Khan's Mystery Girl

Truth Or Lies

As Kirk made his way away from the brig, he could hear Alicia's voice, above all, the others.


"UNHAND HER AT ONCE," Khan shouted.

Kirk could hear that a fight had broken out, which made him stand still, he slowly turned around to see Khan knock two security personally to the floor and at the same time Alicia knocked another one to floor as well. Great, just what he needed at this moment, he better get back in there and control the situation... if he could that was.

Spock rushed into action and grabbed Khan by the neck and Kirk knew Spock was using the nerve pinch hold on him, which made Khan scream as he slowly falls onto his knees.

"NO SPOCK, DON'T!" Alicia continued to yell.

Alicia rushed over to stop him, but Spock just reached his other hand out and held her back by pushing her backwards.

Kirk wondered why Alicia didn't just push his arm away... he knew she could easily have done if she wanted to, but she just stood there staring at Spock while he continued with the nerve pinch. Kirk couldn't believe that Khan was still conscious, he knew from experiences that the Vulcan nerve pinch was very painful, but he knew it only lasted for a second or two before it knocks you unconscious completely, but Khan was still screaming in pain.


Kirk could tell that Alicia was starting to get emotional again, he started to make his way back into the brig; he had to stop Spock before he got too carried away, but Kirk stopped himself when he saw a few more security rush over and Spock slowly let go of Khan as they grabbed hold of him and started to drag him away.

"I can't believe you did that."

Kirk could only just hear Alicia's voice, she was certainly very upset, but at least the situation was now under control, so he turned around again and took off for the bridge, hoping he would make it there before the other ship did.


That was the last thing Kirk heard Alicia shout as he continued running down the corridor, he had more important things to worry about than what she thought of him or Khan for that matter. In a way, he felt sorry for leaving Spock to deal with the two of them, but he seemed to have the matter in hand. That was one thing about the girl, she sure had a lot of anger built up inside her and was determined to get it all out. Kirk still didn't know anything about Alicia except that she wasn't from this timeline, the question is... What timeline? He so hated this timeline thing, it seemed to follow him wherever he went.

As Kirk rushed into the turbo lift, he stood there impatiently; he hated not moving, it made his mind wonder and he certainly didn't want to think at this moment, he worked better when on the move. At last the lift doors opened and he rushed out as Sulu announced he was back on the bridge.

"Captain on the bridge."

Kirk started shouting commands straight away as he made his way to the centre of the bridge. "ETA of the incoming ship."

"20 seconds sir," Sulu responded quickly.

Kirk sat down in his chair and looked straight at ahead at the viewscreen, he just prayed and hoped that Khan was wrong, but he knew deep down that Khan would be right and he was about to come face to face against Admiral Marcus and he sure didn't know how to handle this.

At that moment, Kirk heard the lift doors open behind him and he didn't need to turn around to see who it was, he could hear her well enough.

"Get your hands off me," Alicia continued to be aggressive. "I'm so getting fed up with being treated like this."

A grin quickly appeared on Kirk's face, but he let that vanish as he turned in his seat to see Spock standing next to Alicia who was trying to push herself away from the two security personnel holding on to her, one thing Kirk knew was, if this girl really wanted to get away from them, she easily could, so that meant she was just acting this way for attention. "I'm sure you have been treated far worse."

"I just didn't expect my own family to treat me this way," Alicia stated as she continued to push herself away from the security officers.

Kirk just sat there staring back at Alicia in shock and confusion, this girl sure knew how to keep surprising him and making him even more confused."Now, what the hell are you going on about?"

The crew on the bridge quickly turned to face Kirk.

Kirk realised he had used the same quote that the girl had used on him and that wasn't the best language to use on the bridge... this proved how worked up he was over this whole situation.

"3 Seconds Captain," Sulu suddenly announced.

Kirk knew there was no time for this, he had to get his head back in gear. "Take the prisoner over there." Kirk nods his head over to the left side of the view screen. He didn't want Admiral Marcus seeing her straight away, he first had to see the situation for himself.

As the security officers dragged Alicia kicking and screaming to the side of the viewscreen, Kirk slowly took a deep breath... "Shields up!" he ordered and mentally kicked himself for, not thinking of that sooner.

"Aye, Sir!"

Kirk knew the time had come when he saw another ship stop right in front of them on the viewing screen, his eyebrows shot up wide as he came face to face with this more advanced ship than he had ever seen... it looked like the Enterprise, but so much bigger and with extra added parts that they didn't have on his ship.

"Their hailing us, sir."

Kirk for a moment there was lost in his own world and almost didn't catch what Uhura said, he almost shook his head to try and clear it, but he held firm and quickly turned to face her. "On screen! Broadcast ship-wide for the record" he added as an afterthought.

Kirk quickly looked back at the screen as it changed and now he was looking at the very person he wish he wasn't.

"Captain Kirk!" Admiral Marcus stated as soon as he appeared on the screen.

Kirk could feel his throat getting tight and realised he had been holding his breath, so he let out all the air that was caught up in his lungs and quickly tried to look professional, even though he doubted it was working. "Admiral Marcus, I wasn't excepting you. That's one hell of a ship you've got there."

"And I wasn't expecting to have word that you had taken Harrison into custody, under violation of your orders." Marcus got straight to business.

Marcus for some reason hadn't mentioned the girl, (Kirk had sent word that Harrison and the girl were now in custody) it seemed that the admiral was more interested in Khan. The question was did Admiral Marcus know who Alicia was? Either way, he wasn't going to mention her himself, not just yet anyway... he wanted to play this out, to see how it would go. "Well, we err … had to improvise when our warp core unexpectedly multifunctioned, but you already knew that, didn't you sir?" he quickly added, hoping Marcus hadn't picked up on his hesitation.

"I don't take your meaning," Marcus asked with annoyance.

Marcus had taken that the way Kirk thought he would... now this proved that Khan had been right about Admiral Marcus damaging his ship, but Kirk knew he couldn't state that fact, not when Marcus had a more advanced ship. "Well, that's why you're here, isn't it, to exist with our repairs. Why else would the head of Starfleet, personally come to the edge of the neutral Zone?"

"Captain, their scanning our ship," Sulu suddenly interrupted with a quiet tone.

Kirk continued to keep his eyes on Marcus "Is there something I can help you find, sir?" he asked even though he knew the answer.

"Where is your prisoner, Kirk?" Marcus demanded.

"Under Starfleet regulation, I'm planning on returning 'Khan' to earth to stand trial," Kirk had said the name with a much higher tone to hint to Marcus that he knew who the prisoner really was.

"Oh shit, you talked to him." Admiral Marcus started to frown and rub his forehead as if thinking what to say next.

Kirk was trying his hardest not to look at Alicia during this time as he knew that Marcus would pick up on his distraction.

"It was exactly what I was planning on sparing you from." Marcus continued explaining in his words what he had done.

All this confirmed exactly what Khan said about him... Marcus was saying it like he had made a mistake, but the fact remained he just wanted Khan. Kirk thought maybe he could play around with this a little, to see if Marcus will come out about Alicia. "And what exactly would you like me do with the rest of his crew, sir? Fire them at the Klingons, end 72 lives, start a war in the process."

Marcus just continued going on about how dangerous it would be if they woke up the rest of his crew... Kirk knew that Marcus was completely avoiding what he was saying and continued going on about how bad Khan was, but still no mention of Alicia!

"Khan and his crew were condemned to death as war criminals and now it's our duty to carry out that sentence before anyone else dies because of them."

"YOU LIAR!" Alicia quickly shouted as she threw herself across the bridge to stand in front of the viewing screen... yelling back at Admiral Marcus as he just stared at her in shock. "You're just saying that to try and cover your own skin."

Everything all of a sudden went very quiet... You could have heard a pin drop at that very moment.

Kirk wasn't sure what to do now, he slowly stood up wishing that Alicia had kept quite.

"You!... What the hell are you doing on that ship?" Marcus demanded.

So Admiral Marcus did know who Alicia was, Kirk was hoping now to have some answers, but as Marcus slowed moved his eyes back to him, Kirk knew he wasn't going to get what he wanted.

"Kirk, where the hell did she come from?"

"I thought maybe you could answer that one, sir." Kirk watched as Marcus glared back at Alicia once again.

"So Miss Rand... "

Kirk couldn't believe what he just heard Marcus say... she was supposed to be Pike's daughter; had Alicia been lying to him? Did she also lie about being from another stardate too? It was strange though as it looked like Khan had told the truth, but not Alicia (if that was even her name) and he thought it would have been the other way around. Did Alicia lie to him on purpose? Or did she really believe that was who she was... the way she had acted earlier about Pike's death looked very real, she truly did look devastated, but Kirk had to admit that moment hadn't lasted very long? Did Alicia just make all this up for attention? Or was there a different meaning behind what she had said.

"... You live again." Marcus continued to say.

What did Marcus mean? Was it just a figure of speech, or was there another reason for him to say that. This was just getting even more confusing and that was one thing Kirk couldn't stand... especially when his crews life's were at state.

He was determined to get to the bottom of all this, but Kirk knew that would only happen if they made it past Admiral Marcus and his advanced ship.

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