Khan's Mystery Girl

Kirk Rubs It In Deeper

Kirk knew he was getting distracted again...

He just couldn't believe who this girl was, but at least she had a name now; Alicia. Kirk wanted to know a lot more about her and where she had been all this time, she hadn't been with Khan when he attacked Starfleet headquarters, there was definitely only Khan in that 'Jump ship' that he used to get up to the briefing room at Headquarters. This turned Kirk's attention back to the main issue here... Khan and the way he was speaking about Admiral Marcus.

"Why would a Starfleet Admiral ask a 300-year-old frozen man for help?" Kirk asked sarcastically.

Khan stood up and Alicia backed up a few steps as he took a step closer to the glass and glared back at Kirk. "Because I am better," he stated with a big grin on his face.

Kirk could tell he was trying to show off with that remake, especially after that tense moment about him and his crew. Kirk knew he was on about the fight he had with the Klingons back on Kronos, where he was able to fight them off all on his own, with the girl's help as well he suppose. Kirk still wasn't quite certain how he managed to do that, maybe this might be his way to find out.

"At what?" Kirk asked.

"Everything," Khan answered with the same grin still spread across his face.

Now this answer certainly did annoy the hell out of Kirk, why did he have to be so damn stubborn? Kirk right now just wanted to wipe that smirk off his face, but he knew there was no point going along that line again. God, this guy certainly knew how to wound him up.

"Alexander Marcus needed to respond to an uncivilized threat in a civilized time, and for that he needed a warrior's mind... my mind, to design weapons and warships," Khan continued as if that moment didn't just happen.

As Khan continued going on about Marcus, he started wondering about in the small space that he had, the girl now had stepped back and sat down on the bench that Khan had just left.

Alicia looked deeply in thought as if she was hearing this for the first time.

"You are suggesting the Admiral violated every regulation he vowed to uphold simply because he wanted to exploit your intellect," Spock interrupted

"He wanted to exploit my savagery..." Khan glared back at Spock.

Kirk certainly agreed with Spock, no Admiral would go against what this man was on about, but he had to admit Khan was acting very aggressive about all this and what Spock was referring to, also Alicia was now looking at Spock as if she couldn't believe what he was saying, but Kirk was certain he could sense a bit of sadness coming from her as well.

"... Intellect alone is useless in a fight, Mr. Spock. You... you can't even break a rule, how would you be expected to break, bone?" Khan continued, with annoyance.

At this moment, Alicia quickly stood up and stepped between Khan and the glass, where Spock was. "Enough!" She demanded.

Khan and Spock both stared back at her in shock just as Kirk did himself.

"Can we bloody well get down to the main issue at hand... Time is certainly at stake here?" Alicia continued as she glared at both of them in turn.

What could Alicia mean by that? Kirk knew that they were in Klingon space and they could very well pick up on their presence here, but he had a funny feeling that wasn't what she meant. Alicia looked quite frightened when she said that.

Khan's face had turned angry with her first statement, but it quickly softened towards her at the second part, he gently placed his hand against her cheek and smiled at her. "You are quite right..." he said as he continued to slide his hand down to her shoulder and slowly along her arm and took hold of her hand.

One thing Kirk could tell was that Khan was completely taken by Alicia, he seemed really concerned for her. Kirk wondered how these two had met and why Pike's daughter got involved with a person like him... Kirk was doing it again letting his mind wonder over this girl, he couldn't understand why he was so concerned about her, maybe it was because she was now known as Pike's daughter and it seem Spock was just as concerned, as that same look was back.

"Captain..." Khan turns back to face Kirk. "Marcus used me to design weapons to help him... To help him realize his vision of a heavily militarized Starfleet. He sent you to use those weapons; to fire my torpedoes at an unsuspecting planet, then he purposely crippled your ship in enemy space, leading to one inevitable outcome," Khan continued as he kept hold of Alicia's hand.

Kirk couldn't believe where Khan was heading with this, it couldn't possibly be true, but his mind was really starting to think that it could be, how else could they explain their wrap drive from suddenly malfunctioning on them, just as they entered Klingon space.

"The Klingons would come searching for whoever was responsible and you would have no chance of an escape..." Khan still kept going on.

"... So Marcus would finally get what he always wanted, what he always talked about..." Alicia added

Alicia slowly stepped up to the glass right in front of Kirk with an annoyed look and her arm stretched out behind her as she kept hold of Khan's hand. "War!" Alicia finished with.

Kirk stared back at her but started to shake his head, now that part he wouldn't believe, Starfleet only wanted peace, and he doubt Marcus would go against that, but once again his mind was arguing with itself, it all seemed unreal with the way things had happened with Marcus and the situation they were in now, things were really starting to look like that maybe Khan and Alicia were right, but still that didn't make them innocent and that was what really mattered here. "No..." he finally added.

Alicia's face quickly changed to, well Kirk couldn't quite place it, it looked like a mixture of anger and concern, and something else... something else he had seen directed at him many times and mainly from... her father, Christopher Pike; disappointment! Chris only did that when Kirk did something that he himself disapproved of.

For a moment, Kirk just stared back at her and remembered the last time Pike had looked at him like that... It was when he was being demoted for his actions on Nibiru. Kirk quickly moved his eyes away from Alicia and turned to look at Khan, and was quickly reminded of what Khan did to the only person who was like a father figure to him.

"... I watched you open fire on a room full of unarmed Starfleet officers. You killed them in cold blood," Kirk said angrily.

Khan quickly turned his back on Kirk, but not before Kirk caught the look of pain on his face.

Alicia turned to face Khan with a concerned look on her face, she approached him and placed her hand on his shoulder once again, she turned back to Kirk with an annoyed look.

Kirk didn't care if he was upsetting her boyfriend, he deserved it for what he did. Kirk could feel anger building up inside him and he so wanted to release this on the both of them and he knew just how to do it. With that thought in mind, he stared back at Alicia and waited to see how she would react to what he was about to say "Including your father, Christopher Pike."

Alicia stared back at him in shock and Kirk knew that she had had no idea of this.

Khan turned his head to glare at Kirk with an angry look before he turned to Alicia, but this time with concern.

Alicia now knew that her father had been in the same room that Khan had opened fire on. "WHAT?" Alicia shouted.

Kirk slowly nodded his head towards her, now he wished he hadn't said that, but it had to be done, Alicia should know what her boyfriend was like.

Alicia's eyes started to mist over but was trying her hardest to hold it back as she continued to take in what Kirk had said.

All this was really starting to make Kirk feel bad especially with the way her eyes were slowly looking Khan's way without looking at him directly and then back to him again, it was as if she was afraid to confront Khan with this.

A tear slowly started to roll down over Alicia's cheek and at that moment she quickly turned herself around to face Khan.

Alicia now had her back to Kirk and Spock, even though Kirk couldn't see her face anymore, he could still see Khan's face, which was completely full of concern and sorrow.

Kirk wondered what would happen next...

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