Khan's Mystery Girl

Stage Two Unfolding

After leaving sickbay, Kirk found another situation on his hands.

'Sinike' was standing outside with a security personal, each side of her - So Alicia had saved both Khan and his mother from Marcus ship before it exploded.

"This is the situation, I was trying to tell you about," Spock announced, as he stepped up beside Kirk. "We found her trying to break into the main, computer room."

The computer room was in Engineering, so he couldn't believe how she had managed to get there with the way the ship had been tossing around? Not to mention the long skirt Mandy chose to wear.

"How the hell did you even manage to make it to Engineering?" Kirk asked.

A very small grin started to appear on her face and that smirk alone reminded him of how Khan looked when he knew something no-one else did. Like mother, Like son!

"You think, I'm going to tell you," Mandy said with anger in her voice. "You may have Alicia wrapped around your finger, but you won't get anything from me."

What was Mandy talking about? Alicia did whatever the hell she wanted to, hadn't listened to a word he had said.

He could properly guess why Mandy was in the computer room, it was the main thing Khan wanted; Control over the ship! That was one thing Kirk wouldn't let happen. This was his ship – Speaking of the Enterprise, he had to get the bridge and find out how his crew were getting on with fixing the ship and what he could do to help. They had to get back to Earth, somehow!

At that thought, Kirk knew he couldn't deal with Khan's mother at this very moment, but he still had to keep a watch over her... Who knew what she would try and do next! So he turned to one of the security guards. "Take her into Sickbay and keep watch over Khan and his mother," He ordered.

He knew, if he took her to the brig, Khan would act up again and he couldn't be dealing with that as well as the ship so there was only one place, where she might not do as much damage well, he hoped not, or he would have 'Bones' on his back.

"Yes, Sir!" The Security personally responded back, before both guards guided Mandy past Kirk and Spock.

"You won't win..." Mandy was determined to have the last word. "You'll generation is too weak."

Kirk slowly turned around to see Mandy glaring bk at him as she was lead into Sickbay.

"My son, will win this battle no matter how long it takes!" Mandy finished saying as the Sickbay doors slide closed, behind her.

He had no doubt, that Khan could do as Mandy said, but Kirk knew he would fight back until he took his last breath. At the moment, though... he was too occupied on helping his wife and girlfriend – What a lucky, son of a bitch!

"Captain, I suggest we get to the Bridge, promptly," Spock stated.

"Yes, Spock..." Kirk took that moment to turn back around and continue along the corridor. "Let's see what the damage is," Kirk mumbled, more to himself than to Spock.

Spock obversely took that as a direct statement for himself. "I'm sure, that will come clear, when we arrive at the Bridge," He responded back.

"You're sure..." Kirk couldn't help adding. "Normally, you're certain!" He teased.

"If this, is you'll human way of joking. I don't see where any of this is amusing." Spock fired back.

Tropical of Spock, to take him serious – He should have known better than to have a joke with him. Kirk just hoped that his friend would have lightened up a bit and showed more of his human side, by now. Like the other Spock did on Delta Vega! "Never mind!" He wasn't in the mood to explain things to him.

Everything went silent between them as they continued along the corridor, leaving Kirk's mind to wonder... How could he get Spock to show more emotion and not to be afraid of it? He was certain, they could become good friends if Spock would just lighten up a little – Now, if it had been 'Bones', he would have just taken him out and got a few bourbons down him. But Kirk doubted that would work with Spock! Maybe he could ask Alicia; he remembered the interaction they both had on Bridge. Even after he thought that, Kirk dismissed it. Alicia was on her death bed, so there would be no other way as he knew there was no point speaking to the other Spock on that subject; He had tried that once before and just got the cold shoulder.

All of a sudden, a warning sound snapped Kirk out of his thoughts. A yellow light was reflecting off the walls, letting him know that there was a situation going on, that needed everyone alert and just to confirm this an announcement echoed into his ears.

'All personally to their workstations!'

"Captain..." Sulu's voice followed, but before he said the last part, Kirk was already quickening his pace and rushing for the elevator. "To the Bridge!" Sulu finished saying.

Great, just what they needed – His crew already had enough on their plates, trying to fix the Enterprise. They certainly didn't need another situation added on top of that. Kirk hoped it didn't come too serious as the crew were only half manned as it was. What with the other half in Sickbay or even worse... No, he wasn't going to go there. If he did, there was no way he would be able to stay calm.

The elevator doors opened on his approach, he rushed in, pressing the button for the Bridge before he turned around, just in time to see Spock stepping in as the doors closed after him.

As soon as the doors opened, Kirk stepped forward and then froze... Staring ahead, with a confusing look on his face. He could see Spock stepping up beside him and he too looked just as surprised, by what was going on in front of them – Nothing! There was no activate at all. His crew should be at least, going backwards and forwards laying out, all that was happening so he could work out what to do.

The bridge itself was still here, everything as it should be, except for a few instrument panels hanging off by their hinges. There was just one thing, Kirk thought he would never see, especially while in flight; A deserted Bridge! There was no one manning the ship or any other control for that matter. Where was Sulu or Uhura? And everyone else!

"Captain..!" Spock started to say but then paused as if he too didn't know what to say.

"Spock, what did you do with my Bridge crew?" He couldn't help asking.

"Do, Captain..! Everyone was accounted for when I left the Bridge." Spock added after a small pause.

Kirk was only teasing, he knew Spock had nothing to do with this – He just didn't know what else to say. Still didn't! "What the hell happened here?" That wasn't a direct question... Just a thought that came flying out of his mouth.

"It sure happened fast, whatever it was." Spock finally said.

So whatever this warning had meant, it had taken the Bridge crew. At that thought, Kirk quickly turned to face the main viewing screen, to find Spock had already beaten him to it. "Is that what I think it is? He heard himself asking – Hoping and praying, he was right.

"It can't be..." Spock started to answer, before going silent again.

Now, Kirk didn't expect that answer; Spock normal had an answer for everything or at least a scientific reason. "Our navigation must be malfunctioning too."It was the only thing he could think of as he continued to stare back at the planet that was mostly blue, except for parts that were brown and white. The only place he knew of as his home planet... Earth!

At that moment, Spock rushed behind him out of his view. Kirk could only guess he had gone searching for answers at his own console. He slowly turned, to find he was right and slowly headed over to him... Giving him time to have an answer before he got there.

Spock had an answer as soon as Kirk stepped up beside him. "It is Earth, but not the Earth, we know."

Now that answer truly did confuse Kirk; Either it was or it wasn't! "You need to give me more than that," He added, waiting as Spock continued sliding his fingers across the console.

After a few minutes had gone by, Kirk started to get impatient and started shovelling his feet about, hoping it would encourage Spock to finally answer him. When it didn't, Kirk slowly reached out and gently placed his hand on Spock's shoulder before finally saying... "Well..!"

Spock took that moment to look up at him with a blank on his face, which wasn't unusually for Kirk, it was just that look in Spock's eyes as if he was glaring daggers at him, wanting to kill him any moment. It made him take a slow step back as Spock took to his feet and finally spoke.


Patients! Spock was talking as if they had all the time in the world if this was even Spock at all. Of course it was... Or maybe it wasn't! Kirk decided to play along to see where this would lead, hoping he was wrong; He couldn't lose his Bridge crew as well as Spock. "Look around you, Spock..." He started to say as he himself, followed his own advice. "Does it look like we have all the time in the world?" He continued to say, spinning around in a complete circle, before turning back to Spock again.

Kirk found himself staring back at an empty chair, that Spock at been sitting at just moments ago. Now, where did he go? He looked around, once again. Even though, he knew deep down that Spock had just vanished, like the rest of the crew on the Bridge.

After confirming his thoughts, not finding Spock. He made his way over to his chair and reached out to press the button that communicated with the rest of the ship... He had to know if it was the whole ship, but deep down, he knew he needed to hear a familiar voice.

"Kirk, to Sickbay!" He waited a few moments, but when no voice came through, he tried again. "Kirk to Sickbay! McCoy, you answer me, damn it!" He could now feel his heart beating a mile a minute as his fist landed the top of the chair. Calm down, Jim! You couldn't possibly be the last person aboard. "Kirk to Engineering! Scotty, are you there?" He was determined to prove to himself, that he was wrong. "IS THERE ANYONE LEFT ONBOARD?" He heard himself yelling, before he slowly lowered himself into his chair, glaring ahead and finally taking a deep breath.

For the first time in his life, he didn't have a clue what to do!

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