Khan's Mystery Girl

Two Mysterious Patients

Kirk continued to stare at this mysterious patient, taking in the fine details of her face; She was pretty young. Early 20s he presumed.


The only thing was, this girl was either in a lot of pain or having a bad dream, as her eyelids kept fluttering. Kirk guessed it was properly both!

"Oh, Jim..."

Someone now started to wave their hand in front of his vision, snapping him out of his deep thoughts.

"Snap out of it, would you?" Came McCoy's voice.

He wondered how long he had been spaced out like this? This had never happened to him before, he was always aware of everything around him. Until now, that is! How could this girl hypnotise him, like this? He knew one thing, though, she was very intriguing!

As he slowly turned to face his friend, he knew he could let everyone know that he really did space out, just then. "Would you care to enlighten me, on who this girl is? He asked McCoy.

His friend starts to glare at him and Kirk would know that look very well. It meant that he should know the answer and McCoy, wasn't very amused by that question at all.

"If you had listened to me earlier, instead of running off, you would know as much as I do." McCoy turned his head to face his patient. "Which isn't much, I must say!" He continued to say.

He could never understand why his friend always contradicted himself? Kirk turns back to look at that stunning face, once again. "Well, what do you know?" He asked.

"Rox, is my wife!" Khan interrupted them.

Did he just hear that right? Kirk quickly turns to face Khan, who had now moved to the other side of the bed, stroking the side of her face. His wife! Wow, he never saw that one coming.

"...With my child growing inside her," Khan continued to say.

Wait a minute, he thought Alicia was his girlfriend. What a shy bastard! He wondered if Alicia, knew all this, he bet, she didn't! So now his girlfriend was dying, who might actually be dead by now, didn't care about her. Kirk wondered if Alicia had just been Khan's piece on the side until he got his wife unfrozen.

Unfrozen! How did Khan manage to do that? Without anyone noticing... He knew his crew would have been distracted with recent events, but he knew 'Bones' would have noticed; he never missed anything that happened in his sickbay. This truly confused him, like everything else did today. "How the hell did you find time to revive her, as well as everything else today?"

Khan lips slowly moved up into a wide grin. "Can't you guess?" He asked before turning his head slightly to face Kirk.

Guessing games again! What was it with Khan and his games? He had truly had enough of them.

Khan took that moment to lift his head slightly and looked ahead of him, nodding his head at the same time. Kirk slowly looked in that direction and saw his first officer place his fingers gently over Alicia's face; Spock was trying to mind-meld with her!

All of a sudden, Khan decided to shout very loud.

"NO, DON'T DO THAT!" Khan then took off running towards Spock. "YOU, WILL KILL HER!"

He himself wouldn't think Alicia was strong enough for that. Kirk remembered when the older Spock did that to him, on Delta Vega and it almost took all his energy away, not to mention the effect it had on his emotions. So, did Khan somehow still care for her or was there another reason he was trying to stop Spock? Something in her mind, that he didn't want to be relieved.

Kirk watched as Khan approach them, just in time for Spock to jump back quickly as if he had just been burned. He wondered what Spock had seen or maybe felt, for him to break contact like that?

Spock at that moment started falling towards the floor as if is legs couldn't hold him up any longer, but somehow he managed to grab hold of the edge of the bed that Alicia was laying on, pervading his fall.

At that moment, Kirk rushed straight over to him, but McCoy beat him to it and was already dashing on ahead.

"Serves you right!" Khan snapped before leaning over close to Alicia and now started stroking her cheek as well.

"Spock!" McCoy sounded very concern as he stepped up beside Spock, but hesitated, on touching him.

"I'm quite alright, Doctor." Spock tried to reassure him as he slowly stood up again, but then his knees started wobbling a little before he started leaning back on the bed behind him, where another Patient looked on.

"Alright, my arse!" McCoy grumbled on while he started scanning Spock's face with a tricorder.

"That isn't necessary!" Spock continued to argue.

Kirk watched on with worry for his first officer. He also knew that Spock always denied treatment even if he really needed it. That reminded him of himself; he hated medical or maybe it was because his best friend wouldn't stop fussing over him. "Let the Doctor, check you over Spock, that was quite a fall you almost had," he ordered Spock.

Spock took that moment to look over at Kirk, with that usually blank look on his face. "As you wish, Captain." He then looked straight down at Alicia with a confused look.

He followed his look to find Alicia was staring back at them, with bright, green eyes, that now had a golden halo around them, he knew the trick of the lights could do that to your eyes, but not as bright as Alicia's were.


A very, quiet squawk came out of her mouth and Kirk could only just make out what Alicia was trying to say. Was she trying to say Gran or was it another word and she was having trouble saying it. He started to remember what Alicia said to them back at the warp core – Grandfather! She wanted to see her grandfather before she died, maybe she might just get that chance if she holds on a little longer.

Wait a minute, did Alicia say that to Spock, or was it, McCoy. No, he doubted it was Spock, he couldn't be a real grandfather. So that only left his best friend 'Bones', who was staring back at her in confusion, like he was doing as well.

"Grand..." Alicia continued to try and say. "Grandpa!" She finally said.

McCoy took that moment to step towards Alicia. "I'm afraid you must have me mistaken, by someone else," he stated while he started scanning his tricorder over Alicia. "Jim..! Jim!"

Kirk quickly started shaking his head, it had taken a moment to realise 'Bones' was calling for him. He truly wasn't sure if he believed his best friend, was this girl's grandfather. He found that very person staring back at him, with another ignored look on his face.

"I know there are a lot of beautiful women around, but could you just get your head out of cloud 9, for just a moment."

Tropical of 'Bones' to think my mind is occupied of women, well it is, but not at this moment. I'm trying to get my head around the idea of my grumpy friend being a grandfather. "So, can you help her?" I asked.

"I don't know, how I can help either of them! This girl's heart is beating slower, by the minute, but her mind is determined to fight it," McCoy stated.

"What do you mean by that? Is she dying or not?" I demanded to know.

"Yes and no... Oh, I don't know! This girl is way behind my expertise," McCoy stated in confusion. "And the other girl, is almost the same; Weak heart! Can't coop with the strain of her pregnancy, but determined to fight it, every step of the way." He took that moment to stand straighter, but not taking his eye's of Alicia.

Alicia was staring right back, with a sort of an amusing look on her face, as if McCoy wasn't seeing the bigger picture.

"Grandpa!" She called out again.

Why was this girl so confusing? Was the future really going to turn out like her? So Complicated! That was until Khan shed a little light on the conversation.

"Marcus experimented on her mind."

Kirk took that moment to stare back at him in shock and he noticed that McCoy and Spock were doing the same. Even a few other people in the room went quiet – In that next instant, he saw someone step up beside him and he recognised that perfume; It was Carol! Admiral Marcus's daughter, the very person Khan was speaking about.


Spock's voice floated through his ears, so he turned to face him and realised he was now standing up straight again, with no problems at all.

"When I tried to mind-meld, I was blinded by too many fears and emotions. Miss Pike, has far too many for a human, her age,"

After being experimented on, he bet she was suffering from more than just that. What a thing to go through! No wonder, Alicia was so confusing. Kirk wondered if any of this could be why, she could self-beam?

"I also saw three different lives," Spock continued to explain.

"What does that even more?" McCoy asked him.

He was thinking the same thing, did Alicia somehow, lead three different identities? She must be one busy girl, to lead three lives.

"It means, she has lived in three different worlds and they are all mixed up in her head."

Three different worlds, not identities. How is that even possible? Just then the older Spock came into his mind; he had travelled from an alternate reality, did Alicia somehow come with him?

"You mean, this young girl, doesn't even know, who she is, herself? That would explain why, she is keeps calling me 'Grandpa'," McCoy went on.

"It would also explain, why the other me, puts so much trust in her," Spock confirmed, Kirk's thoughts.

So that only meant one thing, if he wanted to know anything about Alicia, he could only ask one other person.

"Don't worry Alicia..." They all heard Khan mumble. "I will found a way to help you. If it's the last thing I do!"

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