Khan's Mystery Girl

One Strange Girl

"No, thanks to you!" Alicia finally broke the silence.

Admiral Marcus stared straight at Alicia, (if that was even her real name) she was staring right back at him. One thing Kirk knew now was that this so-called Alicia had lied to him all along, the thing was he had expected Khan to do that, to try and defend himself, but it was Alicia after all that he had to be more aware of.

"So you and Khan, hey... I didn't see that one coming." Marcus said with amusement.

"He's more of a man than you will ever be!"

Now he didn't agree with that one, not that he thought Marcus was any better; a better man didn't go killing innocent people to get revenge. Yes, he knew that people could get very angry and could think about killing other people in revenge... like how he felt about Khan, but he doubt he could ever really do it, he had learned from the only man he had known as a father figure that revenge wasn't always the answer.

"Well, now that you are, alive... once again, I will add!"

Marcus nodded his head towards someone... which Kirk knew was a signal to one of his crew members, he wondered what command that had been?

Alicia turned to face him with a puzzled look on her face and Kirk was sure he could see a little bit of fear in there too; as if she knew what Marcus had just commanded and she was frightened of that.

"I feel strange," Alicia said in a weak voice.

A few lights started swirling around Alicia and Kirk now knew she was about to be transported over to Marcus's ship. Kirk knew what Marcus would do to her once she was over there, Kirk knew he had to think fast, so he quickly turned to Sulu. "Can you …?"

Alicia had started rushing passed Sulu before she falls to her knees right at the step that was below where Kirk was standing and she had started screaming really loudly again like she had done in the brig.

Alicia's screams were really getting sensitive to your ears once again. Kirk had never known transportation to be so painful.

Out the corner of his eye, Kirk could that Sulu was suffering as badly as he was, but he was trying his hardest to concentrate on what was being said at the same time; Sulu's fingers were flying across the screen in front of him, as if he could guess what Kirk was asking him.

Whatever Sulu was doing must have worked as the lights around Alicia had slowly started vanishing and she had suddenly stopped screaming. Now she was holding her head in her hands and leaning her face right down to the floor. Kirk couldn't help but kneel down beside Alicia and check she was alright, he don't know what the hell Marcus was doing for her to suffer like this? "Are you alright?" Kirk reached out, gently placing his hand on the back of her head and he felt her slowly nod her head.

"Good work, Mr Sulu," he said as he turned to face him, but Sulu was just staring at Alicia in confusion.

"I didn't do anything; nothing seemed to be working," Sulu stated as he continued staring at Alicia.

That meant Marcus must have stopped the transport before it took effect. He must have found somehow of conflicting pain from one ship to another. Kirk took that moment to face Marcus, like the rest of his crew, were doing and was surprised by the look he saw on Admiral Marcus face; it was the look of shock as he looked at Alicia to the crew around him.

"What the hell happened?"

"Don't know, sir. I'm looking into it." A member of Marcus's crew stated.

This was really confusing Kirk; he wanted to know the exact same question.

"Well, try again!"

"I can't, something is blocking us from doing so." The same crew member stated.

"The source of the problem is coming from the Enterprise." Another crew added.

Now, this really did confuse Kirk. He took that moment to look over the bridge at all his crew members and all of them was turned away from their monitors looking just as shocked at that statement. Who could be stopping Marcus from doing whatever it was that he was doing to Alicia? If it wasn't his crew members that were stopping this, there was only one other person on his bridge, that could have any idea what Marcus was trying to do. Kirk turns to look back at Alicia who was now looking at him with a relief look on her face.

"What just happened?" Alicia asked as she stared up at him.

How could Alicia say that when she was the only one who could have stopped that? Kirk had to admit, it didn't look like she was lying, he remembered though that Alicia hadn't been straight with him from the beginning, so how could he believe her?

"That sure was very painful." Alicia continued to say.

"What the hell are you doing, Kirk?" Marcus's demanding voice suddenly echoed around the bridge.

Whatever Alicia said, it still didn't change the situation they were all still in. Kirk stood up and looked back at Admiral Marcus who had a mean look on his face. Kirk knew he had to do something before this got out of hand, his crew meant everything to him and the only way to keep them safe was to get them back to Earth, somehow! "I have no idea what just happened, Sir."

"I will ask you one last time son, lower your shields. Tell me where Khan is?" Marcus demanded.

"He's in Engineering sir, but I'll have him and Miss Rand moved to the transporter room right away."

"I'll take it from here," Admiral Marcus said as he ended the transmission.

As soon as Marcus's face disappeared completely from view, Kirk slowly let out a deep breath, even though he knew this was far from being over, but at least, he had Marcus calmed down, for now. No thanks to Alicia.

Kirk quickly turned to face Sulu. "Do not drop those shields, Mr. Sulu," he demanded quickly.

"Aye, Captain!"

Alicia was now sitting on the step below him staring at him in shock, she now thought that he was just going to hand them both over, but he wasn't going to do that, Kirk was going to complete this mission and get both of them back to Starfleet.

"Sickbay to Bridge!" McCoy's voice echoed around the Bridge.

Bones certainly didn't sound very happy about something, he had almost forget that the transmission with Marcus had been sent all over the ship and that Khan had heard everything... great just what Kirk needed.

Kirk leaned down and pressed the button on his chair. "Yes, McCoy."

"What the hell is going on up there?" McCoy demanded in an angry tone.

Bones really was all worked up, which wasn't new for him; he always got worked up over things that weren't going his way. Kirk could also hear a lot of noise going on in the background, he could guess that Khan was now attacking the six security personnel's he had placed to watch him.

"Bones …"

"… I have one maniac, who is going berserk in here." McCoy interrupted.

"Alice, are you alright?" Khan's voice suddenly come through the comm.

Kirk could just imagine how Bones was dealing with this, in the same way, he dealt with everything else... this almost made him smile, but he managed to hold it in as he thought what Khan could do; he could very easily take on the whole ship single-handedly. "Alicia, is going to be alright."

"Let me hear Alice's voice," Khan demanded.

Alicia was slowly trying to stand up and as she was doing this she was looking right back at him, it looked like she was asking permission to speak, if only she had done that earlier, then she could have avoided whatever pain she just went through and Khan wouldn't have gone mental with his security team. Kirk nodded his head towards her and she slowly approached him until she was standing beside him.

"Damn it, Jim. Do has he asks will you, he's making a mess of my Med bay?" McCoy voiced boomed through the comm.

"I'm O.K, but I sure don't know what the hell happened," Alicia stated.

This almost made Kirk bust out laughing, but just about managed to hold it in. Bones sure could entertain him without even trying to. Kirk snapped out of it when he realised what Alicia had said. He wanted to know himself what had happened. Did Alicia have some sort of power or something? Even though that sounded really insane to him, but Kirk did know one thing about this girl, she had been acting insane since he brought her aboard. "McCoy, Status report!" Kirk pulled himself back into Captain mode, he had to know if Khan had calmed down yet, it sure sounded a lot quieter in Sickbay now, but what he was hearing could be conceiving, so he needed Bones to confirm this for him.

"Everything is calming down now, just a few slightly confused people in here, and me being one of them," McCoy stated before he disconnected the comm link.

Alicia continued to stare at him, Kirk was determined now to finally get answers that had been held back because of Khan. Well, that was until he saw Spock approach him and knew that he wanted answers of his own, but not from Alicia... from him! He somehow had to get his mind back to the matter at hand.

"Captain, giving your awareness of Khan's true location in the Med Bay, could I know the details of your plan?" Spock calmly asked

"I told Marcus we were bringing two fugitives back to Earth... That is what we are going to do." He said as he continued looking back at Alicia, who now had fear written across her face with a hint of confusion. Kirk was going to do the right thing; she and Khan were going to face trail... then he would finally found out the truth once and for all.

Kirk turned back to the arm of his chair and pressed the communications button and just prayed that Chekov had fixed the wrap core enough to get them back to Earth. "Mr Chekov, can we wrap?"

"Sir, if we go to wrap, we run the risk of seriously damaging the core," Chekov said after a deep breath.

"Can we do it?"

"Technically, yes, but I would not advise it, sir," Chekov stated with fear in his voice.


He didn't really want to risk it, but he didn't have any other options... if he wanted to get his crew back to Earth that was. He cut the communication this time and turned straight towards Sulu, he wasn't going to waste any more time. "Mr Sulu, set course for Earth."

"Yes, sir."

Spock took that moment to return to his seat without another word... Kirk decided to do the same, but to do this he had to walk around Alicia who was standing right next to him. Somehow she must have read his mind, as she now stepped backwards to let him past.

"Thank you!" Alicia stated as Kirk walked by.

What Alicia could be thanking him for; he might not have handed her over to Marcus, but he was still sending her to face trial, he supposed that Alicia was grateful not to be handed over to Marcus... Because who knows what he would do to her; properly kill her for what she knew? Just what Marcus would do to his crew if he didn't get them out of here.

Kirk slowly sat down in his seat as he looked back over at Sulu who was facing the main screen with his hand on the puncher waiting for his command. "Punch it!"

Once they were at wrap, Kirk finally took a deep breath and relaxed once again, he just knew there was one thing left to deal with; who the hell Alicia really was? Kirk turned to face Alicia, who was looking out the main screen, there was a little smiling forming at the corner of her mouth, but as he watched her, it never got any wider... Alicia looked to be in her own world, he wondered what was on her mind at this moment? "So are you finally going to tell me who you really are?" He calmly asked.

Alicia continued staring out the main screen; either she didn't hear Kirk or just wanted to delay time.

"Miss Rand!" Kirk decided to call her.

"Yes, sir." Alicia slowly acknowledged.

Now Kirk didn't expect that answer as Alicia turned her head to face him. She quickly placed her hand over her mouth in shock; must of realised what she just said.

"Sorry Captain, it's just been so long since I last heard you call me that."

That one word still kept going through Kirk's mind; insane! What could she be talking about? He didn't know if to believe her or not, but the main issue that still stood. "Are you still lying to me?" Kirk demanded.

"I have never lied to you," Alicia stated.

"Then what is your real name, Miss Pike or Miss Rand?"

The whole bridge had now gone all quite and Kirk knew they were shocked to hear the name Pike; their last Captain. He just continued to stare at Alicia as her smile finally got wider as she started to grin back at him, he didn't find this very amusing at all; he just wanted answers, truthful answers!

"Janice Rand is my Starfleet alias; Starfleet can't know who I really am," Alicia said with worry.

"Why...! Are you ashamed of being a Pike?" he asked. Kirk would have loved to have been Christopher Pike's real son.

"No, It was what my parents wanted."

Kirk couldn't believe that he knew Christopher wouldn't try to disown his own daughter unless he had a very good reason, but still he couldn't believe what Alicia was saying, she must be lying to him again. Even though it didn't look like she was lying... It never did; Alicia looked just as sad, her eyes were starting to water again. This was really starting to confuse Kirk even more; If Alicia didn't want Starfleet to know who she was, then why was she telling him?

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