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Newest Addition


The Cullen Coven has yet again grown. What will the Volturi think of this new addition? What about the wolves? Young Miya wasn't sure what to think about her new family, she just knew that they weren't normal. She had only been living with the Cullen family for two weeks but she could tell something was different. She was happy to be out for f the foster home, though. But at what cost had her happiness come?g

Fantasy / Romance
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New Family

Two weeks ago...

I sat in my bedroom that I shared with two other girls. I was lucky I suppose, considering that the other rooms housed up to six children each at the orphanage. My name is Miya. My mother brought me here two days after my second birthday. Not giving any imformation other than my first name and my birthday. That was exactly twelve years two days ago. Today was my fourteenth birthday. I had been in this place for far too long. Lilly and Anna are my roommates. They're twins, both are incredibly beautiful. Lilly has big green eyes and long blonde hair. The only thing different about Anna is her short, jet black hair. I look like your normal teenage girl while they look like freaking supermodels. Everyone else thinks I'm crazy, they say that I'm beautiful. I have a hard time believing them, though. Anna, who had went out to check on her younger brother, came rushing back into our room. "There's someone here that is going to adopt one of us! We could go to a home Lilly!" Anna said, excitedly. I didn't say anything, but I hoped that I would be the one leaving.

"Miya, please report to the homing room." Ms. Everly, the orphanage runner, said over the intercom. I stood up from my bed and began walking to the homing room. As I was walking, children stared at me. When I reached my destination, I saw two people. A man and a woman, these people were even more beautiful than Lilly and Anna. The man smiled at me and I was immediately in a daze. The woman whispered in his ear and he nodded his head. "Ms. Hale and Mr. Cullen would like to adopt you, Miya." Ms. Everly said, kindly. The lady, Ms. Hale, spoke "We would love to start our family with you, Miya. We think adoption would be our greatest hope." She looked sadly at Mr. Cullen. I knew then that they weren't able to have children of their own. "If you're sure that I'm what you want, then I'll be more than happy to be your daughter, Ms. Hale." I stated. She smiled and said, "Please call me Rosalie, for now maybe in the future you will call me something else. If you're happy at our house, that is." Mr. Cullen smiled at her and said, "Yes, no need to be sorry formal. Call me Emmett. Oh, and happy birthday." "Thanks." I replied. This was the best birthday present in the history of birthday presents.

As soon as we arrived at the house, I could see that money was most definitely not a problem. These people were loaded. The man standing on the porch laughed. He was saying something but I don't know what it was. I really didn't care, either. I had a home and a family.

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