Khan's Mystery Girl

As Alicia Gone Crazy

Kirk continued to watch... As his two prisoners stared back at each other.

Would Alicia take her anger out on Khan or would she just break down even more? Kirk himself would always fight and take his anger out on the one responsible, but neither he or Alicia could take on Khan, or maybe she could, but it seemed to him that Khan could do a lot more than she could.

The thing that did happen completely surprised him, he certainly didn't see this coming.

"NOO...!" Alicia shouted with anger before she quickly turned back to face Kirk.

Alicia sure looked like she would strangle him with her eyes. Kirk was so confused on how things had changed so quickly, one moment she was close to breaking down and the next with so much hatred in her eyes. How could she be angrier with him than with her boyfriend? You would think he was the one that had murdered her father.

"YOU LIE!" Alicia continued to yell.

Kirk couldn't believe that Alicia had said that, he would never lie about a thing like that. The way Alicia was acting, though, it reminded him of someone else that had acted the same way... Him! No, he wasn't going to remember that moment.

Just then Spock took that moment to speak "I can assure you that statement is correct, I was present at the time."

Kirk hated it when Spock spoke with no emotion, especially when it concerned someone close. In a way, though Kirk could understand the reason he was doing it this way... It just might convince the girl once and for all.

Alicia stared back at Spock and her face was slowly changing... Spock might have gotten through to her.

"How can that be?" Alicia asked with confusion as she started raising her hands towards her face... she let her face fall into her hands as if her head was getting too heavy to hold up on its own.

Kirk had to admit he felt that way a lot lately.

Alicia then took that moment to scream really loud... a scream that was quite sensitive to your hearing.

Kirk noticed that everyone in the room now had their hands over their ears. To be honest, he was quite close to doing the same.

"Alicia," Khan said.

Kirk turned back to see that Khan now had his arms wrapped around Alicia and she was now crying in his arms, at least she had stopped screaming... that certainly had been a high pitched scream, it's a wonder she didn't smash the glass with that scream, even though he knew the screen in front of them wasn't really glass, but the point still stood.

"Come on Alice, you're stronger than this," Khan continued to say.

Alicia lifted her head of Khan's chest and looked up at his face. Kirk still couldn't see her face as she had her back to him once again... He realised that they were both back to the moment where Alicia was close to breaking down, except this time Khan slowly stroked her face and it looked like she was calming down as her shoulders slowly relaxed while she started talking even breaths.

"Yes, you're right," Alicia finally said.

Alicia turns back to face Kirk with that mean look on her face again, which didn't suit her... not with her eyes still moist. Kirk couldn't believe how this had all turned out, maybe this was her way of dealing with emotional news... by losing control!

"My father is in a specialist hospital," Alicia stated.

What is Alicia going on about now? Oh he truly wishes that was true, anything was better than what really happened, but no, Kirk knew that Pike was gone and there was nothing they could do about that now, except getting Khan and Alicia to face trial.

Kirk realised that they had all gone completely off course again, he knew he had to get this conversation back on track, no matter what the girl thought... let her live in her own world, he didn't really care anyway.

"He may be handicapped, but he is very much alive, even in this Stardate," Alicia continued to say.

Kirk completely stared back at Alicia, she really was starting to confuse him once again... Why did she say it like that? It was as if she was talking from another time. Kirk knew she wasn't from Khan's timeline, not if she was Pike's daughter, then what timeline was Alicia from?

"So that means, you are lying or having a laugh at my expense and I can't believe you would do either one" Alicia she hadn't finished taking this all out on Kirk.

Kirk couldn't believe they were going through this again, he hated it when she spoke like she knew him. Kirk knew he had to get back on track, but this was really starting to eat him up and he had to find out right now. "Tell me this Alicia, how do you know me so well, or claim to?"

Alicia's face turned back to the way it was when they first started speaking... that frightened look.

Khan quickly placed his hand on Alicia's shoulder and she slowly turned to face him."It's O.K Alice, why don't you sit down and I'll deal with the rest of this," Khan said very gently to her.

Alicia slowly nodded her head and after one more look towards Kirk and Spock she sat down on the bench again and pulled her hood back over her head and looked down at her lap.

Kirk didn't like this one bit, he had asked the girl a question... She had totally blanked him and all because of Khan. Kirk had to do something about this and he knew just how to do that... it may upset them both, but what did he care, they were prisoners and should do as he said, not gang up on him like they both just did.

"Captain, it makes no real difference who we are, the main matter here is Admiral Marcus," Khan stated.

Kirk knew he was right, but he had to let him know that this was not his show and that he was in command here."You listen to me, I'm the one that asks the questions, not the other way around," Kirk stated angrily.

"Then ask me your questions, Captain... While we watch your crew die one by one," Khan stated with cockiness.

Khan was really starting to get his wind up, especially when Kirk felt that he could be right and also Khan was the only one who knew what was going on, even if he didn't quite believe him but knew he should listen.

"Marcus took my crew from me, he used my friends to control me... I tried to hide them in the very weapons I had designed, but I was discovered and I had no choice but to escape without them. I had every reason to believe that Marcus killed every single one of the people I hold most dear," Khan continued when Kirk didn't answer.

Alicia had lifted her head up again and looking over at Khan as he took a breather. Kirk kind of felt sorry for what Khan went through, but the other question he had, was where did the girl fit into all this? Khan had spoken as if the girl wasn't even with him at that time and if that was true, when did they meet? It must have been some time ago for them both to have bonded in this way.

"So I responded in kind, my crew is my family Kirk, is there anything you would not do for your family?" Khan said with sadness in his eyes.

In a way, Kirk did understand what Khan meant... His crew were like family to him too, there wasn't anything he wouldn't do for them. So would he have done what Khan did to get that revenge? Maybe once upon a time, but that was one thing this girl's father taught him, revenge wasn't always the answer.

Khan lets a tear slide down his cheeks and it didn't seem to bother him that everyone had their eyes glued on him, including Alicia who stood up and wrapped her arms around him and he gently lowered his head onto her shoulder. Alicia took this moment to glare back at Kirk with that mean look on her face once again.

"Now you know why he did what he did," Alicia stated.

"Yes, Khan has told his side of the story, but he failed to mention where you, Miss Pike comes into this story," Spock stated in his own words.

Spock was right, they needed to know where she came from and how she got caught up with Khan.

At that moment, Khan lifted his head back up from Alicia's shoulder and looked towards Spock and that emotional moment he just had had dropped off his face completely. "Alicia has nothing to do with all this... she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time," Khan quickly added.

Now that part Kirk couldn't believe and from the look on Alicia's face, it proved she was still hiding something, he was so going to find this out, So Kirk stepped towards the glass, but before he could speak he heard a beep to signal that the comm over the room was receiving a message.

"Proximity alert sir... That's a ship at warp heading right for us." Sulu's voice bloomed all around the room.

"Klingons!" Kirk stated with worry, knowing that his voice would carry on back through the comm link.

"No, Kirk... We both know who it is!" Khan quickly added with haste.

"I don't think so, it's not coming at us from Kronos," Sulu responded.

Kirk knew there was a chance that Khan was right and this was starting to scare him a little, he had never gone up against an Admiral, except Christopher Pike, but that was different with him. Kirk hardly knew Admiral Marcus, except the things that Khan and Alicia had just told him, at least he was soon going to find out if they were telling the truth or not.

Kirk quickly turned around and tried his best not to show how scared he was, he knew he was failing as he felt his breathing getting heavier, but he just ignored it and started to speak to the officer who was on duty in the brig. "Lieutenant, move Khan and Alicia to sickbay and stick six security officers on them."

"Yes, Captain!" The security Officer quickly responded.

Kirk started rushing out of the brig, but as he reached the main doors he stopped dead which nearly caused Spock to rush into him, but he somehow managed to hold his balance and Kirk turned around to face him.

"Captain..." Spock stated in confusion.

Kirk knew he had to get to the bridge and deal with this, but he also realised he couldn't keep Khan and Alicia together... who knew what they could plot together! "Spock, bring the girl to the bridge," he ordered.

"Captain, is that wise...?"

"Just do it, will you?" Kirk quickly interrupted Spock.

Kirk quickly turned back around and continued rushing out the brig, along the corridor thinking about how he was going to deal with Admiral Marcus. But one thing he did know, he was in trouble and for some reason he was very scared and not just for himself; his crew, as Khan had put it... his family!

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