Khan's Mystery Girl

Secrets Untold

Alicia continued rushing over to Khan, who was starting to choke McCoy. Kirk took that moment to rush towards Khan as well; there was no way he would lose his friend like this. Khan had to be stopped!

McCoy continued to choke as his face started to lose it's colour as Khan continued to squeeze his neck inch by inch, somehow Alicia's words weren't stopping him, just slowing him down as Alicia reached him and grabbed his arm with both hands.

"STOP! YOU CAN'T DO THIS!" Alicia continued to yell at Khan.

"WHY?" Khan yelled back with an angry look.

Kirk certainly didn't like that look, he realised it was the same look Khan gave Alicia back on Marcus's ship when she first started to stand up to him like she was doing once again.

Just as Kirk reached them, Khan slowly loosened his grip on McCoy's throat. McCoy took that moment to fall into a coughing fit as he slowly slides down the wall, but Alicia took that moment to rush to his side as Kirk took his other side to hold him as he continued coughing quite harshly, until he started to steady his breathing again. "Bones, are you alright?" He asked him.

"Once... I get... My breathing back... I'll let you know," McCoy answered very slowly as he continued breathing heavily.

"Now tell me why I saved his life?" Khan voice suddenly interrupted them.

As Kirk now turned to face Khan, he saw he was staring at Alicia with a death-look on his face as if he was going to kill her this instant, but Kirk knew he wouldn't, he just hoped they didn't get into the same argument, that they had back on Marcus's ship.

Alicia turned to look at Khan with her own look of anger before saying "There was no reason to choke him to death."

"You better tell me now, before I decide to finish the job."

As much as Kirk wanted to know himself, the shaking of the ship was reminding him that time was short; he should be in Engineering right now, fixing the core. "Before you do that." Kirk interrupted them, making them turn their hatred on him. "Take me back to Engineering so I can save this ship."

"Stay out of it, Kirk!" Khan snapped at him before turning back to Alicia, who was still staring at Kirk with a frown on her face as if she was thinking really hard. "Alice!"

This soon had Alicia turning back to face Khan, but the same look was still on her face. "Let's just say McCoy and I are more alike than you think. Now if..!"

Khan took that moment to interrupt her "... What's that suppose to mean?"

Kirk was thinking the same thing and he took that moment to look at McCoy who was now staring at Khan and Alicia in confusion, which he was sure was showing on his own face.

"Excuse Me Miss, but do I know you?" McCoy asked.

McCoy had certainly gotten control of himself quite quickly and was now pulling himself away from Kirk and advanced towards Alicia herself, who took that moment to face him, with a wide smile on her face.

"You did once upon a time," Alicia asked him. "In my eyes anyway."

This girl was such a mystery to him, but one of these days he was going to get the full story out of her, wherever she liked it or not! One thing he did realise was that Alicia sure had a lot of fire in her, just like his friend 'Bones' here. So were they related somehow? Well, it couldn't be by blood because McCoy wasn't related to Pike, so the only other way was through marriage. But which marriage? Their's or through another relative of 'Bones', Oh, he couldn't deal with this right now; it was doing his head in and he sure had to keep a clear head, especially if he still had to save his crew.

At that thought he interrupted the silence, they had sudden fallen in the room. "As interesting as that sounds, could we please continue this another time or his everyone here willing to die?"

Khan took that moment to stare at him. "Go and do your job then, Captain."

This guy was truly getting on his nerves. Kirk was about to yell back at Khan about his girlfriend stopping him with all these tricks she keeps playing when Alicia all of a sudden took that moment to speak instead.

"You guys play nice now" Alicia quickly added. "As I have work to do!" Alicia took that moment to close her eyes before she started going invisible; first her face and then the rest of her until she disappeared completely.

Kirk stared at her in shock; he had never seen anyone beam away like that before, saying that, he had never seen anyone self-beam full stop! Wait a moment, what did Alicia just say? A job to do, what job did she have to do? Oh no, she was going to take his place, was she?

What was Alicia playing at? Was she really going to risk her life to save the ship, no that can't be right, that was his job and why would she risk her life for all of us? His crew must mean to her then she makes out.

"Kirk, what the hell is going on?" Khan stepped up close to Kirk and glared straight at him.

Great now he had Khan on his back and Kirk doubted he would be glad to hear what his girlfriend was about to do. Was this day going to get any better, properly not if Alicia had gone and done what he was going to do, Kirk just knew he had to get to Engineering and fast! But even he knew he wasn't that fast, Alicia was properly already in the chamber. "Alicia is about to expose herself to a lot of radiation," Kirk asked him.

"WHAT!" Khan yelled in shock. "HOW!"

There wasn't time to explain, Kirk knew he had to get there just in case Alicia didn't make it. "The warp core!" Kirk answered him before turning around and running towards the door.

Just as the sickbay doors hissed open McCoy took that moment to speak "Jim, we have another situation going on here that needs your immediate attention."

This made Krk stopped dead in the doorway. Great there was so much he could do and the warp core was more urgent than anything at this moment.

Just then, Kirk saw something rush past the corner of his eye.


Kirk heard Khan yell as he ran past him.

"It'll have to wait," Kirk answered McCoy before taking off after Khan.

Kirk soon caught up with Khan, who had slowed down to wait for him. He couldn't believe that Khan and he were teaming off together and all for the same girl.

"What is going on, Kirk?" Khan asked interrupting his Kirk's thoughts.

"We needed to stabilise the warp core and it looks like Alicia decided to take my place in doing that. Manually!"

"Bloody hell!"

The next minute Khan rushed on ahead of him and started disappearing down the corridor. Kirk cursed is superhuman abilities and was glad that Alicia didn't say anything about him trying to kiss her or he would properly be dead by now.

Kirk continued rushing after Khan and hoped he didn't make the situation worse when he found his dead girlfriend as there was no way anyone could survive that, not even Alicia.

By the time Kirk made it back to the warp core area, he was physical exhausted. When he had reached the tank area where he had almost lost his life if it hadn't been for Alicia and now she was risking her life for him again, well maybe not just him, his crew or maybe it was just for Khan himself. The ship at that point had started to steady itself and Kirk knew that somehow Alicia had accomplished the task and had fixed the warp core.

Scotty greeted him before he reached the chamber where the warp core was and he certainly wasn't happy about the fact that he might get to live, Kirk knew it was because they now had a dead girl, a girl that Scotty had grown fond of in the short amount of time he knew her. Kirk wasn't very enthusiastic about it either; he was supposed to be the dead person, not her.

"I don't think you want to go back there," Scotty warned him with tears in his eyes. "It's not a pretty sight."

Kirk waited for Scotty to say more; he always had a tale to tell, but this time Scotty went very quiet and just stared back with a blank look on his face. Kirk knew that he had never trusted Alicia, but she had brought that onto herself, but he would never wish for her to go like this. He dreaded to ask but had to know where things stood. "How's Khan taking it?"

"How would you be watching your girlfriend dying? Scotty snapped at him.

That certainly made him take a step back in shock, he never expected Scotty to snap back at him like this. It reminded him of this morning when they argued over the torpedos, Kirk really wanted to take that back, he should have listened to Scotty.

"I'm sorry, Captain. I don't know where that came from," Scotty apologised.

Kirk took a step forward again and placed his hand on Scotty's shoulder. "No need to apologise." He knew he should say more but just didn't know what else to say. Scotty nodded his head and that alone proved to Kirk that things were fine between them. "Why don't you contact Dr McCoy and I'll see how the situation is," He said, hoping that would help Scotty if he had something to do.

He slowly made his to the warp core chamber expecting to find Khan all upset over his dead girlfriend, He remembered that moment in the brig where Khan started to get emotional when he spoke of his crew, Kirk wondered how he would be over Alicia's death?

Before Kirk rounded the corner he heard a quiet sob as if someone was crying but trying not to make a sound over it.

"Alice... Alice please..!"

That must have been Khan's voice, but it sounded so faint.

"... Just try, for me..!

Khan must be pleading for Alicia's life, hoping she would wake up; there might be a few things she could do that many couldn't, but Kirk doubt she could come back from the dead.

Just as Kirk rounded the corner completely, Khan spoke again. "Beam yourself outta there."

What Kirk found wasn't what he expected; Khan was crouched down in front of the door that lead into the warp core chamber and Alicia was lying dead on the other side of the glass.

"You have to try again," Khan kept pleading with her. "Don't give up yet!"

Just then, Kirk was taken by complete surprise as Alicia slowly started opening her eyes, not completely, just enough to see through them. He couldn't believe that she was still alive, but Kirk could tell she was very weak as if she was struggling to focus; her head was leaning against the glass but in an up-right position. If Kirk hadn't seen her move her eyelids, he would have still thought she was gone, but then her lips started moving ever so slowly, at first he couldn't make out what she was saying, until she got a little louder, not that loud but enough for him to hear her.

"I can't..!" Alicia was trying to say.

Kirk could tell she was breathing heavy and was struggling to talk; Alicia didn't have that much time left before the radiation stopped her heart altogether. He knew there was nothing they could do, even though he wished he could. Damn Alicia, it should have been him lying there, but why did she do this? Kirk then remembered that Alicia said she wouldn't be born if they didn't save the ship, so she must have a parent abroad, he wondered who it was?

"Grandpa... My grandpa!" Alicia kept saying. "I. Want. To. See. My. Grandpa," she said very slowly.

Khan lifted his head at this and stared at Alicia with a confused look on his face. Kirk wondered if she remembering her life in the future or did she know her grandfather was aboard, but who was he?

Khan took that moment to voice Kirk's thoughts loud. "Who is your grandpa?"

"He is... He is..!" Alicia struggled to say before her body started relaxing and her eyelids closed completely.

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