Khan's Mystery Girl

A Time Not Forgotten

"Sorry Captain, I just don't like talking about my father," Alicia answered very quickly.

Alicia started to wipe her eyes with the back of her hand. In a way Kirk knew how she felt; it also brought back painful memories for him, every time he mentioned Pike's name.

"My Parents had their reasons for doing this and I have always respected them."

What reasons could parents have to disown their own children; Kirk knew that he didn't like talking about his real father, but it didn't mean he would stop being a Kirk... even though sometimes he wish he wasn't a Kirk, but that was only because the way people acted around him, expressly the media. "Tell me this Miss Pike, if you don't want Starfleet to find out who you are, why are you telling me and everyone else on this bridge?"

"I trust you all..."

How could Alicia trust all of them, she didn't know all of us? And even if she did know him, like she claimed to; Alicia must know he would do the right thing and that was to tell Starfleet everything he knew, expressly with her being involved with a murderer.

Alicia turned all the way around and looked at everyone on the bridge; some of Kirk's crew made eye contact with her and others didn't notice her looking, as they were engrossed in their monitors.

"Even though some of your crew are different and your bridge is different too..." Alicia continued to say as she slowly made a complete turn until her eyes landed on Kirk again with a smile on her face.

Kirk noticed that Alicia did seem a lot more relaxed as if she was glad to be where she was; she truly must be insane to be happy around the people that was sending her to face trial.

"… But if their your crew, then you must trust them completely." Alicia finally said.

What was this to do with his crew? Of course, he trusts them, but once again this was about Alicia, not him. Kirk realised then that Alicia was comparing herself to him and it got him thinking about what sort of relationship they had, expressly the relationship that was going on in her head anyway.

"And if you trust them, then so do I."

Alicia was now really starting to creep him out, expressly with the way she was looking at him; it was as if she had so much fate in him as if he wasn't sending her to face trial.

"The best family, I could ever have had!"

Alicia spoke as she was talking about the past, but Kirk knew that certainly wasn't the truth; it might have been the past for her if it had happened in her life. So what he had thought of early was more the true here; Alicia was from the future, but the one question was how far into the future. "Tell me this Miss Pike, what stardate are you talking of?"

"It was 2268 that I travelled with you; I was your Yeoman on the Enterprise."

'Yeoman' Did they have them in the future? Kirk knew that 'Yeoman' was a name that Starfleet had been discussing a lot lately; they wanted one to be on every Starship within the next few years and not just him, but a lot of other captains dismissed it. Why would a Captain need a Yeoman, to assistant him when they had plenty of crew members to do that? The reason Kirk turned it down was because he didn't want anyone getting that close to his personal side, that was how he could be the captain he was; without no-one knowing what he was truly thinking. He respected and loved his crew, but he didn't want anyone to get that close to him. There was only one person aboard this ship that knew him that well, but he knew 'Bones' wouldn't discuss this to the crew. "I thought that position would be male, expressly if the Captain was."

Alicia started smirking at him and almost giggled, but somehow managed to hold it in. Kirk wondered what was so amusing about that and wondered what Alicia would come out with.

"Do you really see another man picking up and fussing after you?" Alicia said with an amusing grin plastered over her face.

Kirk heard one of his crew members gasp out loud and he saw that everyone had turned to stare at that person; who happened to be behind him. Kirk didn't have to turn around, to know who it was, but he still did anyway.

The person who was certain of attention at the moment had a hand over their mouth and was looking at Spock, but quickly moved her eyes over to him.

"Sorry, Captain!" Uhura quickly said as her cheeks start to glow a little.

Now that was a new look for her, he had never had the pleasure to see her like that before. Kirk couldn't help but smirk back at her as he realised that was exactly what Spock was doing, but in a more converse way, as if trying to stop himself. He saw Uhura slowly move her hand and she smiled towards him, but as he smiled back, he realised that it wasn't him Uhura was smiling at. her eyes were looking up over his head; it was Alicia. Kirk took that moment to turn his chair back around.

Alicia was smiling back at Uhura, but there was something different about her eyes; they looked very content. Kirk could only guess that Uhura and she must have become good friends in the future, that's if that future still existed; It was like the older Spock said to him... the timeline had been altered, because of him and Nero, and maybe because of her now too. "As I once said to an old acquaintance of mine; Coming back in time, changing history; it's cheating!" Kirk couldn't help adding.

Alicia's smile quickly vanished from her face as she continued to look back at Uhura. What he had said must have meant something to her; something that brought back memories. Alicia slowly moved her head down to look at him and now her face showed the look of concern, but then she slowly shook her head as if trying shake the memories away and she just stared back at him with a small smile, that he knew was fake, to how she truly felt.

"I'm not trying to change history, even though I know I have, just by being here."

"That statement doesn't make sense, you must know you have changed history. So you saying that you are not trying, is incorrect. With you …" Spock's voice came from behind Kirk.

As Spock went on about Alicia not making sense. Kirk tried his hardest not to burst out laughing; he knew what Alicia meant, but this was Spock all over.

Alicia was grinning back Kirk as if she knew very well what he was thinking. Kirk couldn't help lifting his eyebrow and signalling to her about what he thought of Spock and it looked like Alicia knew exactly what he meant. This moment he had with Alicia didn't last long though as she now moved her head towards Spock who now happened to be standing beside his chair.

"Spocky..." Alicia interrupted him.

What the hell had Alicia just called him? Kirk noticed that Spock had stopped speaking and was now staring at her in confusing, this certainly amused Kirk no end and the rest of the crew it would seem. Kirk had to admit he had never seen that look on Spock's face before and he couldn't help but smirk at the two of them. Alicia was grinning herself as if she knew this would get Spock all confused... If that was even possible!

"My correct name is …"

"…I know you have always hated that, but I've always hated your non-amusement side. So we're even!" Alicia interrupted him with her own comeback.

Spock started to look speechless as he continued staring back at Alicia. Wow, Kirk was truly starting to like this girl even more; it seemed that Alicia had really gotten to know his crew and seemed to have nicknames for them, Kirk knew he would love to hear the rest of these names, especially the one she had for him.

"Besides that you are the best father anyone could ever have." Alicia continued to say.

Alicia looked like she was trying to hold herself back from Spock; It looked to Kirk that she was ready to throw herself into Spock's arms. Kirk took that moment to stand up and wandered what Alicia meant by that, but he was interrupted by the main doors as they swished open and a voice yelled out to him.


Kirk turned around to see Carol Marcus rushing over to him.

"Permission to come on the bridge?" She quickly asked without waiting for that permission.

What could Carol want on the bridge? Kirk looked straight at her waiting for her to get her breath back.

"He's going to catch up with us and when he does, the only thing that will stop him from destroying this ship; is me! So you're going to have to let me talk to him."

For a moment there Kirk didn't know who she was talking about, but then it quickly hit him of the situation they were still in, but at the same time he couldn't believe what he was hearing, no ship can catch up to another ship at warp and if Carol Marcus was who she said she was, she should know this herself. "Carol were at warp, he can't catch up with us."

As Carol Marcus continued arguing with him about how an advance her father's ship was in warp, he heard another voice interrupt them.

"Captain... I'm getting a reading I don't understand."

Kirk turned to face Sulu, who was staring at him with fear and this just might convince him that Admiral Marcus could do exactly what his daughter just said.

All of a sudden, he felt the ship shake, violently which caused him to fall sideways as someone fall against him, he tried his best to reach out and hold onto something, but all he could feel was the person he was falling against. He hit the floor, half on top of the other person; which he presumed to be Alicia and another person land on top of him, which just had to be Carol... In another situation, he would have loved this and would have made flirty comments about a threesome. But Kirk knew this was certainly not that situation.

The ship continued shaking violently around him. Was this the end; had he finally failed his crew? Kirk knew this wasn't the time to feel sorry himself, this was not the end yet, not while he was still breathing, and while he was, he knew he would protect his crew right to the moment he took his last breath.

Carol Marcus took that moment to move away from him as Kirk turned his head to check she was alright, but he also realised that Alicia hadn't moved at all. Kirk quickly turned back around to see her laying flat down with her face pressed down against the floor. "Alicia!"

Alicia still didn't move, so Kirk reached out and turned her around in his arms. Alicia slowly opened her eyes, but at that moment she chose to scream her head off again. Kirk nearly dropped her at the sudden unexpected scream, but he realised it wasn't as loud as before, but maybe that was because of the noise and the situation his ship was in at this moment.

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