Khan's Mystery Girl

Mystery Girl, No More!

Kirk couldn't believe all that had happened...

He was now making his way back to the brig with Spock hot on his trail.

Kirk couldn't believe that he had nearly lost two of his crew and one of them had been his friend McCoy.

Kirk had never been so frightened in all his 26 years... He had organised for two of his team to go down on an abandoned planet with one of the torpedoes that Harrison had talked about. Carol Marcus, the Admiral's daughter was the most experienced to be able to open one of those things, so she went down with his Medical Officer, but things went wrong and somehow his friend had got his arm stuck in this torpedo and had somehow activated it. When Kirk had heard that the torpedo was going to go off with McCoy's arm stick to it, he had frozen and couldn't speak or even think what to do and it only made things worse when he heard McCoy counting down the seconds to beam up at least the other member of his group.

Kirk was so grateful that it had all worked out and Carol Marcus had saved the day and had unarmed the torpedo and that had released his friend's arm.

"Captain, I'm sure you think it's the right thing to do, but I strongly disagree with you communicating with the prisoners any further," Spock stated.

Kirk knew that Spock would disagree, he always did, but this time he knew he had to find out who that guy was that they had found in the torpedo and somehow Harrison was the only person who knew about him.

"I have to know who is in that torpedo and Harrison seems to know a lot more than he is saying," Kirk responded.

"I understand your concerns..."

"... Do you? Kirk interrupted him.

That certainly made Spock, silent. Kirk wondered what expression would be on his face, but right now he couldn't be bothered to turn around and look, he had only one destination in mind and one goal and nothing or no-one was going to alter his mind.

"Those prisoners are still prisoners and will continue to mislead you," Spock continued to reason with Kirk.

This had certainly made Kirk stop dead and he quickly turned around to face Spock who was now standing still staring back at him with a confused look on his face.

Kirk knew that Spock was keeping things from him and he finally wanted to get to the bottom of this, he wouldn't have his first officer hiding things from him like he had done with the Admiral's daughter.

"Speaking about the prisoners, what do you know about the girl?" Kirk glared back at Spock.

"I have never seen that girl before today."

"Then explain to me why you two had a staring match going on," Kirk said with determination in his voice.

"Staring Match! If you're talking about the time we talked with them earlier, then all I can say is that there was something about the girl that I was unsure off?"

"Care to explain what you mean by that?" This conversation was really starting to wound Kirk up.

"When I work it out for myself, I will tell you... Right now, there isn't anything I can say."

"I just don't like the idea of you keeping things from me," Kirk finally said.

"If you are speaking about the Admiral's daughter, I told you as soon as it came right to tell you.".

"Just try keeping me updated with things concerning the crew." Kirk slowly started to calm down a little, but there were times when he wish Spock would speak more emotionally, then maybe he might get a proper answer.

"Yes, Captain. As you wish." Spock still stood staring back at him.

Kirk turned back around and continued making his way to the brig, he noticed that Spock was still following him and in a way he was grateful, he still had a lot of anger locked up inside and it was making him calmer to have Spock by his side.

As Kirk approached the glass where the two prisoners were he saw that Harrison and the girl were both sitting on the bench with their faces quite close and it looked like they were kissing, which was only from the way the back of Harrison's head was moving in sync with the girl's. Kirk for a second felt quite embarrassed for walking in at this moment.

Kirk turned around to face Spock who was standing behind him staring back at him, but Kirk couldn't make out what he was thinking, so he slowly turned back and this time walked straight up to the glass that was separating him from the prisoners.

Kirk was thinking of the best way to distract them when the next minute he was taken by surprise as Harrison was now standing right up against the glass in front of him, which made him take a step back in shock.

Kirk quickly looked over at the girl and could see she was just as surprised as he was, even more so with the way she was leaning forward with her eyes closed and almost leaned too far on the edge of the bench before she quickly balanced herself and opened her eyes staring up at Harrison with an annoying look. Kirk could tell from that look alone that she may have had this happen to her a few times and she certainly wasn't happy about it, he couldn't blame the girl, he would be the same if any girl did that to him, but right now wasn't the time for that and he turned to stare back at Harrison.

"Why is there a man in that torpedo?" Kirk said angrily.

"There are men and women in all those torpedoes Captain, I put them there," Harrison answered calmly.

Now this certainly did shock Kirk and it made him turn his head to face Spock who was standing at the other end of the glass staring back him with the same surprised look. Kirk couldn't understand why he would do that to those people? He understood why they were frozen, that was explained by McCoy.

He also didn't know who Harrison was when he looked up John Harrison's profile he didn't exist until a year ago and the girl was a totally different story, especially when you don't have a name.

"Who the hell are you?" Kirk demanded.

Kirk noticed that as Harrison spoke about who he was his eyes started watering a little and that the girl came to stand beside him, she gently placed her hand on his shoulder, which seemed to take Harrison by surprise, but he just took hold of her hand and left them both resting on his shoulder.

"I looked up John Harrison and until a year ago he didn't exist." Kirk needed to get Harrison back on track.

Kirk did notice that the girl was giving him one evil look. (If looks could kill he would be a dead man for sure) But this really didn't concern him at all, he just wanted to get to the bottom of this and he truly didn't care what the girl thought about him.

Kirk then remembered how the girl spoke about him earlier, how could she know him? But right now he had to snap out of it especially when he heard Harrison mention Admiral Marcus.

"My name is Khan," Harrison stated.

At least he now had his real name and maybe he was right about Admiral Marcus reviving him for a purpose to help Starfleet, but right now there was something else he wanted to know. Who the hell was this girl?

Kirk turned to face the girl who was still looking at him with an angry look on her face as if she would think that would scare him away. "And who the hell are you?"

Kirk noticed her face quickly went from anger to being a little nervous, this proved to him that the girl truly didn't want to tell them who she was.

The girl quickly looked back at Harrison, (who was now known as Khan) who slowly nodded his head and it looked like to Kirk that he was squeezing her hand too, that was still resting on Khan's shoulder.

The girl slowly turned to look at Spock and then slowly back to Kirk again.

Kirk noticed for the first time that the girl had a pair of light green eyes with sparkles of brown in them and as he continued to look into those eyes, they seem to remind him of another set; his friend Leonard McCoy, who he had nearly lost today.

"My. Name. Is. Alicia," the girl said very slowly.

Kirk continued to stare back at the girl, she better not think that her first name was all he wanted.

Alicia stared back at Kirk and then looked towards Spock again, was she only looking for a distraction or was there a different meaning for her looking at Spock every time she got scared.

"Alicia Pike," the girl stated.

Did Kirk just hear correctly? He must have misunderstood the girl. Kirk slowly turned to face Spock who was looking just as shocked as he was, so that meant he had heard correctly.

Kirk turned back to the girl with an angry look on his face, Alicia must be having a joke with them because there was no way she would be hanging around with the person that had murdered her... Well, whatever relationship she had with Christopher Pike.

"Don't play games with me!" Kirk said angrily.

"You think I'm playing a game," Alicia stated just as angrily.

Kirk was about to yell back at the girl that he wasn't in the mood for all this, he just wanted answers, truthful answers, not lies.

"I don't play games when it comes to my father... Christopher Pike is my father." Alicia stared right through the glass with McCoy's eyes.

Kirk felt a shiver go down his spine, he truly wasn't sure if he should believe her or not, but that look on her face, plus the way she said it made him think that maybe she really was Chris's daughter. Kirk was sure Christopher would have told him if he had a daughter; he knew Christopher had been married but was divorced years ago, could they have had a daughter? Kirk was certain there was never any mention of a daughter or even a photo on his desk, which he was sure Chris would have done if he had had a daughter.

"Now you know who I am," Alicia continued to say when Kirk didn't respond.

Kirk was even more confused if this girl Alicia was Christopher Pike's daughter what was she doing hanging out with the guy that had murdered her father, was she part of it? Did she know that her father was in that same room that Khan had opened fire on, surely she must have known that, especially if she knew her father well enough and from the way Alicia was speaking she regarded her father quite well.

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