with at all.

When Kirk finally made it back to the brig in his gold shirt again, he found Spock and McCoy waiting for him.

“I hear we may have two super-humans on board,” McCoy said as soon as he saw Kirk coming towards them.

He just kept walking into the brig area knowing they would both follow him, before he answered his Best Friend/Chief Medical Officer, “That’s what I want you to find out.”

As Kirk walked up to the piece of glass confining the prisoners he found Harrison standing there staring back, but it was the girl who was sitting on the bench that draws his attention; She now had her hood down. Even though, he still couldn’t see her face as she was staring down at her hands that were now resting in her lap. Kirk was quite surprised with what he could see of her; she had long dark hair that was tied up in a high ponytail, she was very slim but quite fit. She had more muscle in her upper arms than most girls he knew. She sure did look very attractive... No, he wasn’t going to start thinking down that road. She was involved with a murderer, so that made her almost one herself!

McCoy got straight on with his job and opened a part of the glass, just big enough for an arm to go through. “Put your arm through the opening; I need a blood sample,” McCoy ordered.

The girl’s head quickly lifted up and looked up towards Harrison, who was still looking at McCoy, but he slowly turned his head to look back. They both ended up staring at each other in silence for a moment or two; Kirk couldn’t read Harrison’s expression as he now had his back turned to him, but the girl had the look of concern on her face; Was she frightened of what Harrison’s blood would reveal or her own?

Harrison looked back at McCoy and rolled his sleeve up and placed his arm through the gap and the Doctor started to take his blood. Kirk noticed that he was having a little trouble trying to pierce his skin, but after a little more force; that would have seriously harmed anyone else, which just made Harrison grin back at him.

“Why aren’t we moving, Captain?” Harrison finally asked.

He decided to ignore him. Kirk wasn’t going to talk to a prisoner about what was going on, but the next part that Harrison came out with really did get to him.

“Could it be something to do with a malfunction in your warp core which is stranding you in Klingon space..?”

“How the hell did you know..?”

“Bones!” He quickly warned McCoy. Kirk was just surprised as he was, but still didn’t want anyone communicating with Harrison.

“I think you will find my insight valuable, Captain,” Harrison continued to say.

McCoy turned to face the girl who seemed to be staring at Spock for some reason. Kirk turned to face Spock and saw that he was staring right back with a look on his face that he didn’t see very often; it was the look of uncertainty. Kirk knew that he was going to talk to him about that later, but right now wasn’t the time.

“You next, Miss!” McCoy ordered.

He turned his head in time to see the girl was now staring at McCoy with a scared look on her face. Kirk wondered if she was just afraid of needles or could it be something else entirely?

“It will just be a small prick.” McCoy tried to reassure her.

The girl quickly turns to face Harrison, who just nods his head. Slowly, she stood up but didn’t take her eyes off Harrison as slowly made her way over to McCoy and draw her arm through the same hole. It looked like she was holding her breath with a worried look on her face as Doctor started to take her blood. Kirk had a feeling it went deeper than a fear of needles and his answer might just be with what was now in that container.

The girl slowly draws her arm back and slowly made her way back over to the bench. She took one last look at Spock, who for some reason hadn’t said a single word since they entered the brig. Come to think of it either had the girl. Kirk felt like turning back around to see if Spock still had that same look on his face, but he was more concerned about the girl at this moment, who only took a quick look at Spock then back over at McCoy with a look of sadness before staring down at her lap again, but this time, she pulled the hood back up over her head.

Harrison got down on his knees and lifted the girl’s chin up with his hand and they both stared at each other without saying a single word and Kirk wondered once again if they could communicate without words.

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