Khan's Mystery Girl

Kirk's Past

"Are we good?" Kirk asked McCoy as he sealed up the opening in the glass and turned to face him.

"Yep!" McCoy answered in his usual grumpy voice.

Kirk could tell that McCoy was really pissed off and to be honest so was he... It was strange how this Harrison guy seemed to know so much. Kirk tried his best to act as calm as he could, he couldn't let his team know that he was just as wound up as them, but he knew McCoy would know him too well, even though he wouldn't voice that fact in front of others.

"Good, let me know what you find." Kirk nodded his head at McCoy as he turned and walked out the brig.

Kirk turns to face Spock who still hadn't taken his eyes off the girl and he still had that uncertain look on his face.

As Kirk turned around and started to walk away he saw out the corner of his eye that Spock had started to follow him, he was now going to find out what Spock had to say about all this and why he had stayed so quiet. Well, that was until he heard that annoying voice again.

"Ignore me Captain and you will get everyone on this ship killed." Harrison was determined to be heard.

This certainly did make Kirk stop dead and he started debating himself... Should he find out what the hell Harrison was going on about or just continue ignoring him? Kirk knew one thing, though - He would always protect his crew; they were like family to him and there was no way on earth (or space) would he ever want to lose that.

"Captain, I believe he will only attempt to manipulate you, I would not recommend engaging the prisoner further," Spock said as if he could read Kirk's mind.

Kirk knew that Spock was right, he always was in a certain kind of way, but he also knew he had to deal with this; Harrison seemed to know what he was talking about.

"Give me a minute," Kirk stated to Spock.

Kirk saw out the corner of his eye that Spock wanted to say something else and for once Kirk hoped he didn't want to argue this... With the amount of rage in him at the moment, he would surely lash out and he truly didn't want to do that with Spock, he would rather save it for the guy behind them.

Kirk was grateful when he saw Spock slowly walk away and out of the brig completely.

Kirk turned around quickly and walked right up to the glass again and saw that Harrison was now standing up again and was right up against the other side of the glass.

"Let me explain what is happening here, you are both criminals; I watched you murder innocent Men and Women. I was authorized to end you and the only reason you are both still alive is because I'm allowing it," Kirk said angrily.

Kirk wished right now he could break this glass down so he could release his energy on Harrison again, but he doubt it would do any good... just like it didn't back on Kronos, and this was the one thing that was really eating him up.

"SO. SHUT. YOUR. MOUTH!" Kirk shouted very slowly.

"Oh Captain, are you going to punch me again, over and over until your arm weakens. Clearly you want to... So tell me, why did you allow us to live?" Harrison said with an annoying look on his face.

"We all make mistakes!" Kirk stated, half-heartedly.

While this was going on Kirk could see out the corner of his eye that the girl had now lowered her hood again and was looking at the both of them with the look of concern and he could also see a little bit of fear there as well, but at least the girl knew to keep quiet.

"No, I surrendered to you cause, despite your attempt to convince me otherwise, you seem to have a conscience, Mr. Kirk. If you did not, then it would be impossible for me to convince you of the truth," Harrison stated.

This was not the reaction kirk was expecting and what Harrison was making him think and feel at this moment, he was really starting to convince Kirk of something that was happening, something he couldn't quite point out, but was starting to hit at a point in Kirk's mind; making him feel like he should listen.

"23174611. Coordinates not far from Earth. If you want to know why I did what I did, go and take a look," Harrison continued to say.

Kirk felt that maybe Harrison had a reason for doing what he did, or maybe he was trying to protect himself and the girl... mainly just the girl he assumed, as Harrison could take care of himself and maybe the girl could too, but not as good as Harrison.

Kirk was a little curious himself of what was out there, the fact still remained, though... Should he listen and do what a prisoner wanted?

"Give me one good reason why I should listen to you?" Kirk asked.

"Because you don't know what the hell you are dealing with." That statement came from the girl.

Kirk turned to face the girl who was now standing next to Harrison glaring back at him with a mean look on her face... This sudden outburst from the girl really took him by surprise.

"And you are now caught up in this, just as much as we are," the girl continued to say.

"And how do you work that out Miss …... whoever the hell you are?" Kirk demanded to know.

Kirk watched as the girl pressed her face right up against the glass and as Harrison placed a hand on her shoulder she slowly turned around to face him.

"Let me handle this," Harrison calmly said to her.

Kirk watched as the girl slowly nodded her head at Harrison and she slowly walked back to her seat.

The girl had a lot of anger within her and really wanted to let loose with whatever was eating away at her, but for some reason Harrison was stopping her from doing this.

The girl sat down again, but this time continued to glare back at Kirk and it seemed that she wasn't quite finished saying what she was determined to tell him with or without Harrison's consent.

"If I remember you well enough, you would always listen, no matter who it was, just so you knew what was going on yourself" The girl stated angrily.

The girl's face quickly turned to concern as she continued to look back at Kirk, who now was even more confused about how this the girl could know what he did or didn't do?

Kirk continued to stare back at the girl wondering what she meant when she said that, the girl couldn't know him could she? He was sure he would remember this girl if he had met her in the past, but there were lots of girls in his past, but none that would know that sort of information about him. Kirk now wondered what else the girl could know about him, and Kirk was even more determined to find out who this girl was.

"Captain, to the matter at hand," Harrison said trying to get Kirk's attention again.

Even though right now Kirk just wanted to continue this conversation with the girl, but he knew there were more important issues right now then to find out what else the girl knew about him, so he slowly turned his head to glare back at Harrison.

"There are seventy-two reasons why you should listen to me and they are on board your ship... They have been all along. I suggest you open one up," Harrison stated.

Now this certainly did get Kirk's attention. What did the torpedoes have to do with all this? And he doubted it was because they could have killed the two of them. Harrison didn't seem to be afraid of death and the girl he wasn't quite sure of, but he was definitely going to get to the bottom of this.

Kirk took one last look at the girl who was still staring back at him with that annoying look on her face. Kirk couldn't seem to keep up with her moods, one minute she was annoyed by him and the next was showing concern... Well, he was surely going to find out why sooner or later, but right now he was curious about these torpedoes and whatever the hell Harrison meant.

At that thought, Kirk slowly turned around and headed out of the brig completely, where he found his First Officer Spock waiting for him.

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